Kun Agüero's First Day in Barcelona

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𝑻𝒉𝒆 𝒉𝒐𝒎𝒆 𝒐𝒇 𝒂𝒍𝒍 𝑪𝒖𝒍𝒆𝒔 🔴🔵


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100+ comentarios:

stanlee mbalazi official
stanlee mbalazi official:
He's a legend and forever will be...
Aaron C
Aaron C:
No one can deny his quality! Amazing business from Laporta once again.
Deadly finisher what we lack in front of goal
Finally we won’t go a season without a no. 9 ! I just hope he actually helps in the ucl
Vamos aguerooooooooo
Correia Nassik
Correia Nassik:
Will miss him at city hopes Barca takes good care of him
Welcome to Barça El Kun Agüero 🔴🔵
Moisés Zaida
Moisés Zaida:
His departure at Man City chipped me, he was my deadly weapon in my games (PES) and I won a lot of championships with him at City. In the end!
As a city fan, much love aguero and all the best, Manchester will forever welcome you with open arms
Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli:
So happy to see my favorite premier league player at my club.
I wish the very best for this legend
Abdullah Mohamed
Abdullah Mohamed:
Hope he gets number 9, this legendary number was humiliated when it was given to braithwaite
It just looks right. All the best to him!
Héctor Daniel Martínez Bustillo
Héctor Daniel Martínez Bustillo:
Eres grande Kun Agüero ❤
Juan Pedro Simon Delgado
Juan Pedro Simon Delgado:
Suerte, y haz q nunca t olvidemos💪
Lee Wells
Lee Wells:
Wish you all the best Aguero, what a legend 💙
Soy madridista pero me ilusiona muchisimo ver a el Kun aguero en el Barcelona porque a parte de ser un gran futbolista es una gran persona y se puede demostrar en los directos y videos en los que sale con Ibai y de mas, un grande el Kun, te deseo suerte crack!
Well Dodgy
Well Dodgy:
He left Athelico as left under a cloud. Thank God we got him for the premier league. He was no trouble at all. A great man and player. I wish him all the best on his return to La Liga.
renik daroosee
renik daroosee:
Legend will be missed by the football community 😢💪🏼
Cicero Torres
Cicero Torres:
Aguero bom jogador
Kasra Kh
Kasra Kh:
Another Argentinean legend coming to Barca. Its going to be really interesting to see him and Messi link up at the same club. Theyre going to do some serious damage to their opponents.
Jeff Asante
Jeff Asante:
Without injury, he can score 30 goals
Doctor Doctor
Doctor Doctor:
All the best my man
Nikoloz Nasaridze
Nikoloz Nasaridze:
I just can't believe he is in Barcelona, can't wait to see him play in the next season
Prashant Kshetry
Prashant Kshetry:
cant wait to see them perform with perfect chemistry in upcoming world cup. The time for argentina to rock the world has come.
Jaime Lannister
Jaime Lannister:
I hope Griezmann stays , he is really good whenever he is playing behind a real no 9. Giroud in France , Costa and Torres in Atletico.. he is a different player behind a no 9
bray 💀
bray 💀:
Le deseo mucha suerte kun 💞💞💞💞😍😍😘😘😘😘😘🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷💞💞💞😍😍😍
Catherine O'Malley
Catherine O'Malley:
Aguero will be city's manager in the future 💪
Arletys Arango
Arletys Arango:
Un crack en todo sentido. Y si se trata de equipo. En el futbol se necesita equipo de amigos para lograr cosas y titulos. Asi que hojala aporte por q el barcelona merece mejores resultados
Lord Beerus
Lord Beerus:
Can't wait to see an amazing duo
Steve Rwendeye
Steve Rwendeye:
He’s a beast!
Andy C.
Andy C.:
Good signing. Hope he stays away from injury!
Pibe O-R
Pibe O-R:
Agueroooo crack. Welcome to Barcelona 💪
Steven M
Steven M:
I'm a Chelsea supporter Barcelona did a great choice of taking aguero to Barcelona.
Calin Nedelcu
Calin Nedelcu:
Imagine leaving Man City to join Barcelona to play with Messi just to see him moving to Man City
So sad to lose such amazing talent and a lovely guy best wishes to kun with barca. Crikes don't fancy a head to head wit messi and aquero lol
Immaculate Pereira
Immaculate Pereira:
Imagine having a perfect height with this physic 🔥
Abdullahi Ahmed
Abdullahi Ahmed:
I think the motive behind Aguero signing for Barca is Messi and that was awesome 🤗🤗💯
Untitled Document
Untitled Document:
Aguero was my fav so sad to see him not playing for city no more🥺😭
We will miss you ❤️
Mpani Mpani
Mpani Mpani:
Félicitation à toi Kun
sonia adamson
sonia adamson:
welcome to the club Barcelona Kun Aguero 👍👍 greetings Barcelona fans from Indonesia 🇲🇨🙏
Sam brooklyn5
Sam brooklyn5:
Good move. This year will be our year!!!
Eren G
Eren G:
Congratulations Barcelona ‼️🔥
Singa Lawu Crew SSL
Singa Lawu Crew SSL:
Welcome to Kun Aguero to Barcelona, ​​best of luck
সুজন বাংলা
সুজন বাংলা:
Best of luck For world cup 2022
Viva Aguero ..
Vamos Argentina 👍🤲❣️
NewPlayer Meh
NewPlayer Meh:
He had hoped to win the Champions League before leaving Manchester City 😢
gustavo gamer
gustavo gamer:
Seja bien vindo AGÜERO
Zak Johnson-Paez
Zak Johnson-Paez:
I miss that guy 😔
Alex Cr
Alex Cr:
I pray that in my next life I'll be a pro and great player like kun .
The Entropy
The Entropy:
Welcome legend🤗
La felicidad en la cara del Kun
El Thanos
El Thanos:
Grande kun !!!
Moch Chaer
Moch Chaer:
Manchester city alive legend .. . Thanks sergio aguero
Chibuzor Ekeocha
Chibuzor Ekeocha:
I love this and I wish him all the best in Barca
Urkaho Basumatary
Urkaho Basumatary:
Dream move of Augero
Juicy Bongo
Juicy Bongo:
Aguero will be a great factor for Barca. They will surely win La Liga
Mohammed Amine Chouirfi
Mohammed Amine Chouirfi:
Visca Barça ❤️
Eric Sanchez
Eric Sanchez:
grande Kun coronaste tu carrera con ésto
Bravooooo AGUEROO,,,,long live BARCAA 👍👍👍
Welcome to the greatest club in the world 🌎 FCB
Impossible dislike , every club every fan have already Dream signing SERGIO KUN AGUERO one day
Marcus K
Marcus K:
Miss you in City already.
Arnab Debnath
Arnab Debnath:
Just imaging argentian duo are going play in same pitch.... I can feel the fire
So weird seeing him in a different kit lol
Well come to our family, Kun
Pablo Guerra
Pablo Guerra:
De streamer a jugador del Barsa !!!
Karen Sosa
Karen Sosa:
Grande Kun ojalá termines en independiente sos un genio
Wish we could have won the Champions league and given him the proper send off. All the best of luck to him with Barca
Gåljîç Érémîø
Gåljîç Érémîø:
Sergio Agueroooooooooooooooo💥
Baburam Basnet
Baburam Basnet:
All the best Augero @ Barcelona
allu sahib potom
allu sahib potom:
Loading Copa America, champion league,and world cup for both❤️
Randy Ce
Randy Ce:
My legend
Lisandro crackk hincha de River💪🇦🇹
Lisandro crackk hincha de River💪🇦🇹:
Suerte tanque. Lo vas a romper junto con Messi. Orgulloso de ser argentino crakk
Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein:
In 2010 my dream transfer aguero to barcelona
Will still missed you in city
Great guy... weird seeing such a good person playing for a fascist and xenophobic club. Hopefully by the time they attempt to do to him what they did to Suarez he will be out. Best of luck Kun (you, like Messi, are better than that club)
As a Man City fan this is sad to watch and see Aguero go :(
good to finally have a number nine🙂
muddy medal
muddy medal:
I wish aguero all the best in Barcelona.
Wish you the besr our Legend Kun
قناة فيديو ماستر القديمة
قناة فيديو ماستر القديمة:
Now we have ST in our squad 😍😍🔴👑🔵 but now we need to sign defender like de ligt
Never seen him this exicted before. Can tell he's desperate to score goals and want to help his team to win trophies. I think he will be successful at Barca
Obey Obey
Obey Obey:
it was amazing
Jeff Asante
Jeff Asante:
A deadly finisher
Bastian Diaz
Bastian Diaz:
Hola. Barcelona. Me encanto el. Video. Saludos desde chile. Y espero. Que el kun. Aja. Un. Buen Barcelona. Con messi y los demas
İbrahim Teke
İbrahim Teke:
🔥Messi,Aguero,Griezmann 🔥
Goodbye Sergio. Even tho I'm not a city fan but the premier league will miss you
Adar Adoni Subba
Adar Adoni Subba:
Welcome to Barcelona ⚽️
Ivanei jesus dos Santos
Ivanei jesus dos Santos:
Barça tá precisando msm...
Deivid Davi
Deivid Davi:
Barcelona tem que contratar Dibala ou mbp zagueiro o Barcelona poder ganhar um Champions
Jackson Mwangi
Jackson Mwangi:
Good luck Aguero in your new club. From a Madrid fun base
Just imagine if mahrez actually join barca…
Messi, Mahrez, Aguero 👌
Raul Limber Moreira Rivera
Raul Limber Moreira Rivera:
Vamos kun......
Phan Dũng
Phan Dũng:
The start..👏
2018 2019
2018 2019:
Удачи Агуэро!
Gaooooool Agueroooooo!
Man City best team ever agueroooooooooo
Man City best team ever agueroooooooooo:
So emotional 😢
Aranza Marcano
Aranza Marcano:
Kuni ❤️.
un gil mas
un gil mas:
Grande el kun
Jelwin G
Jelwin G:
Grizou - Messi - Aguero. *WOW*