Leylah Fernandez vs Naomi Osaka Highlights | 2021 US Open Round 3

Leylah Fernandez takes on defending champion Naomi Osaka in Round 3 of the 2021 US Open.

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The 2021 US Open main draw runs from August 30 - September 12 in New York City at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. The tournament takes place for the 141st time and is the fourth and final Grand Slam of the year. Dominic Thiem is the men’s singles defending champion but has withdrawn following an injury. Naomi Osaka is the women’s singles defending champion and will be aiming to claim the title for the third time in four years. Meanwhile, No. 1 seed Novak Djokovic looks to complete the calendar Grand Slam after winning the Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon already this year. Should the Serbian lift the title here for the fifth time, he will also overtake Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal to become the first-ever man to win 21 Grand Slam singles titles. With full capacity crowds back again, it’s time for the greatest return!

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Gabrielle T.
Gabrielle T.:
Super happy for Leylah. She doesn't come from an affluent background and her family sacrificed so much for her to be there. Two or three years ago, she, her sister and her parents all moved to Florida in a small apartment so she could have access to the resources there. Her mom worked longer hours so her dad could coach her, and they basically had no savings and put everything into travelling for tournaments. I'm really happy that their sacrifices paid off and that money is gonna become less and less of a struggle.
Luis Novelo
Luis Novelo:
Two 18 year olds had the best days of their life’s at Ashe Stadium, outlasting the #3 seeds, Osaka and Tsitsipas — WOW ! ! !
If you watched the whole match, you could see Leylah's pure grit and determination! Kudos to such a great player and a rising star ❤️
Wow!!.. We are reminded that the reason we are fans of sport is to be engaged with the players determination and genuine "I want to be here to win and give everything I have!!" that's why we all love watching ....thanks Laylah!!.....
1:55 she asks the crowd support following an incredible point. Never seen her that way . So much emotions tonight! Bravo LEYLAH!!
18 years old playing some incredible drop shots. Says something about her. She will go far.
wilmer figueroa
wilmer figueroa:
I was there at the stadium and I can say that the determination she played to beat the no 3 in the world made her win
Romain Nosbaum
Romain Nosbaum:
The most beautiful thing is to hear a real crowd enjoying like never before after this crazy year…
When she lost the first set, I didn't think Fernandez could come back - it's rare to see that when facing a top tier talent. Great match, and Fernandez certainly didn't let the moment get to her.
Goosebumps!!! Small and mighty! The way she gets the crowd going and shows her appreciation for their support...so beautiful..what a breath of FRESH AIR....🇨🇦
Demigod1 01
Demigod1 01:
This was rich 😄 18yrs young Fernandez was in the zone from the get-go and never wavered, showing great resilience,composure,resolve..
Osaka's game is stagnant, no plan B and can't adjust..trying to power her way through diminutive Leylah and fell short.
I'd say this was one of her more sobering, humbling defeats since her rise.
Fun fact : Osaka's last 3 losses were vs lefties.
Congrats Leylah! What a night for Team Canada! 🇨🇦
Amir Hooshang
Amir Hooshang:
Congratulations to Leylah ,her team and Canada. She played very well and was in total control of her emotion, as she stated that right from start she knew that she will win. She also was so polite to show her kind gratitude to wards the crowd . Canada is very proud of you, we all wish you all the best. Naomi Osaka almost broke her racket twice but was not given even a warning? Why? Media paying too much attention about Osaka but not about Lylah, especially BBC. Leylah is young and practiced so hard to win and she deserve to be acknowledged by her opponent and the Media.
Roy Santiago
Roy Santiago:
US Open took this down to minimize Leylah’s giant slaying on the court this year. Can’t stop greatness ☝️
Dire Wolf
Dire Wolf:
Pride will get you no where! Only determination and hard work pays off!! I hope Naomi Osaka learns that
Angela B
Angela B:
Leylah blew me away. Her game has
Improved so much. I thought Osaka would win quickly in 2 sets. Leylah had a plan and was determined. She kept Osaka running side to side and took the ball early. Osaka always struggles against lefties. She’s great but one dimensional. Great job Leylah. Defending champ and runner up lose same day and both number 3 seeds lost to 18 yo. Day of upsets.
Samir D
Samir D:
Congratulations Leylah! Canada is so proud 🇨🇦
Amazing win for our Canadian girl!! Let's keep going! 🇨🇦❤🇨🇦
brih Mendiola
brih Mendiola:
Fernandez made US Open 2021 most memorable. She beat 3 Top 5 players in a few days. Only Serena and Hingis were able to do that. Raducanu made history. Fernandez is history in the making. Only time will tell who will emerge as #1 in the world.
Yep- when you can stay confident against Naomi Osaka in a game, she will start to crumble. Naomi just cannot stay consistent with her game. Congrats to Leylah Fernandez. She deserves the win and I hope she goes far in this 21 US Open.
Moorish Brooklyn
Moorish Brooklyn:
I'm glad I was able to watch a longer highlight video for this match. What a win. Sorry to see Naomi go but happy for Fernandez.
Frederic Proix
Frederic Proix:
I saw Leylah on Roland Garros this year. Double woman. She has a lot of energy and willpower. I believe in her. She will go far. Go go go Leylah ! 👍🏻
Roy Santiago
Roy Santiago:
Leylah’ previous coach works on Anisimova’s team now…. This is a huge slap in the face to him. So happy Leylah scored this win. I kinda thought she was heading downhill. She normally misses a lot and double faults a lot. She actually had nearly 80% of her first serves in!! WOW
Hunter Sims
Hunter Sims:
Loved the way Leylah Fernandez answered the post-match questions. Very classy and mature. I became a Leylah Fernandez fan after this match.
Great Job for Fernandez, She keep mentally strong after losing a tough first set and outplayed Osaka the rest of the way. Osaka has championship skills but not the emotional strength of an enduring champion….I think this loss may unfortunately be the beginning of her decline.
Leon Ince
Leon Ince:
Everything special we once saw in Osaka, we now see it in Fernandez. The only difference is she's got confidence, far from the shy type. Get em young lady. I'll be following your progress closely.
Gustavo Tejada
Gustavo Tejada:
Congradulations Leylah you deserve it !!
I feel like Osaka's journey is typical of a lot of young players now on tour who achieve great success. There's seemingly an inability to handle the pressure and expectation that comes with winning, which leads to a breakdown in performance. Maybe taking a break, like Ash Barty did in the past, would help Osaka at this point in her career.
I hope it isn't just luck! I'm looking forward to see Leylah's future matches!
In tennis it’s never over until it’s over. The mental toll it takes, I’ll always miss competitive tennis!
So proud of Leylah !! WOW
Angela B
Angela B:
Not cool to leave out Osaka’s temper tantrum. She smashed her racket twice and didn’t even get a warning. Even the commentators who were clearly rooting for her said the rules needs to be applied more consistently bc she deserved at least a warning. Didn’t get a warning until she hit the ball in the audience. That was out of line. And she left the court w/o permission. She was a sore loser and embarrassed to lose to 18 yo Leylah who has never played as well as she’s been playing this US Open.
Clint Tumulak
Clint Tumulak:
I was really impressed with Leylah's 'determination' & 'unadulterated energy' on court. The 18 year old Canadian lefty (She's turning 19 on Sept 6) will surely become one of the sought after tennis stars in the future alongside the 17 year old American Coco Gauff and the 18 year old British tennis player Emma Raducanu ❤
Layla Fernandez and Emma Raducanu are both two amazing young tennis players. I'm from the UK so I kind of wanted Emma to win but paradoxically, I didn't want Layla to lose!
Such a night and day difference with personality/character. That's what we need more of in 2021. Not quiet everyone walking on eggshells.
Kieran Rankie
Kieran Rankie:
I'm so happy to see people's comments calling Osaka out for what she really is. Keep it up people!
Mira Gowaikar
Mira Gowaikar:
go leylah!!! the real icon of determination of grit
A Cloud World
A Cloud World:
Up until Osaka served for the match she was in cruise control. Then she threw in a loose service game. Then the tie break was a disaster. She lost all composure and started to rattle off errors. Missing of both wings. Then losing serve straight away in the third set. She then started to play too fast, to avoid any overthinking. It was a tragedy to watch. You have to feel for Osaka because something is clearly troubling her. She has not looked the same since the Aus Open.

Massive credit to Fernandez. She grew into the match and closed it out. Took advantage of the Osaka frailties. At the age of 18 against the defending champion, in Arthur Ashe, that was impressive. I just can't believe Osaka capitulated like that. Her team need to get behind her. Find her help. Support her and make sure she believes in herself again. She is unplayable at her best. She just needs to be in the right space mentally. Tennis comes after your own state of being. She should find that peace first before picking up the racket.
This young lady Leylah took this match and its so nice to see a young outgoing woman who isn't on the victim of society train. Confident, secure and strong. That's the result of a nurtured environment that must have been the opposite of Osaka's. Which the product that is Naomi is a product of her nurtured environment. There is nothing mentally wrong w her other than lack of.
Tom Graham
Tom Graham:
Leylah has shown me she has the power as that was my only doubt about her. Osaka looks out of shape and will need to use the off season to really catch up on what she's missed this year. She's not playing that badly so she has to take the positives as well.
Rod Rigo
Rod Rigo:
2 teenagers beat the two world number 3s. I can’t wait to see you LF holding a grandslam 🏆, congratulations!
V M:
Leylah-Annie! I am at tennis fan and I had never seen you play before tonight…. 😳 Wow! Ur determination and resolve was so impressive!❤️🇨🇦🔟🔟🔟
Dinakma ni Dacquana
Dinakma ni Dacquana:
Wow she’s carrying 3 flags with her….Canada Ecuador and the Philippines
Spark Ryley
Spark Ryley:
Well well well... Another world no. 3 is out in the tournament by yet another 18 years old (almost 19) Leylah Fernandez. Congratulations Leylah! You deserve the win! Canadian tennis have another new tennis star! ⭐🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦
Leylah played so amazing I’m so glad she is breaking through. I’m hoping Naomi can be mentally sane later on in her career, and just come back stronger.
TimLee Lim
TimLee Lim:
Gigi, Mary-Joe, now Leylah. The Fernandez's just keep rolling on! 💪
Absolutely redicolous how they are so inconsisten those referees. If Kyrgios had done the same thing as Naomi (smashing her racket twics hard at the court without getting a warning) he would already been sent out... why the discrimination?
I understand him when he says he is not treated equally...
Hesus Bucatcat
Hesus Bucatcat:
Wow! Congratulations, Leylah!
Donny Lane
Donny Lane:
Unbelievable game for Leylah Fernandez last night!🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🎾
Qasim Arshad
Qasim Arshad:
Been looking forward to seeing these two play each other because Laylah is an incredible competitor who would always be a tough test for Naomi. And it was a great match. But as a Naomi fan I was really disappointed by how she let her frustration take over at the end of the 2nd set. And by the sounds of it she acknowledges that too. I think she needs a true break & to get some help. I hope she can finish the year strong like she she did a couple of years ago. And I really hope she can defend her AO title
well deserved win by fernandez. love her passion and determination. osaka on the other hand looks very unfit and mentally on another planet.
Wow, Carlos and leyah beating world number 3s
Thomas Meyer
Thomas Meyer:
Love seeing new talent at this Open. Also what the heck is going on with Naomi cuz she didnt look like she wanted to be there smashing groundies and extinguishing hope from her opponents like normal.
Gk k
Gk k:
Teenage is Teenage.. Leylah looks slim and weak but the hidden power of teenage is within her 💪💪💪
Vishal Bhavnaani
Vishal Bhavnaani:
Wow she is so committed and motivated
Her small frame hides the inner strength to excel
Osaka is the far better player, no doubt.
But she stopped working hard, and is constantly occupied with things that don‘t help her, but stop her from being a great champion.
It‘s her call, and her career.

Fernandez used her chances, and wanted to go for it, no matter what. That‘s the difference.
Vegan Ioan
Vegan Ioan:
Three 18-year-olds in the Fourth round of the USOpen 2021.
Carlos Alcaraz
Leylah Fernandez
Emma Răducanu.

Vibhor Gupta
Vibhor Gupta:
Well fought Leylah...the Little Wonder at 18!
Excelente , talento joven poderoso.
aaron aragon
aaron aragon:
Osaka made a mistake pulling out of the French. Players are moving past her very quickly...
Padfoot Moony
Padfoot Moony:
Reminds me of Serena Williams…. I think she was only 18 when she won her first GS ever at the US Open in 99… I see a bright future ahead of Leylah! Well done…
Kevin Jackson
Kevin Jackson:
Love it and Osaka storming off the court was even better
Ben TheKeeshond
Ben TheKeeshond:
Wow! Who is this Leylah Fernandez? Congrats to Leylah! This match clearly demonstrated the lefty advantage. But I think Osaka lost it because of her erratic forehands. In the future, Osaka's coach needs to somehow communicate with her when she is spraying shots just inches outside the lines. Osaka just lost her concentration.
Canada and Philippines is proud of you Leylah!!!🇨🇦🇵🇭🇨🇦🇵🇭...!
Alan Costa
Alan Costa:
Leylah come playing decently since Montreal, she just needed this kind of opponent to show herself or simply loses so she showed.
Agustin Alzugaray
Agustin Alzugaray:
Increible el partidazo q se mando esta chicaa de Canadá q genia!
JY Kim
JY Kim:
I thought Fernadez lost match, when 1st set passed, wow she got lots of potential...
Wow didn't expect this but Naomi seemed off. But congrats to Leylah. Honestly never heard of her or Alcaraz but these youngins coming in and taking over. Love Naomi but time for some new blood
David Keenan
David Keenan:
In the final, Emma just didn't let Leylah play so many shots inside the base line. She kept forcing her back. Laud Leylah by all means, but please acknowledge that on the day of the final, Emma was the better player. Just as she'd been in her previous nine matches.

Leylah is a rising star inside tennis, Emma is a rising star both inside and beyond tennis.
Talented and beautiful young Leylah 💪🏽Naomi I still love you 😘 I know you will come back stronger and with better strategies to stay at the top.
hussein mohamed
hussein mohamed:
Come on Fernandez💪🏽 Well done
Susan Lailaitul
Susan Lailaitul:
She has the mentality! That is much more important for such a young player! I hope she could proceed further.
Jay Goonetilleke
Jay Goonetilleke:
Goodbye Naomi. New star is born. Hello Leylah, what a classy tennis players. Leylah, with her left hand and her forehand will dominate Tennis next five years.
Maggie Smit
Maggie Smit:
Leylah seemed to play out of her skin! 🥳 congrats.sorry for Osaka, she lost against a player that I believe she could have beaten easily ⭐💚
James Whipple
James Whipple:
The look on Osaka's face said it all, she didn't expect to lose, now the world isn't focused on her..O Canada O-O Canada by Classified 🎾🎾🇨🇦🇨🇦👍😎
Malindi Rugby Football Club
Malindi Rugby Football Club:
Yes Leyla!!!! All the way to the final!!!
Hannah HBIC
Hannah HBIC:
Waaah. So mad I missed this. What a great upset. Excited for her next match.
Connor Chien
Connor Chien:
This game is close. Osaka can improve further in the training. It's a long road. Just one game doesn't really mean a thing.
Congrats Leylah! 😍
Interesting how they left off Naomi's meltdown points: three thrown rackets and a ball shot.
Michael Elbers
Michael Elbers:
Fernandez, Gauff, Alcaraz, Raducanu - finally tennis has a future. Where are all these incredible teenagers coming from?
I think you‘ll guys told her she was Steffi Graf but what I‘m saying all along:

This girl is more like a Lindsay Davenport, Martina Hingis type a girl:
She‘s not a natural born killer, she‘s just great because she is so physically gifted.

At the end she again flagrantly failed to live up to expectations!
Cat Breath
Cat Breath:
Wonderful to see the final score
Better player won. But of course Osaka needs to get all the attention as always
P F:
Leylah wins,I’m happy. Nuff said.
All the people saying "she was a loser, lost to a 18 y/o" and just hating on her etc., didn't you ever see Serena losing or smashing her racket? If you do easy mistakes, you'd be toxic too and rage too but its just happens, we are all humans who do mistakes and e.g. dont play fluent all the time or am I wrong ? Also you could see that she was so nervous in the second set at the end that she failed to win the second set and it couldve been an win if she didnt do them mistakes but that would frustrate me too tho
Gloria A. Garcia
Gloria A. Garcia:
Naomi must be going through rough times. In her press conference she said she's taking time off, and doesn't know when her next match will be. She has issues, she said she feels anxious which translates into anxiety. She came back too soon, press conference was stopped after 5 ??s because she was crying she needs professional help.
Piotr Wolski
Piotr Wolski:
Leylah, you got me on my knees....
Leylah, I am begging darlin please...
Eliminated already 2 grand slam champions. Amazing talent. Svitolina vs Fernandez next. The girl who wins will be in the final in my opinion.
S T:
Fernandez is a warrior on the court not a single nerve shown .
Vali Piros
Vali Piros:
The day when Leylah and Carlos won over No.3, showing to the 23 yo that 18 yo is the NextGen
Maria fe Baarde Bofill
Maria fe Baarde Bofill:
Bravo for Fernandez👏
Jack Wachtel-Scott
Jack Wachtel-Scott:
Looks to me like Osaka loses interest when things aren't going her way. It's a sign that for the time being she is not in love with tennis and this is one sport where if your heart isn't in it then you are going to lose.
Leylah really knows how to hype the crowd.
Go Leylah!
Red Heart
Red Heart:
GOOOOOO Leylah!!!
Congrats 🎉 lehla.. goodluck on your next match..❤️❤️❤️❤️
No doubt Naomi will come back stronger after this! Still got many years ahead of her. She can and she will win more grand slam titles!!! 💗👍🏻
John Rain McManus
John Rain McManus:
Love Leylah, but also Naomi, whom I feel sorry for here. She is about 15-20 pounds above her "normal" playing weight; that's about something besides tennis, but obviously it's going to have an impact.
Yes Leylah!!!! Such a beautiful display.
Angel's Music
Angel's Music:
I realy enjoyed watching this match great win for the canadian EH!