Leeds hit woodwork three times! | Highlights | Leeds United 0-0 Arsenal | 2020/21 Premier League

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41 comentarios:

The Orangutan
The Orangutan:
Not a bad play by Leeds, but there's still room for improvement
The Disturbed Gamer
The Disturbed Gamer:
U guys deserved to beat us 3-0 minimum. Pepe was so stupid
eusebio benitez
eusebio benitez:
leeds 0 -post 3
We go again, need to finish off with goals and start banking the points.
Nerazuro Nerazuro
Nerazuro Nerazuro:
Arsenal is an average team that think they are a big team!
Robin Jid
Robin Jid:
Leeds deserved 3 points but what a bed luck they hed. 3 time hit the bar.... But when watching them play falls in love... 💕 💕 💕 Keep going Leeds
Rayhaan Jayman
Rayhaan Jayman:
I feel for the goal posts..RIP😔
Soler 6B
Soler 6B:
They have to play patiently when they have the ball. And play like they did the last season when they dont have it.
Rita Sengupta
Rita Sengupta:
Zizu the legend returns
Come on leeeds come on....it's a nice game,
Good luck for next game...
Antü Salvador
Antü Salvador:
Faltó suerte!! Pero al menos se mejoró muchísimo respecto de los partidos anteriores...Vamos Leeds carajo!!!
Buat Premium
Buat Premium:
You should win at least 4-0!!
Fifa scripting is real lol
Pop Lol
Pop Lol:
Arsenal must have felt lucky for this tie
inonk gaming
inonk gaming:
Rodrigo n Llorente next start n we can win against Everton
Alessandro Militello
Alessandro Militello:
que orto el arsenal.... vamos leeds !!!
Pompey Indonesia
Pompey Indonesia:
How many woodwork and post
At the end of the first half Leeds had THIRTEEN shots at goal, to Arsenal's 5. The game is a great example of "deserve to win".
I get the feeling that the editor is an Arsenal fan....
unlucky to come out on top today
Would you look at Bamford's eyes, he looked tired as hell. Accuracy issues are haunting Leeds again. It's like someone did voodoo shit on them. It's clear as day they're talented, but it's like luck's smiling upon them and kicking them in their faces at the same time. At least Alying slipped less this time.
Leeds was very clinical against Liverpool what has happened to them
Ridho maulana
Ridho maulana:
what happened to Pepe ?? is he Zidane now ???
Tuấn Kiệt Phạm
Tuấn Kiệt Phạm:
u guy derserve to win the game
L T:
New Lau
New Lau:
I think the finishing can have some space to improve
Thapan Roy
Thapan Roy:
Alioski deserves an Oscar
Ethiopian music
Ethiopian music:
Leeds will be king in premier league
football crazy
football crazy:
We don't lucky
Judah V. Pedro Kantor
Judah V. Pedro Kantor:
good game
james francis
james francis:
no idea why he didn't start rodrigo... can't win a game without him
John Smith
John Smith:
Need a proper striker but barndoor was not the only one profligate in front of goal
No don’t start Rodrigo....let him come in the second half....he is a major threat like that
ari Toni
ari Toni:
ezgjan alioski 🇦🇱
Would have settled for a point before the game but really disappointed that we didn't get take all three in the end. Far too wasteful in front of goal. They need more shooting practice, Marcelo
Reza Sukmana
Reza Sukmana:
dislike from arsenal fans hhaa
roberto carletti
roberto carletti:
Lastima, estuvimos cerca, nos vamos acomodando en el equipo, en un par de partidos mas vamos a ser imparables, VAMOS LEEDS CARAJOOO
Pontus Nicklasson
Pontus Nicklasson:
How is that a red its fotball not skiing
Farah Hassan
Farah Hassan:
you might have not won but you surely deserved the lead and your so unlucky with hitting the post it would have been 7-0 for u guys if u didnt hit the post but very good effort never seen this much effort before this is your first time i am so proud even though u didnt win or loose