Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson 4/7/2010 Raquel Welch, Anna Torv, Brian McFadden

Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson 4/7/2010
Guests: Raquel Welch, Anna Torv, Brian McFadden

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Raquel was 70 at the time of this interview and looking more sexy than most women half her age. I'm sure she was the first to wake up those stirrings in many a young man. Just her name reeks of sex appeal. Amazing woman. And point of note, you don't look that good just by using plastic surgery. I've seen people half her age use plastic surgery and look terrible. She's worked hard keeping herself in shape. 70 and still hot.
R Ma
R Ma:
Her smile can overshadow most 25, She is truly one of the most beautiful women ever!
Todd Schneck
Todd Schneck:
This guy makes me ask, "Johnny who?"
judy valencia
judy valencia:
Her and Sophia Loren. Both amazing women.
Marc Gunyon
Marc Gunyon:
She is still hot.
Carlos Cruz
Carlos Cruz:
one of the most gorgeous women on earth even today at 75 years old.
What a woman!
k c
k c:
I came for Anna. Raquel is Raquel, I've "known" her all my life, but Anna is *Anna* and the rare sighting is awesome and man this is about the best 40 minutes of tv ever.
Julie InJoy
Julie InJoy:
Holy crap, she's 70 in this video! I want to be her when I'm 70.... :)
I think maybe the Sexiest Woman to ever walk the Planet. Love you Raquel
Nancy Desch
Nancy Desch:
I love how she turns the conversation around - she's nobody's fool and a very intelligent woman.
Raquel - The personification of wit, intelligence, charm, inherent sexuality & amazing beauty. Something that just "plastic surgery" alone cannot achieve. Just take a look at all the "tight face" women of a certain age, all over America & the World. Raquel, truly is one of a kind & the last, of the true Sex Symbol of the Hollywood Celluloid World. Bravo Raquel!
Yodeling Yokel
Yodeling Yokel:
Isn't she beautiful. Today's 'beautiful woman' is shaped like a 12 year old boy.
Absolutely amazing that a 70 year old woman can look like that.
The Busterdog
The Busterdog:
She was the fantasy of every teenage boy in the 1960's and 70's. She and Sophia Loren are like a fine red wine. Both have gotten better with age.
Ruple Thaker
Ruple Thaker:
Raquel Welsh starts at 21.03
Tyler Dunn
Tyler Dunn:
I dont care how old she is she's hot.
HL Dye
HL Dye:
Sometimes I feel like my phone is vibrating on my skin usually my leg.. And my phone not in my pocket, crazy stuff.
tammy duke
tammy duke:
Raquel is is the most beautiful woman, I've ever seen. It's her looks her ways just all combined. I'm sure she has some tweaks here and there but as on said no surgery can make you look beautiful it only enhances what you have. She just has gotten better older. So breathtaking beautiful💖
Patricia Healey
Patricia Healey:
He was in an aa Meeting I was 30 he asked for a coffee I refused he said 'do u know who I am ' I said 'a lonely drunk ' he laughed
She's gorgeous and still HOT at '70!
Ohne Mich
Ohne Mich:
18:12 I hurt myself laughing there
Canada Here
Canada Here:
so I've been trolling Craig's interviews on here and so far that was the best interview I have seen Craig do. Raquel was so charming and funny, what a lady. There is more to her than the eye can see.
Squirmin Herman the one eyed German
Squirmin Herman the one eyed German:
Raquel has been my childhood crush for 50 years!
Dick Fitzwell
Dick Fitzwell:
This is a testament to the fact that genetics are a real thing...She’s ageless
The most gorgeous woman ever !!!!!
mike riolo
mike riolo:
Look in the dictionary under beautiful and her picture is there.
Aj Sky
Aj Sky:
Fun Fact: It was Raquel's poster in Andy's jail cell, when he escaped from Shawshank.
Ashtion Bartman
Ashtion Bartman:
omg. i thought i was going crazy cause this happens to me often where i will feel a vibration in my pocket thinking its my phone but then there's nothing. lol this is awesome.
Redwood Path
Redwood Path:
His conspiratorial smile is so disarming.
Danny H
Danny H:
Damn she's aged well.
Andrew Flood
Andrew Flood:
raquel welch so sweet !!!!!!!
John Millan
John Millan:
Anna Torv is such a sweet, beautiful, and endearing woman. My heart melts for this woman. Such an amazing actress, it's frustrating how underrated she's been viewed here in the US.
ITook TheRedPill#Awake
ITook TheRedPill#Awake:
Even her hands still look young
Larry Quagon
Larry Quagon:
She is what any man in life would love to even have a pointless conversation with let lone fall in love with .
Her persona magnifies her beautiful face and body. Truly a stunning woman.
Best awkward pause I've seen so far :)
Knead T'know
Knead T'know:
Hahahaha... he mentions that there's not enough money for redoing the welcome/intro but there was always enough money for those awkward
AN 69
AN 69:
i just recently stumbled upon this show, and i like it. Not only because of the witty host, but also the fact that it seems to attract big-breasted women..I'm a simple man.
Goober Thoreau
Goober Thoreau:
If Anna Torv had been this likable on Fringe I may have watched more than the first season.
Don Simms
Don Simms:
She's the ultimate Goddess 😍
Von Musklaus
Von Musklaus:
This 70 year old granny is so hot , my god.
Christmas 1
Christmas 1:
Raquel Welch is in a class of one's own.
ssssssssssssssssssssssmokin hot!
Douglas W McGavin
Douglas W McGavin:
Early Jeff and classic Craig. Truly awesome.
being in my 60s I would have loved to give it a shot. I've have already been in love or at least lust for a very long time with Raquel.
Raquel Welch is truly a beautiful Goddess 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Howard Koor
Howard Koor:
She is beautiful
The gold standard by which all others are judged
Sebastian Stevens
Sebastian Stevens:
Heya. You're A Good Friend. story cheap
Hack Attack
Hack Attack:
She's 75 yrs old in this video. Absolutely amazing.
Charles Pierce
Charles Pierce:
She is included in the world's greatest natural wonders, she will always be remembered by all.
Jean A
Jean A:
Sure miss this show! I am 71 now. Raquel Welch is amazing. She most likely had some work done but it looks pretty natural compared to other older celebrities.
Richard Romero
Richard Romero:
Raquel you so gorgeous
Graeme Glendinning
Graeme Glendinning:
still fantastic!
You're really good at them..
Third marriage
hahahahahaha that was brilliant!!
Geo Lew
Geo Lew:
20:56 The interview actually begins.
Kit Murphy
Kit Murphy:
Had it for years after having my beeper in my front pocket for 15 years.
charlotte quillen
charlotte quillen:
raq forgot to hit the wall..........
Georgia back Road
Georgia back Road:
I believe I would toss that salad 🥗
Rice Burnerbiker
Rice Burnerbiker:
I’m sweating just looking at miss hotter than hell😂
T MZ8:
Wow! What a class lady Raquel is. This is a lesson to a lot of younger women who want to be Kardashian clones. Individuality and grace and real femininity are what count. It's not just that she looks amazing for her age, she looks amazing regardless of age. Personality and charm add so much. If you have the looks but no personality then you are done. Raquel has the lot.
Shalom CCS
Shalom CCS:
She's stills a neck breaker .
Greg F.
Greg F.:
She is my mom's age, wow.
Rob oshea
Rob oshea:
Absolytley gorgeous no matter how old she is hot is hot and Epstein didn't kill himself"
Robby Wells
Robby Wells:
stunning lady love her. 💝💝💝💝
Ah, Anna, please tell me you like you Estonian heritage! Palun!
More Baldwins xD
Kickass Duke
Kickass Duke:
Wonder what the edit at 25:41 was?
Stuart Burgess
Stuart Burgess:
She still looks good after all these years. Even the cosmetics surgery is tastefully done.
Red Ming
Red Ming:
Raquel is possibly the most scandalously beautiful woman that ever walked the earth.
Little Holmes
Little Holmes:
Simply Gorgeous Amen !!!
Clinical Educator1
Clinical Educator1:
John Tyler
John Tyler:
21 mins until RW appears
Cameron Green
Cameron Green:
Hello guys ! ! ! Omfg Internet It looks for me like truly wonderful woxk love
John VFX
John VFX:
20:59 you're welcome
Rachel and I have been in a one sided love affair for 45 years
joseph njogu
joseph njogu:
hey craig come to kenya am a big fun or kindly receive my five star rank
The Three Musketeers
Brooklyn Thomkins
Brooklyn Thomkins:
Maaaaaaaaaaaan i dont even want to say it put young wemen to shame perfect shape and size love them bbw cougars
She is Georgeous , definetly does not look her age at all.
as a 63 yr old man just e-mail me the directions and I'll be there
Ty Kellerman
Ty Kellerman:
Class act Rachel
Improper Bostonian
Improper Bostonian:
Not only is she still a Goddess but she has been in some amazing films Westerns, Sci fi movie Fantastic Voyage from 1966. Her sexiest scene is in 100 Rifles with Burt Reynolds. I always will like many other Men love Raquel Welch.
Steve Roberts
Steve Roberts:
Rocky..... I'm here for you :)
Ty Kellerman
Ty Kellerman:
I can't spell class act Raquel
keri caye
keri caye:
I commented below too.....what I like about her? she's 100% fake boobs, no stinking tabloid crap and I'm not even gay...she's just perfect for her age....and far prettier than THOUSANDS...........SHE WAS BORN 1940...........barely aged at all...
and not a face full of plastic either..I'm 66 and have seen her face all these years and she just doesn't age much..........being thin helps....
larry snipes
larry snipes:
Rocky Baby!!! good lord have mercy that's one good looking woman!
Robb F
Robb F:
good lord she's sooo beautiful
Digital Nomad Investor
Digital Nomad Investor:
What's with the writing on her left hand at 27:38? (Yes, I already oogled her and then saw the writing).
Bill Petersen
Bill Petersen:
sexiest woman since sophia loren
James Johanson
James Johanson:
She's just wonderful 💋
Morning Glory
Morning Glory:
Am I the only one here for Anna Torv? Loved her in Fringe.
paul conner
paul conner:
Still gorgeous
Raquel. The only grandma I'd love to marry. :D
I just always feel the need to do his tie up properly, bit like sending your son of to school...
Love to know what she had written on her hand!
John Fitzgerald
John Fitzgerald:
this guy should still have a show, Craig Ferguson is one funny fella .
OMG Craig! My leg totally does that!!! The thing....with the phone....weird.
Ottilio Ottilio
Ottilio Ottilio:
Loved when Craig danced around and did his own thing...hated when they changed that.
Stopped watching.