Kim Namjoon ●Boss Bitch -『FMV』

》Use earphones for a better experience! Watch it all please!💜The first part it's for fun,i thought the clip suits for the song
I hope you will enjoy!🙂
Thank you for all the views!❤
•If exist mistakes with editing, I am very sorry but my phone wasn't working well when I made this edit:(

[Requested video]

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●Song: "Boss Bitch"-Doja Cat
●Edit by ©Anndydrg20
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100+ comentarios:

Catalina Andreea
Catalina Andreea:
*I love the interview part* . *It suits like an intro to the edit*
LuJun HuHong
LuJun HuHong:
Lyrics: "I'm Clumsy, Made Friends With The Floor."

Me: *Hi Jimin*
Grace Mystery
Grace Mystery:
"I like pigeons"

148 iq everyone
Am I the only one who thinks it’s adorable that the owner is liking every comment?
aesthetic potatoe
aesthetic potatoe:
“I’m clumsy”

*breaks glasses*
That fit so damn well😂😂
Ruby Rose
Ruby Rose:
this handsome man is on fire with every damn hairstyle.
Fama Malik
Fama Malik:
Joonie has a completely different aura around him. He can look sexy, attractive, cute and hot all at the same time. He nails every hairstyle and dress code. There isn't even any question that he is the greatest leader in any music industry. KIM NAMJOON FOR PRESIDENT! 💜
Jeon Cena
Jeon Cena:
Toxic army: Namjoon is the ugliest
True army: *NAMJOON* 👏 *IS* 👏 *DADDY* 👏
Disha Gupta
Disha Gupta:
It's so unfair that there's only one namjoon in the world and only one person can have him. And this man has the AUDACITY to walk around looking like a gentleman finer than silk and sweeter than honey. His eyes are as sweet as caramel and chocolate combined and this man has the heart of sapphire
His smile is the most precious thing to exist in the entire galaxy, his voice is more gorgeous than the stars itself. Those dimples are so deep I could drown in them. He is so considerate and always thinks about his loved ones before himself(expect in run bts ofc). He is such a caring man even more than my parents and always treats his crab fam with so much love. His eyes are so fucking miraculous, It's like music is flowing inside his eyes and creating a melody in his pupils by itself. He deserves the whole world, all the stars in the universe. And my sapiosexual ass cannot even get over how smart this man is. This man creates such good music with that mind and uses it to inspire the motherfucking economy.
His presence infront of me would get my heart running like a never ending rollercoaster. I will never get someone who is even 2% close to what namjoon is and that's just sad. His persona and personality are so majestic and magical that even Harry Potter would fail infront of namjoon. YES I will be jealous of whoever takes Joon. Getting namjoon is like getting a gem inside iron. I love Namjoon and he is an amazing human being who holds the power to be a president and every fucking human being or animal species or any kind of matter should admire Namjoon's existence because he deserves to be treated with RESPECT AND LOVE.
tae ingularitues
tae ingularitues:
I'm sure that the ones who say he is ugly are BLINDE
Adi K
Adi K:
Mr. Namjoon is the boss and he literally shines like the most expensive gloss.. 💜😊
daniella catalan
daniella catalan:
Excuse her. He is the president of our nation.

He is te boss
Teresa hoe
Teresa hoe:
I still can't believe people used to sleep on this king. Like I LOVED HIM SINCE I FOUND OUT ABOUT BTS. 🥺 I'm so glad People are noticing Namjoon.
:) 💜💜
yeosangs little sister- don't judge me thanxx
yeosangs little sister- don't judge me thanxx:
*Why isn't this talented innocent funny man president yet-*

Votes for namjoon to be president because we know we need that
*the most hottest leader*
Archita N
Archita N:
Joon was my first bias and I didn’t realise I missed him soo much until now.. but I still haven’t changed my opinion on Joonie being the best boyfriend any girl can get. He is one of the most responsible and caring person that I have ever seen💜
Quien escribió este comentario es mi espíritu 😆

Namjoon HERMOSO ❤️
Army's boss rm

Rm is leader of army also
Roshni Thomas
Roshni Thomas:
RM is truely the stylish and hot LEADER of BTS
Moni Muppet
Moni Muppet:
I cannot STAND him! He really just walks around looking like that? Like I don't have a life to live over here? The audacity.
Vaidehi Satpute
Vaidehi Satpute:
I'm just here liking all those intellectual comments praising Namjoon.
Karla Hernandez
Karla Hernandez:
Everybody after watching this:

*NamJoon Biased*
Alicia Atkinson
Alicia Atkinson:
When my fiance first started getting into BTS...RM was his favorite. Partly because he liked his rap. But also, he explained, because he felt that Namjoon was manly. Like a masculine energy.

He loves BTS at this point and has multitudes of opinions now, but that first impression in his eyes really stuck with me.
Adrianna Codner
Adrianna Codner:
RM is so cute and he cares for V, Jimin Suga, Jungkook Jin and J-Hope he's the best leader ever I wish I could meet bts someday but I live in Jamaica but I'll always love bts Kim namjoon is the best leader I purple you bts 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 Army forever 💜💜💜💜💜
Chalamba Huidrom
Chalamba Huidrom:
He's the best president. Shout out for our President Namjoon😘
LatteBear シ
LatteBear シ:
Kim namjoon.

He know he sexy -3-
Deva M F
Deva M F:
Las personas que no le dieron like al vídeo no sabes el Dios Jefazo que es el Namjoon //The people who did not like the video do not know the God Boss that is Namjoon.💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Gloria Huamani acosta
Gloria Huamani acosta:
Acá esta el comentario que buscabas en español

Like si eres ARMY
M O N O M O N:
When it said "I'm clumsy" and it showed Joonie breaking his sunglasses uwu this man.. I'm so in love with him 😂😂💜💜💜
Princess Rihanna B. Dimasangca
Princess Rihanna B. Dimasangca:
Doc: so what's your disease?
Me: heart attack
Doc: when does this starts?
Me: * shows video*
Andriya Sunil
Andriya Sunil:
“Made friends With the floor” Namjoon made friends with da floor😂
I don't understand why people don't see the Handsomeness,talent Hardworking in this MAN
Dreams Cat
Dreams Cat:
just 2 minutes and 33 seconds of Namjoon bias a wrecking everyone, even the people who bias him
my jutsu
my jutsu:
he can argument with me and i would let him say whatever he want i just wanna look at him
Lenny Hope
Lenny Hope:
When Namjoon does the eyebrown thing I-- this man is DANGEROUS
Chelseah Luena
Chelseah Luena:
Imagine marrying this dude...Jeez ur gonna die
Gucci boy Taehyungie
Gucci boy Taehyungie:
How can namjoon look like this but in reality he’s cute af
The amount of times I’ve rewatched this edit is worrying...🤣🙂🙃
The audacity you had to make this video and give army’s a heart attack istgg 😔😔
Aditi gupta
Aditi gupta:
The person who calls him ugly is a blind . Feeling bad for that person
Daniela Gomez
Daniela Gomez:
Esas 68 personas que le dieron Dislike. Todo bien en casa bro¿¿
_T amo bb_
RH So Fetch
RH So Fetch:
Suga: *i thought i was your bias- HE WAS UR EX-BIAS ;-;*

Me: chill lil meow meow, i wont cheat on you uwu

Also me: *watches this*
Kim Namjoon : *exists*

My heart: *dies from excessive feels*
melyn min
melyn min:
When he plays with his eyebrown—
pragnya jyothi
pragnya jyothi:
A wise person once said " Perfection has 10 letters and so does Kim Namjoon".
Princess Prema
Princess Prema:
The most sexiest leader in this whole universe
Let's just take a moment to learn that *KIM NAMJOON THE MAN HIMSELF IS BORN A MODEL* I MEAN LOOK AT HIM
CHECK MY CHANNEL-Imagined Lives:
Imagine trying to argue with Joonie? He's too adorable I'd probably laugh lol
Danae Lauren
Danae Lauren:
I just imagined him being in a drama and him being that cool CEO boss nah man I need to stop imagining but if it happen tho......
Charlene Campbell
Charlene Campbell:
Yessss Zaddy Joonie, come through...I freaking love his fine self, This man is everything , He’s Handsome, shy, intelligent, out spoken, well manners, with one of the biggest kindest hearts... I love them all very much, they all have brought so much happiness to my life I would never expect it. Best thing I ever did was Stan BTS.💜💜💜💜
Xandria Ferrer
Xandria Ferrer:
Joonie have dragon fly eyes 👀
I get shy when i looked at his eys tho😣
;; ᑕᕼᗴᖇᖇY
;; ᑕᕼᗴᖇᖇY:
_Ya vi como 30 veces la intro y me sigo riendo de que se pájaro favorito son las palomas JAJAAJSJAKSJKA_
_I love this♡_
blacktan .galaxy.
blacktan .galaxy.:
I'm literally here right after streaming #dynamite watching this 😂
• Shøøk •
• Shøøk •:
His face with glass just screams:

Namjoon’s blonde mullet saved every single ARMY and that’s a fact uwu
The amount of disrespect that this man gives us is ASTRONOMICAL
Lina Nil
Lina Nil:
Lovely President of Army Mr.Namjoon... you want to piece? Then stop blowing up our poor hearts plz.(!)
Eva Moge
Eva Moge:
0:33 awie i can't- is it only ne that finds that cute-
*I like Pigeons, My favorite word is Pigeons.*

No ones gonna talk about that part?
Yoce_lin C
Yoce_lin C:
my question here is WHY ISNT NAMJOON GETTING MORE VIEWS! We’re talking about the hella cute, handsome leader here!
Yui Sakura
Yui Sakura:
1:03 when he do that.. I feel like why whole body being flicked..
"I am so pure"
I can't forget it LOL
sou muito iludida por bts
sou muito iludida por bts:
Put* merd* q homem maravilhoso 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩❤❤❤❤❤😢
Jannatun Nur
Jannatun Nur:
The one who is going to have this finest, sexiest, freaking gorgeous & genius man on earth is the luckiest 😊 i often feel so sad for being too ugly for him 🙃
ImpOrtant BussinessUe
ImpOrtant BussinessUe:
Acting as a leader with BTS makes him more attractive
Paula Valiente Cabrera
Paula Valiente Cabrera:
I have forgotten how to breathe watching this: 0 is too much perfection for a video, you edit fantastic my respects to you ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ💜
namjoon's cute dimples
namjoon's cute dimples:
Rm: breaths
Me: die
This is just my soul talking now
Qxeen_ Tammy
Qxeen_ Tammy:
*You know how much it hurts my heart to know that my husband will not be this man-*
hello army
hello army:
He was born to kill us with his

{Potato Bro}
{Potato Bro}:
Lyrics: I’m clumsy

Namjoon: breaks glasses
Namjoon: Hi-

Jacqueline Gutierrez
Jacqueline Gutierrez:
Okay but like after this edit I NEED TO SEE NAMJOON IN A K DRAMA WHERE HIS IS THE CEO for some reason like just imagine I-
dileep tripathi
dileep tripathi:
Usually I imagine namjoon hyung as my cute elder brother but now I am thinking that how my brother can be both
Proud to call myself his sister
Kim Taehyung
Kim Taehyung:
Damn he looks like hes the ceo of the world biggest company in the universe damn.
Hes a sugar daddy type something like that uknow
pombinha neve
pombinha neve:
Homem da porra👁️👄👁️
Why must he be so attractive the whole freaking tiiiiime, let me live >:( also this is hands down the best Namjoon edit I’ve ever seen
Maria Chanu
Maria Chanu:
Oh god his long purple hair is killing me and HIS GAZE!
Like you see it
Like you see it:
I love his dumply dimpy dimple!!! He's the best leader ever 🥺🥺😭🤧
what will u do by knowing my name, huh?
what will u do by knowing my name, huh?:
People : so how many people have you killed?
Rm : around like more than 38million people...
People : kill me please
Rm : my pleasure
Spiceybooger Spiceybooger
Spiceybooger Spiceybooger:
Some parts looks like he is singing/rapping this song. 😏
Marry me Taehyung
Marry me Taehyung:
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yeah I'd definitely let that man throw a building at me
Mussu Shrestha
Mussu Shrestha:
Rm is very cute and his single I love it!!! Mostly do you but most of others tell that they like jimin jungkook I am not satisfied with that I just feel like he isn't getting what he deserve but still he will always be my fab! Boy who get crazy to a little crab😂😍
love hope and faith
love hope and faith:
I feel like this song is made for suits him AM A BOSS!
Your Average Goldfish bish
Your Average Goldfish bish:
My friends spam me with joonie content cus he my ultimate bias. They are the reason I got this amazing video
Shivansh Singh
Shivansh Singh:
His dance😂😂but seriously he is the best leader i have ever seen
Layal Dannawi
Layal Dannawi:
RM is beautiful 💖💖💖
E&K Games And More
E&K Games And More:
Minecraftmusicparodies.exp has crashed dew to over heating.💖
The people who disliked are the people who are mad because they realize they’ll NEVER be as handsome as RM.
Jennie Lee
Jennie Lee:
me : MUM my death wish is to see BTS
Mum : u ain't dyin-
Me: Dies
Srinithi Architect
Srinithi Architect:
I hope IAM not the only one who watched it more than ones .....
dogo, Ganguly
dogo, Ganguly:
The one who made this video surely knows how to make this perfect🤔, right song with right person😊, really RM matches with this song🤩
SecretlyKami l低命
SecretlyKami l低命:
" why me, my favorite bird is pigeons "
Since when did birds some into this-
I showed this to my brother who's straight but his bias is Namjoon... His nose should stop bleeding... Eventually 😂😂😍💜
W e i r d Y a c e e
W e i r d Y a c e e:
Jimin might have been friends with the floor if you know what i mean 😂
Fernanda MR
Fernanda MR:
I love the intro 👌⁦❤️⁩