Liam Gallagher - One Of Us (Official Video)

The official video for Liam Gallagher's One Of Us
Video written and directed by Peaky Blinders creative duo Steven Knight and Anthony Byrne

Liam Gallagher: Down By The River Thames
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100+ comentarios:

Class video! I hope that, someday, we will see Oasis together once more.
He wants his brother back more than he wants Oasis back. He doesn't need Oasis. He already is Oasis.
Anyone have a clue what lens or filter is used to get such a shallow depth of field?
Ronnie Soulman
Ronnie Soulman:
I really like Liam. He's more sensitive than anyone will ever know. That hard man image is just a front. He's real, he's genuine, he's emotional, he's good, what you see is what you get.
Mark Fielding
Mark Fielding:
Mind Care
Mind Care:
‘You said we’d live forever’ 💔😔
Genius line I can’t stop listening....
Imagine not seeing your brother for over 10 years.
Liam: “You said we’d live forever”
Noel: "I said forever, not together"
This song is a beautiful tragedy.
The Oculus
The Oculus:
Liam doesn't want Oasis back anymore... Liam want his brother back. Amazing tune!
Mariana Fernanda Espinosa Bravo
Mariana Fernanda Espinosa Bravo:
Liam doesnt want oasis back
He wants his BROTHER back...
Christian Chavez
Christian Chavez:
Released exactly 10 years after Oasis broke up.
I don’t think there’s ever been a rock singer who was estranged from a former band mate that wrote and sang a song about wanting to reconcile and bury the hatchet as blatantly and straightforward as Liam has done with this magnificently touching number. I used to say Once was the best song Liam would ever make. I was wrong. One Of Us is his best post-Oasis song
More Island
More Island:
Imagine the scene: Liam passes away and Noel has to live with the fact that Liam wanted to see him again, but Noel rejected him time after time, that would be hard to take for Noel
owen williams
owen williams:
Forget Oasis, they just need to be brothers again.
Phoebe_ 2007
Phoebe_ 2007:
They need to be brothers again. Sometimes I wanna give Liam a hug. He acts like a hard dude but hes actually a softie 🥺
Alia Rehman
Alia Rehman:
when he said "you said we'll live forever," I felt that.
Graham Kay
Graham Kay:
I'm over 43 me and my daughter 8 listened to this from release , I told her what the song is about and how the brothers dont see each other anymore , my son her younger brother has cerible palsy , I told her to never fall out with him no matter how hard work he can be and always look after him
Tomi Leonelli
Tomi Leonelli:
“You said we’d live forever” ay, justo en el corazón
Liam and Paul just want their brother back. It's bigger than Oasis.
I moved to the USA to marry my wife. Left everyone behind including my two brothers, I'm the eldest and it always hits me. You spend your whole youth trying to branch out and become your own person, only to end up wanting to do full circle and missing what once was.
Wallabee Beetles
Wallabee Beetles:
This song is far more genius than most know - "Come on I know you want more" referencing the infamous interview with Noel Galagher saying I WANT MORE! What a master. I love you Liam
Aaron L
Aaron L:
Imagine losing a brother. Now imagine him still being alive and still losing him. "Everyone I know has got a reason to say, 'put the past away'"
Beyond The Bubble
Beyond The Bubble:
Clearly an appeal to Noel. Filmed in and around Manchester.
Ben Kendry
Ben Kendry:
As a nation we should pray for them and their families whenever we get the chance.

Noel and Liam need to be back together, not for our entertainment, because they are brothers, Amen
Shivansh Kanojia
Shivansh Kanojia:
"Come on I know you want more."

"You said we'll Live Forever."
Molly Turner
Molly Turner:
Rob Sol
Rob Sol:
At least one of the Gallagher brothers is making half decent music - Noels new stuff - not feeling it at all
Wangyang Xu
Wangyang Xu:
If you keep avoiding something for too long, there is eventually going to be a time when it is too late. We all are just humans, we don't have long lives. Seize the day, when you are still alive, when you can still remember things, tell the people you love that you love them. Not any time later, today.
I can't believe I'm crying over this smh...
Lorri & Dave
Lorri & Dave:
Awesome voice, lyrics and gorgeous too! He doesn't need Noel when it's his voice that made Oasis. Why does he remind me of Guy Martin 🤔❤
Mrenrich 88
Mrenrich 88:
Best Song of 2019
Claudio Starri
Claudio Starri:
It’s so clear he misses his brother. Come on lads, sort it out. Even if Oasis doesn’t happen again I wish they reconnect.
Bridgid O'Connell
Bridgid O'Connell:
The little boy who plays young Liam is so adorable I stg
Shree Sen
Shree Sen:
brothers should get back together, nothing is more important than FAMILY

Hey kid, did you know?
Today sixteen years ago
It was you and I for the last time
You angrily said
With a smoke ring 'round your hands
You would see me on the other side

Come on, I know you want more
Come on, and open your door
After it all you'll find out
You were always one of us
Act like you don't remember
You said we'd live forever
Who do you think you're kiddin'?
You were only one of us
In time

When you come to mind
Disappear a thousand times
Keep me hanging on to the old life
Well, I've gotta go
Maybe see you down the road
Won't you tell the kid I said goodbye?

Come on, I know you want more
Come on, and open your door
After it all you'll find out
You were always one of us
Act like you don't remember
You said we'd live forever
End up at the beginning
You were only one of us
In time


Come on, I know you want more
Come on, and open your door
After it all you'll find out
You were always one of us
Act like you don't remember
You said we'd live forever
End up at the beginning
You were only one of us
In time
antoine bibi
antoine bibi:
This is just legendary, the purpose, the music, the voice, the strings, all of those lead to it.
Salvador Beltrán
Salvador Beltrán:
Liam biting his pride for what makes him the proudest.

Mad fer it.
Jamie Logan
Jamie Logan:
Still the young one looking up to his older bro, wanting that relationship back, awesome video.
John Old
John Old:
The country needs you both again!!
John Smith
John Smith:
This is Oasis quality, it's that good.

Absolutely beautiful song which really makes you reevaluate what you think of Liam as a person. What a genuine heartfelt soul he must be to be able to write this.

This song needs major recognition. Easily one of the best songs of recent years.
Marty Gaspar
Marty Gaspar:
Breaks my heart :(
DJG •:
See for years I thought Liam was the one who needed to do the growing up, it seems now Noel is the one that needs to pull his head out of his back side!
I’m not crying your crying 😢
Jennie G
Jennie G:
10000/10 . Fucking Genius. God tier our kid. This is absolutely and undeniably one of the most incredible songs ever written in the world ever. Liam really made magic here. Musically, visually, aesthetically it's Genius, the message is clear. Liam is at his his best here. So genuine. I've been a staunch Oasis fan from the very very beginning, and also love both their solo work. This is exceptional and this song encapsulates the last twenty years with a raw bitter-sweet emotion that only Liam could deliver. This song is stunning, sublime, beautiful, heartfelt, ethereal and biblical. This is one of only four songs that have physically made me cry. I literally can't get through this video without my heart aching into the pit of my stomach and tears soaking my face. 💔
Jo L Robbo
Jo L Robbo:
What I like about Liam is he tells it as it is and never forgets his roots.
He is Manchester and everything Manchester will always be.
Fucking honest 👌👌👌
Richard Clarke
Richard Clarke:
Life’s too short, behave🤷‍♂️
diana g
diana g:
1 year ago and i’m still crying 💔
Hazar Houdini
Hazar Houdini:
Screw oasis they need to get there brother like back on track
Mr Grey
Mr Grey:
Great song , forgive one another , when your dead it’s too late !
PepeX Valdivieso
PepeX Valdivieso:
“You said we’d live forever” hit me in the feels man
Dynasty claps
Dynasty claps:
I’m only 11 years old and i LOVE OASIS
C love love
C love love:
Added to my lockdown playlist 2020. Hope I see my 3 sons get married and have children x Stay safe everyone xx
cuyo pero no tuyo
cuyo pero no tuyo:
11 years
So fast
Keith Gordon
Keith Gordon:
Great song.When you feel the tears start to form, and the hairs on your body start to tingle, you know this is more then just a song, it has meaning....See you at the 02, London 28/11/19.
Karl Leddy
Karl Leddy:
He's not trying to get Oasis back together. This is a "I miss my brother" song not an Oasis reunion song.
"You said we'd Live Forever" gave me chills
Such a brilliant song and video.. Loved it..
Kyle Pritchard
Kyle Pritchard:
Man his voice is just as good as ever. And he’s singing with some real feeling behind it!
MalEduardo 7
MalEduardo 7:
‘Act like you don’t remember, you said we’d live forever’ - Verbal KO
“You Said We’d Live Forever” Favourite line
Mrs Love
Mrs Love:
Why does this song make me cry? 😭
Shaun Crambie
Shaun Crambie:
Absolutely f**kin amazin' L.G. a LeGend & moves me to my core, BossMan. BIBLICAL.
La Mujer de Noel Gallagher
La Mujer de Noel Gallagher:
A un año de esta joyita..
11 años sin oasis.. ♥️
Felipe Gois
Felipe Gois:
On the beginning sounds like "Violet Hill"... ahaha 😂
This video proves Liam loves Noel. He just doesn't know how to say it...
Farhia M. B.
Farhia M. B.:
why is this not in the ”music” list of the channel anymore???
Marcelo Luiz Moreno
Marcelo Luiz Moreno:
I had a lot problems with my brother. We got into serious physical fights, years without talking to each other. We're ok now, he lives in another country, but we talk everyday, he's one of my best friends and I love him so much. I hope Liam get back the brotherhood with Noel and they leave the past behind as I did with my brother!!!!!!!

And also, this song is a masterpiece
Kevin Murphy
Kevin Murphy:
Love you man! you got the heart of a Lion and the soul of your families Irish blood. Bless.
Sarah Jane D. Bernal
Sarah Jane D. Bernal:
Oasis defined as Oasis. Great Song deserves to be applauded and be heard.
Shaun Blackford
Shaun Blackford:
Actually uploaded 10 years to the day they broke up. Jesus lads sort it out
Ricky Kelly
Ricky Kelly:
I can’t find the words to express how much this song relates to my life thanks Liam 💚🍀
Pug Chomp
Pug Chomp:
liam just wants his bro back mannnn
Solo Faces
Solo Faces:
As a fan of the two lads, the last thing I would want to see is a reunion.
Jack Acid
Jack Acid:
He's done it AGAIN. This album is going to rule my life.
Great World
Great World:
The only cool person in music today!
It never fails. I cry every time I watch this video. Breaks my heart for these brothers.💔
Rob Atkinson
Rob Atkinson:
Get Liam and Noel speaking again 💙
John Murphy
John Murphy:
His best song since going solo.
maulana bayu
maulana bayu:
Liam doesn't need an oasis he just wants his brother back on the right Way
“Act like you don’t remember. You said we’d live forever...” that line kills me!
Liam is just pure raw emotion he isn't afraid to show to the world. Mad respect.
Jimmy Moffatt
Jimmy Moffatt:
Noel Gallagher - When you're so deeply entrapped in your rock 'n' roll bubble that you become a total ____ and forget that you only get one life to live with the people you love - regardless of what's gone before!! Love, Live, Forgive, Forget.
Luciano Marangoni
Luciano Marangoni:
3:17 still trying to do this with my hand
Maddie Everard
Maddie Everard:
a year later and i still cant stop listening to this song
Michael Redding
Michael Redding:
I'll say it again one of the most iconic singers ever!!!
Dénis Lení Cayao Requejo
Dénis Lení Cayao Requejo:
Perhaps people need to read the past twitter feed of Liam to remind themselves why Noel has nothing to do with him !
The return of Oasis is close to coming true.
Nick Flavell
Nick Flavell:
The verse reminds me of Coldplays violet Hill but I love this anyway. Rock on Liam 🤩
Rab Mc
Rab Mc:
I can so get this from the other side, huge oasis fan I’m 39 now, I’m essentially Noel in myself and little brothers relationship, not talked in years, I’m too hard headed and stubborn, I can relate.
star morlan
star morlan:
Omg i absolutely LOVE this song..very powerful stuff I must say
god this is so sad just imagining not seeing my sister breaks my heart, poor liam and noel, i really hope they reunite some day
Kittanon Ent
Kittanon Ent:
"You said we'd live forever"
It makes me cry
I did some boxing training to this for my match in 2 YEARS!!
Algún día se reconciliarán, estoy seguro. :')
Red Star72
Red Star72:
The deeper the feelings - it's often the more bitter the fight, otherwise really, why would it matter so much. They'll figure it out one day.
Alejandra Infante
Alejandra Infante:
Liam is so "f" great!