Julia Roberts Shares Her Beauty Secrets

The World's Most Beautiful Woman revealed what keeps her so radiant, both inside and out.

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Andy Zaturno
Andy Zaturno:
Her best beauty tip is being a multimillionaire.
Shadonya Northington
Shadonya Northington:
I'd love to see her and Ms. Sandra Bullock in a movie together.
Carebear McGee
Carebear McGee:
Share your beauty tips!
I came here to find out her skincare routine and she starts spewing stuff about niceness smh
Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez:
Whats your secret to being beautiful:
-"Being around nice people"..Thats real.
Charmaine Biron
Charmaine Biron:
Beauty secret: GENETICS
haven't heard a celebrity say a thing as practical as that before 😂
She doesn't age....she is BLOSSOMING even more as the years pass. What a stunning beauty and genuine soul!
Lora Lynn
Lora Lynn:
Julia's laugh is awesome... same laugh from the necklace scene in Pretty Woman.
Great ponytail
stefanie 2611
stefanie 2611:
She looks so young and beautiful
Shawa Hazel
Shawa Hazel:
She is not the most beautiful women in the world. She is beautiful in her own kind of way. She is humble wich is a good thing
Zaineb Daoud
Zaineb Daoud:
break every toxic relationship you're into it , smile for yourself in the first place , trust people without being too dependant on them , eat healthy and have long walks in parks because your body needs it , drink water . then you'll notice the magic .
i totally agree with her
Allison Parker
Allison Parker:
Every woman, man and child should hear her response and explanation of beauty. Physical attractiveness is not the only thing that makes one beautiful. Knowing this and then accepting it can have profound impact on the lives on people earth wide.
Giselle Joseph
Giselle Joseph:
she looks young
Maine Road 74
Maine Road 74:
I’ve had a crush on her since 1990 and I still have and I’m heading for 50. .
M X:
She looks gorgeous though 😻😻
Doot Doot
Doot Doot:
She looks so perfect
I love her as an actress. And as far as we can see during interviews, as a person too. If only there were more people like her around here. Whatever...
Ann Lee
Ann Lee:
I'm pretty sure she looked older a couple of years ago!
Maybe she had done smth fillers or botox but she looks younger a lot for sure!
Michael Jhonson
Michael Jhonson:
"Genetics"?.....that was cold....
Luka Niece
Luka Niece:
The most honest answer to physical beauty
Julia Roberts: Genetics 🧬
This is the woman I owe thanks to. I used to hate my big mouth and big smile.
Liam Jarvis
Liam Jarvis:
She's such a sweetie
crystal nicole
crystal nicole:
"I would say it's genetics." Hahahah LOVE her
if somehow someday the moon disappear ! just julia roberts's smile up in the sky
Julia and Ellen are the best. I have so much respect for both of them, and their kind hearts.
"It's genetics" well Genetics failed me so..
Maria Spencer
Maria Spencer:
Ellen laugh makes me laugh
MM 127
MM 127:
She is pretty. I hope she is in some good movies again because her last movies money monster and mother's day were AWFUL
Red Leaf
Red Leaf:
Real beauty comes from within
mmhmm I'm around nice ppl everyday, I need more of a beauty tip than that lol
She looks great, despite the fact she is a heavy smoker :))
Neida D
Neida D:
Love love LOVE how she didn't describe beauty as something physical. There's so much more to people than their looks
arabella :D
arabella :D:
I love Ellen. So much. Like a lot. I JUST LOVE ELLEN.
She has a Titan smile
Mahii Tistic
Mahii Tistic:
She IS so beautiful and deserves to be on that cover page. I really really admire her.
Mauricio Red
Mauricio Red:
She's my idol love everything about her
Lord Of Skull
Lord Of Skull:
That's the spirit!✊👊
Séverin Official
Séverin Official:
She's amazing!
To H
To H:
Intelligent, witty and smart woman with a big heart and soul. Love her!
Love always Wins
Love always Wins:
I just love her smile!
Ahri Arcade
Ahri Arcade:
she s right about what makes you happy and beautiful in/outside <3
Jenny Luna
Jenny Luna:
you’re so pretty Julia! Love you. I named my daughter after you!
Penny-Ann Brown
Penny-Ann Brown:
Best genuine laugh Julia!
Shes always been my favorite actress since PRETTY WOMAN.
Sun flower
Sun flower:
❤️ Beautiful and the BEST! ❤️
Narek Avetisyan
Narek Avetisyan:
She comes off as a very well rounded person.
Skip'n the C's
Skip'n the C's:
When she's hot she's 🔥 HOT.
Male Isac
Male Isac:
She resembles my sister....Love you Julia.
google her without makeup she looks her age
I read " Julia Roberts scares her beauty secrets" 😂
Rated R
Rated R:
When I saw Julia Roberts I was like wait, is Ellen having Caitlyn Jenner on her show again?
Taylor Gray
Taylor Gray:
Her & Selena Gomez have the same demeanor to me.. both so elegant and beautiful!
Francie Wallis
Francie Wallis:
Dam right she's the most beautiful. You don't know how lovely you are.
girls fun
girls fun:
julia roberts secret is simply her glowing smile and sense of humor and confidence she is very chill and cool
Real Life
Real Life:
Amazing advice about the beauty
La Marie Gui
La Marie Gui:
gorgeous and humble i love her
kylie twist
kylie twist:
before 1k views!!😂❤
Simran Kathuria
Simran Kathuria:
her jawline could cut me up
Being young one of life's greatest treasure as it fades during time
Julia is so funny. Her interviews with Ellen are always so funny
MHM 360'
MHM 360':
Mermaid from The Ocean 😉
Parul Thapar
Parul Thapar:
such beautiful thoughts on beauty.. 💐💐
Marielos May
Marielos May:
I imagine julia as susannah from the summer i turned pretty😍
Luka Niece
Luka Niece:
The most honest answer to physical beauty, genetics.
Mr Sinatra
Mr Sinatra:
Will always, always be beautiful to me...
Patrick Biwer
Patrick Biwer:
i still wanna know how old her children are :D
Nia Barisashvili
Nia Barisashvili:
I Love You Julia <3
Neni Castelazo
Neni Castelazo:
I'm sure being a Hollywood star with expensive treatments at your hand and great lifestyle does help! lol
joan meneses
joan meneses:
i agree, she's beautiful... i had watched her in notting hill and she's so gorgeous
L P:
Love her but it's MONEY!
Ivan Jeske
Ivan Jeske:
Not anyone can have ponytails and look that beautiful. 😍
Deer Heart
Deer Heart:
I cant deal with her nose
Yanny Tano
Yanny Tano:
Tired of me.. thank you! I am GLAD. Regards, Republic of Indonesia's Knight / latest Conglomerate.. Yanny Tano
it's called plastic surgery
Hugo Lewis
Hugo Lewis:
Imran Atique
Imran Atique:
lovely feel nice work you do this kinds of work so young no many changes
Bruno Viegas
Bruno Viegas:
I've watched 'Sleeping with the enemy' and 'Pelican Brief' recently. Man, Julia stared awesome movies in the 90s
May Sal
May Sal:
Genetics? Someone explain that?
Sue Garcia
Sue Garcia:
Beautiful !!!
elizabeth rhoades
elizabeth rhoades:
Kindness goes a long way :)
Ellie Lyons
Ellie Lyons:
I love her 😂
Florentina Moumi
Florentina Moumi:
I love her ❤️
Rainbow Magic Scorpio
Rainbow Magic Scorpio:
The best laugh ever
Anna Scott!
Arno LT
Arno LT:
That one surely loves money !
She is such a bae <3
Her smile is just everything 😍😍
Ίρις Γεωργιάδου
Ίρις Γεωργιάδου:
Love her hair.
Christopher Santos
Christopher Santos:
ugh another actress i wanna wife up
I never liked her I don't know why ☹️
Shirley Tay
Shirley Tay:
I love her! :)
Aqeel Khan
Aqeel Khan:
Most beautiful woman in the world five times that's amazing other actresses must be jealous 😂
Meena Bhuvanes
Meena Bhuvanes:
So true.. Being around with nice people make u feel good.. That's makes u a beautiful one.
birkin hepburn
birkin hepburn:
Her smile steals it all! I don't know how her body looks like becouse of that mythic smile :)
take one and action
take one and action:
Her beauty is in her humility and her love for people. Also she is gorgeous!
Linda Ryan
Linda Ryan:
she seems so much more relaxed not being on screen for awhile!!
Natalya Zaharieva
Natalya Zaharieva:
"Genetics..." @ 2:00
Then she added that little bit about "it's also about how you treat others" to lessen the harshness of her original statement.

That's right folks. You're either born with it or you aren't.
Brens Green
Brens Green:
Natural, down to earth beauty of nature, stay as sweet as you are, great and cool Julia
Jp Pat
Jp Pat:
You are the creator of the happiness and creator of the art with the emotional feeling of your heart you are the best artist