Lenny Kravitz - It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over

Official video of Lenny Kravitz performing It Ain't Over Til It's Over from the album Mama Said.
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Directed by Jesse Dylan.
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Courtney Gibson Jr
Courtney Gibson Jr:
Everytime I’m depressed, I listen to this. Not about relationships but about life. I still have a whole life ahead. It ain’t over until it’s over.
Michael Goings
Michael Goings:
Lenny Kravitz is so underrated as an artist. If I recall correctly, he played almost all instruments on the "Let Love Rule" album. In this song, I think he played all instruments except the Sitar. Lenny, a great example of taking something white and something black, and together something beautiful.
Cylu C
Cylu C:
Back here in 2022, didn't get over this song I love it 😍🎶🎧🎤
Nick F
Nick F:
That guitar solo and that bass riff RIGHT after the solo is such an addicting combination... Simple yet brilliant... Gets stuck in your head with Lenny's falsetto voice... Lol... I love it!
Cassia G. Cardoso
Cassia G. Cardoso:
So many tears I've cried
So much pain inside
But baby, it ain't over till it's over
So many years we've tried
To keep our love alive
But baby, it ain't over till it's over

So many tears I've cried
So much pain inside
But baby, it ain't over till it's over
So many years we've tried
And kept our love alive
'Cause baby, it ain't over till it's over

So many tears we've cried
So much pain inside
But baby, it ain't over till it's over
So many years we've tried
To keep our love alive
'Cause baby, it ain't over till it's over
So many tears we've cried
So much pain inside
But baby, it ain't over till it's over
Carrie Ogle
Carrie Ogle:
My favorite Kravitz song. Still listening in 2021.
Tony Seyffer
Tony Seyffer:
There's Rock and Roll, but with Lenny, you get Rock and Soul!
London Campbell
London Campbell:
Every time I play this song I feel renewed. Lenny Kravitz is one of my fav all-time musicians!!!🥰🥰🥰
evan walters
evan walters:
We knew the 80's were over when this song came out. Instant classic. Lenny went on to rock our socks off after this. Incredible artist.
Fernando Cabanillas
Fernando Cabanillas:
This song reminds me so much of my ex-wife, well Lori I guess it’s finally over. I love you so much that I just want you to be happy even if it’s not with me. Thank you for 27 years of great memories and 4 beautiful children. Maybe in another life we could be happy again.
Max Power
Max Power:
It is now 2020, and i want to be friends with everyone that still loves this song
Adrine Paiva
Adrine Paiva:
Eu nunca vou me cansar dessa música, atemporal, transcende preenche todo o espaço, o que eu posso dizer desse baixo? Paixão eterna 🌹
I am DEFINITELY VIBIN' to this Classic Lenny; hope he comes back with a new album similar to this for in 2022, this is STILL 🔥🔥🔥
I used to LOVE Lenny Kravitz as a young adult, and …Mama Said is a great album. This came out in 1991, the summer before senior year. I feel melancholy hearing this…I miss my youth, my loves…
hands down one of the most beautiful songs ever made
MaGiK B34ST:
I remember being so young, waiting to hear this on the weekend countdown on the radio, so I could record it to my cassette tape. Oh, it was worth the wait. I played it over and over. I was a fan. Love this beautiful and talented King.
Born in the 80s and still listening to Lenny’s music!! So so good
Graham Wood
Graham Wood:
Timeless song. Brilliant bass line throughout.
Kelly Smunt
Kelly Smunt:
I like a lot of different music but just heard it on Euphoria season 2 episode 3. Not really thought about it before and thought it was fine young cannibals. Definitely aged well and now it is a great track to me. Saved to playlist.
Miriã das Neves
Miriã das Neves:
Esse som simplesmente maravilhoso.
Cyclone Sister
Cyclone Sister:
This type of music needs to come back.
I Am Free L’Amour
I Am Free L’Amour:
This song always takes me back to a kid running in the backyard at a family cookout. I will always love this song….and I absolutely love the comments on this video. Love, this is what it’s all about.🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾❤️❤️❤️
Diego Zavala Xed
Diego Zavala Xed:
Honestly, the rawness of his vocal performance here is PERFECT for this song. You can hear almost pain and exhaust-- which matches the context of the song perfectly.
Muito bom.
Vic Barrie
Vic Barrie:
I love this song so much. I sing it with my friends headphones now . It sounds so amazing . Thanks for the great music. 🎼🎸🥁🎤🎧
Erika Cristina
Erika Cristina:
Amo essa música 😁
Jennifer Williams
Jennifer Williams:
Def an underrated song. Such feeling and depth listening to it
Poetry 皇后 Mac
Poetry 皇后 Mac:
Some songs just never get old. <3
Helena Dietsche
Helena Dietsche:
Delícia de música♥️
Chronic _isCam
Chronic _isCam:
I don’t care who you are...where you come from what you did in your life....If you like this song we can chill 🙂
Женщина Любовник
Женщина Любовник:
Pure class. Love this
Great memories
Antonia Rosas
Antonia Rosas:
Love this song ❤️ gives me chills
Feral Shade
Feral Shade:
I love it when a major song is released on the actual artist's channel! It really makes you feel that much more connected to the music :)
Betzy Izquierdo
Betzy Izquierdo:
2022 y este hombre me sigue encantando con su Talento y su hermosura 😍
Still-Standing Runner 810
Still-Standing Runner 810:
This song is 30 years old and is still as great as it was back then
Luz Marina
Luz Marina:
Belleza de canción y de intérprete.
Clayton LaChance
Clayton LaChance:
First song I heard from Lenny and I was hooked. After that he gave me so many good songs. Love you, Lenny.
Randy Cross
Randy Cross:
This makes me feel good still after all these years
Maritza Iturra
Maritza Iturra:
Lenny Kravitz, una de sus mejores canciones, me encanta ...
katia maria menezes tavares
katia maria menezes tavares:
Música maravilhosa, lindo Lenny Kravitz😍
Lizzie Beth
Lizzie Beth:
2:03 describes that nice feeling you get when you eat peppermint, inhale menthol or drink Rumple Minze. I love how it ties you right back to the intro to prove it really ain't over till it's really over!
Brilliantly and beautifully done!
Soñe con esta canción de Lenny, la letra super clara en mi sueño, puesto que nunca recuerdo con claridad lo que sueño al día siguiente pero esta rola si la escuche tal cual, esta y la de again son mis favoritas
2022 and this is still one of my favorite songs from when I was a lil youngin I used to have to turn the volume down on my earphones to my Sony Discman people I went to school with didn't appreciate good music that wasn't rap or straight R&B
G L:
Lenny Kravitz's signature song, and no one sings it better.
Lucas avelar Silva
Lucas avelar Silva:
Top demais essa musica
Danilo S. da silva
Danilo S. da silva:
Música top gosto demais
This song reminds me of a specific moment in time circa 1991. Sun streaming through door of the woodwork room at my high school, and as it happened me all by myself with this Magical song playing on a small transistor radio in the background...as the song played, whilst looking out at the streaming sunshine, I later walking out to stare at the deep blue sky and Sun, a feeling of total inner peace and tranquility and pure unadulterated Joy came over me as this song played ever so gently in the background making it the most perfect setting, and one which takes me back to magical moment whenever I hear or play this song.
Alessandro Soares MOLLA
Alessandro Soares MOLLA:
Gosto muito das músicas do Lenny Kravitz ⭐⭐⭐⭐ excelente músico .
Alejandra Rojo
Alejandra Rojo:
La podría escuchar un millón de veces más, es perfecta.
Amaragil Alves
Amaragil Alves:
Um grande talento um dos melhores cantores de todos os tempos
Mark Martin
Mark Martin:
This song Is so smooth and laid back
Love it
Jamel Coles
Jamel Coles:
2022 and this song still makes me feel good…. So timeless… so epic … brings back so many memories. Thank you Lenny
pra sempre grata pela minha mãe me apresentar a músicas tão maravilhosas quanto essa
André Bahia
André Bahia:
Uma obra de arte dos anos 90 👏👏
Claudia Pereira Cunha
Claudia Pereira Cunha:
Melodia q faz bem ha alma e aos ouvidos escutar ,Show ! 👏👏👏👏💞🎼💞🎼💞🎼🎼
Bb Snow
Bb Snow:
Over and over this soulful, beautiful song kept me driving the lonely highways back home across our vast country, after learning my army veteran father is suffering for serving his country over 55 years ago, it plays every time I turn my car on, reminding me of a man who gave to everyone he knew, most of all to his family and his eldest daughter who will forever adore him, for what he gave up unselfishly. Thank you for a song that will forever make the meaning to one man's life soar in our hearts, our dreams, our lives....
Feliciana Cardoso De Deus
Feliciana Cardoso De Deus:
Essa música me trás grandes recordações boas ❤
Daniel Bradford
Daniel Bradford:
One of the sexiest slow jams of the last 30 years. Straight talk.
julie beale
julie beale:
Takes me back to the summer of 91 Just Beautiful Lenny Thankyou x
Fred Floyd
Fred Floyd:
Kenny Lravitz ...awesome tunes you bring to life..That 60's guitar player is just incredible...He can play anything and it is just great.. Reminds of Rhino...Captain Beyond....Jam on people....!!!!!!
Love this song!!
Rafael Mota
Rafael Mota:
Simplesmente demais
Adam Melot
Adam Melot:
This guy is so versatile - so many different styles, and all executed perfectly. A true talent!
Oh man, that voice change over @1:27 goosebumps every time !!
usher george
usher george:
Tá aí um som, todas as vezes que escuto, só lembranças boas 🙅🏿‍♂️🙅🏿‍♂️🙅🏿‍♂️🙅🏿‍♂️🙅🏿‍♂️
Jay Lamar
Jay Lamar:
My mom would have this song on the car radio 98.7 Kiss FM NYC or 105.3 WDAS Philly.
It really makes me happy and sad at the same time. Overcoming life obstacles for sure. But sad because legends like him aren’t being replaced no more.
Mi favorita del buen Lenny ❤️
Lorraine James
Lorraine James:
I didn’t realize how much I needed to listen to Lenny Kravitz right now: thank you!!!! 🎼 ❤️ 🎸 👼🏾
Bradley LB
Bradley LB:
That bass line is amazing and mixed perfectly.
Jolynn Frost
Jolynn Frost:
Brilliant song!
I grew up in the early seventies and this song reminds me of that amazing time so much.
Thank you Lenny for this beautiful song!
maria sv
maria sv:
really hard to overstate how happy this makes me feel
Vanesa Huaccachi
Vanesa Huaccachi:
Una de las mejores canciones del mundo. Escuchándola en diciembre 2021
P Świerczyński
P Świerczyński:
Here we are, still together
We are one
So much time wasted
Playing games with love
So many tears I've cried
So much pain inside
But baby, it ain't over till it's over
So many years we've tried
To keep our love alive
But baby, it ain't over till it's over
How many times did we give up
But we always worked things out
And all my doubts and fear kept me wondering, yeah
If I'd always always be in love
So many tears I've cried
So much pain inside
But baby, it ain't over till it's over
So many years we've tried
And kept our love alive
'Cause baby, it ain't over till it's over
So many tears I've cried
So much pain inside
Baby, it ain't over till it's over
So many years we've tried
And kept our love alive
'Cause baby, it ain't over till it's over
So many tears I've cried
So much pain inside
But baby, it ain't over till it's over
So many years we've tried
To keep our love alive
'Cause baby, it ain't over till it's over
So many tears we've cried
So much pain inside
But baby, it ain't over till it's over
So many years we've tried
To keep our love alive
'Cause baby, it ain't over till it's over
So many tears we've cried
So much pain inside
But baby, it ain't over till it's over
Apaixonada por essa música e esse homem 😍🇧🇷 2022
Fabio Bastos
Fabio Bastos:
"A minha fantasia, era te ter um dia, não esperava assim tão de repente" 😅🎶
Janella Macaraig
Janella Macaraig:
I'm definitely going to make my son listen to this masterpiece. 👌
E D D I:
It's 2022 and I'm still blasting this at my house
my favorite song of his. still rocks!
Thomas Watkins
Thomas Watkins:
The rotated this onto the classic rock station during their “overeasy” block. It’s one of a few 90s songs they play (among mostly 60s-80s dad rock) and it fits absolutely perfectly. That’s timeless.
Khalee The Husky
Khalee The Husky :
I just discovered this song and I’ve been obsessed since then! I discovered this on Euphoria’s season 2 and I don’t regret it 😍 LOVE THIS SO MUCHHH
Lourdes Rey Murcia
Lourdes Rey Murcia:
es un buen video me encanta Lenny kravitz❤️❤️🥰
Francisco Fallas Madrigal
Francisco Fallas Madrigal:
No me canso de escuchar este gran compositor una melodia aterciopelada un gran R&B
Daniel Hernandez
Daniel Hernandez:
A timeless instant classic. This song is pure bliss.
Marvin Leonicio
Marvin Leonicio:
In my opinion this is Kravitz best song... This music will last a lifetime!!!
Twixy LN
Twixy LN:
This song makes me feel like I’m floating. It’s just so smooth. It makes me feel like I’m in a bathtub filled with roses and fragrance of roses.
was a kid when i first heard this song but man now that im older this song hits different 👌💯
Eliezer Andrade
Eliezer Andrade:
Essa canção faz lembrar minha adolescência... Bons anos 90...
Liliana Benítez
Liliana Benítez:
That bass line is amazing. This fantastatic song is perfect and timeless.
Joel Santos
Joel Santos:
It drives me back to the 70's !!!
Released 30 years ago. Timeless, beautiful song.
Marie Porzio
Marie Porzio:
Will always totally love this awesome song !
This song was on my heart so I had to come listen to it!
Cecilia Odainai
Cecilia Odainai:
Trying to learn the bass of this amazing song. Thank you Mr. Kravitz
Tamika Lawrence
Tamika Lawrence:
Still on love with this song in 2022, timeless
C J West
C J West:
Great song 🎵 👌 👏
João Kowacs
João Kowacs:
One time, before youtube internet and all, I called the radio from my room when I was a kid alone in my room sleepless late at night. And the radio played it. It is a very good memory.
Sonny uk
Sonny uk:
Cannot believe that this was released in 91.. Seems just like just a few years back. Brilliant track. Where does time go?
Jack the Rabbit
Jack the Rabbit:
Remember listening to this song many times, good memories
dunn np
dunn np:
Just such an awesome song don't give up 👊🙌🙏💖😇
Malgorzata Anna Franz
Malgorzata Anna Franz:
I love this song , is relaxing me a specially in this crazy times we are living now !!, it’s insane ..