Kim Cattrall reveals why she first said no to playing Samantha in Sex & the City | SVT/NRK/Skavlan

The actress talks about her current role as president of the USA, Trump and her most famous role in an interview with Scandinavian talk show host Fredrik Skavlan. Also present is Norwegian prime minister Erna Solberg.

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Carter's mom
Carter's mom:
Kim truly is nothing like Samantha. I always applaud actors who play characters so far removed from themselves. It must be very freeing
Abs Sagoz
Abs Sagoz:
61?!???!!!! Jeez she looks phenomenal!
J.L Clever
J.L Clever:
She looks BETTER than Sarah Jessica in my opinion.
I could listen to her for hours. As a young women I appreciate her wisdom and honesty a lot.
Deba Dev
Deba Dev:
It's not fair . Making out that she is the baddie. She is classy well spoken woman
How to grow beautiful without plastic surgery.
EXCELLENT analogy about the S&C writers giving Samantha breast cancer, as punishment for her sins. They made the character “pay” for being free, honest, and living her life on her own terms. How dare she be a successful, strong, forceful, business woman, with a strong sex drive, that she wasn’t ashamed of, or afraid to act upon. Bravo Kim Cattrall! Well done.
Janelle Etsitty
Janelle Etsitty:
"No, I don't think you can have it all...but you can have more than enough to make you happy and content.. and fulfilled"

Well said Kim... ;*)
John Iii
John Iii:
Very impressed by how articulate and thoughtful she is
Poohs Paws
Poohs Paws:
I like this natural aging look so much better, than the overly botoxed, lip-filled look that many actresses succumb to. She looks so so good, not only for her age, but in general. I never really understood why you would want to put so much botox in your face as an actress in particular, because acting is all about showing emotion through your expressions.
H Dubbs
H Dubbs:
If she really did halt the production of SATC 3 the fans owe her their gratitude. What more is there to do? What story can be told? Chris Noth is also just exhausted by it. Let it rest. It's over.

The way they treated Samantha in the second film was tragic. Especially that scene where she drops her pills and condoms in and has a meltdown--it was so awful, I felt humiliated watching it. Though I feel Kim Cattrall did the best with the material, the material failed her.

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Lohengrin O
Lohengrin O:
woooooooooow a Goddess not only in looks and behaviour but also in mind
What a class act she is!
wise and classy.... what a beautiful person, what a gorgeous woman.
She's so smart and has so much knowledge and substance. She can have an in depth conversation and hold her own with the Prime Minister of Norway. Love Kim!
Kim speaks so well and carry herself so well, my goodness.
L Tri
L Tri:
She speaks so well
Victor Rodriguez
Victor Rodriguez:
Thank goodness she said no to a third movie of Sex and The City. The first two were abysmal and there is no reason to think the third would be any less disappointing.
Sherese James-Grow
Sherese James-Grow:
Great interview! She's giving wisdom to many of us younger women.
Susie English
Susie English:
Her acting is far better than sex and the city - right decision
She looks and sounds amazing. Very rare that we get to see a “non scripted” interview where the actor is candid, classy and honest. Sex and the City is something that will live well past the people that were involved with it,however it doesn’t define who Kim is. Wish her the best and Thanxs for your many years as an actor who gave us some great performances..👍🏻👍🏻❤️
Awesome. I'm 41. I'm glad she is saying this. It is weird. I'm back in the gym and I am wondering if I can still be hot at 40 something. Crazy!
Poohs Paws
Poohs Paws:
What's The Frequency
What's The Frequency:
I think it's fine she has retired Samantha. It's time for her to move on into her 60's and discover new roles. I don't think it should stop the series from going goes on without people.
Karen Okeane
Karen Okeane:
VERY articulate, intelligent and well spoken. I enjoyed this exchange, and Samantha Jones will forever remain one of my favorite characters.
smart classy woman worth of listening to, an actress worth of respect, an icon i will always remember as my favorite character of satc
She said it all ....Agism in society keeps people from living their lives to the fullest.
very nice energy in this conversation you can see they're all enjoying each others company
this was a freaking fantastic pairing for an interview.
Michal Hradecky
Michal Hradecky:
After this reveal Im really amazed how comfortable she looks and acts in SATC. Also Im sorry she worked such a long time with people she had not been close to with.
So natural so aging natural so the best of SEX& CITY.
Anita Luca
Anita Luca:
My favorite actress of the 4 girls on the show. She looks amazing for 60 something. Smart and genuine. You go girl!
Lee Francis
Lee Francis:
England is not a socialist country. Wtf is she even talking about.
Kelly Caviazel
Kelly Caviazel:
SATC is good to watch once a week as it went when started. But if you get ill for example and you watch 5 episodes per day, you become sick of SJP character and Charlotte! Carrie getting upset because of every little thing, from tiny gesture to a squirrel and Charlotte although the youngest, is most conservative and marriage obsessed hysterics!
Jason T
Jason T:
She is so deep intellectually it just outshines SJP any day. Cannot compare the two of them as SJP is not even in the same league as Kim. To be fair, Kim once said she is about 10 yrs older then the rest of the gang so she's definitely more wise which makes her so attractive as she is both beautiful and smart.
Christy P Stew
Christy P Stew:
Best 61 year old I've ever seen.
Simon Payne
Simon Payne:
Why don't we in the UK have intelligent, meaningful and deep late-night chat shows anymore. We have to put up with the screeching Alan Carr, or Jonathan Ross. I like Graham Norton but I miss Parkinson - that was more classy.
Witcher Crafts
Witcher Crafts:
I love how her normal voice is higher in pitch than Samantha's lol
Rose Savoy
Rose Savoy:
Such wise woman with a lot of substance.
No wonder Jessica is jealous! Great for you to say “no”.
Steeven Hyde
Steeven Hyde:
Miss Erna has a beautiful face. And Kim so classy and honest as usual.very nice interview. Good job.
Anna M.
Anna M.:
She is classy and smart!
James Laiola
James Laiola:
Interesting. I'm here for Kims Beauty obviously. But I have to admit, she makes a very decent prognosis on the celestial equation that marked the years of literary controversy. Never thought it would be this in depth. Thank you so much for the upload.
Bevlova B
Bevlova B:
Fabulous woman.
Haunani Pao
Haunani Pao:
A panel of gorgeous, wise women. Love it!
Therapist Gus
Therapist Gus:
Kim is so articulate and lovely
Cláudio Borges
Cláudio Borges:
its amazing how nordics speak so well english. fabulous. and lovely woman for a PM!!
Carolina Millan
Carolina Millan:
She looks beautiful. She’s so classy, far from a diva. I will always love Samantha, we have 6 seasons that we can relive :)
Jakob Michael
Jakob Michael:
The prime minister adores Kim and then vice versa
Stevie Faye
Stevie Faye:
She's 61?! Wow don't worry ladies there's definitely hope for us!
Estelle Romanova
Estelle Romanova:
Wow! She still looks amazing! Beautiful Woman! We Love you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Maria G
Maria G:
One of the best characters of 90s / 2000s television EVER!!!
Jewel Mathews
Jewel Mathews:
1st sex & city movie was meh, 2nd sucked, spool glad she said no to a 3rd! She's so smart as well as beautiful!!
Maggie Chamomile
Maggie Chamomile:
She is so thoughtful and articulate.
AVL Vega
AVL Vega:
Wow she is really an smart and beautiful woman,
Kim is so damn classy and intelligent. When she speaks I’m riveted to hear what she has to say. And her points are so finely articulated and on the mark and full of truth.
sally smith
sally smith:
love Kim / Sam
i loved her and Miranda in SATC😊😊😊
Very smart
So clear English word by word. Easy to listen. Kim is gorgeous.
Nomad S
Nomad S:
Pleasure hearing her voice,so lovely 😘 Such a humble n' classy lady 😇
frank peter
frank peter:
the prime minister is lovely
Hello There
Hello There:
Wow what an elegant woman I’m mesmerized
Alexandra Golovenko
Alexandra Golovenko:
Kim is amazing! She is so eloquent and beautful inside out! Intelligent beyond belief and wise. LOve her
Šeila Šanlak
Šeila Šanlak:
love her. really enjoying listening to her. such an eloquent, classy woman.
Vao Nam
Vao Nam:
When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable.
European leaders always seem so much more intelligent and enlightened than those in America
Arts&Politics USA
Arts&Politics USA:
Love Kim, she looks amazing at 61. Bravo.
Joanna De Tricci I Music
Joanna De Tricci I Music:
5:30 you're welcome
Jaqueline Stewart
Jaqueline Stewart:
She is amazing.
this interview is so stunning. I always felt sex and the city characters might be too dumb for their ages . but in real life, Kim is the woman who got the depth of thought belonging to her age.
Be You
Be You:
She’s so captivating 🥰
I hate that she has her back to the audience.
Zhang Fan
Zhang Fan:
What a great interview!!!! I really impressed with all the talks from Sam !!!! I love Kim and going to buy her book now for sure !!!
Sil Mata
Sil Mata:
Kim, you were the best of sex and the city. The most beautiful, best actress. I have enjoyed every time you were there.
Ellie Meli
Ellie Meli:
Why does he stutter so much? I've watched other interviews of his and he sounded more eloquent. Then again, he might be star struck... Gotta love Cattrall!
I would love to have a glass of wine and have a conversation with her. I love thoughtful and intelligent women ♡
Kate M
Kate M:
Love Kim!!!! Let me look like that at 61🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Victoria Brumfield
Victoria Brumfield:
Always loved her, ever since the 80's!! She aged beautifully! Mannequin....That's when I fell in love with her acting!
Barbara Eiler
Barbara Eiler:
What a great interview, I love Kim Cattrall and the interviewer is so very nice, respectful and articulate, I would love to see more of this show. And the other woman, the prime minister seems like such a lovely lady.
Nemisha Sharma
Nemisha Sharma:
Samantha: Loud, plastic surgery-ed
Kim: elegant, naturally beautiful
John Ward
John Ward:
Yep - I totally agree re the 'cancer' thing. There was an underlying sub-text, frankly. There definitely was; there always is when these sorts of things are 'thrown in' there in big mainstream scripts. What are they there for in the first place? That the actress had to push for a particular angle to be applied...
This was a spectacular interview, thank you. I'm so glad that they were able to talk around SAAC rather than just about it.
I'm also now intruiged to know more about Erna Solberg & her politics.
Terry Baker
Terry Baker:
I agree with Kim, Samantha Jones is in every sense a fictional character
Z.Z. W.
Z.Z. W.:
What a classy goddess. Love your work.
Neither Canada nor England are socialist countries, they're capitalists.
This is how interviews should be. Enjoyed it very much
"Well, the reason why I said no when they asked me to play Samantha in Sex and the City, is that I said no, you know? Had I said yes, then I wouldn't have said no."
Interesting she ( and others) feel that way about cancer. I'm glad she had input on how Samantha handled her diagnosis rather than the diagnosis itself.
Peter Dirceu
Peter Dirceu:
With all respect, growing up,!man this woman was in my wet dreams for sure!! I wish wasn't dreamy at all !!
She's my favorite off and on screen! Love her!
It's amazing to see the difference between her persona and what she plays in Sex in the city. She's classy and defined. I don't like Samantha. I do how ever like Her (Kim) she is great. Lol
Анна Ефименкова
Анна Ефименкова:
Kim is gorgeous! Love her!
41 when she started? She looked in her late 20’s! She looked fantastic and still does!
David Adams
David Adams:
Wow! Kim went from _Lassie_ to this warm, articulate, and wise woman.
Rebecca Turton
Rebecca Turton:
I had this at home way couldn't keep that help me know where to be
Та Су
Та Су:
I so much like the way she speaks! Her intonation, manner, voice...
Quelle Classe !
Happy Heart
Happy Heart:
She’s a very professional and intelligent woman as well as one of the most gorgeous women I’ve ever seen.
I loved her in the movie Ticket To Heaven.
Fantastic Beasts
Fantastic Beasts:
She looks great as 60
I LOVE KIM❤️ She seems nice & kind🥰