Kanye West’s Presidential Bid Could Be A Reality I The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

Welcome back to The Daily Social Distancing Show with Trevor Noah! In today's instalment Trevor covers the huge twitter hack of celebrity accounts and Kanye West making the Oklohoma ballot.

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100+ comentarios:

Comedy Central UK
Comedy Central UK:
Can you picture Kanye West as President?
Delishea Penicaud
Delishea Penicaud:
« Kanye is Trump with better beats »😄🤣No one calls it like you, Trevor !!!
Mighty MOSA
Mighty MOSA:
If trump can be president then everything is possible.
Nyakeh Keili
Nyakeh Keili:
Honestly I don't see even black people voting for Kanye.
Return of the Queen
Return of the Queen:
West is 100% supporting Trump. Anything to split the black vote from Biden.
Linda and Warren FowlPatt
Linda and Warren FowlPatt:
Just what Americans need after one disaster of a president who's a sociopath....another who's bipolar.
Mr. vechanic
Mr. vechanic:
I want anna kendrick as permanent part of the daily show😭😭😭
Darshana Kaur
Darshana Kaur:
''@annakendrick I have a great voice and I would love to be in the next Troll's movie"
The Gentle Guy
The Gentle Guy:
The reason they didn't hack Trump is that they're his campaign, and raising campaign funds by scamming.
Rocky P
Rocky P:
If you deal in cryptocurrency and still can't figure out a scam then you deserve to be scammed.
Yash Katare
Yash Katare:
I am a little sad. They hacked the biggest public figures and then asked for Bitcoin like an ad on a pirate website. They could have done so much better.
D. D.
D. D.:
When someone has a health issue to the mind and he is diagnosed as bipolar that is no president I would want and I have my reasons I have several people that are in the family who have it and I’m telling you,so unpredictable.
Fataneh Fouroudi
Fataneh Fouroudi:
If somebody live with Kardashians they don’t know anything about the REAL WORLD.🌸
I feel like UOfAmerica itself is a reality show for rest of world. Who take break from poverty, war and politics to watch us and laugh out loud.
Space-Cadet David 'Spanky Bonespurs' Dennison :
Space-Cadet David 'Spanky Bonespurs' Dennison ::
Looking forward to Kanye grabbing Biden’s microphone during the inauguration and saying “Yo Biden, I’m really happy for you, I’m-ma let you finish, but Trump is one of the best presidents of all time. One of the best presidents of all time!”.
Somebody come get Kanye’s straight jacket so he can wrap this up and send him to the looney bin where he belongs
Sandi Murphy
Sandi Murphy:
Conspiracy theory.. Kanye is still all about Trump's dragon energy and is just trying to take votes from Biden?
Maria S
Maria S:
I think Kanye and Kardashian family can't live without attracting attention, positive or negative doesn't matter. They just want to stay in news. That's why they released tape of Taylor Swift. They couldn't see Corona getting all the attention 😆
Sonja Morrison
Sonja Morrison:
Just when we thought it couldn't get any more bizarre ...
I just wanna say that voting is not a joke, I repeat, voting is not a joke. 😡😡😡
James Barrington
James Barrington:
... 🤔.. America is entertainment ...🙄😤😖....!!!!!!!...
Rin Pink
Rin Pink:
Don't be sad 😂
u r really famous and my favorite ❤
Long Quang
Long Quang:
Vote for the guy, who said slavery was a choice lol
If Kanye actually divides the vote away from Biden (which is probably the intention, since Trump can't win) the world will never respect America ever again
Dee Cohen
Dee Cohen:
Heard this was “just practice” for the election. I believe that....
Kanye West Says Harriet Tubman ‘Never Actually Freed the Slaves’
Wise Owl
Wise Owl:
2020: Guess what.. I just got worse!
Me: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
Channen TTCL
Channen TTCL:
Reality is often stranger than fiction. This administration makes Grimm's work look like a Disney movie in comparison 😪
Dora williams
Dora williams:
If Trump can get in so can Kanye.
Peter Matthews
Peter Matthews:
Like that Trevor is jealous and insecure about his fame because he didn't get hacked.
Grumpy Oldfart
Grumpy Oldfart:
The odds of getting a couple of sentient days a week is possible with Kanye so a step up?
New Message
New Message:
And as his first act as President, Kanye will declare all crops are to be waters with Brawndo, because it has what plants crave!
It's almost a bit painful to see this man break down.
Nathan Malik
Nathan Malik:
Permanent resident on everyone's prayer list 🤣🤣🤣
Dawn Penner
Dawn Penner:
Loviing Trevor's Hair!
Ejiehi Aigbokhan
Ejiehi Aigbokhan:
Kanye West, permanent resident of everyone's prayer list...😅😅😅
You can say that again Trevor.
William Ma
William Ma:
Idiocracy is turning into reality. XD
El Al
El Al:
If u don’t think he’s well, do you think it’s a good idea to give him and this publicity stunt oxygen?
That thumbnail is everything.
Lucia Harper
Lucia Harper:
I don’t know what’s happening on Trevor’s lip but I like his hair
Shei A
Shei A:
Wheeler McKinnon
Wheeler McKinnon:
No way.....we all know who " engineered " the hack
Amy Victoria
Amy Victoria:
They could do all this but couldn't hack 45's account....LAAAMMEE😧😧😧😧
Jesus, human stupidity never ceases to amaze me. Good thing they lost money. A lesson for the future
Ms Ikonge
Ms Ikonge:
Quarantine fro is looking good! 🥰😍
Troy Collett
Troy Collett:
He’s dropped out
kizito matthew
kizito matthew:
Second round lol😂😂😂😂
Carl Jones
Carl Jones:
I need u bro!!!!!
John Paul Sylvester
John Paul Sylvester:
Trevor Noah once made fun of a massacre of miners in South Africa, and just recently copy-striked a small YouTube channel for posting the clip.
Bailey Smith
Bailey Smith:
Kanye wests really 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️😭😭😭😭
Jim Hester
Jim Hester:
Guessing Mr West is looking to get a bunch of free publicity. And its working.
Dr Phot
Dr Phot:
Haha freaking idiots sending money the rich, famous, and wealthy!
Rogers Mokua
Rogers Mokua:
I am famous🤣🤣
preeti patel
preeti patel:
Well 2020 is already a very bad year till now, just add 1 more spoon to it
I hope i live long enough to see noah marry ana🤣
Krasen Valkov
Krasen Valkov:
There is a movie called "Idiocracy" you should watch it. English speaking countries are heading that way.
BrokenMaskPanda ThePerson
BrokenMaskPanda ThePerson:
didn't he say he would run last time too?
I hope this is a album roll out smh
Unstable genius.
People sent money?? Wow omg
Gotta respect these hackers some of the shit they do is deferent level.
Jesse Torres
Jesse Torres:
Wait, didn't he already drop out?
Rachael Injustus
Rachael Injustus:
Dang he's right
Camilla Calò
Camilla Calò:
Mmm I start thinking that there is something going on between Trevor and Anna. ❤
Poppy Seed
Poppy Seed:
Come on people, he's clearly going through an episode, and there's no way it'll last as long as the campaign. Entertaining a mentally ill man's delusions does NOT help them get their grip on reality back. At some point, talking about and making fun of Kanye crosses the line into bullying someone with mental health issues and that's not okay.
Also, please stop telling black people not to vote for him... They know. They HAVE known. Kind of condescending to assume they can't see what is obvious to you.
Kanye West doesn’t have a policy. He doesn’t have a plan. He doesn’t need a presidency. He needs a therapist. He is the attention-seeking 9th grader that walks on stage during an orchestral performance playing a whack-ass beat from the cassette player of his boom box at full volume, thinking that he’s making what’s going on around him better. He needs to just go back to the studio and try to again become the inspiration he no longer has.
Rico Anjaya
Rico Anjaya:
America F*** YEAH! Part 2 - Electric Boogaloo. Premier 2024! Pre-order now!
tomer gilron
tomer gilron:
Bill Burr is probably loosing his mind from the idea that this guy is trying to run for President.
Kostana Banjac
Kostana Banjac:
Well, you’ve voted for trump... so nothing unusual in USA politics 🤪
Lena Wagenfuehr
Lena Wagenfuehr:
Okay, for all us old people out there: writing "first" in the comments section means "like my first picture and I'll like your first picture back". It is a childish way to boost your social media likes or hawk your product. It's even more cringe worthy than you thought!
Mossiah Amartefio
Mossiah Amartefio:
they did not ask you🤣🤣😂🤣😅
Shreya Prince
Shreya Prince:
Which company is his purple hoodie from?
He wont pass a medical to be president
niki wiki
niki wiki:
Whose this Lefty loon👁🙈lonny time site
What would you say if you were dishonest?
Harleen Acharya
Harleen Acharya:
Hello there
Ibrahim Nk
Ibrahim Nk:
I can't find my Knutts
I can't find my Knutts:
Sup Trevor
thanks trevor
Darshana Kaur
Darshana Kaur:
DJ FX Kenya
DJ FX Kenya:
Kanye needs an urgent intervention
Not an Illuminati spy
Not an Illuminati spy:
No one would believe that Trump would;
Give away money.
Have money.
Know what Bitcoin is.
Heh? Why would anybody believe a post that literally says [email protected]@hexB6gdh 🤔
Kanye on everyone's prayer list... 😎😆😆😆
Priya Chhetri
Priya Chhetri:
ϯɾίɓε_ϯѵ ηαʍίɓία
ϯɾίɓε_ϯѵ ηαʍίɓία:
Trinity Sky
Trinity Sky:
I’m not as upset at Kanye as I thought I’d be 😂
Subconscious Me subscribe Now
Subconscious Me subscribe Now:
#nothing is impossible????
H Kay
H Kay:
News gets old quick with Koo...Kanye
Anne Boleyn
Anne Boleyn:
I am sure this is not going to happen. Trump and his inability to run the U.S. will not be replaced by another incompetent show artist.
EJ watcher
EJ watcher:
Danny Dubai
Danny Dubai:
yea Kanye!!
Anne Simon
Anne Simon:
Imagine if the man in the most powerful position on earth (potus), with unlimited means, wants to send you a "message" by ordering the FBI to hack your business. All that just to get revenge and terrify you into submission. That is what happened to Twitter. Edit: and all the victims are Democrats, including Joe Biden. Duh...
Marcelo&Ilda Hernandez
Marcelo&Ilda Hernandez:
Really another celebrity taking advantage of their fame and notoriety to so call their intentions of helping this country's dilemma which will come with false promises another trump in discise beware
solo o
solo o:
I am voting for Kanye because I believe in modern life style driving tesla cars, visiting Mars, wearing yeezies
john doe
john doe:
Wow second rate humour as usual
Can you imagine Kim Kardashian as the first lady?,' all the male voters be like "hell yea'h!" all that going up and down plane steps, Trevor you probably just got kanye voted in a landslide right there, I somehow don't think kim would be too bothered by the 'sexist' attention
Inside The Book
Inside The Book:
Sure this is not a plan to help POTUS win by DILUTING Biden's votes?