Juventus vs Benfica UEFA U19 Youth League Highlights

Mbangula beats Andrè Gomes and makes 1-1 with the game ending with the result of a draw after a shower of emotions.
Juventus attacks that materialize with the final siege and draw that arrives at minute 93, just for what we have seen effectively on the pitch with Mbangula's goal that he achieves after the error from Huijsen's spot on a penalty kick sanctioned by the Swedish race director Sojberg.

JUVENTUS LineUp (4-4-2):
Scaglia; S. Turco, Dellavalle, Huijsen, Rouhi; Galante, Nonge, Ripani, Hasa; N. Turco, Yildiz.

BENFICA Line Up (4-3-3):
Gomes; Tomè, Faria, Coser, Montoia; Joao Neves, Felix, N'Dour; Moreira, Semedo, Precatado.


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Эдо Плюс 😎
Эдо Плюс 😎:
А мне все ровно 😑 Ювентус сиравно лучше клуб
Dmitry D
Dmitry D:
Больше за Ювентус никогда в жизни болеть не буду!!!! В каждом матче буду против Ювентуса. В каждом. С этого четверга.
I will never cheer for Juventus again in my life!!!! In every match I will be "against" Juventus. In every. From this Thursday.
osamudiamen ejiagbonlamhen
osamudiamen ejiagbonlamhen:
Lagos state project