Last Dance with Chris Evans and Elizabeth Olsen

The actors showed off their super dance skills in Ellen's fun new game!

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Pretty Little Liars
Pretty Little Liars:
I *need* a dance battle between Chris and Sebastian
Elizabeth’s laugh is so adorable lol. She seems like she would be such a sweet person to be friends with
Rice Donut
Rice Donut:
*Vision sees this video*

Captain America: Civil War II
Assa Darlingtoni
Assa Darlingtoni:
Thanos: I don't even know who you are
Scarlet Witch: You will! *Starts twerking*
Valen .S.
Valen .S.:
Elizabeth Olsen is the only person i know who say "oh nooo" to a perreo of chris evans
Greta Vuolle
Greta Vuolle:
Vision: “
We dont trade girlfriends captain”
0:42 Chris: I gotta warm-up
0:44 Elizabeth looks at Chris: Oh ya me too
Tojo Taco
Tojo Taco:
Is no one gonna acknowledge the fact that Chris Evans absolutely KILLED IT?
Rachel Wilson
Rachel Wilson:
fun fact elizabeth olsen and chris evans created dancing
Caden D
Caden D:
1:03 When Wanda steals Visions' dead body for WandaVision
Sqad Animates
Sqad Animates:
Wanda celebrating after a long day of successfully mind washing an entire community: 1:04 , 1:13 , 1:42
Chris Evens plays a very serious character in the MCU but is the exact opposite in real life
Elsa 666
Elsa 666:
1:43 that's how I do a twerk
lily f
lily f:
no one:
literally no one:
steve rogers: i can do this all day.
Chris evans is a millionaire
Chris gets 10k
Chris: - Really? That's unbelievable wow
Iron Man: We need aomeone to distract Thanos!
Cap: I got this!
Wanda: I Got This.
Peter: I GOT THIS!!
A Fl
A Fl:
1:56 Rdj would’ve killed that one 😂😂
Gfckurslf Ustpdidiot
Gfckurslf Ustpdidiot:
1:41 “Wanda after stealing vision’s body”
Chill XhEn
Chill XhEn:
1:02 Wanda after keeping a whole town hostage
Tristan Mireles
Tristan Mireles:
Chris is nothing like his character he’s not a serious person just a goofy person
Cynthia Z
Cynthia Z:
1:26 Elizabeth's "OH NO" 😂
Kobe Kanen
Kobe Kanen:
Chris evans: *belly dances*
Every woman in the audience: I can look at this all day
Chris Evans vs Chris Pratt dance off would be great
Dan Liberi
Dan Liberi:
Elizabeth’s laugh is the cutest and most innocent thing ever
Crazy feverish girl
Crazy feverish girl:
When Chris Evans was doing Russian Dance it seemed more Bhangra than Russian 😂
lilys world
lilys world:
you know chris is really getting competitive when he moves the dot he's standing on
"I'm overwhelmed with her tweaking skills " 😂
Never sleep
Never sleep:
Elizabeth is me twerking😂😂
Chris Evans: **does literally anything**
Ellen fans: 😍👏🤩🤩😀👏👏😍👏😀

Although that moonwalk was pretty good
Iris Andrade de Almeida - CEI
Iris Andrade de Almeida - CEI:
whenever i’m either sad or bored i just come back here
I can’t believe this was 4 years ago
Scott H
Scott H:
Wow, Chris Evans is a pretty good dancer
“I don’t even know what the can can is” also Chris ; has that dance in his first captain America
felix dom
felix dom:
Chris evan just like a child in A man body so adorable
Sukhman Productions
Sukhman Productions:
Steve Rogers Can't Dance
But Chris Evans Can Do
Nour Abdelqader
Nour Abdelqader:
Wow , I didn't know that Chris can dance pretty well , especially the moon walk 😎😎oh yeah
Elizabeth twerk
Dr.strange: "Dormammu im here to bargain"
Elizabeth re twerk
Dr.Strange:"Dormammu.. Im etc.."
Elizabeth : "what the?"
Ajey Nager
Ajey Nager:
Honestly, Chris's moonwalk was pretty good.
Ashraf Abdelatif
Ashraf Abdelatif:
Olsen's twerk is so funny 😂
Soni Singh
Soni Singh:
It's so rare to see captain America in such a mood😂
Michell Watanuki
Michell Watanuki:
since no one is saying it: chris evans got moves
Mr Narwhal
Mr Narwhal:
I loved when Chris evens did single ladies
I was expecting him to say, “I can do this all day!”
Aayush Agashe
Aayush Agashe:
Me when mom's not here 1:27
Me when mom suddenly rushes in 1:38
"i can do this all day"
it was at this moment she knew. SHE MESSED UP.
i was proper wheezing at chris evans' lap dance-
Ophita Stambaugh
Ophita Stambaugh:
Chris doing the Single Ladies dance is the best thing I’ve seen all day lol
wanda after she kidnaps a whole neighbourhood so she can talk to vision again
1:26 look at her eyes bruh moment
Naitik Yadav
Naitik Yadav:
Thanos: beat me rogers if you can
Cap: Turn on music
Sir Marshall
Sir Marshall:
Olsen when twerk came out was seconds away from going: Nah. Classy lady.
Geeta Nanda
Geeta Nanda:
Just realized he is effortlessly pro at dancing
Mimi Styles
Mimi Styles:
*Chris is one freaking good dancer*
Howard Fung
Howard Fung:
Chris Evans is such an amazing person, he stays really humble and lowkey even as a huge star. Kudos to him
Lazy during Quarantine
Lazy during Quarantine:
Warning: Most of these comments are about Avengers.
kendyl shaughnessy
kendyl shaughnessy:
Awww the way he went “ awww oh really ? “ when they bring out the money was so cute
Tamim Sweedan
Tamim Sweedan:
Starlord: Dance off bro me and you

Steve: I can do this all day

Thor: I knew it
READ Comics
READ Comics:
Chris’ Russian dance 😂😂😂😂
T OnLine
T OnLine:
Cap. Now days:

Avengers.... !!

R a x i e l.
R a x i e l.:
Funny how he did the belly dance when he clearly has amazing abs instead belly, lov him so much 🤧❤
Meme GOD
Meme GOD:
Chris Can’t freeze anymore cause he has been in the Pacific Ocean already frozen so he can not risk it again being frozen
Captain Obvious
Captain Obvious:

*Cap and wanda: TURN ON THE MUSIC!*
Chris’s reaction when she said 10 000 was priceless
Elizabeth and Chris' laughs are so adorable
Marwa Mohammed
Marwa Mohammed:
chris evans looks best when hes dancing
Bella Nath
Bella Nath:
Tony : How many alternate do you see?
Stephen : Too many

Steve : Dance off Bro 😎
sthds aids
sthds aids:
Elisabeth Olsen is so pure and innocent I just want to hug her
Thalia Chapmann
Thalia Chapmann:
A want a 'Last Dance' with Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston. Or with RDJ and Tom Holland
The little Avenger
The little Avenger:
Me: "Yeah you go Elizabeth!! Yea.....
Advert: "How to get plastic surgery."
Dale Traverso
Dale Traverso:
Scarlett Johansson has joined the chat
Sunny Vakkalanka
Sunny Vakkalanka:
Chris Evans when it comes to dancing: SHREK
Chris Evans when it comes to freezing: *donkey*
They are supposed to freeze after each dance but oh well AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!
Lala 90
Lala 90:
The fact that Chris knows how to do so many different kinds of dance... 👏👏
Nezrin Behramzade
Nezrin Behramzade:
Vision sees this video:
Captain America Civil War vol. 2😂😂
꧁Emanuela Aversano꧂
꧁Emanuela Aversano꧂:
I ❤️ Chris Evans 🤤
Knoedel Toni
Knoedel Toni:
Chris is smooth, Liz is like a piece of wood...
Abinash Debnath
Abinash Debnath:
Elizabeth Olsen is so pretty. She’s like when you go outside after the first snowfall of the year ...
Dreaming Kid
Dreaming Kid:
Imagine: Chris Evans and Tom Holland are dancing together.
Anmol Sahu
Anmol Sahu:
This guy knows his dance steps.
Factopedia OFFICIAL
Factopedia OFFICIAL:
Chris: (Dances)
Grandmaster: I found my mate!!!
अनीता शर्मा
अनीता शर्मा:
Elizabeth copied Chris's warm up 😆
TheSuperHeroAnonymousAnimation Official
TheSuperHeroAnonymousAnimation Official:
The only thing on my mind: Chris Pratt and Chris Evans Having a dancing competition with thanos
Rixard c
Rixard c:
Who is watching in 2020
And also watching Michael Jordan last dance
R B:
Just me lowkey weirded out by dances Ellen made Elizabeth do????
Oh! Chris !!! What a top - notch dance and Elizabeth is such a cutie moreover her dance mad me laugh .....
Priyanka Shukla
Priyanka Shukla:
Michael Jackson : ❌
Chris Evans : ✔️
The Devilz Zone
The Devilz Zone:
Chris Evans, comfortable and very good dancer while Elizabeth, innocent, sweet and pretty but a little uncomfortable i think. I love them!❤
Steve: Sam and Bucky have been training me in the art of dance fighting.
Thanos *Still dancing*: Impossible
Steve *moonwalks*: I can do this all day
I’m in love with Elizabeth’s laugh
Maricar Cajote
Maricar Cajote:
chris's moonwalk really caught my attention
girl 173
girl 173:
Chris Evans:
Steve Rogers: I can do this all day
ellen: "we're gonna donate ten thousand dollars to christopher's haven"
chris: "ohhhhhh sssshhhh-"
iron man: *we need a distraction*
chris: *hOLD MY SHEILD*
christina pinho
christina pinho:
factual information : chris evans is soo cute and his personality and laugh is amazing and he is the best actor and man to ever walk 🎥❤️❤️🎥 (he’s my idol, i aspire to be like him one day)
keren Arellano
keren Arellano:
ok but chris evans can lap dance me all he wants
Anshuman Lader
Anshuman Lader:
I m in love with Elisabeth laugh
Lily H
Lily H:
I can watch Chris Evans do the vogue all day oml
Alana Sandigan
Alana Sandigan:
I love how much energetic chris is....and elizabeth is so cute...