Legal questions over Trump's impeachment

Republicans say the impeachment moved too quickly, but Ohio State University law professor Edward Foley argues President Trump will get due process during the Senate trial.

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Rural Life Channel
Rural Life Channel:
It took few days to impeach the president, but it took months to American people $600 pay check.
Anthony Bates
Anthony Bates:
It took 1 day to impeach a President. It took 8 months to send Americans $600. You still think Congress is working for you?
Zero Gaming
Zero Gaming:
This shows that when congress wants to get something done and fast track it they are able to. Proves they dont care about the people because it took over 6mo to get a $600 stimulus package 🤔
They have yet to deliver "swift justice" to Cynthia Johnson for threatening Trump supporters and inciting mob retaliation against nearly half of the US population...
Harry Khach
Harry Khach:
“Someday I’d like to maybe lose everything for a period of time to see who is loyal and who is not”
-Donald J Trump
Steve Jones
Steve Jones:
Time is right to start a 3rd Party!
Big Dawg Ace
Big Dawg Ace:
What are they scared of? The deep state is in panic.
Huyen Nguyen
Huyen Nguyen:
“When the people fear their government there is tyranny, when the government fears the people there is liberty” - Thomas Jefferson
Mark L
Mark L:
I've never seen any country so massively interested in one man, it's hilarious
Red Dragon Liquor Store
Red Dragon Liquor Store:
He’s in the Guinness record books forever
Greg p.
Greg p.:
lol senate already said they are not gonna convene to even hold a trial till jan 19th
Justin Kosuk
Justin Kosuk:
I seem to remember the last impeachment that McConnell wanted to fast track the trial in his chamber...
And this is not abuse of power? Stimulus 8 months impeach Trump 1 week, things can be done when it benefits them but not the American people.
Jacqueline Oelhoffen
Jacqueline Oelhoffen:
At least i cant see a mouth opening with lies ...and BS..
Zippy D. Chimp
Zippy D. Chimp:
Shepherd Smith, every turd finds its potty.
cleo patty
cleo patty:
I hope all these clowns go to prison for what they are putting us through
C. Bashore
C. Bashore:
Defund congress!
Animated Adventures
Animated Adventures:
You hear that?? “Due process” ? Means you are not guilty until proven so through “Due process” so any act of violence before “Due process” is tyranny, we saw all summer long what happens when you make accusations and false narrative before actual “due process” no accountability for anything throughout the summer! And all of it lead up to the reaction in DC.
Mimi Bigdy
Mimi Bigdy:
Turley is a Fox turkey. Situations are different in every impeachment process.
Lowering the standard for impeachment might be how they dig their own political careers graves.
Quite wasting y’all a time we need to focus on the citizens that need help. The working class..
John Rogers
John Rogers:
Supreme court process took place before she was in the grave.
Well done the House Representatives !
Heru- deshet
Heru- deshet:
Question: Is impeachment of a former president legal? Answer: No.
L M:
Sure it's perfectly ok for them to rush through it and not let one person actually think about what their doing and what it could potentially cost them
Ruslan Pavlovich.Разное
Ruslan Pavlovich.Разное:
Always thought there is only on impeachment!!! It is like he dies twice ☺️
Dennis Huffman
Dennis Huffman:
I want a couple of pizzas!
Dale A
Dale A:
In the end!! You are stuck in the hood. 😆😆😆
Rene Bleu
Rene Bleu:
We’ve been hoodwinked...
David Starliper
David Starliper:
The trial will be on January 20th which President Trump's becomes a private citizen and a private citizen becomes invalid for impeachment
Jake Armstrong
Jake Armstrong:
Don’t overthrow the government! Who will rule over you??
Barry Sanford
Barry Sanford:
Nancy & Company have turned impeachment into a yawner event.
Lucinda611oq Gaines73eo
Lucinda611oq Gaines73eo:
Have pity on my beautiful and lovely American imperialism model princess ~ Ivanka? Who does she belong to?
Paul Fyvie
Paul Fyvie:
Stooge !
Cap Kolor_Indica
Cap Kolor_Indica:
Kris Redinger
Kris Redinger:
It is time for a convention of states. We need to limit the power of these politicians. Term limits!
Mark Flores
Mark Flores:
Always remember Lightning doesnt strike twice.....Impeachment does
Wow. Congress can make things happen fast when it personally serves their agenda. Losers...
Jeremy Phipps
Jeremy Phipps:
Love the background
Austin Smith
Austin Smith:
Our government has failed. If we cannot have peaceful transitions, how will anyone else in the world. We're suppose to put our people first but also what a disappointing example to the world. I think the house was absolutely irresponsible for not helping working families for months. Just despicable.
Yt "Dr Gabor Mate finding your truth."
Elon Mush
Elon Mush:
"The Senate will decide your fates"
The 432 Guy
The 432 Guy:
Impeach the PUSA in a day or two but a year for 600 bucks. foh
Marie Bluetchen
Marie Bluetchen:
and Love should be a man special
D.Ayo Music
D.Ayo Music:
CNBC and CNN always have more dislikes on their videos than likes....and we are supposed to believe the left truly won the election?
Dev De Silva
Dev De Silva:
Trump; “I’m Peach now!”
Joy Knowles
Joy Knowles:
He said to make sure it’s a fair trial ? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣what a joke
Sam Liedtke
Sam Liedtke:
The process is going to quickly huh? I wonder what Amy Coney Barrett thinks about that.
Ms. Chinlover
Ms. Chinlover:
And planning a coup? What about that?
Iam Hudsdent
Iam Hudsdent:
"Circumstances so in your face" Shepherd Smith says. I guess he's an anti Trump Democrat. Please don't bother him with the facts.
George McGovern
George McGovern:
Pelosi is the one staging a coup
lee enty
lee enty:
Lets just do it after Wednesday, besides he'd have less power for his defence when he's not POTUS
rostam rostam
rostam rostam:
From before the elections he knew that he would not get enough votes so he started creating the scenario based on referring to mailed votes as illegal.
Kelly Carpenter
Kelly Carpenter:
he instigated it ffs!
Marie Bluetchen
Marie Bluetchen:
I love your daughter
Doris Day
Doris Day:
Power outage
K G:
Can you say criminal?
I’m up and you can’t do anything about it cry
I’m up and you can’t do anything about it cry:
Homie got the AirPods in
Hugo Schmeisser
Hugo Schmeisser:
yeah what happened to "unity" & "coming together "? this sure feels like Victor justice to me.
People right now.... 🤪🤯
I doubt this will keep Trump from running in 2024 (should he opt to do it).

Plus, impeachment is a waste of time. He'll be out next week.
Jiovanny Duran
Jiovanny Duran:
Hahaha 😄😄😄
I'm Out
I'm Out:
The impeachment's part 1, culminating with a formal filing of charges, could have been done the same day as the riot. Some of this is damn near cut and dried.
However and of course we're finding out there is more nastiness than originally thought, so this could get even worse for Trump and some GOP elected officials.
Good Citizen
Good Citizen:
One thing I have learned from reading all of these comments...

Never have a jury trial!!!

Everyone is either crazy or just plain stoopid.
Carole May
Carole May:
"We're an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And
while you're studying that reality - judiciously, as you will - we'll
act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and
that's how things will sort out. We're history's actors...and you, ALL
of you, will be left to just study what we do." ~ Karl Rove
They called the good evil and the evil good. They were the Americans, once great nation on Earth which is no more..
Kimo Mimid
Kimo Mimid:
Why ?????????????
Someone from the Center please
Someone from the Center please:
Martin vargas Bruno
Martin vargas Bruno:
He did say he was gonna be right there with them ....he said that in his speech
Marie Bluetchen
Marie Bluetchen:
higher state university
Lance Cahill
Lance Cahill:
When a president is impeached twice, but gets acquitted twice, it makes him look invincible, and it makes the impeachment process meaningless. Worse, it makes the Dems look hopeless, desperate, and foolish.
Koj Tube
Koj Tube:
Richness can't help you
Y365 C
Y365 C:
How are we going to get ride of this nasty piece of work from the White House?
Dalagnas 711
Dalagnas 711:
Trending globally right now #ItalyDidIt
pi2 nuna
pi2 nuna:
Hahahahahhaha that pin head is on cnbc? Hhahahahahhahaha
What a giant waste of time!
Derrick lee Bressette
Derrick lee Bressette:
Plz grant clemency to Leonard Peltier
Appalachian Patriot
Appalachian Patriot:
No evidence. It’s a situation where feelings are greater than the facts. There is NO facts.
red light
red light:
Nothing from nothing leaves
CC Chodkowski
CC Chodkowski:
Mob justice at work. No trial string him up. It time for term limits these lifetime bureaucrats no longer work for the people.
2nd time ????? Last time it got dissolved... just like all the other accusations.... how stupid this has got .....
Just Remember Nancy. someone has your Laptop.
Yusuf Hamza
Yusuf Hamza:
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Leitha Wisozk
Leitha Wisozk:
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Impeachment was obvious, even to those GOP that voted against their conscience
Get the boomers outta here
Benjamin Berlinsky
Benjamin Berlinsky:
Is pelosis laptop really missing?
Shawn Powell
Shawn Powell:
The speed of Congress. Impeachment 2 days, giving Americans a stimulus check? Almost a year.
tammy tran
tammy tran:
That’s how Biden called for “ United”
JustaThought Kwazai
JustaThought Kwazai:
Believe in a Jeffersonian democracy
Jasper Bono
Jasper Bono:
25th amendment - "Is the constitution specific about this" - No so were gonna make it work how we want it to work...... 1st Amendment - U can only say what we want to hear when we want to hear it
Sum Ting Wong
Sum Ting Wong:
Shepherd Smith is a commie 😾
Lip stick
Lip stick:
Then Let All Murders Go Free from Jail...
Since, the Republicans, Won't Convict Trump: Let All Criminals Go!!!
This is Clearly a Double Standard!!!
William Kennedy
William Kennedy:
Never worked on Russia impeachment
Video Game Sanctuary
Video Game Sanctuary:
Good job Dems, you just fueled another civil war cause you are afraid of Trump...
Nick Hornberger
Nick Hornberger:
These two ladies are just going back and forth