King Saud University - Football Stadium

King Saud University Stadium located in Campus area.

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Karena setiap pengalaman sangat berharga. Rekamlah, pada suatu saat kita flash back pasti akan merasakan kenangan yang indah di masa-masa perjuangan.

This Stadium is Awesome place in King Saud University. With 25.000 capacity seats for supporter. The new stadium has 21,800 seats for general viewers, plus several seats for VIPs and special enclosures for the members of the royal family and their guests.

The stadium is also equipped for disabled viewers: it provides special entrances and 130 seats for wheelchair bound people and their accompanying carers, plus an adequate number of lifts and bathrooms. This stadium start Construction 2011-2014. And opened in May 2015.

But, in this video we will give you another Awesome King Saud University Stadium. Located beside main Stadium near to Sport area.

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