Jürgen Klopp: "Come on, who is better than Mo Salah at the moment?"

Jürgen Klopp was full of praise for the way Liverpool went about their game plan against Watford - whilst also claiming Mo Salah is the best player in the world right now!

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100+ comentarios:

Jean Lannes
Jean Lannes:
Salah is a 5 season wonder
Karim El-Deghedy
Karim El-Deghedy:
I hope that football fans and media give Salah the fame he deserves. This guy is so underrated.
jack10 -
jack10 -:
Currently the best player on the planet. Yes - can't believe he was robbed of last months Player of the Month. Just a popularity contests now
Horse Farmer
Horse Farmer:
Honestly don't see why he can't win the ballon d'Or, it's an individual award after all
Abd Rashid Farah
Abd Rashid Farah:
I’m not Liverpool fan but Salah reminds me of Messi on his prime! I don’t think anyone is better than him! he’s in the form of his life!!
He’s got everything in is locker at the moment. With out a doubt best in the world right now. And klopp too.
Salah is the best player in the world. Let's be fair!
Liam Sir
Liam Sir:
He is acc in incredible form atm, possibly best attacker in the world, on his day. If he plays like this all season, I’ll say he deserves Ballon D’or tbh - Chelsea fan
Its true. Nobody is better than Mo Salah at the moment.
Taha Lagha
Taha Lagha:
klopp: Come on, who is better than Mo Salah at the moment?
everyone: no one
everyone: Come on, who is a better manager than klopp at the moment?
Luke Hyde
Luke Hyde:
Ronaldo: "I'm coming to be the best premier league player once again"
Salah: "Things have changed Ronny."
Salah is not messi. He's salah and salah only. He is the Egyptian king 👑
Mad Dad Lad
Mad Dad Lad:
Give the man what he wants. He's worth whatever he's asking for and without question he's one of the best players to ever pull on the shirt for us! He's untouchable right now!
Alfie Cruse
Alfie Cruse:
Best manager in the world 🔥
Bitter pill to swallow as a chelsea fan but there's no denying he's greatness, Premier league legend
Only gave POTM to Ronaldo cos everyone loves him. Salah should have won it all day long
If he shows up against Madrid and/or United in the next week - the scenes, i hope his form carries on, what a statement it'd be if he replicates THAT seasons 44 goal tally.

25/10/21 - 5 goals in 2 games. GOAT.
Kellys Heroes
Kellys Heroes:
It is always amusing to think back to when we signed him and how everyone said it was a waste of money. Then everyone said he was a 1 season wonder and now everyone has to just admit he's world class and currently best player on the planet. Wonderful
Jeevan Sequeira
Jeevan Sequeira:
Klopp trolling Watford. "They started playing after we scored the fourth goal which makes no sense" 😂
Babu Lal
Babu Lal:
Salah is currently the best in form player in world. Benzema and Levi are closely behind
Not Ronaldo.
Not Messi.
Not Benzema.
Not Lewandowski.
Not Mbappe.
Not Neymar.

Mohamed Salah is the best player in the world right now.
I don't care how much money Salah asks for give it to him! We cannot let him leave 😩
Tayiba Ali
Tayiba Ali:
salah is a 5 season wonder😂💕
As a Chelsea fan I can’t disagree he’s in unbelievable form and unstoppable right now
Dillon Siv
Dillon Siv:
Mo salah has been on fire since the start of the season. Even the games he dosent score in he still distibutes the ball well and bags some assists
Premier League
Premier League:
Not a Liverpool fan but Mo Salah has to be one of the best players to ever come to the premier league .
Diwa Alejandro Galvez
Diwa Alejandro Galvez:
"One Season Wonder," they said. He'll only last for a season in the PL, they said.
Firmino just did in one game what Penaldo got player of the month for 😭😭😭
Eng. Ahmed Youssef
Eng. Ahmed Youssef:
If ballon dor was not created to be awarded to a player like Mo Salah in this outlandish form and skills then, it has no meaning or value to me and for sure to the most of football fans around the world
“They (Watford) actually started playing after we scored 4 goals” 😂😂 klopp is savage
Broadhurst E
Broadhurst E:
Salah is the best player we have had since Suarez, although Suarez was a completely different kind of player alltogether
Agreed!!! Salah is the best player in the world at the moment. Assists with the outside of his foot, skills, world class goals and world class numbers. Arsenal fan.
Zane Zuma
Zane Zuma:
That ball from Salah for the 1st goal was stunning!
Adé Adé
Adé Adé:
We have a genuine genius on our hands. So fortunate to have him.. and the the teams is firing on all cylinders.. Brilliant football
As a city fan mo salah is arguably the best in the world rn and if he keeps playing how he is and Liverpool manage to win the league he will win the 2022 ballon d’or
John Bradley
John Bradley:
To get so many goals as a winger is incredible. What a talent mo Salah is. Best player in the world at this moment in time. Liverpool are so lucky to have him. They need to get the contract sorted out as soon as possible.
Fxit Effx
Fxit Effx:
Credit goes to Klopp too. He brings out the best from players.
Nazri Mansor
Nazri Mansor:
Mo Salah under Klopp's system is a perfect match.
Alden Padilla
Alden Padilla:
Salah=2 world class players. We don't even need backup player for this VALUE KING. He literally plays 45 games every season and scores, assist, defends, creates chances every match for just 200k! And just a month ago salah was nowhere near the conversation about best in premier league (was not mentioned for possible golden boot winner too). If anything salah is a level above kane, lukaku, ronaldo right now as he is a complete player and most consistent player we have seen in pl.
Just love how James milner started celeberating Mo's goal before he even shoots
Simon Page
Simon Page:
They were absolutely brilliant from the first whistle 😊💪👊
Even Jurgen’s being real😭 class😭👏🏾
Leendor maphanga
Leendor maphanga:
Mo Salah deserve more than what he's getting especially on awards Ballon'Do he should hv won it by now
Please Salah, Replicate today's goal against Utd next Sunday 🙏 Klopp is right about him being the best in the world rn 🔥
Ridz Reen
Ridz Reen:
Salah is a one decade wonder ❤️
shame on the premier league when they announced Ronaldo player of the month, not only that, but they also said WHO IS ELASE? does Mo need to be from Portugal, Brazil, or Argentina to be the celebrity
Very Iran
Very Iran:
Salah is terrifyingly awesome 🔥🔥🔥
Prince Whitely
Prince Whitely:
Salah is playing like a prime lionel messi I appreciate that hope he continue like that
Kandar Komering
Kandar Komering:
Mo Salah's banana kick is the most magical banana kick after Roberto Carlos that I've seen so far.

Because for me the banana kick is like an amazing Phi.
Salah is the best player in the world now .. no one even comes close … a complete player !!
sherif soliman
sherif soliman:
Magnificent Great MO Salah 🇪🇬👑 Legend of Liverpool ever 💯🌠 wz his Best records and keep stunning magical goals 👌💪🤞
But let’s be real here how did he not get potm but Ronaldo did and it was all keeper mistakes😭
PepeSpliff *
PepeSpliff *:
I loved how we played today the way we passed and kept the ball was amazing
Jj Carpena
Jj Carpena:
He needs player of the year!🥺🙌💯 So incredibly proud!
Lifestyle With Sofia
Lifestyle With Sofia:
Muhammad Salah
The Greatest ❤️
I'm a Madrid fan and I think he's the best at the moment, but Benzema surely is close.
Muhammad Adnan
Muhammad Adnan:
Of course he is the Egyptian king
Ayub Alom
Ayub Alom:
Salah has all the attributes of Messi in his prime without the playmaking
Yes this is still a Massive compliment.
as a man united fan if salah or benzema don't win ballon d'or there's something seriously wrong, if messi wins it's just a further proof it's nothing but a popularity contest now of days
encik hamdan
encik hamdan:
Respected from chelsea fan for salah ❤ former chelsea 💙
Syed Danyal
Syed Danyal:
And some called him a one season wonder..! As a matter fact he has been performing like that over the years and so on..!
Kacper Plata
Kacper Plata:
Salah a this moment is the Best Player in the World 💪
Forget the amount of goals, it's the way Salah is scoring them that separates him from the others at the moment.
Phillip Edward Ness
Phillip Edward Ness:
Klopp is the kind of guy that everyone wishes was their dad. Or daddy.
Nas Fal
Nas Fal:
Salah's exceptional performance forced Klopp to admit at last
Very Iran
Very Iran:
Salah is on fire 🔥🔥🔥
imagine being one of those who said "he is just a one season wonder"
George Weah is the only African player to win the Ballon d'Or now Salah has the chance
Andre Coetzee
Andre Coetzee:
As a Chelsea supporter, I agree with klopp Salah at this moment is the best player in the world.
Karim Benzema. Glad that’s cleared up.
All About Nat
All About Nat:
Best player in the world right now, end of! - Mo Salah.
Craig Simons
Craig Simons:
Still no word on Salah’s contract negotiations and that concerns me somewhat.
The longer the delay the more chance that no agreement will be reached.
Happily for Liverpool, the owners know exactly how to deal with the situation having manipulated the Coutinho saga in their favour, but Salah leaving is unthinkable as he is in the form of his life right now.
Very Iran
Very Iran:
Salah is the best player right now 🔥
Devam Tripathi
Devam Tripathi:
Benzema ?? Dude's literally banging goals in and out!! Also Lewandowski, erling haaland are best player currently!!
Jay London
Jay London:
Mo is best player on the planet , we all know why he doesn't get the credit he has earned n rightly deserves.
Islam Bakr
Islam Bakr:
@Mosalah he is at the top, he is the best at the moment. ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️🏆
Cian Oconnor
Cian Oconnor:
Salah scores a goal and he's apparently the best in the world now 🤣🤣🤣 wouldn't mind the defending for that goal was hilarious
Salah best player on the planet at the moment absolutely clear of anyone he keeps this form all season and he can drag Liverpool to the title or champions League his self
Paul Mcguirk
Paul Mcguirk:
As a man united fan I have to admit salah is unreal at moment he the best for me
Salah is the best player in the world period.
Club Atlético San Pancho
Club Atlético San Pancho:
They are players who do good for one month, and then do bad for the next and then they alright on the following month, that’s why Messi & Ronaldo are on different levels. They stay constant for the whole season
Amazing times to be a Liverpool fan
Max Schmidt
Max Schmidt:
Mo Salah is currently in the top 5 players in the world and has been for the last few seasons, time he got some recognition
Tommy Nico
Tommy Nico:
It's ludicrous he's only getting recognised now as the best in the world. Imagine if he was English or Spanish?
Salah fully deserves it!!!
jet Park
jet Park:
Egyptian King. My hero
Right now agreed coming from a chelsea fan
jakob tbc
jakob tbc:
In this form, he's probably the best attacker in the world right now i have to agree.
Salah deserves a Ballon D'or at this point, best Player in the League by a country mile at the minute
G N:
He's always reluctant to give MO credit or admire him.🤷‍♂️
Scott Jones
Scott Jones:
Cmon man. Salah best player on the planet at the moment.
M B:
Man United once again has a stranglehold of 6th place. Great job! Keep Ollie! Keep going, Ronaldo!
Mohamed Salah he's don't look at the back but he's look forward so he's the best at the moment 👑🇪🇬
Jack Miles
Jack Miles:
Mo Salah 👑 The 5 season wonder
He deserves the trophy 🏆
Tbf who's better than any of the front three at Liverpool there all on fire mane 🔥 firminho 🔥 salah 🔥
Stoker Films
Stoker Films:
Liverpool are firing on all cylinders right now. What a team and a strong squad finally. If the reds stay injury free they have a chance to win the premiership.x
Ajmal Pulikkal
Ajmal Pulikkal:
World class player at the moment.
The Dark Knight Racist
The Dark Knight Racist:
Top 3 players in the world at the moment, Salah, Sonny, and Halaand.
Cengok Fransbesco
Cengok Fransbesco:
no doubt in this time
every head must bow and every tongue must confest

mo salah the best player in the world. . 😎