Kylie Jenner Is Pregnant With Baby No. 2! | E! News

"KUWTK" star Kylie Jenner is giving daughter Stormi a sibling after announcing she's expecting her second child. Get the scoop!

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Kylie Jenner Is Pregnant With Baby No. 2! | E! News

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E! News
E! News:
This story is still breaking and we'll bring you all the details as we have them! Plus, find out how eagle-eyed fans TOTALLY knew she was pregnant before anyone else here:
new designer's baby's
new designer's baby's:
How can we say congratulations if she haven't confirmed 🤷.. I hate when people think it's their job to announce somebody's else pregnancy let them enjoy their moment if so 🤬
I would prefer miss Kylie being comfortable on her own to announce this herself.
Suzie G
Suzie G:
If this is indeed true, Congrats to her ,Travis an Stormi , respect the privacy .
Hey, if Britney's fans uncovered how she was being mistreated for 13 years...figuring out Kylie was pregnant must've been a cake walk.
Livy Lu
Livy Lu:
“Stormie has a lot of strong ‘woman’ in her life?”
Am I the only one who caught that? Lol
Amy Laura
Amy Laura:
If this is true… Congrats, Kylie!🤍 you’re an amazing mom! Stormi is such a doll! I’m so excited for you guys! Beautiful family🤍
Adrian Makuku
Adrian Makuku:
So she re-connected with Travis in the name of good co-parenting & him being her BFF just to get pregnant again. WoW😩. She's a great mum I'll give her that, but why not make the relationship solid to give the kids security???
Carolyn A
Carolyn A:
I wish I could tell her it’s “ strong women” not woman.
Asia dreams of hair
Asia dreams of hair:
She’s such a good mom!
Lynne Jones
Lynne Jones:
excited for kylie, she's a no drama mama and makes beautiful children with travis. hope this is true!
Dawn Shipley
Dawn Shipley:
Many "insiders" have "confirmed" Kylie's pregnancy.....has Kylie??
Leonora Smith
Leonora Smith:
People more like to have a good co-parenting situation then having a lastning relationship
Brandi H
Brandi H:
“They’re EVEN acting like a couple “ um, wow.
WordsWritten By Me
WordsWritten By Me:
Congrats to the family.
Loved By You
Loved By You:
I I didn’t even know, her and Travis were together!!!!!
So…because she’s staying home a lot….during a spike in the pandemic….you’re saying she’s pregnant…ok…
Simin Salimi
Simin Salimi:
They don't care if they have problems with their partner.The goal is having more kids with the same dad😏
salma al-shaoily
salma al-shaoily:
I'm so happy for her. Stormi having a sibling 💖💖 so happy for them congrats.
If this is true, congrats! Happy to see their family together again ❤️
shavon H
shavon H:
Congratulations 🎊🎉 I’m so excited for them ❤️❤️❤️ I can’t wait to see the beautiful baby 🍼
Shannon Caulder
Shannon Caulder:
Wow!! Kylie is the Queen of hiding her pregnancies!! I would of never thought she was pregnant again by looking at her post. But her true fans called it…
Rowan Reed Gutierrezz
Rowan Reed Gutierrezz:
Congrats to her. She’s an amazing mom!
So because she’s staying low that means she’s pregnant? Lmao leave her alone weirdos.
Blanca Hutchinson
Blanca Hutchinson:
With covid out there ,it's best she keeps safe.
Ruby Morales goff
Ruby Morales goff:
Congratulations to you and yours. Your a great momma and Travis is a great daddy. Stormi will love having a sibling. Happy for all.
Love Ruby
ashley swierpel
ashley swierpel:
Knew it!!! I called it a month ago when she reconnected with Travis
Sheila Bain
Sheila Bain:
Henrique Sá
Henrique Sá:
Congrats to the couple 👏❤️
Bella Vita
Bella Vita:
Think she's a great mother from what were able to see on videos but for everyone, including her that still think woman is singular and plural, women is plural. I hear and see this constantly and does drive me insane but all that aside wish them the best
River Lee
River Lee:
Just because she’s happy with her relationship and staying home doesn’t mean she’s pregnant with baby #2
All you news people really need to give celebrities their privacy! How would you feel being jumped at with a camera 24/7 no wonder why she would rather stay home then go out. I know I’d stay home if I were her!

Give them a break!
Rock your Natural
Rock your Natural:
Travis closing his eyes on the red carpet had me dying . 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Joan Merrill
Joan Merrill:
A big if ,if these young people are expecting a baby I hope they keep away from the public there too much of toxic thoughts for this sweet loving couple to inhale.
Gale Monroe
Gale Monroe:
OMG THIS is great if they both wanted this. No secret I love them together
Congratulations! Why hide when eventually everyone will know?!
aaron broughton
aaron broughton:
Is it just me or does it seen strange to anyone else how these Kardashian/Jenner women have multiple babys by the same man but are not in actual relationship with them, these girls should open there own sperm bank cause these guys are nothing but donors to them.
Adrian Makuku
Adrian Makuku:
So she re-connected with Travis in the name of good co-parenting & him being her BFF just to get pregnant again. WoW😩. She's a great mum I'll give her that, but why not make the relationship solid to give the kids security???
Christy Winkler
Christy Winkler:
It’s crazy to think that her relationship with Travis Scott has probably been the best and lasting relationship out of all of them besides kourtney
Y’all, she is pregnant. It was on the news and yes she has confirmed it, at least Travis did…
Kendra kirby
Kendra kirby:
Morgan knew it! She said she would keep it so private this time.
Amber Compton
Amber Compton:
Why do you think getting yourself pregnant is gonna keep him around
Steve Henderson
Steve Henderson:
Congratulations Kylie & Travis on a another beautiful bundle of joy !
Tiffany C
Tiffany C:
Travis that one was suppose to be it with her, going to end up like Kanye
Time for both of them to get legally married, if she is really pregnant! I know I will hear complaints, but why keep having kids and not be married! My husband and I, have been legally married for 35 years, which is historic these days and had our first child, seven years, after getting married!
I can tell the next babys gender by seeing the tip of Stormi's tongue.
Edit: that was weird but the next baby is a GIRL (by the pictures I examined) .
Travis needs to put a ring on that finger
Carissa Saelee
Carissa Saelee:
Just because she likes staying home that means she's pregnant ? Lol what ? Come on e News are you there broke that get views?
Im gonna leave saying congrats to them until she tells us herself
Gigi Vargas
Gigi Vargas:
Congratulations to the breed and breeder
naula Moureen
naula Moureen:
That was very mysterious of her
🤨Did she tell you’ll this?
If she is did she want it to be public information?

Why is this bit ch just bolding spreading pregnancy information about anyone other than herself?
Joey Stylez
Joey Stylez:
Congrats kylie!!! I hope it's a boy
Jennifer Hogson
Jennifer Hogson:
Me thinking stormi has to share her doll house
Tammy Williams
Tammy Williams:
Congrats you two!
Diane Black
Diane Black:
We love Kylie and even if she doesn’t have anymore kids it’s ok. Storming has lots of cousins to grow up with and being an only child is ok.
Riley Nelson
Riley Nelson:
Kylie Jenner knows exactly what’s she doing y’all running around like chickens with the head cut off trying to figure out if’s she pregnant or not
Mary Fifita
Mary Fifita:
She is so young and get pregnant who is her mother?
Claudia Schmidt
Claudia Schmidt:
Didn't he not know her dogs names and cheat on her? She's just the starter baby mama. A billionaire could do better imo this is embarrassing
WoW thats so important i just dont know what to do with this info
The goat22
The goat22:
Lol that foo going to cheat on her soon lol
Congrats to his baby moma Kyle
Belkis Badia
Belkis Badia:
Great! Just what we need,, another spoiled child in the world.
Amanda Please
Amanda Please:
So happy for her,she's a good mom. 🍼
Adopted more baby instead of having child in foster care need people like you please
Think about it please
Eloisa Melo
Eloisa Melo:
At least they all have the same baby daddy! Lol
Laura Hope Remen
Laura Hope Remen:
Congratulations 🎈🎊🍾🎉 KYLIE AND TRAVIS!!!! Yaaaaayyyyyy.
Is this all speculation or did she confirm?
Nella N
Nella N:
Why didn't she keep this hidden like she did her first pregnancy?
Patrick K
Patrick K:
Let me guess whose the Papi...Another 3rd rate so called Sound cloud/ Youtube "rapper"? Or ANYONE in the NBA?
Ticia o
Ticia o:
No one gets married anymore.
Lexie Valentina
Lexie Valentina:
Dude...y’all don’t know that she is preggers! Let them announce it DAMN. Stop trynna be all up in their business! Omg. I just wanna hear it from my babies, Kylie and Travis. Ok? Can I not..!!?
Fatoumata Barry
Fatoumata Barry:
bro y'all get crazy over celebrities what's the second baby gonna benefit you in y'all idolize them to much having a whole fan account of a 3 year old baby that's so weird like them live
N N:
I’m surprised u guys don’t count the drops of sea men
Jordan White
Jordan White:
Im so excited i hope its a boy
Marc Smith
Marc Smith:
Desmond Jackson
Desmond Jackson:
The celeb is pregnant, people all around the world know, especially the Kardashian Jenner family lol
Cassandra Westgate
Cassandra Westgate:
Travis Scott doesn't seem like the type that will ever marry her... they've been "dating" or on and off for all of these years and he's already knocked her up once (now twice) and still no ring? She should have kicked him to the curb along time ago. If she ever wants to get married she can forget about it as long as she stays and keeps sleeping with him. Now she has two kids out of wedlock...
Caitlyn Jenner was the one who leaked it on a tour to be governor ....when ur own dad leaks it now that’s rough
Megan Figueroa
Megan Figueroa:
Why can't celebrities say women right
Vlad Cubin
Vlad Cubin:
So sad and 🙏🙏🙏❤️ for you🥰 |
Aleisha Barnard
Aleisha Barnard:
Is it me or Travis just weird to me n they relationship is off
Janilka Gonzales
Janilka Gonzales:
In one year expecting baby number 3
Il sleep better tonight knowing this 🥱
carly miranda shay
carly miranda shay:
I’m not hating on her or anything but if she is she should feel comfortable and announce it herself without people judging!
Betty Bowens
Betty Bowens:
Happy happy happy. I love Kylie. And. Travis.
Warsha Grateful
Warsha Grateful:
Than she is posting pictures when she wasnt pregnant or didnt have a tummy
Wendy Manichan
Wendy Manichan:
So...more important things happening in the world...this is news...just pointing out facts...
L A:
I’m sorry but is she really having another child with this clown Travis Scott? He cheats on her and treats her like garbage
Catrine Sørdal
Catrine Sørdal:
We dont care do we?
My mouth dropped WAITTTT SHES PREGNANT?!
Cisha Mwindi
Cisha Mwindi:
I commented on her post few months ago was right 😜
Jhennifer Alves
Jhennifer Alves:
Now that kuwtk is over she needs attention, so I think the pregnancy is true.
Des Qua
Des Qua:
Me pretending to be surprise!!!
Kris Jenner the one behind this lol
Congratulations kylie on her bundle on joy🍼👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 may she enjoys her pregnacy and keep safe
Freya Rees
Freya Rees:
Stormi and my son have the same bday :)
Izzy Orri
Izzy Orri:
Imagine being a billionaire and being a baby mama and not a wife lmao
Jane Blassingame
Jane Blassingame:
esther lydia
esther lydia:
The Kardashians are baby producing machines.