Jürgen Klopp's pre-match press conference | Everton

Watch live as the Liverpool boss speaks to the media ahead of the Reds' Merseyside derby at Goodison Park.

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100+ comentarios:

John John
John John:
Carvalho really surprised me with his aggression to win against Newcastle.
I hope he can keep that drive as he moves forward.
I hope Jones develops this in his personality, as he seems to be coasting considering the talent he has
Love Klopps comments on Nunez. Sounds like he has learnt his lesson and used his time to train well and settle into our system some more. Hope he can now kick on from this and produce. As good as Firminho has been I just feel we lack cutting edge without a target man up front making runs in behind.
Bruce Jackson
Bruce Jackson:
Thanks, as always, Jurgen for being a superb manager @ LFC AND a thoroughly decent chap.
Dean Steenkamp
Dean Steenkamp:
Maybe the past 2 weeks would be good for Darwin. Klopp doesn’t like throwing players in from the off, so at least they had more time to work with him and bring him up to speed on certain elements of our game
Nahom Ayele
Nahom Ayele:
I missed Thiago more than anyone
Captain Dupong
Captain Dupong:
Tones of luck for the Reds...❤️❤️❤️❤️✊👍👍🤞
Declan Culbert
Declan Culbert:
He just seems like the perfect understudy for Tiago. Will always take the weight of Tiago a work load too. I think he could be an absolute steal if he keeps fit and gets the right game time
Tom Trueno
Tom Trueno:
Starts at 8:30
Данияр Ермагамбетов
Данияр Ермагамбетов:
About Nunez:
"I gave him high fives, I gave him the slap in his neck as well"
I'm sure you did, Jurgen 😂
Starts at 8:31
Teacher V. Osorio
Teacher V. Osorio:
I remember when I was 10 or 11 years old and I woke up early to watch the Parma matches just to see Tino Asprilla play, and now, 27 years later is happening the same, but with a different fellow countryman, the great Luis Díaz (Luchito Díaz). It's simply amazing!
Leon Tanaka
Leon Tanaka:
A sudden broad smile appeared on Jurgen's face when he heard Darwin is back 😅😅
Nicolin Julies
Nicolin Julies:
Lets get points! Hope Nunez will get enough play time
I hope We Win This Match Againist Everton.
Titan Titan
Titan Titan:
Ha ha I gave him a high five and a slap on the neck as well, in reference to Nunez sending off. Love your humour Klopp. YNWA
MASSIVE game at Everton,great to have Nuno AND Diogo !!,not sure if either will start? but we have 2 wins (completely different) now,so we need to keep and get a RUN going!,it won’t be easy (a walk in the park 😉) but come on boys 3pts saturday and i’ll be 1 Very Happy LFC fan
I know I'm Papi
I know I'm Papi:
it starts at 8:31
Gurururu Warararara
Gurururu Warararara:
Our two XI


The first one should be able to kill almost any team, second one doesn't loook too shabby, like at all..
Luckily season ❤
Syaiful Anwar
Syaiful Anwar:
Saya dari Indonesia fans Liverpool soal sama Persija Jakarta semoga juara lagi amin
𝘛𝘳𝘦𝘯𝘵 𝘈𝘭𝘦𝘹𝘢𝘯𝘥𝘳𝘢 𝘈𝘳𝘯𝘰𝘭𝘥
𝘛𝘳𝘦𝘯𝘵 𝘈𝘭𝘦𝘹𝘢𝘯𝘥𝘳𝘢 𝘈𝘳𝘯𝘰𝘭𝘥:
Good luck to you guys .... And I'll win for sure.. 💪🏽❤✊🏿❤
Sandra Lee
Sandra Lee:
every Liverpool boys must be committed and focus to know every goals count
Izzad Haiqkal
Izzad Haiqkal:
Bringing on jota,calvin ramsay and thiago 🔴💪🏻
Mohamed Abdelkader
Mohamed Abdelkader:
Is going to be tough against terminate rivalry so we have enough injuries i think all we need quick passing quick possession and quick passing we don't have to get into physical game.Hope to see Bajactic with Elliot,Carvalho,Bobby Clark,Leighton Clarkson .Sepp Van Den Berg,Jones in this game good luck boys .
Joshua Oliver kada
Joshua Oliver kada:
3 points that all we need..🔴💪 ynwa
Klopp 🔥🇩🇪
michael Ritch
michael Ritch:
YNWA forever#97...in klopp we trust
JhoanG YT
JhoanG YT:
Pongan subtitulos en español 😭
Need to get the first couple of goals we all know what Everton are like for wasting time
RonMesReBaFoot 10
RonMesReBaFoot 10:
Let's go reds 🔴
Matthew du Sart
Matthew du Sart:
Come on reds 🔥
Gabs 2089
Gabs 2089:
It begins at 8:31
Xafso saciid
Xafso saciid:
Viva liverpool😘😘😘
Abdullah Khan
Abdullah Khan:
I want that stock pre conference music back 😭😭
Ali Eltigani
Ali Eltigani:
I hope we win against Everton
Warrior Football
Warrior Football:
Amazing work
Monsieur Diop
Monsieur Diop:
I love Liverpool
H.Lalnunhlua Hlutea
H.Lalnunhlua Hlutea:
Next transfer, Henderson,Milner,out 😠.we need another attacking midfielder
kuenga lepcha
kuenga lepcha:
football dose
football dose:
Wei Chiang Lee
Wei Chiang Lee:
At least the Everton greatest diver has left and join Spurs
Around 8 mins it starts
Yulia Dewi
Yulia Dewi:
I think Liverpool won 1-0
Shahad Jawad
Shahad Jawad:
Forza Liverpool
Starts at 8:31

J T:
Come Liverpool you reds
miracle_ 7
miracle_ 7:
Get ready for another dirty play by opponent.
Liverpool better score in early game and hope Klopp not start Milner
Transfer Talk
Transfer Talk:
I think everton will get a result here… 😁
Hari Bk
Hari Bk:
Jota is back ❤❤
fafnir - _  -
fafnir - _ -:
The merryside derby
Abul Azad
Abul Azad:
Nunez will shine against the toffees mark my words
Eric Ole Mørk
Eric Ole Mørk:
Coach almost forgot the sent off lol
For me nunez will have learnt the hard way. In a way it was a blessing in disguise for the lad. Haaland unfortunately has shown him the way that the best way to "hit" a player is with goals.. Good luck Redmen from my holiday getaway in Rhodes. 🔴❤️ Y.N.W.A
When you dont have Richarlison in other end there will not more silly things?
Kyle James Whyte White
Kyle James Whyte White:
Starts at 8:34
Anaqi Syatbi
Anaqi Syatbi:
"Napoli's far away, and they probably have atmosphere" lmal
Ajay Kumar
Ajay Kumar:
Liverpool king
Jurgen should sign bellgiahm for 62m and vini 100m and Karim for 30m but vini first and next season these both and we would be unstoppable (and camavinga) so allision gk defence vvd matip or konate rb Trent lb Robo cm bellgiahm cdm fab cm camavinga/thagio cf benz rw Salah lw vini don't sign Neymar he will flop next seasons and YNWA
Gift Sadique
Gift Sadique:
🤣🤣😂😂Slap part
I hope arthur plays well 😑
@MATI RHODES​ Thats why Arthur is loan only, its not a mistake at all, its perfect answer in the interim until we get someone else in Jan or next summer
15:22 😂😂😂😂😂
Ronny Nielsen
Ronny Nielsen:
Let's do our best tomorrow
8:31 start
8:32 Start
What I want to know is will the corrupt english FA/referees look the other way again as usual when neverton proceed to kick our players to pieces?
Please don’t make salah play wide.
bergstrom oliver
bergstrom oliver:
@LiverpoolFC plz add sound to the prieview in the future streams like last saison thx
Hani Mann
Hani Mann:
Not really Impressed with it all as should brought new Midfielder as regardless of injuries the fact 2 of our midfielders are getting OAP age in football terms plus All our Midfielder for some reason get injured a lot more than normal . YNWA
Dustin Clark
Dustin Clark:
Start Bobby please. He's looking good.
Bohlim Creation
Bohlim Creation:
Lampard might get sack sooner or later
Tolo G
Tolo G:
Everton players won’t come to the game to play or get results their only aim would be to injure as many Liverpool players they can and break legs. Please keep Nunez out
Hemant Thakur
Hemant Thakur:
Don't forget they are no less than newcatle. Great time wasters. Basics..don't concede first. Be patient and u will score. But after scoring don't start drinking. Instead of Nunez today VVD and Trent must be slapped time to time.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Anne-marie Callanan
Anne-marie Callanan:
Everton 2-1
Bobby Boy
Bobby Boy:
You reds. (How original 😀)
เจิดจรัส M SALAH
เจิดจรัส M SALAH:
Liverpool 4 Ever
Liverpool 4 Ever:
Frustrating game,they will do everything to waste time and wind our players up,poohouse tactics game plan
for me the starting lineup of the attacking front should be Salah-Darwin-Carvalho😍😍
Liverpool is win the game
Pep C
Pep C:
Way too many injuries. it's a joke.
Pe Ke
Pe Ke:
Get them blue meanies tomorrow.
Phenyo Isaacs
Phenyo Isaacs:
Did we have to wait 8min before the man could talk... Could have cut it down to when he started talking man
Craig Smith
Craig Smith:
8:30 minutes I’ll never get back ffs
Nghĩa Văn
Nghĩa Văn:
Ice Cool
Ice Cool:
On paper Everton are a pretty poor team. If we play our football then we will win. Glad Richarlison has left, he was custom made for a derby fight!
zeboy el magnifico
zeboy el magnifico:
How do u still ha e Hendeson in this team?
Pes is Awesome
Pes is Awesome:
Carvalho should start 👍
Zach Gossett
Zach Gossett:
Ayu Sallya
Ayu Sallya:
Ynwa from indonesia
Jordan Gamer
Jordan Gamer:
please play nunez
Amogelang Mohlala
Amogelang Mohlala:
Where is Thiago
Trek G $ Rammy V
Trek G $ Rammy V:
Nunez today is there
Arclight Punter
Arclight Punter:
D Bassi
D Bassi:
I thought JK's Mug was funny. A photo of 'The Normal One'. I wonder who has the 1 that says' The Odd one out' on it? No guessing who 'the Special one' probably is...
Why not crop these videos?