Legendary Singer Mark Lanegan Has Died

Mark Lanegan, the former Screaming Trees singer and an ex-member of Queens of the Stone Age, has died at the age of 57. Lanegan’s publicist confirmed the singer’s death in a statement today, February 22. R.I.P.

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100+ comentarios:

No name Man
No name Man:
Man he was such an underrated singer. I recommend everyone to check out Mad Season and his other work. Rest In Peace Mark, hopefully you and Layne are singing together again.
I got to see him perform with Queens of the Stone Age here in Seattle years ago and it was an amazing show. He’ll be missed.
Another legend gone... rest in peace. Sending my condolences to his family.
Leela Maha Maya
Leela Maha Maya:
Devastating news. I feel as if I have lost a friend, who understood. His music,voice,lyrics were twilight lullabies for my soul.Just this morning I was checking for tour dates. I saw him in Boston, the Gargoyle tour. To say he will be missed-just doesn't cut it. No one can hold a candle to you in my book. Godspeed Mark.
s staners
s staners:
His work with Mad Season, Queens of the Stone Age, Screaming Trees, and his solo albums are some of the greatest. Like a mixture of Morrison, Waits, Cohen, and Johnny Cash. He’ll be missed.
Media Pastimes
Media Pastimes:
"In the Fade" is one of my favorite QOTSA songs, dude had one hell of a voice. R.I.P.
subi spaceship7
subi spaceship7:
Mark "you were a friend to me like no one else could be, mhm mhm mhmm." Your music has helped so many people I love you man rest in peace you were a one of a kind gift from God. This hurts
Mac's Music & Art
Mac's Music & Art:
Damn this HURTS. I've said so many times how we've lost all the great voices of the alternative rock era but we still have Mark Lanegan. Screaming Trees "Dust" is absolutely one of the greatest albums ever recorded. I am SHATTERED. Absolutely devastated. RIP Mark. I cannot believe you're gone.
Kiki Von
Kiki Von:
Give Layne, Kurt and Chris a big hug from all of us down here on Earth. God speed, thanks for the music🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 Your music in all of its incarnations was the soundtrack of my 20’s
Wayne Maclean
Wayne Maclean:
R.I.P. Mark Lanegan one of the best and most underrated voices in all of grunge and rock music!!
Rest in Peace Lanegan, tell Chris, Layne, Andy and Kurt that their music and yours still echoes off the walls of our hearts and the halls of our minds.
R.I.P. Mark Lanegan 1964-2022.
"We really lost you there."
Fuck Hugh
Fuck Hugh:
He brought me out of the dark so many times. I don't think he knew how much light he brought to the emotionally broken souls.
May you find peace now 💔😥
Peter Bacik
Peter Bacik:
R.I.P. Mark! The only grunge legend I personally met and shook hand with after his great concert almost 10 years ago. He was such a lovely gentleman, so kind to his fans.
Screaming Trees were a monumental part of the “Seattle” scene. One of my favorite song writers ever. RIP MARK LANEGAN
Steph moon
Steph moon:
I am as sad as I would be if I knew the man; his music through these many years, spoke volumes. Prayers to his family. I'm thankful his music will live on, because he will be sorely, sorely missed. RIP
Sheila Veronessa
Sheila Veronessa:
I met him years ago, he was awesome. Rest In Peace 🖤
Rod Taylor
Rod Taylor:
Man, what a voice, what a talent. RIP.
Ethan Davis
Ethan Davis:
I can’t believe it and I’m just devastated. Another legend gone too soon. Criminally underrated. He was and always will be my hero, RIP
Slaven Abramovic
Slaven Abramovic:
Several solo albums? He realeased more than 10 solo albums, all of which are unmatched, in writing, soul, voice etc...this guy was a living legend :( rest in peace, it was a privilege to have a glimpse at your soul in this, one way street...
Crazy Beard
Crazy Beard:
I will keep his memory going by playing his music for life. I been a fan from the 90’s
“All the good ones die too soon”
Rest in peace, Mark ! I love your voice, I love your music ! The older I get the more I do so ... Mark Lanegan's music is like good old red wine... like everything made of quality... you gotta put some time in ... Farewell, brother ! On/Off to the next world ! ...
Rest in peace old friend! You were there in my own darkest times and helped me through. I'll be in your debt forever <3
one of the pillars of 90s rock. Thank you for the music. Rest in peace Mark.
Cosmic Local
Cosmic Local:
RIP Legend! I saw him in Rome a while back, it was fantastic show. After that when I read Sing Backwards And Weep and realized what this dude survived I kind of thought he is indestructible. the Devil In A Coma, came back from Death I was sure he will pull through and I was so looking forward for him to get well and hopefully see him live again in the future. I am gutted! It's a twisted game, this Life and his was written by some Cat on Acid! RIP Mark, I love you man!
Halloween Jack95
Halloween Jack95:
And another one... I can't believe he is gone. 😔
One of my all time favourite artists.
R.I.P Mark
Patti Neruda
Patti Neruda:
My heart broke into a thousand little pieces...
Meeran Qureshi
Meeran Qureshi:
My condolences to his family.
Gone too soon.
May you rest in peace.
Megan Butler
Megan Butler:
About a year ago I got obsessed with his music. Man this is heartbreaking. He's on my daily Playlist, I love this guys style! Rest in peace ! ☹️
Lisa K Vieira
Lisa K Vieira:
Rest in Peace Mark, you will Never be forgotten!!🙏
Theo: stray dog astro jazz
Theo: stray dog astro jazz:
Songs for the Deaf, Mad Season.....
dear god, we'll miss his iconic vocals.
Kyler Garcia
Kyler Garcia:
Man, I’ve been listening to a lot of the Queens stuff he sang on lately, odd timing. He was such an awesome singer with a unique voice an undeniable energy. His presence in music is going to be felt for a long time
joe diamond
joe diamond:
Can't believe it. Shocked beyond belief. RIP Mr Lanegan. Thanks for the tunes. What a legend 👏
Jordan Huxtable
Jordan Huxtable:
Absolutely gutted, honoured to have met him twice, an absolutely iconic voice that'll never be forgotten
Derek Spitz
Derek Spitz:
"The willow bends t'wards the end of day and twilight falls again..." Another great artist lost too soon.
J White74
J White74:
I am so SO sad about this....he was one of the originals. Loved all of his work. A lovely man....RIP 😥😥😥
I got to see him twice and they were two of the best shows ever. I'm devastated. His voice was king.
It’s real striking that the great grunge/alternative rock singers from Seattle are gone: Ben McMillan, Andrew Wood, Kurt Cobain, Layne Staley, Scott Weiland, Chris Cornell and now Mark.

Jesus. All of them had such unique vocals. Miss them all.
Nik Prior
Nik Prior:
Such a loss - RIP Mark. Thoughts with his family and friends
Legends never die! Rip Lanegan 😢🖤
Filthmonger T.V.
Filthmonger T.V.:
What a great and talented musician 😔 rest in paradise Mark ❤
Roberto Quezada
Roberto Quezada:
Rest in peace Mark, a legend, an amazing artist.
RIP Mark, love QOTSA, thanks for the legacy you leave behind, and your input into our musical lives
alen Parra
alen Parra:
Damn another solid frontman gone… I’m gutted
I feel like another little piece of my youth is taken away..
Loved his work in QOTSA and his other side projects
RIP Mark 🥀🙏
Patrick Reichert
Patrick Reichert:
So sad! I saw his band at a festival in 2019 and it was incredible.
Ben Hayes
Ben Hayes:
One of the best ever! Will be missed. Thank you for that amazing voice!
Taffy is trashy
Taffy is trashy:
Wow, this is so sad man, I was never a massive trees fan but I fucking love qotsa and his vocals.

Rest in Peace man, what a legend 🖤🙏
Nigel Lopez
Nigel Lopez:
Well, I feel sad and selfish. He was one of the last musicians I listed to. I'm going to miss his beautiful music. My heart goes to his loved ones. Such crazy times we are living in. Perhaps we're being tested.
Cupboard Cropty Jr.
Cupboard Cropty Jr.:
Much love and respect for this talented man...RIP
Lara Fox
Lara Fox:
This is devastating news. Mark Lanegan was an incredible artist and had one of my favourite voices of all time. Rest In Peace ❤️
No way…

Rest in Paradise, Mark. Thank you for your art.
I was just watching him on the anthony bourdain show the other day, one of the cooleest voices in rock, damn. From Screaming Trees, to Qotsa, the man is a legend. His music will live on🤘
System South
System South:
This is a huge loss for music and a chunk of my youth just eliminated.

I am so heartbroken at this moment but his music will LIVE ON!! RIP Dude. 👊
What a voice, RIP man.
REST IN LOVE MARK 💕 you'll be missed!
Gabriel Piscopo
Gabriel Piscopo:
Condolences to his family 😔
Mark was an amazing artist. Thanks for the great music and great times. RIP.
pUnK n DiSoRdErLy
pUnK n DiSoRdErLy :
Absolutely gutted he's gone.
God bless you Mark RIP
His music left me many good memories and I can't thank him enough for that.
RIP Mark. I met him many times, walking in the valley of Glencar. A hero. A legend.
Sascha Szulc
Sascha Szulc:
His music is part of my life since 1992. Good bye, Mr. Lanegan.
RIP Mark Lanegan, you will be missed by many. 💙
Joy Schlomer
Joy Schlomer:
This man's music has been a part of my life continuously since early 90s when I discovered him in The Screaming Trees. It is unbelievable to me when I talk about him and people aren't sure who he is(was) I feel sorry for them. His voice and songs the best, my favorite. Also need to admire how he kept progressing as a musician, so many cool collaborations. You all gotta hear him with Kris Kristofferen, beautiful. I will miss him so much.
Brandon Hawkins
Brandon Hawkins:
Just heard the news, I'm saddened to hear this. I loved his music and his voice. My condolences to his family and friends. May he rest in peace.
Meli Missfit
Meli Missfit:
I first heard about Mark thanks to Mad Season, since he provided vocals for "Long Gone Day", and "I'm Above". May he rest in peace, and make more jammers with Layne Staley up there in the clouds.
Lucy House
Lucy House:
Oh my goodness! This is so sad . He’s so talented 🖤♥️
Whoa, shocked to hear this. Saw The Screaming Trees in 1996 on the Lollapalooza tour. Grunge was in it's dying days, but the power and energy of them and Soundgarden that day, you'd never know it. An amazing voice silenced. He's gone to join Andrew, Chris, Kurt, and Layne in the Great Gig in the Sky.
Anita grey
Anita grey:
Such a horrible news, I'm devastated...R.I.P. Mark 💔🕯
Urban Beardman
Urban Beardman:
I cannot believe this. Another loss of a great musician. R.I.P. 🙏
J T:
Loved his work with the Screaming Trees and solo albums. The last great singer of the grunge era is gone. RIP
Jon Donnelly
Jon Donnelly:
Thanks for all the great music Mark, you will be missed.
maria joao fmd
maria joao fmd:
his voice will live forever within my heart
T. Riley Roo
T. Riley Roo:
This is absolutely heartbreaking! My life will never be the same without being able to hear him sing.

Does it sound like he had a bigger impact in my life than everyone else in the comments? I hope everyone believes that I had some kind of connection with him that no one else can understand. Losing a guy I didn't know is hard but it's harder to convince others that I had some kind of deeper connection with him than they did. Oh man, it hurts so bad... be sure to follow me on Twitter.
John Osbourn
John Osbourn:
This is really sad, and my condolences goes out to his family.
Mountainpeak Cloud
Mountainpeak Cloud:
What a huge loss. One of the last of the greats from the Seattle scene. I was lucky enough to see him perform with QOTSA in 2004. RIP
Paul Lambe
Paul Lambe:
So Sad. In shock. Amazing singer and person. He came to live in my Country and passed away here. All fans of him will never forget his impact. RIP Mark.
Just a few days ago I was listening to his version of "I'll take care of you". Damn, rest in peace. Thank you for the music that will stay.
Mark Wilken
Mark Wilken:
Don’t be sad that he’s gone, be thankful he was here
Micca Thompson
Micca Thompson:
Damn, the screaming trees will always been one of my top 10 favorites. R.I.P. Mark, thank you.
Ganjjabar's Medium
Ganjjabar's Medium:
RIP, a true vocal legend in the rock community 🤘❤
alen Parra
alen Parra:
All of the songs he sings on the QOTSA Rated R are the best songs!!
I’m gutted.. RIP Mark 🤘🥀
Dubba Trubba
Dubba Trubba:
I loved this guy! His deep, dark, brooding voice was one of a kind.
Chosen One
Chosen One:
So sad. Mark was legendary. Great loss for music
David Murray
David Murray:
A courageous, enduring, brilliant man of song and often dark storytelling in song and on the written page,
mesmerizing vocalist, prolific composer, accomplished interpreter of other's music as well. Above all, a humble and soulful artist. A staggering loss for American music. My condolences to his wife, his family and friends everywhere. With heavy heart, RIP Mark. Thank you for enriching my life through all your creations.
RIP Mark Lanegan. Thank you very much for your voice and contribution to rock music. Very honored to still hear your music.
Brilliant voice with a huge catalogue of music. The song Sweet Oblivion by Screaming Trees was the first time I heard him many years ago and it's still one of my favourite performances by him. Unbalanced Pieces by Soulsavers too. There's too many. Saw him live once with Queens and it was amazing. Rest in peace.
Cross Eyed Bear
Cross Eyed Bear:
He sounds utterly amazing on The Hangin' Tree........ your voice remains with us
Roger Cardenas
Roger Cardenas:
May his soul rest in peace. 🙏🙏🙏🙏
The voices of grunge rock, man... nearly all of them dying far too soon. Kurt, Layne, Scott, Chris and now Mark. Thanks for all the music and memories you brought us, Mark. We'll miss you dearly. RIP
He was such an underated artist. I loved screaming trees found out about them 2 years ago. found out about mark in 2017 after I beat rage his now favorite song of mine played at the credits. He needed more attention than he had he was awesome.
David Anderson
David Anderson:
This dudes music got me through heroin addiction. I've got over decade clean. I'm absolutely heartbroken by this.
_ naco
_ naco:
WTF I didn't expect this, maaan he had such a great voice, damn this hit hard, RIP 🙏
Arthur Diniz
Arthur Diniz:
Met him by the Mad Season Above album when I was a teenager, loved that lines - especially "Long Gone Day". Then listened to all Screaming Trees' discography. You'll surely be missed, Mr. Mark Lanegan...
Gina Bridges
Gina Bridges:
Loved The Songs And Performances With Layne Staley 🙌🏼✨✨
Thank You Mark For Sharing Your Talents With The World 🌍
Praying For Your Family During This Difficult Time 🙏🏼🕊✨
God damn. Our youth is slipping away. He was still so young age wise. Amazing voice and talent. God speed.
Laura Watters
Laura Watters:
RIP Mark Lanegan 😇 I loved him when he sang with Layne Staley in Mad Season, Long Gone Days!! He will be truly missed by many!! 💝🤘✌️
katina martin
katina martin:
I didnt know the man but it is always sad when we lose someone that brings beauty and art to the world.
Mike Rudolph
Mike Rudolph:
Thoughts and Prayers are with his family. 🙏
Sonny Mall
Sonny Mall:
One of my favourite vocalists ever
R.I.P legend
rest in peace Mark, we love you ❤️