Kylie Jenner: Grinch Cupcakes with Stormi

In celebration of my KYLIE X GRINCH collection launching today, Stormi and I made Grinch cupcakes!

Shop my limited edition Grinch holiday collection at today at 3pm PST

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This video makes went want a daughter so bad now. Stormi seems like a little angel.
☕️ • 安娜-! • 🍃
☕️ • 安娜-! • 🍃:
I love kylie she doesn’t deserve hate seh knows how to raise her daughter shes so patient she taught her daughter manners shes so fit to be a mom :) this is so wholesome i love this video
Fey Riv
Fey Riv:
Stormi is so behaved and a well
mannered kid. Good job Kylie!
🦋Perfectly done edits🦋
🦋Perfectly done edits🦋:
Stormi is so sweet and is so polite and Kylie is such a good mom like “Thank you” and even “you got this mommy” and she is just so adorable 🥰
gaming :
she's so patient with stormi omg
- asks for permission before doing stuff with stormi or before asking stormi to do something for her
- lets stormi do some parts of it
- compliments her

omfg they're so cute 😭😭😭
Isabella Silva
Isabella Silva:
even the people who don’t like kylie can’t say she’s a bad mom. stormi acting better than most 15 year olds
I could watch Stormie talk all day she is just the cutest baby ever.Her personality is so sweet
Sarah Russotto
Sarah Russotto:
Kylie is the sweetest mom and her baby’s happiness is a huge reflection of that! This baby always smiling ☺️
Emerson Borchardt
Emerson Borchardt:
Kylie DESERVES to be a mom,just look at Stormi,she's SO well behaved
willow creamy
willow creamy:
The fact that stormi is like "Thank you Mommy" shows that Kylie did a good job at taking care of her
This girl is meant to be a mom. So patient, and takes the time to explain everything so calmly to her.
iman s
iman s:
i always come back to this video, love their relationship so much, stormi is such a well mannered kid and kylie is such great mom😍😭
I absolutely love how kylie is a busy woman but still has time to spend with her child
She taught Stormi so well, love them
Stormi is so well behaved we can just see how Kylie has done such an incredibly amazing job raising stormi
Morgane Bouchaudon
Morgane Bouchaudon:
i literally ADMIRE how polite and respectful Stormi is. Travis and Kylie did a good job as parents and raised her perfctly
Yara Alfawaz
Yara Alfawaz:
I like how stormi keeps saying “ you got this mommy “ or “ I love you” “your so beautiful “ she’s so cute
how stormi keeps giving her mom compliments melt my heart queen
Tanishka Gaur
Tanishka Gaur:
This is soo good to watch Kylie and Stormi together ❤️✨
Katrina Diab
Katrina Diab:
I swear they need a mother and daughter baking show cause one there so cute as a duo two
it’s smart and three ten times the cuteness
Even though Stormi gets what she wants she is still using her manners and she is very sweet and has a good vocabulary:D
Ивон Иванова
Ивон Иванова:
Stormy's so cute making these cupcakes! I loved it! Kylie and Stormy, you're beautiful! 🎁❤️
Roshni Tiwari
Roshni Tiwari:
stormi is so adorable🥺
i mean she's so kind & well-spoken💘
i can't-😭
2:12 "Are we ready to decorate" that was sooo cute omg her little cheeks and smile and the way she put her little hands out 🥺🥺 I want one 😭
Oh my goodness this is the most heart warming video to watch while having covid. Stormi is so polite and beautiful.
Aanchal Sawhney
Aanchal Sawhney:
Honestly, stormi is the cutest, most well spoken, most caring kid of her age, Kylie is definitely a great mom!
Ju Ju
Ju Ju:
For being the youngest billionaire you would think Kylie would raise a spoiled bratty child like in the movies but Kylie raised Stormi so well! she's the sweetest and nicest little baby ever 🥺🥺 The most well mannered baby I've ever seen
Joanna Joseph
Joanna Joseph:
I love when Kylie films with Stormi she is literally so cute💖💕
Love or hate her. She is an amazing mother, very patient and you can tell Stormi loves her mom so much
Kylie Jenner was meant to be a mother. She’s absolutely amazing.
Stephanie Dodey
Stephanie Dodey:
Her voice is clear and she’s so nice to her “mommy” you can tell Kylie is a great mom omg
I’m definitely making this for Christmas!
Athalia Duncan
Athalia Duncan:
Stormi is the cutest😭😭😭 and she has so much respect it’s just beautiful tbh
Megha Sharma
Megha Sharma:
So adorable when she says "thankyou mommy" ❤️
The Helpful Mom
The Helpful Mom:
How precious is she?! So adorable 😊
At her age I was such a mess, I’m impressed how polite and calmed down she is. Great parenting Kylie.
Alberto Garcia
Alberto Garcia:
I literally love stormi, she's so cute and polite, Kylie is such a good mom
Carmen Rosa
Carmen Rosa:
She’s such a joy I can see how she wants another one 💖
kylie is such a great mom! im gonna try to make these cupcakes!
Ruby Hobill
Ruby Hobill:
I love how stormi is always saying nice things to Kylie <3
Anae Bourcier
Anae Bourcier:
Stormi is so well mannered:
“Thank you Mommy”
“Your welcome”
“Thank you!”
“You got this Mommy”
“I love you Mommy”
keto liparteliani
keto liparteliani:
stormi is a chef! she is adorable! love you guys!
Kanchan Tekam
Kanchan Tekam:
How well mannered stormy her such a cutie 😘😘
Desani Clark
Desani Clark:
the fact that they’re both really amazing 😻
the smooth butter that hobi ate
the smooth butter that hobi ate:
"Thank you mommy" "you got this Mommy" "you're so beautiful"
Oh stormi you're made out of love 🥰
Saraí G
Saraí G:
Stormi seems way more polite than kourtney and Kim’s kids. Lol she’s so sweet & kind seems she is being raised well. :)
Joanna Joseph
Joanna Joseph:
Kylie is doing an amazing job raising Stormi💕
Roxy Owens
Roxy Owens:
Stormi is so cute! I love how she compliments kylie!
Lutfunnaher Kamini
Lutfunnaher Kamini:
I like the fact that they match their dress everytime.❤️
Stormi is so cute and kind !! 😭💗
samlikeslemons [i quit yt]
samlikeslemons [i quit yt]:
Stormi doesn't seem like she was forced to do this. She looks like she actually was happy and wanted to do this. Way better then all the family channels I've seen
?GazingCloudy¿- rest easy
?GazingCloudy¿- rest easy:
She is literally made to be a mom, she is so kind, caring and loving
Riley White
Riley White:
stormi genuinly seems so sweet and well mannered. she is precious!!
Cindy Cruz
Cindy Cruz:
Awe stormi loves her mom so much it’s so wholesome 😍
Madison Boyd
Madison Boyd:
I love how stormi is eating some of the decorations
Brianna Carte
Brianna Carte:
Awee, you can just tell that Kylie gives stormi so much love because Kylie probably called her beautiful all the time and stormi reflects that by saying it back
Eunice Lawe
Eunice Lawe:
Stormi is the cutest baby ever. Her smile is exactly like her mum's, I love babies so much especially when they smile. Gosh she's so gorgeous
This child is smart well beyond her age! Did you see how she checked the cupcake forms if there were only single sheets in? Not to mention how she responds and reacts. Precious! Wish them both health!
evy jeon
evy jeon:
I can't wait for Travis to join Kylie and Stormi to make cupcakes with them must be so sweet! 🤞❤️
Stormi is literally so adorable it made my cry!
Charlotte __
Charlotte __:
Stormi's manners, her personality and her hyping her mom up is the cutest thing ever🥺
Stormi is just the cutest little thing 😭😭 she's so sweet ❤️
k dabreux
k dabreux:
literally the absolute sweetest child! they are so cute, such a good mom. Edit: im slayed like i just got cuteness overload and theyre actually both super sweet because it takes a sweet kind person to make one, right?
Nehara Adikarie
Nehara Adikarie:
Stormi looks so happy and free. How good Kylie as a mother
Sofi Nongspung
Sofi Nongspung:
Awww🥺❣️.. stormi's so cute and she was motivating her mother.
Such a well mannered kid. All credits to Kylie for such a good upbringing.
Stormi is so cute and adorable 😍
Jill H
Jill H:
Stormi is the cutest, smart, well mannered little girl. ❤️
Good job Kylie and Travis
She is so lucky to have them💗❤️
emma anna vlogs ♡
emma anna vlogs ♡:
Kylie is such a great mom, even though they are very rich, that child is still well mannered already and has such a great personality! I am glad she isn’t being raised to be a rich brat!
Mehr Budhrani
Mehr Budhrani:
stormi was literally so sweet to kylie. she’s really being raised to compliment people when she can and she has amazing manners ❤️
froot looz
froot looz:
Idc what y’all think about Kylie. She’s so patient and humble. My favorite Jenner definitely
OMG! I love Stormi❤️❤️❤️
She’s really adorable baby😍😍
Kylie with Stormi is just sooooooooo CUTE!!!!

I hope Kylie will make more videos with Stormi.

Love what you're doing..! Great mom indeed..!
Vladislava Bushmelev
Vladislava Bushmelev:
I love how you two always bonding amazingly
Tomoya T
Tomoya T:
“You got this mommy!” while she’s munching on the sprinkles and so full of manners and love for her mommy. So adorable 💕💕
Marjana Mashuka
Marjana Mashuka:
Kylie was born to be a perfect mother💞
Stormi is just adorable 💗
Oh mds a Stormi é a coisa mais linda fofa e educada do mundo🥺❤️❤️❤️
Kylie: say bye to that camera
Stormi: bye that camera!
That just made my day🤣🤣🤣
Latesha Renee
Latesha Renee:
You can tell this isn't for show, this kid is genuinely happy healthy smart and polite
Kylie is such a good mother, she is raising Stormi so well! Stormi is so well mannered as well, Kylie really doesnt deserve All of the hate she gets.. She's so pretty, and Nice to Her daughter! I love kylie's hair and Nails in this video <3
It's Laura
It's Laura:
Is it just me or are kylie and stormi the cutest together? Love you guys !
Ashlyn’s Crazy Life
Ashlyn’s Crazy Life:
OH MY GOODNESS she is such an amazing mother, You can tell she was meant to be a mother and a good one she will never let anything happen to her children. She inspires me and I don’t know how many times I have to say this but SHE IS AN AMAZING MOTHER ❤️. And let’s face it stormi is so ADORABLE.
Vibe Tok
Vibe Tok:
I love Kylie’s nail they are always beautiful!
Falak Naz
Falak Naz:
kylie and travis are amazing parents.
stormi is the most adorable and polite little human being ever!!🥺
Aww how adorable mommy and daughter time!
Andrea Gates
Andrea Gates:
Kylie is an geeat Mom, wow! Soo patient and made sure to really make sure her Daughter felt included.
Stormi is so lovely I love both of them ♡
Moumita Chatterjee Ray Chaudhury
Moumita Chatterjee Ray Chaudhury:
Stormi gives such nice compliments to Kylie!
Kylie and Stormi are so pretty and cute!
Skylar Phoenix
Skylar Phoenix:
You may like or not Kylie, but she is a good mom. Her daughter is polite and adorable 🥰 🥺
✨pRePpY sAscHa✨
✨pRePpY sAscHa✨:
Does anyone else think that Kylies voice is so calming!? 👍🏽
Kylie you’re an amazing mom. Stormi is so well mannered and good behaved that I find it hard to believe that she’s only 3 ❤️🥰😭
Andrea Bates
Andrea Bates:
So well mannered! Great parenting!!
Jennifer Dales
Jennifer Dales:
you know you raised your kid perfectly when she calls you beautiful and she says she loves you. you are a great mom
Lauren Ramos
Lauren Ramos:
stormi giving consistent compliments just shows she receives those compliments and it’s a normal thing in her environment 🥰🥰 so cute
Even though Travis has this unique trait, where he gets easily very excited, I knew that Stormi would come out calm, considering that's how he is, unless doing some adrenaline pumping action, and cause Kylie is also very chill.
Audreyyhdj 01
Audreyyhdj 01:
Kylie is a great mom 😍
Maria Limon
Maria Limon:
I love your videos ❤️stormi is so cute ☺️
Stef Bounovas
Stef Bounovas:
I love kylie shes such a great mom and stormi is so polite ! That shows A LOT 😊😊