Juventus 1-0 Milan | Paulo Dybala Scores after CR7's Substitution! | Serie A

Juventus climb back to the top of Serie A thanks to Paulo Dybala’s goal, following Ronaldo's substitution | Serie A

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100+ comentarios:

Muhammad Rahman
Muhammad Rahman:
I would never forget when juve wanted to trade dybala for lukaku
Brainz Rooney
Brainz Rooney:
Why is higuain starting over dybala when dybala plays better with Ronaldo
Andell Young
Andell Young:
Sarri need to start costa and dybala.when they came on juve actually looked like they wanted to win
Lisye Ira Anne Pangaribuan
Lisye Ira Anne Pangaribuan:
Still waiting for the deadly trio Ronaldo-Dybala-Costa
Tristan Poon
Tristan Poon:
I’m just glad that Juve can score without having Ronaldo to do so. Once Dybala, Ronaldo, and Costa get inform There will be high expectations for the champions league
Mario 4000
Mario 4000:
Dybala using his right foot more often is a great sign
He will be more unpredictable to top level defenders
Forza Juve
WrooklynAtMax SA
WrooklynAtMax SA:
Szczesny happens to be one of the best underated Goalies I've ever seen
Mar Shall
Mar Shall:
Ronaldo's substitution was a lot of salt, with no french fries.
They skipped out the part where he ignore to touch Dybala's hand on the touch line 😦😑
yanuar suryakara
yanuar suryakara:
Nice improvement from milan, they played much better.
Leonardo Purba
Leonardo Purba:
From now on, it's sarri out or Ronaldo out. I can see it clearly.
Kingx Starboy9
Kingx Starboy9:
Juventus don’t know how to play with cr7 😞 miss madrid 🙁
Dybala always to the rescue what a player what a gem. Juve will be crazy if they consider selling him next season or next mercato
A.B Fortnite
A.B Fortnite:
Its Mad Knowing Juve Were Going To Let Dybala Go. Dybala In Shadows? They Said. More Like Ronaldos In Shadows😂
I Am Always Happy
I Am Always Happy:
It's crazy to think Juve were going to let Dybala leave this summer.
And they tried to sell him last transfer season? Juve use your brain hahahah
3 X
3 X:
Just a few games fan forget! Remember this is what happened when he was in Real Madrid when he didn't score people criticized him, again
Gratin Latin
Gratin Latin:
1:01 That's the Legendary Milan🤩🥰
Dybala, what a player! 🔥
MOTM : Wojciech Szczesny
Romuald Chanvoedo
Romuald Chanvoedo:
Szczesny happens to be one of the best underated Goalies I've ever seen
sahil aggarwal
sahil aggarwal:
Szczeny with another save is all I could hear in this video.
Sally Sal
Sally Sal:
Bad highlights.. did not cover some of the best chances milan had
Ree Bok
Ree Bok:
Juventus please make CR7 a long sleeve. He'll play like we know him.
rayo que vuela 1
rayo que vuela 1:
2:38 GOOOL!!
Loved the substitution and Dybala goal. Ronald needs to grow up and appreciate the quality of his teammates!
Liaqat Ali
Liaqat Ali:
Like : Juventus 🇦🇷
Comment : Milan
arthur gaming
arthur gaming:
Credit for dybala and szczesny for goal and save ball
Marbella Michelle
Marbella Michelle:
*Dybala had captured my heart* ❤️
Jamson Leandre
Jamson Leandre:
juv keeper was the best player of the game, after that comes Dibala. anyways Cr7 doesn't need to be upset Dibala has the job well done.
fareed mohammed
fareed mohammed:
Ronaldo shouldn't start the game, he should be kept on bench till 60' he can go full throttle those final 30 minutes and saves him for future UCL matches aswell
Ntethelelo Jabulani
Ntethelelo Jabulani:
did dybala just score and do the messi celebration
Marley Making Movies
Marley Making Movies:
The Only reason i watched this match was beacouse i Wanted to see cr7s Reaction to being subd off
Without De light it would be 1-3.
He was the reason why juventus won!
2:33 GOAL
Mukul Stark
Mukul Stark:
I believe this is Ronaldo's last year at Juve.
Qwency Valentino
Qwency Valentino:
Szczęsny was amazing today
Salah Eddine
Salah Eddine:
Always in the hard time, we see this man, he's juventus' hero.
dawnga hlawnmual
dawnga hlawnmual:
He played not very well in 2 or 3 games....and they said his career is going to end lol.....lets knew this he is the most hard work player....he will come back better....king of football cr7 common...sarri wiil be regret .....mark my word
Shakila Zahra Rabbani
Shakila Zahra Rabbani:
Sarri " higuain no.1
Ronaldo no.2 !!!
Robin Van Persie
Robin Van Persie:
"Sir Chezny"
Nahas Kn
Nahas Kn:
Dybala ❤❤❤❤❤
Also worth noting: no handball from de Ligt. ;)
Filemon Yupanqui
Filemon Yupanqui:
Dybala is a fabulous player 😍
Kookiejamz Lepcha rai
Kookiejamz Lepcha rai:
Serie B here we come
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide:
"Sir Chezny"
Rahmat Umar
Rahmat Umar:
why Bernadeschi always start when all he did is hinder the team? everytime he touched the ball it's either shooting a bird or mispass
Szczesny 👍🏼
John K
John K:
Forza Juve! Szczęsny has really come into his own this season.
vijju k
vijju k:
3:24 Higuain looks as if he is studying Dybala's moves
Fatih Karakuş
Fatih Karakuş:
Çalhanoglu ❤merih demiral❤ emre can💔🇹🇷
Lucho Silva
Lucho Silva:
Douglas Costa 🔥 What an underrated player!
Ibrahim askar
Ibrahim askar:
I love football a lot I love to see videos about this beautiful game It's a great🌿🌿
Zhicao Fang
Zhicao Fang:
Is it just me or does this video have a much dimmer brightness than the other highlight videos?
roouit patan
roouit patan:
2:12 is it me or he didnt even touch dybala's hand
2:12 is it me or he didnt even touch dybala's hand
00:00 00:00
00:00 00:00:
DYBALA far more important to team 💥
bssni touir
bssni touir:
2:12 is it me or he didnt even touch dybala's hand
Do you what his celebration meant
" I AM BETTER "...........and i think he is correct...ronaldo plays the best but to me personally he is not his best at juve......
The early subs will make Ronaldo more hungrier for goals
Dybala 🔥🔥🔥
Julian Zhong
Julian Zhong:
Dybala's improved so much this season, I way way underestimated his potential.
"ItS RoNaLdO"
Ana Lívia
Ana Lívia:
Leo Duarte de Mococa SP , Brasil 🇧🇷
I love it when commentator say Sir Czezny!!
Triple Panini
Triple Panini:
Ronaldo please retire 😂😂😂
And Juve thinks about winning Champions League xD It won't ever happen if you keep playing like that.
Syed Xuhaib Ali
Syed Xuhaib Ali:
Wait when juventus will also miss Ronaldo.
Old Man Willem
Old Man Willem:
Bless Paulo dybala, great player, has been for a few years, and will continue to be.
Hidup Ribet
Hidup Ribet:
It's team work until when will always be. I like personal skill inspired me but still disagree if it ego. Doesn't matter who?
رقص رايق
رقص رايق:
Come to support me pls😥
عايز دعم من فضلكم
Soumangourou Kanté
Soumangourou Kanté:
Matuidi ❤️💪
sebe keele
sebe keele:
I'd like to see how the so called improved Milan, will play up against a strong clinical Napoli up next, I bet another loss like I predicted before
Hunais Muhammed
Hunais Muhammed:
Happy birthday dybala MUTHMANI
ചെക്കൻ പൊളിയാ 😘
Hans Bruhn Neergaard
Hans Bruhn Neergaard:
how is bentancur and bernadsci starting in a game like this when Costa, dybala, and ramsey are on the bench???
jackk cobain
jackk cobain:
So o passe pra o higuain! E mesmo pra ficar chateado , má receçao do Higuain que avança muito a bola e chuta fraco e mal para o GoalKepper
CR7 number 1 , the best of History ! Football is Cr7
Patrício Menezes Pedro
Patrício Menezes Pedro:
Cr7 animo ! 🙌🏽
Sarri rip!
Dybala super! Belessimo
Juan Castillo
Juan Castillo:
Excelente Szczesny grande
Juan Castillo
Juan Castillo:
Excelente Szczesny grande
jackk cobain
jackk cobain:
1:43 <3 <3 <3
Luís Guimarães
Luís Guimarães:
memo aung
memo aung:
1:52 fifa gave matuidi 2 star weak foot. But look at that right foot shot!
Jocabed Salguero de León
Jocabed Salguero de León:
Dybala, te amo!! 💎
Like : Paulo Dybala 🇦🇷
Comment : Cristiano Ronaldo🇵🇹
Alessandro Arzilli
Alessandro Arzilli:
01:43 tranquilli, c'è
MLG Srołland
MLG Srołland:
Pio pio pio🇵🇱🖤❤️🖤❤️❤️
Anouar dz
Anouar dz:
i'd love milan to win the game ! my lovely milan has improved
Vikkar Laming
Vikkar Laming:
Ronaldo:"I want to go back to Real Madrid"
Akash Gupta
Akash Gupta:
Without Szczesny juventus would have been lost the match
Rostom Nouali
Rostom Nouali:
What a pass from benacer ❤
ThunderHawk Gaming
ThunderHawk Gaming:
#ForzaJuve #FinoAllaFine <3
Last night I watched (Liv v/s city) match and (juve v/s Milan) match.
Just look at the team of liverpool, they have Alexander Arnold, Robertson as defender but played like a winger puts best crosses for Salah, firminho and mane...and then there is juve midfield played like defender.
Cris Tomaz
Cris Tomaz:
Sem pênalti, sem gol
Henry Windsor Rurikovich
Henry Windsor Rurikovich:
Forza Juve 🔥 Bellissima partita fa piacere vedere lo Stadio pieno 💓 ciao ciao
Rodri ARG
Rodri ARG:
Thanh Phương Phạm Nguyễn
Thanh Phương Phạm Nguyễn:
Dybala i love you
Somen Mandal
Somen Mandal:
Jay Shri Ram ❤️
Sarris answer about the substitution of ronaldo: "We must thank Ronaldo, because he made a sacrifice to be there at all tonight in a difficult situation. He did everything possible to play, but I saw he was not well and thought it best to take him off.
It’s only natural a player is going to be irritated to leave the pitch, especially when he worked so hard to be there. Over the last month, he has had this little knee problem, he had a knock in training and it hurt the collateral ligament. When he trains at high intensity or plays, it unbalances him, so he ends up overcompensating and it damages the calf and thigh muscles. "
Adelfino Quatstro
Adelfino Quatstro:
Benacer 🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿❤