Leonardo DiCaprio Discusses 'The Wolf of Wall Street'

Ellen is a big fan of his performance in "The Wolf of Wall Street," and the handsome Leonard DiCaprio was here to tell her about the film and his good friend and co-star, Jonah Hill.

Leo is nominated for a Golden Globe as Best Actor (Musical or Comedy) for his performance in "The Wolf of Wall Street" and is also getting Oscar buzz. He described his favorite scene of the film to Ellen, calling it the "most wild thing" he's ever done in his life.

"It all resulted in this insane sequence in the end where Jonah decides to stuff ham into his mouth as well, and crashes into a plate glass table... and we were doing this CPR sequence, and you know the big challenge that day -- we had to do 70 takes because they couldn't get this ham to stick on my face and they had to put K-Y Jelly, and there's literally a guy there behind this giant window with a plastic spoon just flicking ham on my face all day long as I'm doing this insane sequence! But it was almost... it was one of the most surreal things I've ever done in my entire career."

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Eric Legend
Eric Legend:
I don't think people realize how smart he actually is.
Maria A
Maria A:
The oscars don't deserve Leo.
Marshall Eriksen
Marshall Eriksen:
He deserved one for Django and Wolf of Wallstreet. He was pretty damn good as Jay Gatsby too
Who else have watched this movie more than 2 times??
Pale Zombie
Pale Zombie:
Absolutely ridiculous he didn’t win an Oscar for The Wolf.
I don't care if he's 25 years older than me. I still love him :')
Princess Peachie
Princess Peachie:
I think Ellen would turn straight for Leo LOL
A natural charmer. This guy is adorable.
Jess Wtts
Jess Wtts:
The extreme sex appeal of Leo makes Ellen question her sexuality 😂
Jess B
Jess B:
Leonardo is the only actor who I feel like takes his full time and energy to study every bit of his characters and legitimately transforms himself into the character. I've never seen anything like it. That's talent.
Armani Fan
Armani Fan:
I disagree when people say “Leo only looked good when he was younger” He’s still so hot 😂 if I was older I would definitely try to get a date with him. He’s still a handsome and beautiful man inside and out. I’m a big fan!
is anyone having a Leo MARATHHOONNN?!!!
L Saito
L Saito:
His voice... I could just hear him speak about nothing forever...
TIE Arts
TIE Arts:
The whole Oscar thing, he should have won for the following: Gilbert Grape, The Aviator, Django Unchained, The Wolf of Wall Street and The Revenant. A 5 timer
his accent is so different for every performance that it's really weird hearing his normal speaking voice
White Washed
White Washed:
im a dude and think Leonardo DiCaprio is freaking good looking
Jade Tippens
Jade Tippens:
Ellen looks a little bit in love with him.
Timur Lord's Beloved
Timur Lord's Beloved:
Anna x
Anna x:
The reason he doesn't have an Oscar is because he's overqualified ;)
Chelsea Beaumont
Chelsea Beaumont:
he deserved a damn Oscar for the basketball diaries !
Iida R
Iida R:
Flicking ham into Leonardo DiCaprio's face must be the best job in the world
Mae Lily
Mae Lily:
Watching this in 2020 and I’m still so in love with Leo. I cried DRAMATIC bawling tears when he finally won his Oscar for The Revenant
Warden R.ian
Warden R.ian:
Maybe hes most underrated performance is the great gatsby,it was a perfect drama movie with perfect actors leo and toby maguire
What a beautiful man, not only physically!
Marian Jane
Marian Jane:
This is one of the best performances in a movie and he didn’t get an Oscar, shame on you Oscars.
Karina Loves Billie Eilish
Karina Loves Billie Eilish:
I have an obsession with young Leonardo DiCaprio he’s my ultimate crush omg
Never seen Ellen so close to being straight
It's been 2 years and I still don't understand how he didn't get an Oscar for this.
Silly Willy
Silly Willy:
He should of won an oscor for 10 different films. Hes an outstanding actor.
Claude Vanlalhruaia
Claude Vanlalhruaia:
I don't think that there'll be even 10 people in this world who hate Leonardo. He's really a cool and smart guy with all the looks and hardwork.
He's one of the most eloquent actors ever
Madis-Mattias Lind
Madis-Mattias Lind:
The best ones don't win Oscars, they win our hearts.
Öz im
Öz im:
dicaprio didn't get the oscar. oscar got dicaprio.
Sahiba Kaur
Sahiba Kaur:
leo’s so natural! i don’t care if he’s 25 or 45 i’ll always love him the same way! i can look into his eyes and hear his voice forever!
Hannah Love!
Hannah Love!:
Idc if we have a 32 year difference I’ll still marry him 😂😂
Ellen was boutta go straight for a second lmao
• Ravenclaw •
• Ravenclaw •:
I like the way he says "jordan belfort"
Anna Rossi
Anna Rossi:
Leo has now become a legend. What a transition from beautiful young boy who could act very well to the accomplished artist of today.
Sparkly Sammie
Sparkly Sammie:
The wolf of wall street is one of the best movie I've watched in my entire life! Just love the satire!!!
Anna Yike
Anna Yike:
Who's here after leo finally won the oscar?
Kevin Mozulay
Kevin Mozulay:
The most legendary boss in the game right now
kuriakose jim
kuriakose jim:
Imagine bieng tasked to do nothing but flick ham at Leonardo Dicaprio’s face all day long.....
Phillip L.
Phillip L.:
I can't get over the fact that he is so nice! First interview of his that I've seen, I thought he was going to be a dick! He's a sweetheart!
Lindsey Gartz
Lindsey Gartz:
I just watched this movie for the first time the other day and it was hilarious! I still can’t believe I was only 10 when this movie came out
Niklas Dahlström
Niklas Dahlström:
Imagine making a movie that is about Leo not getting a oscar, and the actor who plays Leo wins a oscar, it's the ultimate evil.
Myriam Lorienzi
Myriam Lorienzi:
I'm so in love with Di Caprio, he is such a sweet and kind person other than one of the most talented actors in the whole fucking universe
Pretty much every movie he's been in has made it to the Oscars for the past 15 years... its called the Leo effect.
George Kenny
George Kenny:
“I know what they’re called” 🤣🤣🤣 Ellen’s hilarious
John Smith
John Smith:
I LOVE Leonardo's movies!! "Catch me if you can", "Blood Diamond", "The Aviator"....
Hugh tyson
Hugh tyson:
Leonardo didn't miss out on an Oscar . The Oscars missed out on leonardo
Zacharie Phair
Zacharie Phair:
Leo is amazing at becoming the character he is acting as. He even says “I” instead of “him” as if he is actually jordan Belford
Sahabuddin Ahamed
Sahabuddin Ahamed:
Truly legend Leo
I just wanna say I love how Ellen is the only talk show he ever goes on. Ever.
michael amegatcher
michael amegatcher:
It's one of my Favorite Leonardo Movies. Thumbs up My Legend.
Mariam Sirabidze
Mariam Sirabidze:
Leonardo deserves, but does not need an Oscar.
So, relax guys. 
He really doesn't care about that golden statue of a naked man.
Kieran S
Kieran S:
How mind blowing is it that Ellen has seen him rise up through his career.
just an unicorn passing by
just an unicorn passing by:
Ellen: You're a great actor!
Ellen inside: OMG IM WITH LEOOOO
james kloshteinjaghen
james kloshteinjaghen:
I wish she hosted the oscars this year so she can see him win !
King Infinite
King Infinite:
I'm a straight dude but this guy is an undisputable stud
This is the fourth interview of his that im watching and he is so relaxed
Giulia Pegazzano
Giulia Pegazzano:
I love how excited Ellen is as she's interviewing Leo lol
mialovescontortion agt
mialovescontortion agt:
So what if Leonardo DiCaprio is 32 years older than me he is still hot and he is still my celebrity crush
Walle C
Walle C:
It is quite phenomenal how he conducts himself. He seems very genuine.
i still did not get over the fact he didn't get the oscar for this movie. so not fair. leo's the most talented incredible actor and unbelievably humble guy
Stories by susama
Stories by susama:
How can he be so humble all the time? This is something I want to learn in my life
Rodrigo Ventilari
Rodrigo Ventilari:
Everything about him looks a lot like Christopher Nolan in it
Engiwuck incognito
Engiwuck incognito:
They should have put a "behind the the scenes" footage on the DVD where you see that guy with the spoon throwing ham in his face. Would have been epic
Little Miss Stamper
Little Miss Stamper:
He is one of the rare few actors in Hollywood who still has the old school class, style, and charisma...not to mention the incredible talent. He reminds me of Jack Nicholson, and those are not easy shoes to fill...but he does it effortlessly ♥
Latoya M.
Latoya M.:
I love how everyone loves Ellen and are so comfortable around her
Ellen mentions the Oscars.
[Leo tenses]
"I hope to see you there"

- Time Skip to Feb 2016 -

[Leo wins an Oscar FINALLY]
Sidharth Mohanty
Sidharth Mohanty:
never gonna ever any actors gonna come who gonna kick him out of my heart and mind..alwaz loved ldicaprio```Gods most beloved masterpiece creation
Jerry G.
Jerry G.:
Best movie I've seen, he's the king of acting
joy himanshu
joy himanshu:
he is doing excellent since"'what eating gilb.....".he deserved oscar for: what eating... ,django and wolf of wall street.
Shelbee Montgomery
Shelbee Montgomery:
he deserved an oscar for what’s eating gilbert grape...absolutely phenomenal
Forrest Gump
Forrest Gump:
*_Most talented actor in the world_*
لينا حبيبي
لينا حبيبي:
Aww I love Leo :3
me: falls in love every time i see him
Numeer Imtiaz
Numeer Imtiaz:
Greatest and the most skillful actor of all time he’s a snake leonardo you are an absolute legend
Lauren Rauh
Lauren Rauh:
Leo is perfection...
Aruna Solanki
Aruna Solanki:
There's something about 'Leonardo Dicaprio' that makes you feel, he's everything.
William Parker
William Parker:
3:57 A film within a film? Sounds like Film-ception to me.
11 BangBang
11 BangBang:
He’s too good to even be on this show
Lindsay Montgomery
Lindsay Montgomery:
I didn't know it was possible to like him more!
-Ellen "Hold my mic"
God: "so how much charisma do you want?"
Leo: "yes"
DiCaprio would make a good President
Holly Wilson
Holly Wilson:
I love listening to him talk.
Sarah Resendiz
Sarah Resendiz:
"he's got the hellacopters." That my friend, is how your pronounce helicopter.
Carolina Indiann
Carolina Indiann:
THE greatest actors of all time and such a humble Sweet person!!
subtle visions
subtle visions:
imagine being the guy having to throw ham at leonardo dicaprio’s face and being paid for it
Hich 24
Hich 24:
He is a genius❤
suga white kitten
suga white kitten:
Leo is the greatest actor ever undoubtedly💫
Николай Ненов
Николай Ненов:
It is an absolute crime that this man has still not an oscar in his collection of rewards...

Edit: thanks for the likes guys.
He has a cool personality
Senate Shakya
Senate Shakya:
Leo is Hollywood Royalty.
Sheramir Singh Dullat
Sheramir Singh Dullat:
He has an Oscar now guys, chill out down there 😂
Leo: HI
audience: *screams*