Liam Gallagher - Once (Official video feat. Eric Cantona)

Liam Gallagher - Once (Official Video feat. Eric Cantona)

Acoustic Sessions, out now


The King - Eric Cantona
The Butler/Chauffeur - Liam Gallagher

Lightening Films
Director - Charlie Lightening
Producer - Charlie Lightening & Octavia Landy
Director of Photographer - Dan Lightening
Production Designer - Russel De Rozario
AR Steadicam Operator - Matt Allsopp
Focus Puller - Ben Worthington
2nd AC - Max Smith
Art Director - Louise Woodham
Assistant Art Director - Oskar De Rozario
Gaffer - Joss Garnet-Lawson
Spark - Keir Garnet - Lawson
Drone/Playback - Ramy Dance
Stylist - Adam Howe
Hair/Grooming - Nathan Jasztal
Colourist - Jonny Tully
Visual Effects - Chris Phillips
Sound Design - Vaudeville Sound: Luke Hatfield & Steve Brooks
Runner - Trisha Roso
Cameras - One Stop Films
Lighting - SHL Film & TV Lighting LTD

Liam Gallagher: Down By The River Thames
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100+ comentarios:

Diogo Cesar
Diogo Cesar:
Vim pelo Gustavo Lázaro
Dayvson Santos
Dayvson Santos:
Quem veio pelo Gustavo Lazaro
Júlia Papa
Júlia Papa:
that's probably the best song of Liam's solo career. Such a masterpiece.
Gustavo e seus ótimos gostos musicais, like like
Rafael Miranda Gouvea
Rafael Miranda Gouvea:
Vim pelo Gustavo bola gato,e essa música já foi toque do meu celular.
Karla Solino
Karla Solino:
Vim pelo vídeo do Gustavo Lázaro.
Very good.
as primas barros
as primas barros:
Total de pessoas que vieram pela indicação de jesus(Gustavo)
Tiago Martins
Tiago Martins:
Vim pelo Gustavo Lázaro
Luke Cahill
Luke Cahill:
The 2 dislikes are Noel and the Palace fan Cantona kicked
Romeson Gomes
Romeson Gomes:
Vim pelo Gustavo Lázaro top demais
Valéria Campos
Valéria Campos:
Indicação gustavo Lázaro
andy necrotoon
andy necrotoon:
já conhecia o liam pelo oasis, mas valeu muitooo a indicação do gustavo lazaro
P U D I M Z I N H O:
vim pelo #GustavoLazaro musica top
Daffa Hazza
Daffa Hazza:
Cantona is probably the most rock n roll footballer ever.
Denise Cristiane
Denise Cristiane:
Jesus me indicou...kkkk., vlw Gustavo!!
This song reminds me of my mum. My mum sadly passed away the day after this video got released. My two biggest hero’s are Liam and Eric cantona. She would love that this song reminds me of her. Miss you mum
leo costa
leo costa:
Vim pelo Gustavo Lázaro em outra esperança falha d haver um comentário dele l
Delre Mackiwleen
Delre Mackiwleen:
Violão, um instrumento que ganha meu coração! Realmente, que melodia, Gustavo...
Stephen A Smith
Stephen A Smith:
Even when Liam is acting like a butler all upper class, he still has his signature walk
Bruno Moreira
Bruno Moreira:
Quem veio pelo Gustavo lazaro
Lesley Smith
Lesley Smith:
Liam: “We said (to cantona) look how much do you want? And he goes I do not want nothing, I will be there. I don’t want a hotel, I don’t want picking up, I will be there.....and he turned up on his fucking own with his suitcase and just fucking went for it.

Now that’s class.
This is a typical morning for Cantona, he had no idea the camera was there.
hsk 3000
hsk 3000:
Cantona self isolating.
Estou aqui pelo simpático Gustavo Lázaro, ele está fazendo um trabalho ótimo recomendando esse artista, que bem me lembra Elton John.
Joaquim Mondego
Joaquim Mondego:
Mais alguém brasileiro ouvindo essa beleza de música aí?
Letícia Guimarães
Letícia Guimarães:
Vim pelo Gustavo lazaro 🥰🥰 canta muitooooo
Gustavo é brabo só música boa 😍🕺
Fraser Webster
Fraser Webster:
This is Liam's Imagine. It will probably never get the recognition it deserves, but it's utterly majestic.
Ane Lima
Ane Lima:
Indicação do Gustavo Lázaro ❤️
Nos ensinando a ter bom gosto kkk
Vim pelo #gustavoLázaro
Miguel Ángel Fernández Sánchez
Miguel Ángel Fernández Sánchez:
The Derby of Manchester in a single video.
KH Hwang
KH Hwang:
Whenever I listen to Oasis and Liam my kids ask me who is Liam and if he is famous.. damn time flies
Matthew Black
Matthew Black:
Manchester United fan watching this in 2020 and on the verge of tears!
K S:
The king is the only reason I’m here.
Ray Stanton
Ray Stanton:
Anyone else noticed how the video was filmed in one continuous shot? Once.
William Lansdowne
William Lansdowne:
At this point Liam going back to Oasis would be a step backwards
Can you hear me Major Tom?
Can you hear me Major Tom?:
for all those young folks, you're only young ONCE, don't waste your time while living your youth
Jose Espada
Jose Espada:

It was easier to have fun back when we had nothing
Nothing much to manage
Back when we were damaged
Sometimes the freedom we wanted feels so uncool
Just clean the pool
And send the kids to school

But oh, I remember how you used to shine, back then
You went down so easy like a glass of wine, my friend
When the dawn came up you felt so inspired to do it again
But it turns out you only get to do it once

I think it's true what they say that the dream is borrowed
You give it back tomorrow
Minus the sorrow
And the pain she just comes in to break up the daydream
Her knife edges waving
To keep from feeling the same thing

But oh, I remember how you used to shine, back then
You went down so easy like a glass of wine, my friend
When the dawn came up you felt so inspired to do it again
But it turns out you only get to do it once

You only get to do it once
You only get to do it once
You only get to do it once

But oh, I remember how you used to shine, back then
You went down so easy like a glass of wine, my friend
When the dawn came up you felt so inspired to do it again
But we were wrong, you only get to do it once
At 62 I am always looking for new music. Liam never disappoints.
Cheers, from Toronto ♥
Brian Kreie
Brian Kreie:
This is best Liam Gallagher song I have ever heard. I own all his albums, but this song.... Wow talk about Level UP!
Liams the last of a Dying breed
And God how Eric has come back to haunt him...The Devils back at the top of the League👹👹👹👹
ASAP Lucky
ASAP Lucky:
This song makes me feel very nostalgic . Damn
Chris Evans
Chris Evans:
Retirement for an Old Trafford legend, doesn't get any better than having a City fan as your skivvy........Sweet
Paolo Moscoso
Paolo Moscoso:
Aaaaaa wtf I've just realised Liam was dressed as a servant LOLOLOL
This music video is like everyone's lives right now during the quarantine
Leo T.
Leo T.:
Liam Gallagher serving Cantona, a Manu legend, dressed as a servant? Now i've seen everything
Easy There
Easy There:
My current interpretation:
The house is our country, the table your town. The chairs are friends and family with the wine being regret, blood and pain. The party clutter is the environment and aftermath of the endless party. The car ride is death. The last ride in the black limo. The celebration of a life of love success and regret.
TC mekanik
TC mekanik:
I mean the song's already biblical, but this, shoots it to a different stratosphere. Well done Liam, you're still Rock'n'Roll.
Stefano Fiorelli
Stefano Fiorelli:
Standing on the shoulder of Liam
Marcelo Luiz Moreno
Marcelo Luiz Moreno:
This song hits me in so many ways i cant even describe
The adventures of Josn and Janc
The adventures of Josn and Janc:
Liam's walk though when he's getting in the car at the end. Love it ❤️
paulina pali
paulina pali:
I love his voice, always and forever
It's funny how you can recognize Liam just by his strut.
James Goodacre
James Goodacre:
Liam Gallagher, you have made an absolute classic of a song. This is hands down up there with the very best oasis songs and beyond. Masterpiece. Sir you are a legend.
Jackie Moon
Jackie Moon:
"Cantona I've got this idea where i serve you wine".

"I'm in".
Magda Sanchez
Magda Sanchez:
En mi humilde ciudad se escuchaba oasis en la radio provincial !! Teníamos sus discos piratas y veíamos todos sus conciertos!! Es tan sublime escucharlos ahora que sabemos la verdad sobre todas las especulaciones de estos mágicos hermanos !!! Son genios ! Cómo Lennon!! Cómo muchos que aún no conocemos
Supernova Sebas
Supernova Sebas:
But oh I remember how we used to shiiiiiiiiiiine back then
LB Stirling
LB Stirling:
I’ve been listening to this for 6 f***img hours
Mohamed Magdi
Mohamed Magdi:
Liam acts cocky even when he's playing a chauffeur
Alfie Mitchell
Alfie Mitchell:
He calls Liam with ‘our kid’ aha brilliant
The Fakey Cake Maker
The Fakey Cake Maker:
My 4 YO (who loves this): Mummy where are they going?
Me: I don't know, maybe to Tesco, who knows?
Him: No, I think they're picking his kids up from school.

Chris Sams
Chris Sams:
Classic Liam Gallagher.. Loving his new sounds.
Rachel Aldred
Rachel Aldred:
So much love for this track. We don’t need Oasis as much as we need Liam. Keep up with the great tunes
This song is brilliant. It touches even those obscure emotional points: what do you do when others marred your heart and outlook on life? The love of your life left you? Friends have moved on? Lost your brother and father? Now you’re 37, and time seems bolting towards 40 fast.

I’m still going to sing “Why me? Why not?”

Thanks R Kid
Regis Nekkar
Regis Nekkar:
I want to sing with me my friend !
you big dosser
you big dosser:
Manchester.... united by these two legends
Badman Steve
Badman Steve:
Two of Manchester’s favourite sons
David Kime
David Kime:
Our kid passed away on November 14th last year. My birthday was the 27th, his the 28th...he was 4 years my junior, he nearly made it to 46.
I'm the one that did the army and police. Whilst training and deployed we loved Liam's voice, attitude was similar to us Yorkshire lads.
Our kids mates all bought this album...he loved this song, the last he ever sang with his mates.
I've bought Liam's albums, I've played this track over 100 times, just reminds me of our nipper and floods memories back.
Cheers Liam, top track, top album.
Kind regards
Paul Wilson
Paul Wilson:
chills are rampant throughout this track every single time. an absolute modern classic.
Stefano G.
Stefano G.:
we should all be grateful to England for giving us this music❤️ love from Italy
Such a huge song, sincerely it moves my heart to the right place, again.
Listening and reading the lyrics, I can't think in other person but my grandfather.
Thanks liam, sincerely.
Ginger Peachy
Ginger Peachy:
Has a 'Jealous Guy' sound to it all.
Free Mizzy AGAIN ffs
Free Mizzy AGAIN ffs:
Possibly the strangest collab ever but I’m here for it
Max Duggan
Max Duggan:
Laying in my bed with why me why not playing on my record player across the room and this comes on, perfection
Tesco Edits
Tesco Edits:
"Send the kids to Schowellllllll"... love it
I was think of Liam's amazing voice and Oasis so I looked him up on YouTube and found this amazing song. I will become a fan now of him as a solo artist.
hqureshi 01
hqureshi 01:
Liam Gallagher is as talented as he was in fucking '95, what a legend
Tan 90
Tan 90:
No Liam song is complete without him saying "shine"
Great Liam! It’s like I’m living a second youth, thanks to his voice; first with Oasis and now as a soloist.
Kevin Maguire
Kevin Maguire:
Best tune ever. Best video ever. Reminds me of the 90s in my teens out the tracks with my friends and bottles of cider. Pure awesomeness from big Liam..... Come on Noel - Get Oasis on the road son....
Vanraltee hernandez
Vanraltee hernandez:
Larga vida para Liam.
Sean O Sullivan
Sean O Sullivan:
The greatest comeback in the history of rock n roll...the mans a legend
Joel Murugiah
Joel Murugiah:
I’m convinced this is Eric Cantona’s morning routine.
Holly Daniels
Holly Daniels:
That "our kid" at the beginning is genius 😂
Bogdanius Jablan
Bogdanius Jablan:
and all from one take!!! so i guess they only get to do it once :)
Or Barry
Or Barry:
The lyrics shows how mature now Liam is
Salvatore Faliti
Salvatore Faliti:
I've been listening to this one track for the hundredth time. A glass of wine after Ken Loach’s movie (guess which one), the night silence let memories in, the '90s with their vintage taste. The matter is the track sounds better and better, music goes deeper, Cantona more and more the King. Everything si damned touching. Thank you, Liam. Thank you, Eric. Au revoir! A guy from Tuscany
Manos de Tierra
Manos de Tierra:
sid ney
sid ney:
I love both the Gallagher's for their genius towards music , but I'm sorry as much as I truly love Noel's masterpieces , Liam's torch shines brighter
I love this song. A lot of John lennon's vibe here <3
One of his best ever songs imo !! Bang in Liam , class 👌
I'm addicted to Once, great music ❤️❤️
simple mods
simple mods:
Un chef-d'oeuvre tout simplement!!!!
Bernardo Qalopio
Bernardo Qalopio:
first time hearing you. having goosebumps...
Pablo Muñoz Naharro
Pablo Muñoz Naharro:
I'm I the only one thinking about a moment, a time, a romance and how the feeling looked like it was going to last forever but it didn't ?
I bet any money now "KING CANTONA" Didnt do his take in tha video 'ONCE' bit ironic innit. Get on it N.G.
John Munro
John Munro:
I STILL can't understand how this happened. Utterly beautiful.
ivan G.
ivan G.:
is the mansion where it was recorded imagine?
Róbert Haško
Róbert Haško:
Can’t help myself...but I see so many “hidden messages” for Noel in all of these songs like “Once, For What its Worth etc..”...