Lewis Hamilton Lap 49 Lock-Up Team Radio and Post Race at the 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

This is Lewis Hamiltons team radio from lap 9 to end of the race.

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Hamilton: *Drives his car into the sea*
Bono: "Yea no sweat"
Alistair Stuurman
Alistair Stuurman:
Love how cool the race engineer is. Super positive. Love this team. Keep up the great work Petronas Mercedes AMG.
karma, in monaco he blame on team,
in baku pure he's own fault
Brave Concepts
Brave Concepts:
Matrix Agent Jones: "Only human."

Don't worry kids, Neo will get back on his feet.
System 87
System 87:
Hats off to Perez for staying in front of Lewis for so long...keeping him just out of DRS. Bummed for Max n Lance. Go Seb. "Whoa, oh, oh it's MAGIC"!
Two Black Labs
Two Black Labs:
The placement of that “magic brake” switch needs to move...and I’m sure they’ll make it less accesible.
It seems like it is partially driver error and partially design/button mapping. I feel like a setting that dramatically shifts the brake bias to the fronts should be harder to push in, or in another spot entirely to avoid this in the future.
Perez must have been like
"Don't do it don't do it I warned you"
So It was the Majic. Great, post-mortem complete I guess. The irony though, The majic took him from first to last abracadabra. 😂🤣😂 "It's a marathon though not a sprint" 👈 jinxed him real bad but yes he can surely come back from this.
"yeah...we'll have a chat later.....well done......fantastic......great job"........;-)
ghost rider
ghost rider:
toto - "NOT A MISTAKE" - LOL
Haven't heard that tone from Lewis
Why would bottas do that?
Gabriel Araújo
Gabriel Araújo:
I don't desire the bad for Hamilton, but formula 1 for the past years its just exciting when something happens to him, Like Monza 2020. When Max hit the barriers I got super excited too, because Perez got the chance to win. Hamilton its not a bad driver and doesn't deserve the hate.
Ahmad Ahmad
Ahmad Ahmad:
He will learn from the moment. He will better next, race session is still long
Bottas fault
I wonder why no one is mentioning how he was trying to take verstappen out with him, and failed. I haven't seen hamilton do a stunt like that in many years. He didn't even turn into the corner. A sad attempt. The magic button? Are they implying that they are activating something only they know about? Does the fia know? Is this why they have been dominant all these years? Time will tell.
lun l
lun l:
Bye bye hamilton
Can anyone tell me what went wrong please?....did he purposely stop?...or because he was smoking?
Frank Muusz
Frank Muusz:
Oké, so that 'Magic' sounds like a speed dial to me but on the thin line of illegal. Is that permitted?
Vivek Rao
Vivek Rao:
Wow, a magic button that turns your breaks off? Trying to think of why anyone would want something like that.
larry N
larry N:
Ok what's a magic?
Snowcone Guy
Snowcone Guy:
I think he cried
I liked Hamilton when he came into F1. I thought he was a team player, and cared about the team and the sport. However, the years have shown his arrogance, snide remarks against Nico and others, along with bashing his team. He needs a ton of humility set his way.
Peter Byrne
Peter Byrne:
Maybe it was the cheap shampoo that done it,haha, baldy boy