Justin Bieber - Intentions (Official Video (Short Version)) ft. Quavo

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Directed by: Michael D. Ratner

Production company: OBB Pictures
Executive Producers: Michael D. Ratner, Scott Ratner, Miranda Sherman, Kfir Goldberg and Andy Mininger

Music video by Justin Bieber performing Intentions (Official Video (Short Version)). © 2020 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


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Jesseca Abdouch
Jesseca Abdouch:
Justin Bieber brings a smile on everyone’s face we need more ppl like him I love you Justin
Jonathane Tan
Jonathane Tan:
Who is Better?

Like: Justine bieber

Comment: Postmalone
It’s crazy how much Justin changed

He went from the most hated singer of all time, to one of the most loved
Drake : God's plan
Justin : Intentions
both of them : Deserving people
what's your destiny?
The T Brothers
The T Brothers:
Imtiaz khan
Imtiaz khan:
he is really ossam
i really like him a lot
he is my favourite
Most singers singing about love, breakup and boyfriend . This guy has reached next level.
Batuke Júnior
Batuke Júnior:
Quien todavía lo ve en 2030?

Si todo sigue normal de aquí a 10 años y el yutu no desaparece podré ver este comentario y acordarme de cuando lo escribí y ver cuanto pude lograr en mi vida
SiHiEiMa 14
SiHiEiMa 14:
This song made me find a girlfriend.
Melissa A.
Melissa A.:
I’m 34 years old and this song is perfect!
laTricia Brooks
laTricia Brooks:
When he said, "you're my rock, my Colorado I felt that ish
nio smog
nio smog:
i always listen justin B songs since 2009 n my playlist never changed. sorry for my gramar XD
And Rascism ends...😍
The one who thinks that colour, caste, religion, ethnicity defines one's personality is the worst of Mankind💓
Jonah Wills
Jonah Wills:
Way better than yummy, this should have been his comeback song
Mariele Dhane Bael
Mariele Dhane Bael:
We need more song like this, something that doesn't talk about break up, sex, money and something that doean't promote hate. Love lots ❤
Sanu Ansari
Sanu Ansari:
I starts nd ends my day with this song ... Not only this but all Justin's songs....... These all are my only intentions 😍😍... Feel proud n good to be a huge fan of Justin Bieber as he has huge heart for his fans ......
Yaha bengia
Yaha bengia:
Justin this song is ever I like that and ilike u 😘
Shiza Aysha
Shiza Aysha:
The song is good and all but I don't like this line
"Stay in the kitchen, cooking up, cut your own bread
Heart full of equity, you're an asset"
Dear stranger whoever reads this: may your parents live over 100 years
Nik Nur
Nik Nur:

Cuz im tired to like them all😭😭😅😅😂😂
Victor Sahni
Victor Sahni:
I listen to this Justin Bieber song too much and this song will always be my number 1 Justin Bieber song ever in the world
NurFarahin Tarmizi
NurFarahin Tarmizi:
A Duc
A Duc:
Damn you've changed a lot Justin, and throughout this song, i knew you've changed in a positive way. Wish you all good luck to your music career.
Floricka Daniel
Floricka Daniel:
His wife makes him a better person.
Sarah Odine
Sarah Odine:
This song is so Sexist: "stay in the kitchen cookin up" ->Stay in the kitchen making him food. "Make sure you don't need no mentions" - > Don't go on social media and become more popular than him.
I'll say it again, he's my brother for life 💯🙏🏾🙏🏼🙏 live music, live God in music, live #JustinDrewBieber, live the love he gives us in our hearts, when life is not going not he is there for us, he sends us his light every day of his life, I owe him all my respect, because it helped me to return to my dream, to love music and to produce it,
I love him with all my soul, suffering unites us, I send him all my love and support, to him and his family ♥ ️🌹💯

thank God

Amen 🙏🏾🙏🏼🙏 ♥ ️🌹💯☀️🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎸🎸
Udith Krishna
Udith Krishna:
What a great musician ❤️🌠🥀

Guguloth Dineeth
Guguloth Dineeth:
Those who likes the voice of justin hit a like
Michelle Mccreanor
Michelle Mccreanor:
I'm a 35 year old still getting excited when Bieber brings out new songs 😂😂 absoloutly love his voice.
Dana Lee
Dana Lee:
HASH TAG LYME LIFE - Love you Beibs-Proud to be your neighbour. CANADA ALL THE WAY :) Much love my friend. Lyme almost killed me, i Get it. It is hard. I have always had MAD respect for you as a human being. I MEAN DUH, you are a good looking fella. Your music changed my life-in this moment I am feeling probably the most at peace right now. After my 22 year battle with Lyme. I finally feel healed. I LOVE THIS SONG- I heard it when I was in the Loonie Bin ;) And, well JUstin your music saved me again and again. Right now my heart is beating normally because I am relaxed. I am 28 today, super young. Still single, un-employed, living with my folks, no car, sober, smoke hella pot and drink hella tea. I eat hella shrooms and today man I am free. YOu saved me! Thanks for the hand, I know it hurts sometimes. Maybe we can kick it some day! We have a lot in Common don't we? Sorry for the long paragraph, my hands are cold but, I got it. I am a writer after all <3 Love you man. Thanks.
Bolo L
Bolo L:
I listen mainly to gangsta rap and even I like this song, it's so dope.
I love how powerful this song is and that Justin continues to write about important issues. This song proves that he has grown not only as a person, but as a singer and songwriter. I can tell that he has really been enlightened and humbled by his life experiences and it has left me inspired. Justin I really love the rest of your new album too and we covered your song "Yummy" on my channel, hope you will watch it. Thank you for blessing the world with this song.
2:20, Justin Bieber inspired by David Dobrik
Da Bears
Da Bears:
Shout out to Justin for making this song for all the independent ladies in the world. Keep doing your thing ladies. Blessings.
Erica Lumsden
Erica Lumsden:
This official video is so refreshing..... it's nice to see a video where u have ppl with different skin tones, different hair, different religions....it just makes it seem that we are all one, we are all equal (which we are)

Seeing all sorts of ppl together just having fun, not caring who the other person is or where they're from, this is what the world needs
Mayank Jairaj
Mayank Jairaj:
Heart full of Equity, You're an Asset

lol guess sm1 is taking those classes
500 Subcribers with NO video challenge
500 Subcribers with NO video challenge:
Invisible Horse
Invisible Horse:
This song has a beautiful message in it. Everybody is perfect and special in their own way. ❤️
FARS Comedy
FARS Comedy:
*Justin Bieber: picture perfect you don't need no filter*

*Me: Voice is perfect you need no Auto.*

Edit : thanks for the likes, it's my first achievement this year . I will pop champagne on 1k likes.
Honestly I really love this song because I always listen everyday.

I’m a fan of JUSTIN BIEBER since I was twelve years old till now I’m nearly eighteen years old.

I love his voice the most, it’s so beautiful to hear.
Auto Continuu
Auto Continuu:
I don't care what anyone says... I really like this song.
Alonglongan aki
Alonglongan aki:
Ang huling mag like loadan ng 50
Suyesh Jharwal
Suyesh Jharwal:
2:57 Is the best part when the grandma Asks for a Hug out of Nowhere...
Dear stranger, I hope all ur worries, ur pains, ur anxiety goes away and u will feel special. Just know that u r loved and u r important. I love u
John S.
John S.:
this is so non-toxic, sometimes i watch it as a medicine
Reagan Styles
Reagan Styles:
Why did I listen to this 14 times in a row and it’s now 5:09 and I listened to it and like 10:00 I’m- edit: it’s 6:55 I’m still listening 😌✌️
Radek Brodzki
Radek Brodzki:
"Perfect picture you dont need, no filter"
Random Gun
Random Gun:
this helped me with anxiety ever since quarantine started i was getting axniet of everything being a dream and this whole song helped me recover from that now i can sing infront of my classmates and teachers
Jackson Farrington
Jackson Farrington:
he changed into a good person, like if u agree.
Tracey WhittingtonBiko
Tracey WhittingtonBiko:
Stay TRUE to ur music?, ur songs do not need to b vulgar to get ur message accross
Enjoy ur life man ur the most famous person on this planet that nobody ever might be 😂
Shukri Omar
Shukri Omar:
Justin is caring person am so proud of u and also proud to be your fan love u😘😘😘
Ana Beatriz Morais de Carvalho 4IS4A
Ana Beatriz Morais de Carvalho 4IS4A:
Echo DeGuy
Echo DeGuy:
I'm not a big fan of Justin Bieber but in this song he earn my respect.
Susano Apparel
Susano Apparel:
ហា នា
ហា នា:
Honestly,he's a legend. Even though he had some mistakes in the past,he made million of people happy and relieved their mental health like stress,depression and anxiety
from his music.Moreover, he reduced suicide alot with his one song called" life is worth living" and he also did the
charity work.After he got married he changed a lot tobe a good person.No one is perfect on the planet they always make more or less mistake so we should stop
hating him anymore.He's also a human like us and we should forget his little mistake and forgive him.
Navya Prem
Navya Prem:
Not really a justin bieber fan... but I loved this song..❤❤
René Teixeira
René Teixeira:
The best sound I've ever heard in my life.
Nolan Buddy
Nolan Buddy:
This song is better than yummy and has more potential imo
Trust me! The Dislikers are the one's with Heartless!
Aashi Charles
Aashi Charles:
Just that Equity is actually a Liability not an asset😂
Nora worth
Nora worth:
The way he says ah ha . Is killing cute.
Leeanne Els
Leeanne Els:
I LOVE THIS SONG everyone is family
Ashish Kumar
Ashish Kumar:
I just don't know why ppl criticize him but he is one of the best music artist in I've seen in my life so far

Every one sees ups and downs in thr life but who comes across is the real winner.

Very best of luck for the Future Brother and I'm lucky to listen your amazing songs🤗😬
Bianka Bartalis
Bianka Bartalis:
This song is so underrated it deserves more likes and veiws
doc Mo-gun
doc Mo-gun:
I was the no.1 enemy of JB from 2011-2014. And then 2015 came and Ive been a fan of JB from then and I could also see that his music has matured especially from 2015. Live long with your love JB;)
100% good comments on a jb song...that is so good😍
Jarisa M.
Jarisa M.:
I'm in love with this video man! We need more of this type of music in the industry.
Chaz Den
Chaz Den:
this is one of those songs that are truely good but nobody notices
Problems 973
Problems 973:
Always liked Justin , but this song , we gotchu J money ✊🏾✊🏾🙌🏾
Sir , I will definitely come to meet you when I will become an adult and thats my dream .
sangay bhutia
sangay bhutia:
Just give a like if u like Justin’s voice
Barbara Lopez
Barbara Lopez:
Me encanta tu vídeo porque he oído esta canción con otra persona y me encanta, eres el mejor. ME ENCANTA 😍🥰😘🤪♥️🔥
Samuel Thomas Bercier
Samuel Thomas Bercier:
I can’t believe before that everybody hated him and stuff his songs are actually pretty good dude
500 Subcribers with NO video challenge
500 Subcribers with NO video challenge:
0% porn
0% stupid lyrics
0% material things
100% true and lovely music.
Cooper Does Stuff
Cooper Does Stuff:
i got called cooper beiber instead of cooper beamer in kindergarten....
kamey story
kamey story:
This is my most favorite song I ever listen to
habeeb alswaidy
habeeb alswaidy:
misjudged him before
Much respect now
Suman Sunuwar
Suman Sunuwar:
I grow up listening your music Bruh. I love your music and “baby” was the first english song i ever learnt to sing. Love from Nepal 🇳🇵 and god bless you
Lama Furieux
Lama Furieux:
Je laisse un commentaire en français, au cas où.... 🤭🤭🤭
One of the most talented person on earth, his voice is other level, it's undescribable, I'm never getting tired of saying it, here since 2014.
Lauryn Cadigan
Lauryn Cadigan:
I love Justin love his music he is Canadian so proud of our country. 💯🇨🇦 love this song and this video is perfect.
luna bea bower
luna bea bower:
me and my mom are making a dance for this
Whoever is reading this, i wish you and your family doesn't get coronavirus . 🙏
omg justin is wayyyy much better now like making funds and helping others, that’s next level i luv justin now lol
Mike Boltic
Mike Boltic:
This is my first Bieber song i ever listened and i love it. I just hope he continues making mature music instead of that teen girl pop crap he used to make.
Nilufar Yeasmin Nila
Nilufar Yeasmin Nila:
We love u justin💜.we are always with u💜
Nissa Ben bakire
Nissa Ben bakire:
Justin.you know ?your voice like carson lueders exactelly because he wants to be with and he love you so much😙
milton basualdo
milton basualdo:
He is officially a grown up man now.
Ivan Lescano
Ivan Lescano:
One of my favorite songs, very very good and very expressive and really sentimental
Vishal Chaudhary
Vishal Chaudhary:
I'm not a Justin fan. Bit this video touched my heart.
Elizabeth Clothier
Elizabeth Clothier:
It sure looks like our boy, Justin, has come full circle. And I never doubted it for one moment.
Chol Akuany
Chol Akuany:
This song just warms my heart.
He is supporting the black people since first day.. and this video is one of the proof.. what a king..
Ok remember me in 2021
Ana Maria
Ana Maria:
Love you also with mustache, because you have a lot of inner qualities👏
Apenas Reflexões
Apenas Reflexões:
Sempre fez música com muita facilidade !
Mac Huffman
Mac Huffman:
Neighbors said i playing this song too loud so they called the police.

The police arrested them.
srilekha bishakha
srilekha bishakha:
The most Charming Voice....❤❤❤
cam cam
cam cam:
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