Kissing Booth 2 SPOILERS: Joey King and Jacob Elordi REACT to Surprise Ending and Kissing Booth 3

Jacob Elordi, Joey King, Joel Courtney and Taylor Zakhar Perez talk to ET’s Katie Krause about the surprise ending of ‘The Kissing Booth 2,’ now streaming on Netflix. The cast also reveals their hopes for a ‘Kissing Booth 3,’ discusses whether Elle and Noah are endgame -- and what that could mean for Marco.

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Ashley Mitchell
Ashley Mitchell:
You can tell Jacob really really REALLY wants to make another sequel. It's like woah, calm down Jakey, calm down, we'll make a 3rd movie.

UPDATE: Netflix announced there is a 3rd film ready. So I think we can all thank Jakey's overwhelming enthusiasm for that.
Seyifunmi Onabiyi
Seyifunmi Onabiyi:
Okay but Jacob shouldn't be talking like this movie didn't get him started in the first place.
Allana Allen
Allana Allen:
The way Jacob said.. "Because she's dishonest!".. like its a reason why they broke up and he just wanted to get it out there😂.. btw he seems very apathetic 🤔
Glendys Bonilla
Glendys Bonilla:
Okay but Marco's “yes, she is” at the end makes me VERY mad Marco and Elle didn’t end up together
Kang Hoki
Kang Hoki:
The Kissing Booth 2 (2020)
Voir: >>
Leurs états de santé
respectifs les empechent
de s'approcher trop
pres l'un de l'autre.??
Briana Solis
Briana Solis:
when someone said “she’s not worth it bro” and Marco replied “yeah she is” 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Gab Hernandez
Gab Hernandez:
Jacob acting like this film didn’t start his career. Soooo over him.
Eh, not digging Jacob. I feel like he forgot where he came from really fast. A majority of his fan base was derived from the first film and many went on to watch/support him in Euphoria. I mean his girlfriend, Zendaya, definitely knows to appreciate where her big break came from b/c she chose to continue doing Disney shows even after staring in major films. Joey has also continued to show appreciation for all her past work, big and small, after staring in major roles and countless award nominations. Appreciation can go a long way.
Shalena Brown
Shalena Brown:
Honestly Jacob needs to stop dating his co-workers
Valeria Rojas
Valeria Rojas:
I mean, Jacob is handsome and all but his attitude about the movie is just pissing me off 🤐
Riley Kennedy
Riley Kennedy:
I really wanted Marco and Elle to get together! Marco really does love her

“She’s not worth it.” Marco: “yeah she is :)” So cuteeee :)
Sedney Sint Jago
Sedney Sint Jago:
He just lost all the respect i had for him.
Brown Tara
Brown Tara:
Interviewer: “You’re gonna break some fans’ heart”

Jacob: “Yeah get ready for life”

This was kinda rude huh
Allison is ded
Allison is ded:
lmaoooo i'll be okay with the 3rd movie just being marco and elle tbh
Claudia Estrada
Claudia Estrada:
jacob should be more grateful for these movies because the kissing booth is what got his career started.
Ihsane Naji
Ihsane Naji:
When he said because she's dishonest I felt like he was really really meaning it lmao
Hailey Pecore
Hailey Pecore:
Everyone lowkey good at acting like there isn’t a third movie when they already filmed it
Nisa Bellevue
Nisa Bellevue:
Seeing Jacob like this is at a certain point really disappointing!
Dakota Mcconnell
Dakota Mcconnell:
After this interview I’m 100 percent team Marco.
bella metcalf
bella metcalf:
Jacob's attitude was terrible, I feel like he's going through something in this private life. I mean it can't be easy working with your ex.
Jacobs attitude outside of the Movie is terrible, childish but in the Movie, they really did a good job, i didn't expected both of that. He should definitely look how Joey is handling all of this. But besides that, i would recommend to everyone to read the Book. The Movie was 95% different to the Book and the 5% are Stuff that were from the Book but even there it was different. The Movie is TKB2 2.0 for me and the Book is the actual Story. It's so different. The Movie has it's good parts but i like the Book more. There were so much from the Book i really wanted to see in the Movie and nothing from what i've wanted to see were in the Movie or they changed it so extemely that i didn't liked it. For example, the Thanksgiving scene were so terrible in the Movie, i loved loved loved the Book version.
I’m not sure if Jacob and Noah have the same personality in real life.
Narlyn M
Narlyn M:
#justiceformarco I was honestly surprised Elle didn’t choose him.
Miruna Popa
Miruna Popa:
Y’ALL!! NOW THAT WE KNOW TKB3 is coming and it has already been filmed with Jacob in it we now know Jacob didn’t have a bad attitude!!!! he was just teasing us saying he doesn’t think he would be in TKB3 if it would happen😭
Brandi Woodfill
Brandi Woodfill:
After this interview, I'd be okay with a third movie without Jakob. He is so painfully unhappy/uncomfortable it kinda ruins the excitement for me.
Pam Kowaski
Pam Kowaski:
If Jacob doesn't want to do a 3rd they will just have Elle pick Berkley, and likely meet up with Marco again. She told them both she was wait listed because she didn't want either of them to know she had to pick between the two of them again. I think though when it comes to Harvard, she would go for Noah and because she did love the city so much when she was there. Only problem is Noah saying he wanted a friendship like her and Lee have with Chloe isn't the same. Lee and Noah being brothers makes it a whole different dynamic.
I think Elle and Chloe could become good friends, but I don't think Elle fits with the other people Noah hangs out with. Face it Elle's talk on the beach sitting with marco made perfect sense you hold onto the one you have those things in common with. Elle and Noah have never had a ton in common. Elle and Marco have more in common. It is interesting to see if there is a 3rd because it took them forever just to make a 2nd.
jean santos
jean santos:
Who else is wondering what the heck happened in Joey and Jacob's relationship that everyone can feel the cold air through their screens ☹
Alyssa Sanchez
Alyssa Sanchez:
That doesn’t make sense cause Jacob said he’s over like the highschool character but he plays a highschool jock in euphoria and like in the KB he’s actually in college so like that’s not a reason yk
potato tomato schmewtato
potato tomato schmewtato:
honestly, if Jacob doesn't want to do the third film, we can just jump it to Elle choosing Berkley where she meets Marco, coincidentally... or we just jump to the show a few years after, with them having the reunion, Elle & Noah have broken up but still friends with Lee & Chloe and rekindles that "relationship" with Marco so you know, we can have #TeamMVP happen.
Slime Makers
Slime Makers:
Did anyone else notice in the movie when Noah threw the sign at the airport it bounced off a guys backpack😂
Chloe Walton
Chloe Walton:
Sneaky little jacob saying he “has no idea about the third movie” when they just announced that they already filmed the 3 movie!
Era Zejneli
Era Zejneli:
I love how they all lied about not knowing if there was gonna be a third movie and who’s gonna be in cause they already filmed it and Jacobs in it
Hannah Ackroyd
Hannah Ackroyd:
joeys so professional jacob needs to grow up.
Julia Jarosinski
Julia Jarosinski:
Marco looks like Rafael from Jane the Virgin !
Natasha Cowell
Natasha Cowell:
The fact that they had to keep the 3rd one a secret while shooting both simultaneously and Jacob still getting the hate.. cheers to Jacob.
This interview is so funny because today THEY CONFIRMED TKB3!! When they ask Jacob about the part three he acted like he didn't want to record it on purpose because he had already done it. And you people only attacked him, you all have to calm down!.
Chloe Neely
Chloe Neely:
Bro when Joel said that the second movie was better, I’ve never agreed more in my life😂

They really upped their game on the second one. This movie I think showed up tatbilb2
Chelsea Jones
Chelsea Jones:
Interviewer: “Do you think Elle and Noah are endgame?”
Jacob: 🤔
Me done with his attitude: “I SWEAR IF HE-“
Jacob: “yeah sure why not”
Me: was that so hard
Devina Chaste
Devina Chaste:
Jacob will be awkward in kissing booth 3. Seem like he's not excited anymore
Life With Cii
Life With Cii:
The 2nd movie is definitely better to me I hope there is a 3rd one🤷🏽‍♀️😊
Shaun Ray
Shaun Ray:
When Elle went to visit Noah he threw the card an hit somebody with it
sarah siddique
sarah siddique:
Shooting for kissing booth 3 is already done n Jacob is there . So to all the people blasting at him for saying I have no idea if I will be the part of it pls stop. I think he said that cos he wanted to create suspense. He was just trying to confuse us . So don’t judge soo fastttt....
Fh Er
Fh Er:
Jacob and Joey had this spark, period. Stop hating Jacob not promoting their movie in social media. If you guys don't experience the break up, just keep your mouth shut. Joey might able to handle it, jacob still trying though. But all in all it's perfect ending. By the way Marco and Rafael from Jane the Virgin are look a like 💕
aline maldito
aline maldito:
jacob isn't even promoting this movie in his social media, i mean ... he is not coming back for sure

Edit: Guys!! I know that he already filmed 3 movie, but i wrote this comment before they announced it.
Shaza Mowzer
Shaza Mowzer:
I just saw a sneak peak of the 3rd one, so why is he acting like he doesn’t want to be apart of the 3rd one, I’m confused
Garry Thomas
Garry Thomas:
Who think Elle should be with his BFF cause their relationship is more important than every relationship😙 let me know 👍
Ksha Pino
Ksha Pino:
There’s definitely something going on with Jacob here! Oh my, boy you’re hurt. What really happened between you two? 😩😭
Not sure what’s up with Jacob’s attitude. After watching the second movie I felt like he was not interested in making the second part.
Catalina Jimenez
Catalina Jimenez:

It ends the same as to all the boys I loved before
Kouji R
Kouji R:
Damn, Jacob's attitude is killing it for me. Just scrap his character off and let's move on with a 3rd film with Marco instead. Marco is a more interesting and attractive guy anyway.
Nicole Sanchez
Nicole Sanchez:
Stop the hate on Jacob it his life he getting older so u change even more and ur mind as well
Rebecca Garcia
Rebecca Garcia:
I think everyone is hating on Jacob a little bit in the comments. I really didn't think he was being rude in the interview, I think everyone is just reading into everything he says too much. Alot of Joey's answers were similar too.
can someone hire Zendaya for the third one so Jacob could be excited lol
“She’s not worth it bro,”
Marco: ..”yeah she is,” 🥺❤️💕
Jen Ortiz
Jen Ortiz:
Jacob think he is too good for this movie.
Love how Joey remains humble and appreciative of TKB. In my opinion she is an amazing actress and definitely knows how to be professional and separate her personal life. Not to mention she was nominated to all the major awards this year.
Jacob thinks because he did euphoria he is all that. Give me a break. 🙄
Sydney Kong
Sydney Kong:
"leave her alone bro"
"that's not even as her partner in the movie; that's just as a human being" AHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH LOLOLOL
Evelyn Lubiano
Evelyn Lubiano:
Interviewer: You’re gonna break so many fans heart for that answer. Jacob: Yeah well, get ready for life. Me: He definitely doesn’t want to be in the 3rd sequel 😑
Alex Sigala
Alex Sigala:
Am I the only one who wants Noah and Elle to be endgame like idc I’d be heartbroken if they weren’t
Nevaeh Register
Nevaeh Register:
I love how they said they don’t know if Netflix will do a 3rd one but already filmed it 😭
Katelyn Wong
Katelyn Wong:
i hope joey and jacob get back irl their breakup broke my heart :(
leah G
leah G:
2:50-3:07 watching this at first I was like dang he rlly said he doesn’t kno if he he’d come back for a 3..but after watching the live knowing now it will be a 3 he played us so hard saying that while already knowing the 3rd has been filmed🤩🤩overly excited
i used to love jacob but his attitude is just sooo horrible!!! he’s gunna lose a lot of fans with his attitude! like me.
He’s such a douche bag. Please just replace him. We only know him because of kissing booth. He will fall from his high horse eventually. Prob why Joey left him
Idk why they kept making Elle fall in love with Noah she belongs to Marco
Maybe jacob has star syndrome? his attitude in this interview was so bad if he doesnt want another sequel just give that role to Marco coz we start to like him
Kelsey Rowe
Kelsey Rowe:
you silly now everyone isn’t gonna like u smh
AJ Capistrano
AJ Capistrano:
jacob looks like that he doesn't want sequel 3 and it breaks my heart :(
Ksenia Reyes
Ksenia Reyes:
tbh i think marco looks alot like noah lmao and they even have the same tone of voice
kats granados
kats granados:
I swear if he keeps up this act i dont want to see him in the 3rd or the other sequels. He really isn’t the same anymore. :(
Belle Cantu
Belle Cantu:
I love Joel energy !!!!! When he raised his hand and was like I ammmmm down to make the 3 rd
Must have been weird the cast talking about wanting to do a 3rd one when they’ve already filmed it
“GET READY FOR LIFE” damn he’s hurt, huh
Abby Jade
Abby Jade:
“You’re gonna break so many fans hearts with that statement”

“Yeah well get ready for life” 😂
Savvy Haddox
Savvy Haddox:
When Jacob said “they have a very great relashionship.... oh yeah in the movie” that made me want to cry
Julia Benedetti
Julia Benedetti:
wow they really just made us think the 3rd film was up in the air when they shot the 3rd one back to back smh
Kaiah Kimball
Kaiah Kimball:
Wow...Jacob Elordi is an amazing actor...I couldn’t even tell he hates being in the kissing booth in this second movie. It was amazing! Honestly better than the 1st 😳
Jayli’s Devilish Reads
Jayli’s Devilish Reads:
I just like when Jacob used his middle finger to fix his glasses🤣
Era Era
Era Era:
I miss the old Noah with his attractive messy hair :( and I'm sad seeing him lost weight. You know he is handsome but more handsome in the TKB1
Simply Yolly
Simply Yolly:
They should do a 3rd one when their graduate collage got married have kids
Erin D
Erin D:
When Jacob said if there was a 3rd and he doesn’t know if he would want to be in it, I was kinda mad, but he Was trying to throw us off 🤣. And they already filmed it
I think Jacob is just acting like a teen, acting like he doesn't want to do the 3rd movie but he is scare to accept that Joey still makes him nervous, grow up and be the adult you think you are Jacob!
Liz Lara
Liz Lara:
He doesn’t wanna come back.
Fluff y
Fluff y:
breaks my heart. I’d love to see Elle and Marco don’t get me wrong BUT I’m not ready to let Elle and Noah go just yet! Let alone the drama with him and lee:(
Rosana Alvarez
Rosana Alvarez:
Ok Jacob did You realize that you’re in an interview ??? Like can he act more uninterested ??????????????
lmaooo they were really answering like they hadn't filmed the 3rd film already, wooooow
Th Potato
Th Potato:
The second movie wasn’t really my favorite, still love the first movie, kind of disappointed in the second movie too, no hate. But if they make a third, i hope it’s better.
Violet hajimohammadi
Violet hajimohammadi:
Jacob looks so hurt :/ he’s probably not going to come back
Lamija Mrkaljevic
Lamija Mrkaljevic:
Marco wasn’t ready to let go of Elle because he learnt from her that she goes after what she wants, and he wants her. He’s not gonna stop fighting for Elle.
shakthi sekar
shakthi sekar:
I love the fact that the actors have names which start with J. And Chloe and Marco would make awesome couple, coz they both are hot!
Cale & Cody
Cale & Cody:
the he say "Elle is dishonest!" does he really mean Elle or Joey her ex? hahaha!
Vanessa Suarez
Vanessa Suarez:
0:27 I feel like that was shade just me okay 😭
Grace Jones
Grace Jones:
I hope there is like a kissing booth 52 I am literally obsessed and I want these movies to continue foreverrrrr!!
Trisha Lopez
Trisha Lopez:
Lmao Jacob “welp get ready for life” 💀💀💀
Stop defending Jacob by saying that working with your ex it’s hard. Hollywood knows a lot of examples when exes worked together after breakup, and did a brilliant job with a class, proving that they are professionals. It’s not about working with ex, it’s just because he thinks he is to good for this movie. Well, Jacob, sorry, put of your crown and give it Joey. Be a professional.

He is probably really happy that he doesn’t need to do a real promotion face to face. Cause I don’t feel that there is some kind of bound left between him and his costars

P.S and also the production of the movie takes a lot of time, so at the time of shooting the movie I think they were still together at that time..
ressa angela
ressa angela:
I honestly don't think he's disinterested. I think he was supposed to be how he was. Also he's the mysterious one in the movie. I mean that twist! I loved how it panned out and ended.
Maria Cristina Ila
Maria Cristina Ila:
Wait a minute, i'm still wonderin abt the pictures they used, didn't they take it when they were together??
Grace Namkung
Grace Namkung:
Actually they already filmed a third movie while making the sequel. It's coming out in 2021 and already has a teaser trailer
He really doesn’t like Joey 😂
Makes me wonder how the break up ended , maybe it ended cause of her?
Also Jacob clearly doesn’t care bout the fandom or I would even say his fans
😂 seems like a very selfish egotistical guy
Without his looks he wouldn’t hav gotten anywhere
Kissing booth made him which is what is annoying
Always be grateful
Remember where you come from
4'10 NewYorker
4'10 NewYorker:
To be honest, I like the relationship between Elle and Marco way more than Jacob and Elle. Cuz Marco and Elle relationship are heathier relationship! LOLOL.