LEWIS HAMILTON magic button error caused him to lose the Podium | 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

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Beyond Time News
Beyond Time News:
Hamilton restart: hmmm I wonder what this button does that says “ do not press, only for Bottas to use for over takes”
F1massa 19
F1massa 19:
It was really "magic"
Faris Hamizan Iskandar
Faris Hamizan Iskandar:
Us fans are the ones winning from this situation. We get to see more dramas from the upcoming races
Abhinandh Rajeev
Abhinandh Rajeev:
He went from p1 to last in just one corner, ofcourse its magic ✨ XD
Wasn't brake failure, hamilton accidently turned on magic (warmup) mode with the upshift. Unlucky but still human error.
Manuel Ruiz
Manuel Ruiz:
They should show this on screen: "please reconnect to a controller"
Anything to learn today?

For me: no.
For the team: yes.
Russ Serpico
Russ Serpico:
Lewis: Remember guys, this is a marathon, not race.
Mercedes: Copy.
Lewis: What the hell, I'll push Sergio as if this was a sprint. Sorry guys, Sergio didn't fall for it.
Domonkos Bóta
Domonkos Bóta:
Amikor magyarul megszólaltak, meglepődtem :D
fariz ascariz
fariz ascariz:
when u at the top, and pressured, u tend to do stupid mistakes.
Tejas Sharma
Tejas Sharma:
He switched on magic mode with the upshift, not a brake failure
Manuel Orfei
Manuel Orfei:
Magic button, a good thing to say for not saying “Lewis made a mistake”
Willie Thepool
Willie Thepool:
Ham:no point to Max!? neither to me!this is what I call sportsmanship😝
Mohd Shahrin Idris
Mohd Shahrin Idris:
Hamilton : So that's what the Shadow Realm button is for.
Jürgen Sommer
Jürgen Sommer:
We all know it was Bottas fault. So give Hamilton a Break!
David Herrera
David Herrera:
Y se marchó... y a su barco le llamó libertaaaad 🤣🎶🎼
whenever i have trouble sleeping I see this video.
Ronald Grey
Ronald Grey:
Hamilton is under strain from Verstappen. You know the saying: “men under strain can snap”.
Gurkirat Singh
Gurkirat Singh:
Hamilton did a Mazepin
Omani لاكازيت Lacazette العماني
Omani لاكازيت Lacazette العماني:
Hamilton restart: hmmm I wonder what this button does that says “ do not press, only for Bottas to use for over takes”
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali:
Its all about luck? I mean luck is part of race fastest car and best racer doesn't always win. I am Hamilton's supporter btw..
look my Playlist
look my Playlist:
Keeps beautiful to watch😂
꧁ৡۣۜ͜͡ Hans ৡۣۜ͜͡ ꧂
꧁ৡۣۜ͜͡ Hans ৡۣۜ͜͡ ꧂:
Lewis is feeling the pressure. Its a marathon, not sprint he is saying. Then 5 minutes later he f*ckes it all up, again to greedy and making a big mistake like 4 races back when he went off while passing a car. I did hear a lot that Max was making mistakes in this chat, but so far max was always P1 or P2 at the finish line. Now again he was P1. The blowout is not his fault, so he only did make 2 tiny mistakes this season while Lewis did make the biggest mistakes of the grid. Today again. So stupid. He could have lead the championship. That was so unmature today. This was a mistake that you would think Tsunoda would make. Blaming the button is kinda lame too. Why not won your mistakes like a man. Lewis is always blaming others. Now he says that he pressed the button because Perez almost did drive into him. I looked that start 10 times. Perez was close but lewis did drive the same way into Perez after that. and he was quickly in frond of him.
Amoghavarsha.s.r Acharya
Amoghavarsha.s.r Acharya:
R8 nw Valterri: where is my magic button 😂😂
I’m thinking about the interview with the monkeys in the car and modern cars being to complicated :D
Brave Concepts
Brave Concepts:
Matrix Agent Jones: "Only human."

Don't worry kids, Neo will get back on his feet.
I wanna see Max's reaction. I'm sure a camera must've catched that.
Magic is a brake warming system pushing all hot air via tubes to the brakes (why all brakes were smoking) this intern led to the brakes being seized and to hot causing the front left to lock up and therefore Lewis going wide, I'm not to sure if that's the correct explanation but most cars have a similar system for when they go under safety car to keep car brakes up to temp
Jude Welch
Jude Welch:
For anyone wondering what they mean by magic like it was, it’s obviously some system that shuts off all rear brakes so you can put heat through the fronts on warmup. He mentioned shifting brake bias all the way forward so that’s obviously what that means🤙🏻
love to see it
ckn 481
ckn 481:
Very satisfying to watch
Zawi Ng
Zawi Ng:
Sabbboh doh
Brian Estrada
Brian Estrada:
He did that on purpose because of max was out he had to make it fair tbh
Liberate tuteme ex inferis
Liberate tuteme ex inferis:
FIA will reduce F1 to one button for all after this
Moussa Kamal
Moussa Kamal:
Its clearly a missed corner not "magic" button.
John Williams
John Williams:
captain mormon
captain mormon:
Magic mode is pretty shit if I'm completely honest
Wonder what the magic button does. Some rule bending stuff they don't want to disclose on radio?
Good job.!
Gery Boros
Gery Boros:
Sose tudjuk meg mit hagyott zárva... 😓
Jatinder Kumar
Jatinder Kumar:
Appreciate him for his courage and stupidity at the same time.
Joan Cahuich
Joan Cahuich:
Drive to survive: " I like it" :)
"Controller Disconnected"
I like this kind of magic!
Best moment ever... xD
Well well well......the Mercedes has a magic button huh? Maybe the FIA should look in to that too!
So many helps to be world champion...
Velid Agović
Velid Agović:
Funny and sad how much hate and frustration people have towards him, just look at the comments full of anger, jealousy and unhappines celebrating any kistake he makes.. Ans he never did anything to you, he just drives and does it well.. Good luck to Lewis and Max, they are both great and We can't wait to see how this battle unfolds!
jack jones
jack jones:
As outrageous as this may sound, I got this wild idea that Lewis Hamilton deliberately went off the circuit... Why? For several reasons, but all vaguely related to chivalry...
Zul Muhamad
Zul Muhamad:
Keep it up Lewey. Enjoy the competition. Enjoy the struggle. That what makes your team and you become champions. The harder the hit, the stronger u becomes.
Edwardo Tinoco
Edwardo Tinoco:
Enjoy your slice of humble pie mate.😏
My favourite moment so far in 2021.
Plus, Verstappen had a DNF but still managed to score a point.
It’s a kind of magic!😁
mark nvt
mark nvt:
Seeing Hamilton warming up his tyres at the start i was suprised that this was allowed. It felt like cheating big time. Because he was the only one who did this.
Shivam Sati
Shivam Sati:
Really feeling the pressure this season
Dan Boone
Dan Boone:
I am glad the DS lost and there will be no satanic rituals today. Praise The Lord for Perez.
Francois Taute
Francois Taute:
Magic thank you pleae of the track..rookie mistake
Щегол Стриженый
Щегол Стриженый:
Hahaha. 😆
K I L L U A N J I:
My God, so much hate message for Hamilton here, but in a way I'm loving it... they don't know this is like fuel for him. But don't worry so much, he will still be the best in the world and the best F1 driver ever exist.
2 rounds behind Mazepin hahaha
Hans-Peter Wurst
Hans-Peter Wurst:
almost too good to be true.... incredible!
عبدالقادر الجزائري
عبدالقادر الجزائري:
I was really happy to see Lewis out of the points just to keep the championship ship alive and not build a huge gap yo Max, also its u fair for Max he deserved the won today
Leems Dai
Leems Dai:
More dramas more interesting for fans.
Finally Formula 1 is more entertaining now that Lewis is beatable and makes mistakes. It was getting boring these 4 years watching Mercedes dominating everything.
Yash Pathak
Yash Pathak:
mazepin beat him
Aryan Yadav
Aryan Yadav:
Me:staring at the screen disappointed after Max crashed😞
Me:when Lewis went of after over heating his brakes😇😇😇god has blessed Lewis with no points
Gumnaam Aadmi
Gumnaam Aadmi:
0:07 happiness.
Try again not brake failure. The only failure was lewis
Oh no crofty will comfort his bf hamilton
forpiepress 1
forpiepress 1:
Oh ho ho he’s magic ya know
Jay Dobbins
Jay Dobbins:
No points for Mercedes. I’ll take more of that, please! ❤️😃😃😃😃
Billy Boy
Billy Boy:
Poor Lewis, even though he is one of the most successful racing drivers in Formula 1...ever, the fans treat him like a leper. Jealousy is not an admirable trait and I would urge fans to grow up and get real. I think someone who has won 7 world champion deserves a little bit of respect.
Nembaj legalább nem szerzett egyikük se pontot de legalább 3különböző csapat ünnepelhetett.
Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard
Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard:
If you have a button that can accidentally be switched on like that and cause you not to have your brakes, then that is a screwed up button that should not be there! Lewis keeps talking about he wants to do other things. I think he is burnt out and does not have his head or heart really in the game. IT is too tempting to rest on your 7 championships and knighthood.
Nick Sam
Nick Sam:
He had won so races. Now it time for other racer.
Karl Schuneman
Karl Schuneman:
The wins is not all smoke and mirrors, magic was not used to win races. When magic is used, they lose, penalty for using magic.
skeleguns 10,ooo,ooo
skeleguns 10,ooo,ooo:
That will be on Netflix for sure
lourembam paikhomba
lourembam paikhomba:
Bottas switch of that magic button😊
Too used to Only being Challenged by Bottas
Lewis now starting to make More n More Mistakes
enrico venezia
enrico venezia:
Magical KARMA…🤣🤣🤣🤣
I wonder if Toto wants to elaborate about his Verstappen-mistakes-comment.
🤤 Go Max 🍀
Enrico Traica
Enrico Traica:
More like to lose the win
Andrzej Hesse
Andrzej Hesse:
great job
Ian Fraser
Ian Fraser:
Hamiltons fault lol
Marcel Schwarzhuber
Marcel Schwarzhuber:
Hamilton is so lost🤣
Hate Lulu shamilton
Hate Lulu shamilton:
I set the button for her to press can boost but i fool her😂😂😂😂🤣🤣
Moris king
Moris king:
its is justice!
Adan Rodriguez
Adan Rodriguez:
Not brake failure tho
magic button is the new slow button
Vlerke Damne
Vlerke Damne:
Terrible start from Perez. Hamilton deserved to pass him if he screwed up this badly. However I am so happy Hamilton went out haha I was rooting for Perez the last few laps after Max went out. Now the championship remains exciting!!
Georgi Vladimirov
Georgi Vladimirov:
Pronto Jamilton?
It's s🅱️inner time
Adam Patel
Adam Patel:
Ant going OOOOHHHH added to it
You can't say error, you have to say "finger problem"
Fabian Gutierrez
Fabian Gutierrez:
Ya me voy enterando que tan honestos son sus comentarios de Hamilton en radio.., puras mentiras y si.., ni modo que el campeón hasta ahora del mundo diga por radio perdon quise ir por el todo pero no pude ni hasta en el final de la carrera con arranque y todo en rebasar a checo, ya que el se siente infinitamente mejor que Checho así que.. bien dicen que los actos hablan más de mil palabras. .
Robert Lewis II
Robert Lewis II:
Anshuman Roy
Anshuman Roy:
Very funny to see people hating on Lewis so much. But you can't be the best without hate and trolls. He will be back. 😎
Aparajit Sinha
Aparajit Sinha:
Can someone explain what happened with lewis?