Kanye West - Famous

Kanye West - Famous


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Zena C
Zena C:
Who's here after the phone call between Kanye and Taylor leaked? LMAO
Almost basic bitch
Almost basic bitch:
*I didn’t know Donald Trump participated in this song*
Aryaman Shukla
Aryaman Shukla:
Who’s here after hearing that he is running for president?😂😂😂
Simon Pogi
Simon Pogi:
YouTube: No nudity allowed on Youtube!
Kanye: Money?
Everybody's talking about that nudity, but no one noticed that extra large bed
Krishna Shukla
Krishna Shukla:
I can't believe this guy is now making christian music
Savannah Banana
Savannah Banana:
After a long day of work, Kanye West goes to his Kanye Nest to take his Kanye Rest. He wakes up feeling his Kanye Best. Then he’ll get Kanye Dressed on his Kanye Vest to go on a Kanye Quest. He goes to church and becomes Kanye Blessed, then to a hotel room to be a Kanye Guest. He goes to school to take his Kanye Test. He forgot to brush his teeth. Did he run out of Kanye Crest? His neighbor stole it, what a Kanye Pest.
num dmdm
num dmdm:
Looks like some type of serial killer recorded this lol
Everyone: Why is everyone naked? Why is Rihanna right next to Chris Brown?
Me: Haha I see Kanye's Yitties
Sho Tohara
Sho Tohara:
It’s gonna be real awkward when Biden brings this up in the presidential debate lol
I didn’t even know this was allowed on YouTube
Léa Dufay
Léa Dufay:
Funny to see that Kim’s statue is the only one who’s on her stomach so we can’t see her breast, while she’s the one who exposed it the most to be the person she’s now..
Simon Pogi
Simon Pogi:
0% Alcohol
0% Drugs
0% Nudity

Oops wrong music
Rizky Azzahra Maharani
Rizky Azzahra Maharani:
0% drugs
0% alcohol
0% weed
0% sense
0% talent
100% weird sh*t
Comfy Playz
Comfy Playz:
Bro so there Donald trump right and he finna say that he running for president, BUT DUDE NOT LIKE DIS
Little Fan
Little Fan:
Am I the only one who finds this really disturbing? Most people said it's disgusting but I don't find it disgusting I find it disturbing.
Preshy Jones
Preshy Jones:
plot twist: They weren't wax figures.
Barbiegirl Tina
Barbiegirl Tina:
Yet quite disturbing and disgusting....some of the people are real and the others are wax figures ....Kanye said it himself ....so that’s not trump guys lol
Destiny Starr
Destiny Starr:
I'm sure they didn't find it hard to make Kim's body out of wax...She's practically made out of plastic
Aj Gullod
Aj Gullod:
this should not be on youtube.
Tristan Vega
Tristan Vega:
I feel like kanye west paid YouTube for this video to still be here
Cassandra Heatheman
Cassandra Heatheman:
I just hope their 4 kids never see this
Joshua Carter
Joshua Carter:
Lol I remember when Taylor swift said she was offended by this video lol. She gotta hate Kanye by now lol. Like why r u always thinking about her lololol
Krista Haley
Krista Haley:
This is just disturbing! Sad to say this is the reality of what really goes down...
Eben Nyarko
Eben Nyarko:
2020 and i still can’t under the concept the of this video.
This is really gross. Imagine seeing an almost exact wax model of you, naked for the whole world to see. That’s so weird.
Robin Korkmaz
Robin Korkmaz:
This is Kanye's version of the last supper.
Nut Supplier 69
Nut Supplier 69:
It's all fun and games until you fall asleep in one of Kanye's sleepovers
Ashleigh Larson
Ashleigh Larson:
To anyone wondering, these were models molded out of silicone and their faces sculpted with clay and then molded out of silicone. I worked for one of the shops that worked on this. They can “breathe” because we made breathing apparatus for the bodies. They’re not real. They’re not wax. And they’re not clones.
Rachel Sulivan
Rachel Sulivan:
created by the guy who run sunday service and publish christianity songs
Bahle Bhengu
Bahle Bhengu:
This is creepy af
Margina López
Margina López:
10 minutos de mi vida desperdiciados
12 12
12 12:
I feel like this might be related to pizzagate and the orgys celeberties hold in the White House or some shit
Amber Marie
Amber Marie:
The breathing is terrifying
Can we pause for a moment and discuss how large this bed is?
jesus christ, look at the dislikes. LMAOOO
Yahye hussein
Yahye hussein:
Rumor has it that bill Cosby drugged everyone and had a crazy time
Louis Tomlinson
Louis Tomlinson:
I'm disturbed..
Diego OC
Diego OC:
Two questions:
One: why hasn't YouTube blocked this video?
Two: is this guy really running for president?
speaking of famous let’s talk about how kanye’s wife got famous
Jack Lordon
Jack Lordon:
This video makes me feel so uncomfortable
Maha J
Maha J:
They're sleeping because they are being controlled but he woke up
itsme Andrea
itsme Andrea:
YouTube:(no sexual content)
Also YouTube: "How much nudity do you want?"
*This video:yes*
*YouTube:say no more*
Brighter Bright
Brighter Bright:
These are litterally clones...
Nez Kaprii
Nez Kaprii:
Who’s here after there phone call got leaked
Narqiz Qasanova
Narqiz Qasanova:
Kanye should remember how his wife became famous🤣 probably this song relates to her
SF Geovern
SF Geovern:
Now you can see your favorite Celebrities Naked LOL
These are one of those videos you can’t take as a joke. I literally feel like these are actual clones of celebrities or something of the sort
Ashima Dassi
Ashima Dassi:
I can't stop laughing watching trump like this Oh God I'm cracking. In a single frame naked and now against each other over presidential election. World is wired or people?!?!??
Angel G369
Angel G369:
I understand why Taylor was upset. This whole video is weird.

Lmfao. Even Trump is in there.
Y’all don’t see what he did?? The bed and all of them represent “the last supper”. kKanye represents Jesus and those are his people who sit at the table of everlasting life. Be careful who you worship and idolize.
neat how he went from sex nudity and swearing to christian rap
it’s lit
it’s lit:
Were all these people ok with this? Lol can’t imagine
It took me almost five years to understand to point of this vid.
陳立Ilya Chernysh
陳立Ilya Chernysh:
The first collab between Youtube and Pornhub?
Matthew Summington
Matthew Summington:
Marco Peek
Marco Peek:
Bill Cosby next to a woman in bed but this time HE IS asleep... guess there really is a first time for everything.
The Moon
The Moon:
Wonder how Kim didn't have a divorce after this
Kanye knows what he was doing putting Ray J next to Kim 😂
selena fanboy
selena fanboy:
This is why we have Corona virus now

Shasta Collins
Shasta Collins:
They all sleep with each other in real life. Welcome to Hollyweird. He was exposing what comes with being famous in my opinion. Unlimited sin. We all need to repent and turn from our wicked ways. God help us all.
Omar Taylor
Omar Taylor:
I find this video extremely disturbing, given the conspiracy theories I’ve been reading into lately.
Nnaemeka Nnodim
Nnaemeka Nnodim:
I can't believe am just seeing this for the first time.
How is this on YouTube?😂😂😂
WhY NoT:


Prajakta Kulkarni
Prajakta Kulkarni:
And now Kanye West is running for president😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kitsune Krush
Kitsune Krush:
Who's here after the Epstein docs were unsealed?
Вова Вовкинс
Вова Вовкинс:
8:19 Donald it’s you ? Wake up you’re a president now.
C A:
But Rihanna is also singing in this song , why is not her name there?
Arj M
Arj M:
0% sex
0% nudity
0% swearing
0% ... oops sorry wrong song
Txmato Chanツ
Txmato Chanツ:
Oml- I know they only mannequins but- *This disturbs me, I’m so uncomfortable*
AlienPrincess ATX
AlienPrincess ATX:
The majority of commentators are completely missing the implications here.
Matthias Reith
Matthias Reith:
it's uncanny how realistic these sculptures are
2:28-6:35 True artistic work! Hearing people breathe for a couple of minutes.
Jennifer Steele
Jennifer Steele:
No naked girls or drugs just pure talent

Edit: wait wrong video
Caleb Emmanuel Santiago
Caleb Emmanuel Santiago:
Puro pinshi comentario gringo hay aquí nmms xd
That George Bush replica looks more like Epstein....
Shubham Padte
Shubham Padte:
The sheets would've formed a tent if guys were facing up.
Slim Shady 313
Slim Shady 313:
I've so many questions about this video... don't even know where to start
Gautam Birhade
Gautam Birhade:
Can you feel for those kids who gonna see their mom's in this song?
Lia and Lana Gaming :3
Lia and Lana Gaming :3:
3:41 wait- Donald trump- he’s thirsty-
So being famous means being naked- or am I crazy
Kalya G
Kalya G:
How is every women except for 2 looking up, and one of them is kim
Joey Stevens
Joey Stevens:
After all, who of those famous people are actually real, and who are fake? We may never know.
lil roric
lil roric:
Nobody is goin to talk about how big the bed is
xylem katreona
xylem katreona:
Shameless for your child's yuackk
Mo Sosa
Mo Sosa:
Producer : How naked ?

Kanye : YES
Wait how is this not banned meanwhile other does,5his is really really not fair
sanjay neelam
sanjay neelam:
3:43 is that trump??
Ying Ye
Ying Ye:
Youtube: No sexual videos
Kanye: Makes sexual video
Youtube: ??
Kanye: Here’s your money
Youtube: Okey np then :)
mister Knister
mister Knister:
This reminds me of the so called alien abduction video
honestly we dont know why we're watching this right now at 3:22 am

You: Gets up at 3 in the morning, randomly says: lets watch family in the nude
Teo Valdivia
Teo Valdivia:
6:32 Jeffrey Epstein!!!
Plot twist: this was real and they were forced to be still while filming
I feel like Kanye's the only dude that can release porn on YouTube without them taking it down.

He'll be like "that's art sir"
Wow I seem to be the only one to think he's a genius for this
Arnold Rivas
Arnold Rivas:
The last great song of Kanye West.
Om Palsanawala
Om Palsanawala:
People in this video runs for president.
funny jatt
funny jatt:
Whats trump doing here🤔🤔
little dove
little dove:
The world moves on, another day, another drama, drama
But not for me, not for me, all I think about is karma
when ur parents blocked porn on ur computer
Danilo Alencar
Danilo Alencar:
Brasil alguém Brasil 🇧🇷🙌🏽