Lea Michele on Cory Monteith

The actress and "Glee" star opened up to Ellen about moving forward after the tragic loss of her boyfriend and co-star, Cory Monteith.

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Ellie has the teaa
Ellie has the teaa:
2020 gang. can confirm, am still crying.
Now our girl is married and happy. Cory is looking down on her extremely proud and happy!
Martina Forno
Martina Forno:
Who's watching this in 2019 and still crying?
Kesh Kesh
Kesh Kesh:
Imagine your boyfriend dying and having to come outside your house to a load of paparazzi
James Wolf
James Wolf:
She said "opening a closet and seeing a pair of shoes" and I lost it
I could tell around the middle of the video she was holding back tears and trying not to choke up. Honestly one of the strongest women I've ever seen. She an idol.
STixa CC
STixa CC:
how was she capable of holding her tears when I'm here crying a river?
Alisha Haq
Alisha Haq:
Strongest woman I've ever seen
Mahogany K
Mahogany K:
RIP Naya Rivera. She was confirmed on the 7th anniversary of his death...
Lea is a beautiful woman. Warm, kind hearted and compassionate. I can't see her being mean.
Blair Marie
Blair Marie:
He didn't die he just took the midnight train going anywhere... The show must go all over the place or something.. I miss him so much he was so amazing!!! <3 :)
Cristina González
Cristina González:
''When your heart is broken, when your heart has cracks in it, it lets the light in, it lets the sun in'' What a great quote.
Yairy Marie
Yairy Marie:
"Opening a closet & seeing a pair of shoes" This completely shattered my heart 😰😰😭💔
Even if lea isn’t a perfect person I can’t imagine how hard it is to live with something like this
Emerson Kaye
Emerson Kaye:
Who is watching during quarantine?
Sophie M
Sophie M:
How is she holding back tears? You can see the tears in her eyes and it's so sad! I'm over here crying so hard omg.
random channel
random channel:
It’s literally 2019 and I still cry about this when I rewatch glee
I like how she looks at the audience when she talks too. A lot of celebrities just look at Ellen, and she made this interview more personable. I love her. She's amazing
TJ Burge
TJ Burge:
Even though Lea is dating someone else, I don't believe that she'll love any other man as much as she loves Cory. I believe, hope even, that she'll find love again but whatever she feels for that lucky guy, will pale in comparison to the love she has for Cory. For those of us Gleeks who believe in Heaven, at least we know that they'll be together again one day. Lea's Catholic, so there's a pretty strong chance that Cory was too and is waiting for her up there. :)Rest in peace, Cory Monteith. We all still miss you so much, man!!! The world is immeasurably less bright without your presence in it. You will NEVER be forgotten.#CoryMonteith#RIP#AlwaysRemembered#MoncheleForever
Milly Purcell
Milly Purcell:
she’s now married, and pregnant! to see how far she’s come since corys death is unbelievable. She is an inspiration to so many ❤️
Evie kWeEn
Evie kWeEn:
Anyone back here after Lea announced she's pregnant!?
Sarah Whitney
Sarah Whitney:
Randomly suggested to me in 2020. Okay, YouTube don’t mind if I do.
Dannyele Murray
Dannyele Murray:
I lost my boyfriend last May to an overdose it was like all the air was taken out of my lungs. Lea has been an inspiration for me with when I was going thru it. There really is an empowerment when you go thru something like this. I'm in recovery as well and I was going thru a crossroad when it happen that I didn't know if I wanted to be sober or not. And when I lost Mike getting thru it; it finely just clicked I've been sober almost a year and a half now and I honestly can say if it wasn't for him I wouldn't be he's my guardian angel and I know he is with me every step of the way . But she is just so strong an it is something that no one should ever go thru. But unfortunately this is not uncommon. Please take this illness seriously. If you or a loved on is suffering from addiction please reach out. All my love Lea rip Cory never forgotten.
Sarah Swati
Sarah Swati:
Am I the only one who is noticing her perfect posture😊
Anna Rose
Anna Rose:
who's watching in 2017 and still crying...............
Dyja Ahmad
Dyja Ahmad:
"I talked about you on Ellen today." Cory is just so adorable. Will love him forever.
Katelyn Chan
Katelyn Chan:
I can't watch Glee like ever again.
lellia semmar
lellia semmar:
who’s here after she got exposed-
karisma alonzo
karisma alonzo:
on the anniversary of his death. and still such a tragedy. i miss him man.
Fiona M
Fiona M:
Man, the way she talked about him.... that's the kind of love we all dream about. RIP Cory, we all miss you so so so much.
I love how on 5:13 Lea closes her eyes like she is feeling the feel she’s describing. And also thumbs up to Ellen for carefully choosing how to ask the questions about Cory, and for caring so much. You can see on the end of the video that she was very moved by the whole situation.
Svvet Lana
Svvet Lana:
she spoke so eloqently
she is unbelievably strong
Sarah Barzen
Sarah Barzen:
When I watched the quarterback I was bawling five seconds in
Nurah _qu
Nurah _qu:
December 2019 anyone? :(
Who watching this with different eyes after hearing about both of them?
I don't even watch Glee... but there was something about him, it's a sad story. When she said "It's just as hard to go to work, rather than opening up the closet and seeing a pair of shoes." That was... what stuck out to me, thinking about people I've lost. Seeing their things, and knowing they'll never use them again.
I N A A M:
Omg Ellen wore the same shirt in her last interview with Cory 😢
When people start doing drugs, they don't plan on getting addicted to them. It's very hard to stop once you've started.
Men it’s 2019 and every time she says “I feel the luckiest girl in the world” i cried a river
Nina The Warrior
Nina The Warrior:
Sad. His addiction got the best of him. But I hate how people say "he did drugs, he is terrible" but it's the same thing you see on tv such things like tv shows, the news etc. But it is not his fault, once you even take on second of it, you can't stop it. It's addictive. This is why you guys should never EVER think about doing because it will get the best of you and... you what happens. You should never look a person differently for doing them, it is not their fault that they did it once and can't quit. 
Jadeen M
Jadeen M:
Cory and Naya are together and surrounded by love🖤
Anita Makaju
Anita Makaju:
This still set me in tears..
Billy Denbrough
Billy Denbrough:
People don't understand.
Lea, didn't move on so fast.
It took her some time to move on, and to still have the grief with her.
Still probably causes her pain.
So for people to say, she didn't care about Cory, she did.
Even at the teen choice awards she gave Cory a speech! That speech was dedicated to him!
Cory, is still in our hearts, and Lea Micheles.
May he rest in piece.
I love how calm she is even tho she is holding tears so much.I also love that she doesnt avoid talking about him.
jacob -
jacob -:
September 2019 anyone :(
Look at ellen's white and gold sweater
who's here after Naya Rivera's tragic death
I know we are starting 2016! But I am still am sad about this situation 😢
Ashton Grove
Ashton Grove:
I think Glee helped prolong Cory's life. Without it we probably would've lost him sooner than we did. It definitely brought out the best in him. He was a beautiful soul who had a very serious problem but like Lea said, "he was not his addiction." RIP Cory.
Dhiemas Chrismansyah Supma
Dhiemas Chrismansyah Supma:
It has been 6 years and I’m still sad...
Cintss Cha
Cintss Cha:
Cory loved her very much, I can tell, but I wonder what would he think if he saw how much pain he caused her by his bad actions
Sneeha Shanmugam
Sneeha Shanmugam:
We've lost Naya too. 😭
Daisy G
Daisy G:
It’s 2020 and I’m still crying about this
Trisha Heavenly
Trisha Heavenly:
i still cry everytime she talks about cory :'( 
2016 and I cried watching this. Honestly she deserves so much respect she was so strong damn.
Liam Blackman
Liam Blackman:
I know this comment is kinda weird, but today marks 1000 days since Cory died (April 8, 2016). I think about him every day and how he and Glee helped me through a lot of difficult things I've faced during my life, but today I'll especially be thinking about him in particular. <3
Lizeth Quispe
Lizeth Quispe:
i cried so much watching this D:
Corey bragged about talking about her on Ellen, their relationship was amazing 😭😭😭😭
Azucena Ayala
Azucena Ayala:
I think its sad how she held back her tears so hard
Michael Graystone
Michael Graystone:
What a truly amazing person Lea Michele is.
Phil Swift
Phil Swift:
For everybody saying how she didn't really love Cory if she got another boyfriend, what if your boyfriend//girlfriend left you? You would, over time, probably get another person, right? We aren't meant to love one person. We are meant to have more than one love of our lives, and Lea did. Let her live without grief. She just got married. She's happy after a few years, she'll be fine.
Sueehhe !!
Sueehhe !!:
Here after naya passed away may both of them Rest In Peace two beautiful souls took to soon❤️
I love Ellen for the respect she puts in her questions, I love Lea for being so brave and simple, and I think it's safe to say that all Gleeks miss Cory...
Miranda Guzman
Miranda Guzman:
Watching this in 2016, and it still breaks my heart ❤️
Valeria Ribeiro
Valeria Ribeiro:
2020: still crying
She's trying SO hard to keep herself together for this interview, she is so strong and inspirational, I've never lost anyone really close to me and just the pain she must be going through, I couldn't imagine it:(
beth burgin
beth burgin:
His is why Ellen is amazing she is so respectful when it comes to speaking about their personal life she lets them say what they want and doesn't go digging further than they want
Grace Bryson
Grace Bryson:
*sees this in my recommended*
me: *deep breath* I’m ready to cry.
Georgia Nb
Georgia Nb:
The necklace looks like something someone would buy today in 2019😂
Brianna Huber
Brianna Huber:
Seeing people comment on here about how Lea shouldn't give an interview about something so personal, and saying Ellen was trying to make Lea cry for publicity of the video, just proves Lea's point about how hard it is to go through something like this in the public eye. No matter what, there will always be someone who criticizes. I think Ellen seemed very sensitive and caring, and Lea knows Cory's and her fans loved him, too, so I think she feels safe to share her grief with us. I hope she's ok.
Neve Grosvenor
Neve Grosvenor:
When you find out all the behind the scenes tea abt her. 2020 gang
Just because Cory was a drug addict people expect Lea not to be sad about his death. Smh. She loved him and he loved her. I can't even begin to imagine the pain she must have gone through, and is probably still going through. I idolize her so much for her strength and bravery. 
saltqueen_ aurora
saltqueen_ aurora:
I can't believe it's been 6 years. I miss him so much
Michelle Dahmen
Michelle Dahmen:
it's been almost two years and it hurts so much. I miss him. I am so proud of my girl, Lea, she's the strongest person on earth, and what she did over the past years is so amazing
Alyssa Burns
Alyssa Burns:
this absolutely breaks my heart
Julie Brooks
Julie Brooks:
I just can't stop watching this interview, the way she talks about Cory :c is just... Gosh, i can't describe it! & makes me cry so hard. Rest in peace Cory one of the kindest person in the world <3 :'(
I love how she can talk about Cory. I mean, I'm glad she's open about the situation and that she can smile about their memories instead of cry over his death. I literally admire her so much, and I know Cory would be proud.
xoxo 1312
xoxo 1312:
5 years later and I’m still crying for Finn 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Matthew Lo
Matthew Lo:
It’s 2020 and I’m still mourning
moe key
moe key:
that is someone with a huge heart .
kylxrs ss
kylxrs ss:
2020 anyone ?🥺
Zelda of Arel
Zelda of Arel:
Raise your hand if you teared up at watching this.
Skylar Kimmerling
Skylar Kimmerling:
I feel so sorry for her.She must really miss him.
even now when i see videos of her talking about cory (mostly in the months following his passing) i cannot believe her strength. just incredible. he would be so proud, I'm sure.
Nellie Campbell
Nellie Campbell:
2020 and still crying 😭
Vaibhav Kaushal
Vaibhav Kaushal:
I literally just started watching Glee and I am on season 1. I got to know that Finn, Puck, and Sanatana are dead. Rest in Peace!
X D:
Wow, its been six years huh...R.I.P. a legend
Careystar Barry
Careystar Barry:
Glee was and is helping me through my high school life.
David Timmer
David Timmer:
I love Lea's strength and perseverance, because it just shows how beautiful of a person she is. And as for the people judging Cory, I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure he tried to overcome his addiction, but unfortunately it was a relapse that got him. Lea and Cory had an strong and beautiful connection, on and off screen, and she still misses him, but has moved on and is back on her feet and happy. Those people who judge either one or both need to grow up, get a life, and rethink their own words and actions. Lea, keep on shining bright and being the strong beautiful person you are.
sometimes i watch videos like this for the sole purpose to make me cry so I can try and feel more emotion so that I can finally one day move on from when my father passed away five years ago. some things just take so long to move on from and idk why but for some reason watching these videos makes me feel like im not the only one out there who loses someone so important to them.
Sophia Huangeerrzz
Sophia Huangeerrzz:
feels like we lost him yesterday
ok there’s comments about “its this year and i’m still crying” but like i’m actually crying it’s so sad :(
i miss him so much... it’s really hard for me when i just started watching glee a week ago, i can’t begin to imagine how hard it must’ve been for her 😞😞
Ayuzawa 17
Ayuzawa 17:
Listening her voice. I just can listen that she is being honest, and still hurt.
Travis Meyer
Travis Meyer:
RIP Cory With The Angels 😥
Pablo Pulido
Pablo Pulido:
here after naya. rest in paradise beautiful <3
Wow. She was so strong during this entire interview.
Maya Penner
Maya Penner:
this is exactly why she's my idol. she's sweet, loving, kind and heartfelt. you can see the sadness and how strong she's trying to be, for herself, her family, for the world and for cory. anyone that says she's trying to get publicity from his death, don't you dare. you cannot take a situation like this and assume she's trying to get publicity. she's devastated, she's hurt. even almost 4 years later, that pain isn't gone. cory was idol and i still cry about it. she pictured herself and him to get married, to spend forever with each other, imagine how much se cries. i'm sure she thinks about it everyday. think about this before commenting something negative like that.