Kristen Stewart on Oscar Nomination, Playing Princess Diana & Announcing Her Engagement

Kristen talks about her Oscar nomination, the amazing reactions that she got from her fans, how her parents feel about it, announcing her engagement on Howard Stern, wanting Guy Fieri to officiate the wedding, Princess Di’s chef commenting on her portrayal of Diana, the wig she wore in the movie, and choosing the song All I Need Is a Miracle by Mike + The Mechanics for the end of the film.

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100+ comentarios:

Hugh Campered
Hugh Campered:
Robert Pattinson is Batman and Kristen Stewart is an Academy Award Nominee, we can all agree it's a great year so far for the two Twilight leads
Kate Donnelly
Kate Donnelly:
How anyone can still hold onto the ever incorrect assumption that she’s moody and uncaring is forever beyond me — this is a woman who cares so deeply about what she does. Love to see her finally getting all the love and recognition she deserves!
Hugh Campered
Hugh Campered:
"Academy Award Nominee Kristen Stewart" is something you never thought you would hear coming off from Twilight, I'm super happy for Kristen. To all the people who say Kristen Stewart is a terrible actress just because of that one mediocre franchise, jokes on them right now 😂😂
Bene Gesserit
Bene Gesserit:
She is so versatile. In acting, style, and in so many other ways
Will C
Will C:
I feel for the people who can't look at Stewart as an actress beyond Bella Swan (while being total hypocrites and giving Pattinson every benefit of the doubt). She truly gives one of the best performances of this century in "Spencer", something I honestly never thought I would say after "New Moon", and it's one that will be utilized in acting classes in the future.
Lisa L. Gruman
Lisa L. Gruman:
Never realized how unique Diana‘s voice was until Kristen Stewart duplicated it so perfectly.
Harry Liu ✪
Harry Liu ✪:
Her performance in Spencer literally touched my soul, and I can’t even explain why. I really wish she will win the Oscar.
She deserves this nomination and it wouldn't surprise me if she wins it, great job by Kristen Stewart. 👏
The Batman Who Posts
The Batman Who Posts:
She's so cool and interesting, I'm about to binge a bunch of her interviews.
Ekin Öztürk
Ekin Öztürk:
Her energy, her laugh, her jokes, her passion for her art are so unique. My Oscar winner💫
Hugh Campered
Hugh Campered:
I love that many people were super happy and excited at the moment that her name came up at the Best Actress nom announcement, it shows that Kristen finally got the respect and love she truly deserves after getting so many unnecessary hate due to Twilight which really isn't even her fault. She has always been a great actress
Hugh Campered
Hugh Campered:
You know Kristen has grown to be a great actress when many people were super happy and excited that her name came out at the Best Actress announcement (glad that Kimmel show it). Finally, she got the respect and love as an actress she truly deserves ❤️
Andres Erickson
Andres Erickson:
I could watch her interview all day. She’s got such a warm, engaging, authentic energy.
Lázaro Murad
Lázaro Murad:
I honestly think out of all the actresses that have acted as Diana, Kristen is definitely the best!
Anna Liza Roque
Anna Liza Roque:
Kristen Stewart has always been an amazing actress and I hope she will win an Oscar award because she really deserves it.
Vanessa Jade Gallagher
Vanessa Jade Gallagher:
I agree with Jimmy. I’ve heard and watched every Diana interview and Kristen just captured her so effortlessly. I would forget I wasn’t actually watching Diana, which is the most difficult thing to do when you are portraying an actual person. She definitely deserves her oscar!
faimac bal
faimac bal:
People always forget that she also did "Panic room" with Jodie Foster before twilight even came. And you guys have to admit you could already see that she has the potential for great acting. So proud of her always 🎉 😁❤️
Words can't explain how happy I am for her! It's been such an honor to watch her grow and settle into her own so she could reap the rewards of two decades of incredible work. From now on there are only good things ahead, and it's so well deserved!!
Alara Tekin
Alara Tekin:
She deserves that Oscar. Her performance as Diana was the best for me in 2021. I hope she will win
Kathy Federico
Kathy Federico:
The haters forget she was a great and accomplished actress, and one of the most sought after when she was chosen for Twilight, and she made that franchise the billions it raked in! You only need to see her performance in panic room at 10 years old to know that she has a spectacular gift and an immense intelligence that is truly a national treasure!
For those surprised Kristen has been nominated for an Oscar, know she was the first American Actress to win a Cesar award - the equivalence of an Oscar in France way back in 2014. Unfortunately, people in the states only recognize her for one of her first major bodies of work in Twilight :/ Don't let it overshadow the talented of an Actress she's always been. Everyone starts from somewhere, but it doesn't define the work they continuously to do after.
I feel for the people who can't look at Stewart as an actress beyond Bella Swan (while being total hypocrites and giving Pattinson every benefit of the doubt). She truly gives one of the best performances of this century in "Spencer", something I honestly never thought I would say after "New Moon", and it's one that will be utilized in acting classes in the future.
A A:
I'm so proud of her!! This is her time and she seems more confident than she used to be. She was incredible as Diana. I'm glad she's getting more praise 🙌🏼
Melissa Ngai
Melissa Ngai:
I'm just so happy for Kristen! She is an amazing actress and so pasionate about her craft. PR used to be a scary thing for her but she definitely seems less nervous about it and I'm so happy that more people are recognizing her cool personality and talent.
It's amazing to see how far she has come, from being awkward in her interviews, the way she walked in, it's clearly visible, the amount of growth.
Paul Ameduri
Paul Ameduri:
I continue to be more and more impressed with her talent and her focus. Amazing performance. Underwater was also a substantial performance of hers👍
Hugh Campered
Hugh Campered:
If you haven't seen Speak, you should! It's easily Kristen's most underrated performance. Highly recommend
O.M. Khin
O.M. Khin:
“Academy Award Nominee Kristen Stewart” ✨✨✨
This moment in her career has been what we've been waiting for. Now we're here. What a ride it has been! True happiness looks great on her. Our girl is glowing like never before. She deserves only the best 🌟
She really has grown up so much as in personality wise. I remember those interviews where she used to so shy and uncomfortable but now!!!! I'm so happy she's doing this much great. Really love her so much 💕
Kelc 83
Kelc 83:
She looks genuinely happy (and stunning as always) and much more comfortable than she has previously. Enjoyed this interview and best of luck to her at the Oscars.
Half way through Spencer I forgot I was watching Kristen Stewart. She really transforms and even if you don’t like the movie itself, you cannot deny that her acting was so good.
While I see Jessica Chastain winning the Oscar, I can also see an upset win from Kristen and I wouldn’t be mad lol
DR Madonna
DR Madonna:
She deserves the Oscar. She’s superb as Diana.
Kandy Kane
Kandy Kane:
The thing that sold me on Kristen Stewart as an actress was her performance in Charlie's Angels. She shined in every sceen she was in, and really made it worth watching. I absoluelty will check her out in Spencer.
I'm so happy for her she's winning in every way possible!💪❤
Taylor Tobias
Taylor Tobias:
Well deserved! So proud of her and how far she has come ✨
The Hares
The Hares:
Robert Pattinson, a Brit, playing an American icon. Kristen Stewart, an American, playing a British icon. Both absolutely knocked it out of the park.
Onkar Indurkar
Onkar Indurkar:
Her acting in Underwater was equally extraordinary.
Karen Serrano
Karen Serrano:
She is really amazing. I hope she wins the Oscar.
Giulio Monti
Giulio Monti:
Spencer is a masterpiece. Kristen Stewart gives one of the greatest performances of all time.
Sophia Perez
Sophia Perez:
I really hope she wins the Oscar ,she truly deserves it 🥲🥂🍾🎉🏆👏🏼 She seems to be such a nice/lovely person
Sharsh Garg
Sharsh Garg:
She deserves all awards for Spencer just look at her, she is so weird awkward in real life and her persona on screen was so focused and intense, that sign of a skilled actor.
Thatiana Dornelas
Thatiana Dornelas:
Kristen totally deserves to win the Oscar.
Christopher Lewis
Christopher Lewis:
I'll always love Kristen. She's so incredible. ❤❤❤❤❤
She has the prettiest face in Hollywood by far. Such a great smile and so beautiful while looking moody. Super cool to boot!
Film Toppings
Film Toppings:
She's amazing in Spencer. Deserves to win an Oscar for her work as Diana
So happy for her. Years ago she had so many haters for being that Twilight girl who can't act and has no personality and now she's winning an Oscar. Robert Pattinson also a fantastic actor btw.
Sayan SenGupta
Sayan SenGupta:
I'm hugely happy for her.
She is genuinely happy and that makes me happy! After all the crap she got for Twilight, seeing her get nominated for an Oscar is a full circle moment. ❤️️
Kylie Tokaji
Kylie Tokaji:
Always been a fan of Kristen! Great to see her being recognised for her craft and talent!! Nice to see some positivity rather then negativity on her personality. Showing your trueself is a breath of fresh air.
Dzera Torchinova
Dzera Torchinova:
She looks great ❤️ Wish her good luck at the Oscars 🙏🏻
Carly Coppi
Carly Coppi:
I’m so stoked for her getting an Oscar nomination I love this chick I think she is so dope and so excited for her 🥰🥰🥰
i Gaudion
i Gaudion:
I was never a fan of hers. Saw the film.. HOPE SHE WINS! She's just brilliant
Dungeist Unspoken
Dungeist Unspoken:
She's so talented and we know she's deserve the best things :")))
She was incredibly great on that movie. For one moment I forgot it was Kristen Stewart. Perfect accent and the most important thing for me was definitely Kristen's eyes, the pain, struggle was phenomenal.
Robert Pattinson is Batman and Kristen Stewart is an Academy Award Nominee, we can all agree it's a great year so far for the two Twilight leads
Travis Layes
Travis Layes:
It's nice to see someone get everything they ever want.
She is the only reason I can finish the whole film in the cinema. Such a boring film with vey limited plot but she is just brilliant in that.
Henry Ivan
Henry Ivan:
She was ethereal and magical in Spencer. She looked angelic in that movie, like a fairy tale. It is about Princess Diana but the movie feels like an old tale. Congrats on the nomination
I adore this look. She always has such nice style that’s laid back, yet memorable and so her.
Annika K.
Annika K.:
She is so happy, shining so much and i am here for all of that, i love her so much.
Αναστασία Νικολάου
Αναστασία Νικολάου:
Very talented actress ❤️❤️ congratulations Kristen 👏 you deserve the best 💕
Krizza Barzaga
Krizza Barzaga:
Congratulations Kristen for the nomination and the engagement! 😍
She is so much more engaging and watchable and entertaining since coming out … love 💕 her
Asmi Nagar DZ
Asmi Nagar DZ:
Love her. She deserved the nomination 💙
sounak ray
sounak ray:
If only I knew that the fans reacting to her oscar nomination will be shown 🤦‍♀🤦‍♀congrats to those who featured lets go kristen!!!
ansh singh
ansh singh:
She deserves an Oscar for Spencer, so good 😍
Robert W
Robert W:
Her interviews with Howard Stern are great entertainment.
Kathleen Tyson
Kathleen Tyson:
I would never have pincher as Lady Di ….but one,she really nailed it ,I hope she gets the Oscar ,she really deserves it .
i am so proud of her!!! we love you kristen <3
Sophia B
Sophia B:
Kristen always has amazing style
Shayna LeMay
Shayna LeMay:
Tell me how this woman can make even the simplest of hair styles into something cute & sweet😊🤔
I just love her! So happy for her Oscar nom!
She's living her best life right now and I'm so happy for her 😍😍😍💞
Everyone is talking about how she went from Twilight to Spencer and what a "surprise" this is. No, people, no! She had already made good movies and won major awards just because they aren't in your Hollywood bubble doesn't mean that part of her path doesn't exist and this is a "surprise" or something new.
Eftelya K
Eftelya K:
Love to see her winning aat her life. Amazing queen we stan
Asia Peterkin
Asia Peterkin:
So happy for her! She’s so much more open now ❤️
I remember when kristen was casted as princess Diana the comment section questioned her acting and style. Bashed her and flashing a lots of "👎👎👎" and "🤢🤢" emoji's... Now look at her.... So proud of her!!!!
Robin Siciliano
Robin Siciliano:
She is lovely. I hope she wins the Oscar.
Anthony Daramola
Anthony Daramola:
I’ve changed my mind about her. I used to think she’s a dead fish. But clearly she has a lot of personality. Also, she has a sort of humbleness about her. Lastly, she looks good in that weird, blue jumpsuit.
me. kinda.
me. kinda.:
So proud and happy for her! ❤👏😊
Corky VanderHaven
Corky VanderHaven:
She is fantastic in every way.
Admirable traits
Best of luck
So nice of him for showing that reaction clips to her... I always wondered did she know how celebrated she is despite of all the hatred she was recieving....!!
She is absolutely gorgeous, I love her personality
Jo McCutcheon
Jo McCutcheon:
I've always loved Kristen Stewart, I hope she wins the Oscar,,,
She seems so much more confident 💕✨ proud of her
Kimberly Beth
Kimberly Beth:
I really hope so wins the Oscar 💖
Daniela Barros
Daniela Barros:
Bem que as intrevista podia ser legendada em português
Munir Rahman
Munir Rahman:
KS didn’t put the beanie back on, instead wore a wig. 😋

Utterly Love her, she's magnificent! I earnestly hope she wins the Oscar. 💖💖💖
Jennifer Cate
Jennifer Cate:
Aww bless her heart - she seems like such a doll!
Saad Imtiaz
Saad Imtiaz:
Saw the movie in cinema. She did great imo and I thought you know what she could be nominated and there we go
Donna B.
Donna B.:
Omg, I LOVE her outfit.

I'm so happy for her.
Kelly Lim
Kelly Lim:
her performance in spencer is spectacular
I freaking love her.
susan howie
susan howie:
She looked amazing!!
So happy and glowing!!
Beautiful young lady
Francis W
Francis W:
Ready Player Tom
Ready Player Tom:
I want to go into a time machine, and tell my younger self, that Twilight girl is gonna be nominated for an oscar one day, and that twilight vampire dude is gonna be Batman...
Markus Brunn.
Markus Brunn.:
She is all time fascinating, Powerful, Habby on life, funny, and naturally, and not a Hollywood plastic face
If you seek an angel of the world, she is one
Mr. Minister
Mr. Minister:
I hope she wins so that I can say "in your face" to everyone who judged her and her fans.
Tray Daniel
Tray Daniel:
She’d better get that Oscar!
V Ortiz
V Ortiz:
“I’ll ask Olivia Colman to marry me”

Truly that be beyond cool! Lol