Kim Kardashian & Kanye West To Divorce (Report)

It's reportedly the end of the road for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. According to Page Six, the "Keeping up with the Kardashians" star and her husband of more than six years are preparing to end their marriage. Sources told the outlet that "divorce is imminent," with one saying, "They are keeping it low-key but they are done."

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Kim Kardashian & Kanye West To Divorce (Report)


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100+ comentarios:

M T33
M T33:
I just feel bad for the kids! I hope they’ll be okay.
Amira El Euch
Amira El Euch:
Bipolar is no joke. Not everyone can handle it .and kanye doesn't seem to be responsible when it comes to his illness.
Love Myself
Love Myself:
I won’t believe it until I see it because they said the same thing about Beyoncé and Jay Z and they are still together.
Noon Styles
Noon Styles:
I just wish their kids turn out okay,its not easy having two messed up parents and a whole-ass messed up family.
Chelsea Matthews
Chelsea Matthews:
Everyone saw this coming, no one is surprised
Sample Sample
Sample Sample:
Before everyone jump down on Kanye, remember, none of the relationships last in that family. The issue may be Your Fav Fam...just saying
Esther .Y lee
Esther .Y lee:
No matter what Kanye, is facing mentally/personally.... nobody can take away the fact that this man is beyond talented despite his failures and struggles... still to this day I can put on a number of his songs from his entire catalog and it literally helps me mentally to come out of a dark place.... I pray nothing but blessings, grace, love and peace to come to the situation for all parties involved God will have the final say so.
Jessica Lynn
Jessica Lynn:
Not sure how true this is, but regardless at least she got 4 beautiful kids out of it...she always wanted to be a mom.
Paulina Arteaga
Paulina Arteaga:
I can't say I'm surprised 😆
Ella Marie
Ella Marie:
She knew who she married when she married him and then had 4 children with him. 🙄
Ivy Medcalf
Ivy Medcalf:
I'm surprised she's held out this long. Mental illness is hard to deal with especially when the person refuses to get help.
Patriotic MOM
Patriotic MOM:
Surprised they made up this long! Kim next time you get married: elope
Joejoe Baby
Joejoe Baby:
He been left. He's been living on that farm. He's been over it.
Cloveice Colemen
Cloveice Colemen:
This is one marriage that you don't want to end. They always looked so together as one, happy as a whole, and have some beautiful kids. But you never know what goes on behind closed doors, so I just leave it there, because they know what they're doing. I love them both, and wish them the best, but do hope their marriage can be saved. For better or worse. Relationships can be hard as heck, but they can be doable, when working together and not against each other. Or when one gets sick, physical, or mental, to not go looking for one who is whole. The grass is never greener on the other side it just looks like it, because you haven't cut your grass. And don't ever chose your career, over your spouse, it won't end well. Relationships are filled with challenges, and that is what keeps you on your toes. Think twice, before you end it.✌🏽
In all honesty I hope Ye is ok. With the loss of his mother and now this... I mean I wouldn’t know what to do. Anyways I wish the best for both of them IF this is true.
Keith Morris
Keith Morris:
He took a toll on kim she done all she could
Derrick Williams
Derrick Williams:
I knew sooner or later she’d get tierd of his ass lol.
Sika Si
Sika Si:
Someone said Kim and kanye gotta sit north down to let her know that sometimes things go south😭😭
Shelly Pitts
Shelly Pitts:
I wish Kim and the kids all the best wishes throughout this situation.
The D Family
The D Family:
I'm tired of them damn Kardashians and they rich people problems
Focus on that bar exam girl, because everyone figured you’d divorce a third time but no one believes you’ll really practice law one day.
They are still in marriage counseling a final decision hasn’t been made so I don’t know why people are saying it’s happening
Laura Renteria
Laura Renteria:
I think is a storyline for the new keeping up with the kardashians
jotam J
jotam J:
3 failed marriages lmaoooo
f quint
f quint:
Yeah he needs a lot of mental help I feel bad for Kim and their kids. She stayed around a lot longer then a lot of people would’ve.
All I have to say is; good for her! From experience, I know that it really takes a toll on a person to be with someone who is bipolar and for it to be worth it there has to be a lot of effort put in by both parties, but especially the one who is bipolar. Doesn't really seem like Kanye does that, he doesn't even seem to be medicated, which he should be.
There is a conflicting report saying that Kanye is divorcing Kim because he couldn’t handle Kim’s bull shit. So for now until we know who did what. Just take this with a grain of salt 🧂
Phillip Lemmon
Phillip Lemmon:
Welp, look like 21' is gonna be a GREAT year after all, LMFAO!
“Kanye is talking about crazy sh**.” Did Kim just now wake up? I think all that Botox made her senses weak.
Kanye without her I worry how long he will have left .
Yellow Buddha
Yellow Buddha:
So disappointing. Honestly, someone so image conscious like Kim, I’m not surprised. She gets into another field of work, and doesn’t grow together as a family. Kanye deserves better.
Andreaa Nde Dang
Andreaa Nde Dang:
Finally, the real Kanye West is back .!
It’s never too late
He need to get away from her
I'm surprised it lasted that long.
Dee Dee
Dee Dee:
Kim leaving Kanye is the best thing for him.
Paloma Jiménez
Paloma Jiménez:
That's what happens when you marry for power. They were already super stars individually but together! Wow anyway I hope Kanye take his illnesses seriously from now on
William Mondragon
William Mondragon:
"Books be so wordy. I'm an avid Non-Reader of books."

-Kanye West-
Suzanne Zethner
Suzanne Zethner:
This should be crazy. Sad. Money doesn't buy happiness.
Dennis Ward
Dennis Ward:
Bill Blur: "is this the line to get in to loose half my shit?"
Alok Krishnan B
Alok Krishnan B:
Whatever yall say, u Americans are all about divorce. People don't even know to manage a healthy relationship smh. And it's the Kardashian's, what more can u you expect?
Ming Min Luftig
Ming Min Luftig:
That’s gonna be an expensive divorce if it happens
Milia Elaine Jones
Milia Elaine Jones:
Once he called the family racist it was a wrap
malissa smith
malissa smith:
I knew this was coming the second she mentioned he was telling her not to dress the way she does. 🤷‍♀️ 3 / 4 years ago
D W:
Surprise!!!! surprise!!!...another Hollywood couple divorcing. Don’t have a clue what marriage is or what it means.
chris edwards
chris edwards:
Kim knew he was crazy she got what she wanted she gonna break him
Daisy Jiménez
Daisy Jiménez:
Im going to pray for them and there kids ❤🙏🏼
Jackson M
Jackson M:
Honestly I’m really sad cause I just want the best for them and mostly the kids
Renzo Benz
Renzo Benz:
i think kanye wanted the divorce but they're tryna make it seem like she left him. .
Mike the Mechanic
Mike the Mechanic:
What great role models! All Divorced....I have been married 20 years. I told my kids this family is trash...
Good, I hope they both learn from their mistakes and their life style. I hope they both obtain a level of humbleness and humanness. I hope they stop poisioning our children's minds. God Bless young people that look upto these terrible Hollywood people. I don't wish harm to any of them but they are mostly bad people
malachi brown
malachi brown:
Not west, Mr Right, cause that's finally how Kanye MOVED 😂😂😂😂
Ameesh Nathawat
Ameesh Nathawat:
"It lasted more than we thought" !!!
Yolanda Perez
Yolanda Perez:
Kim just needs to pack up and go live with her husband in Wyoming, retire now ,
KJ Bennie
KJ Bennie:
Well ya!! Hard to be with someone whos more in love with themselves than their partner. Get divorced Kim, and how about marrying yourself!? Im sure itll last a lifetime
"actors for a living" lol
Thumiwe Mvula
Thumiwe Mvula:
It seems things are going south for the wests..
Anna Somló
Anna Somló:
“Forever to go” wahahahahhahaha
Ashton Lagleva
Ashton Lagleva:
Finally! About damn time!
Always never - wylin listen to the first line and it all come together
Yvette Torres
Yvette Torres:
Thank you, next. No surprise here. Moving on was obvious to everyone with eyes.
Michael Gaynor
Michael Gaynor:
Who cares!!!! Enough is enough!
All of the kardashians have had unstable relationships with their spouses. This doesn’t surprise me.
Suny Shin
Suny Shin:
Well i'm not surprised at all
Stacy Wiley
Stacy Wiley:
Kim need to move on from kayne, and become a lawyer
shavon H
shavon H:
I’m proud of you Kim and I love you and wish you well ❤️ as wives we can only take so much and he’s not well
julia j
julia j:
I was waiting this 😉 am not suprised
Sara Khayami
Sara Khayami:
They do know how to keep the focus on them! Pros to the management team
Tolu Adeyemi
Tolu Adeyemi:
4 kids...
Verne Fits
Verne Fits:
this is a sad news. they were an awesome couple
Jessica Patnode
Jessica Patnode:
Honestly I have more respect for and less for him! She sold that she really wants prison reform by studying to become a lawyer! What has he done to prove he would make a good president
David Mashishi
David Mashishi:
I wonder who she going to date like Kanye is so high up the mountian in terms of monetary success that anything is a downgrade.
Debee Banta
Debee Banta:
I'm so excited they totally need to be divorce maybe they can be friends and co-parent but he is totally unstable the children like happy people divorced people are probably happier why stay together it's already damaged the children will be better off with two happy Parents
nw10 natz
nw10 natz:
Oh well..on to the next black Willy for her I guess
Flashback Jack
Flashback Jack:
'[Kim] has had enough, and she told him that she wants some space to figure out her future.' --A souce close to the Kardashian family.

Men, if a woman tells you she needs space or a break--whatever--end it before she does because guaranteed that's what will happen next.
Not-even -German
Not-even -German:
She can't look at khloe begging for negga love🤣🤣🤣🤣
Miranda Summerset
Miranda Summerset:
Kanye gonna reveal all their secrets 👀
Let's see who snaps first
Laneostayreal Gaming is fun
Laneostayreal Gaming is fun:
Its never real love when you famous all the fake love it happens all the time they both will have new people in they life soo
Kodi Brito
Kodi Brito:
Should have left his crazy ass along time ago!
Queen Drika
Queen Drika:
😂😂😂😂😭 she is tired of the foolery and out growing the craziness 🤷‍♀️
Sherry Smith
Sherry Smith:
Ray j going to be like "i hit it first"
Samantha Smith
Samantha Smith:
0:19 I generate 182 each and every day with *f u n d a i l y p a y*
Maxwell Scott
Maxwell Scott:
They should name their next kid Pencil. Or Mug.
Thiqqey Thiqq
Thiqqey Thiqq:
Good. Maybe now he can actually get some help
Tom Davison
Tom Davison:
It’s always tough to see a family split up.
Adam Moore
Adam Moore:
1:16 I acquire 185 day after day with this here *f u n d a i l y p a y*
Mandi Maines
Mandi Maines:
They went their separate ways months ago and were living separate lives I'm surprised they haven't already divorced
X Pensive
X Pensive:
That might be Kanye blessing & not a lesson! 💯 don’t let that go over ur head♟
ErickaVs Everybody
ErickaVs Everybody:
I knew it... as soon as they called off the show I was like... hmmmm
Muhammad Shafeeque
Muhammad Shafeeque:
Very nice darling fact sweet heart I will soon there shortly....
Jhennifer Billionz TV
Jhennifer Billionz TV:
They’ll be back it only for the new season of keeping up with the kardashian
Andrey Greenidge
Andrey Greenidge:
You''ll be fine kymme stay strong.💪
Dami lola
Dami lola:
Kim a lawyer, 😂. Impressive
Michi MJ
Michi MJ:
Just another story line of their show
Knew this was coming years ago. Celebrity news is so predictable
Jude Saint
Jude Saint:
What took them so long? *yawn*
Ekstein Malan
Ekstein Malan:
They prepping for the final season of KUWTK. They need the views.
Alicia Lopez
Alicia Lopez:
Oh please kanye moved kim went over crying she could nt fix it knanye left her but the kards will swing the story
Quantum Mystery
Quantum Mystery:
Don’t care
Raphie Stegall
Raphie Stegall:
Why can't black men stay married and keep a woman happy?