Lily Allen | Hard Out Here (Official Video - Explicit Version)


'Hard Out Here' from the album 'Sheezus'
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I love how innocent Lily Allen sounds, she can sing the most vulgar things but it just sounds so pleasant
Banana Rama
Banana Rama:
Lily Allen walked so a lot of other people could run. If she came out today the way she would ride would be colossal compared to the success she already had.
Frida Carvajal
Frida Carvajal:
It's so sad the message still hasn't resonated, this is pop lyric perfection, lily is a genius
I was 10 when I was obsessed with this song... now I’m glad that I’m finally getting the message...
She literally says in the song "and if you can't detect the sarcasm you've misunderstood"
What is wrong with you people
Aaron e Stefano
Aaron e Stefano:
I love her sarcasm, she's top to represent down to earth Britain. If you can't detect the sarcasm your misunderstood.
Mark Lehane
Mark Lehane:
International women’s day and this song fits perfectly
Izabela Carvalho
Izabela Carvalho:
Vim aqui pela Maíra, tinha esquecido o tanto q essa música é boa kkkkkk
Sofie Janssen
Sofie Janssen:
How did my parents keep a straight face when i listened to this when i was 12 wow
Tiana Bakker
Tiana Bakker:
This song makes me feel so much better about being a sack of potatoes.
Oliver J Wilkins
Oliver J Wilkins:
I feel like this song gets more and more relevant as time goes on... everyone didn't get it at first, I bet know people are slowly understanding its meaning now
Emanuela carrr
Emanuela carrr:
Nunca te pedi nd 🏳️‍🌈🇧🇷❤️
mari ana
mari ana:
Maíra me mostrou essa outra mulher maravilhosa
Zoraida Alvarez
Zoraida Alvarez:
The Robin Thicke roast is still legendary
Imagine this came out in 2019....

Would smash all the music right now.
Brenda Medeiros
Brenda Medeiros:
Maira Medeiros? Alguém veio por ela tbm kk
fatimah anwaar
fatimah anwaar:
Songs with a really controversial message:
Hard Out Here by Lily Allen
Salute by Little Mix
Strawberry Shortcake by Melanie Martinez
Do It Like a Dude by Jessie J
For all those that found the women dancing uncomfortable, hypocritical or contradictory to the lyrics - that's part of the irony and sarcasm. She's demonstrating how bad it has become for women in the industry, as well as the unrealistic and grotesque extremes of body image set for young girls. She showing how ridiculous the gender roles have become and it's only ever going to get worse, as long as our society continues to differentiate people based on their genitalia, and pigeonhole them into stereotypes and manufactured identities.
Yas dideux
Yas dideux:
Vim pela Maíra, tudo bom?!
Ms Makubutu Nonkululeko Kgothalo Lekota
Ms Makubutu Nonkululeko Kgothalo Lekota:
Great female and feminist anthem. Thank you so much Lily, I am still listening in 2019.
քaռɖօʀa ċɦaռ࿐ྂ。
քaռɖօʀa ċɦaռ࿐ྂ。:
Vim pelo nunca te pedi nada K
Gerson Suede
Gerson Suede:
Quem mais veio pela Maíra Medeiros? 😍💖
i don't get how people can make bad feminist songs when this exists, like this is perfect
Ann F
Ann F:
The amount of people who were not able to detect the sarcasm of this song is saddening.
Meire Oliveira
Meire Oliveira:
Quem mais veio pela Maíra do nuca te pedi nada
Thi avakin
Thi avakin:
Maíra mandou beijos (nunca te pedi nada)
Keisha On HWY1
Keisha On HWY1:
If this came out last year it would have been substantially more popular.
happy international women's day 2019!- can't believe we're still protesting
better then wap ngl
Isa Borac
Isa Borac:
dps do vídeo da Maíra eu vim direto pra cá kkkkkk
ALO Livia
ALO Livia:
This song is aging like wine.
John Smith
John Smith:
It's funny how Lily is basically saying "I don't need to please men in order to be valuable and respect myself" and men are commenting angrily about the different ways in which they are not pleased with this video. 

Sir, I think you've missed the point.
MY feminism was born here
Eu já conhecia essa música e não lembrava como ela é boa, vim pela Maíra
Carlos Mattos
Carlos Mattos:
Vim pela Maira 😍
Essa música e um ícone.
Maddy Bell
Maddy Bell:
I love the meaning of this song and I hate people who say Lilly Allen is rude when all she is doing in her songs is sending a meaning or explaining her life so get ur facts right before u criticise 🤷‍♀️
Violet Crawley
Violet Crawley:
Every time I'm feeling down, I look at the comments of a satirical youtube video and remember that at least I'm not THAT stupid.
Julian Nial
Julian Nial:
This literally should have been one of the best selling songs of 2013
Vim pela Maíra ❤️
Lee Stevens
Lee Stevens:
"Inequality promises that it's here to stay. Always trust the injustice cause it's not going away" so true.
xiomara luque
xiomara luque:
here’s the thing, this entire video is framed lik how men’s music videos are but because of the song and it’s a female singer it has a whole different meaning and that’s pretty damn cool
Lily Allen
Lily Allen:
Hard out Here has had 10million views. mind blown. #LilyAllen  
Samantha Jane
Samantha Jane:
And people call WAP feminist? That’s trash that caters to the problem.
Hope Twiby-Thomas
Hope Twiby-Thomas:
this just keeps getting more and more relevant
Tatiana Buchanan
Tatiana Buchanan:
She was so ahead of her time with her lyrics. If only this won’t came the out last two years
natthy silva
natthy silva:
Vim pela Maira 🇧🇷
Isadora Tavares
Isadora Tavares:
This song is so critical about gender inequality, i wish more people would listen to it ♀️‍♀️‍♀️
Gilded Rose
Gilded Rose:
Tbh the lyrics of this song is so true to this day and it makes me feel a bit sick.
Søren Elliott
Søren Elliott:
I remember when this song first came out and people came down on her throat for appropriating black women. Clearly they didn't get the message of the video or the song. And it still happens today, people will find more things to get offended rather than view things in a larger picture.
Tommaso Pascolo
Tommaso Pascolo:
I was just CRYING
It has passed so much time ! It was years I hadn't listened to this song! It's incredibly POWERFUL
Colton Wyatt
Colton Wyatt:
How has this not been used for a lip sync on Drag Race yet?
Rosalba Bisogno
Rosalba Bisogno:
My favourite song xx
Kalina Bozhkova
Kalina Bozhkova:
This one reminded me about Jessie J- do it like a dude I think it was
Same black fringe, two really good songs ❤️
Nina Aluada
Nina Aluada:
Vim pela a Maíra❤❤
Danielle Aparecida Borba Aparecida
Danielle Aparecida Borba Aparecida:
Vim pela Maira 💖
Misted Forest
Misted Forest:
Her satire is about the industry and woman being over sexualized. Alcohol pouring, money, smoking, IF PEOPLE LISTENED to the first part of the video then they would actually understand what she is trying to say. The reason there are only two non black girls other than herself is to show how all woman are objectified but black woman are the most. Can people please just learn to analyze and not just see one thing and ignore the rest. It's like how people read one line from a religious text and base their beliefs off it. -_- 
Megan Hofland
Megan Hofland:
Still a banger
Astrid M
Astrid M:
Omg I remember this song I was 13 yrs old when it came out🤣
Honestly, how iconic. This sounds like it could’ve come out this year, with the lyrics being more accurate than ever. What a queen.
Teo Kia En
Teo Kia En:
Nice song
Love it. I almost wish she had twerking dudes instead but this makes a better comment. Love it- she's telling the truth!
strom hd ilegal
strom hd ilegal:
Dani Carvalho
Dani Carvalho:
i LOVE this song
a Jeise garai.
a Jeise garai.:
*Gente alguém veio aki pela Maíra tbm?*
Juliana Ramos
Juliana Ramos:
Maíra Medeiros 😍
Jake Pearson
Jake Pearson:
I don't know why it's taken me this long to discover this song but I'm glad I did
Moose podcasts
Moose podcasts:
If I tried to do this my knees would crack and I’d be crying on the floor because I put my back out 😂😂
ketty S.
ketty S.:
Adoooro essa música, lembrei dela e vim matar a saudade 😍. Mas me digam, quem é Maíra Medeiros? 🤔
Daniela Melo
Daniela Melo:
Vim pela Maíra que traduziu esse hinooooo *-*
JohnIsDie / Dat360NoScope
JohnIsDie / Dat360NoScope:
All rise for the national anthem.
The Starman
The Starman:
Still good
Mufahir Rahman
Mufahir Rahman:
miss 2014 !!!
A K:
Wow, I was way too young when I was listening to this to appreciate how a) hard this slaps and how b) woke lily allen was
Carina #sinixtra
Carina #sinixtra:
Imagino a Lily Allen a ler os comentários e não saber quem raio é a Maira x'D Maira rainha amor da minha vida.
Miso Colorful
Miso Colorful:
todays society in one song ✨
Can we just appreciate how wildly ahead of it's time this song and video were despite the pop sound of the song being deemed 'generic' at the time? Lily is always ahead of the curve somehow!
Pamela Ephraim
Pamela Ephraim:
Feminist anthem
Gabriel Pacheco
Gabriel Pacheco:
Vim pela Maíra ❤
Gabriel Souza
Gabriel Souza:
2020 and i still listening this! Lily, please come to Brazil, we love u 🇧🇷♥️🇬🇧
Andy Zaturno
Andy Zaturno:
This song flopped worldwide :( Sad cuz it's very good.
Maria Paula
Maria Paula:
Uma crítica tremenda as gravadoras que adoram sexualizar as cantoras!
Alejandra Puente
Alejandra Puente:
I am a 20 years old young woman trying to live a life and my father told me yesterday that i was a bitch so i dedicate this song to him❤️❤️
Mari Lima
Mari Lima:
Uau eu não lembrava, mais amava essa música!!! #vimpelaMairaMedeiros 😍❤🇧🇷
ohhhhh, nostalgia
Enni Muukkonen
Enni Muukkonen:
I rarely listen to pop music but when I do it's Lily Allen
Inari De fucc
Inari De fucc:
I love how Lily Allen predicted perfectly what music would become in 2020 and tried to criticize it.. well it didnt go that good
Dual Fox
Dual Fox:
1. Lily Allen deserves more success.
2. I hate the new way YouTube is showing us the comment section.
El crush de tu crush
El crush de tu crush:
I remember playing a game similar to Minecraft when I was little and I always listened to this song. Because English isn't my first language, I didn't understand anything.
Now I can understand everything... I feel old. Have a good day, whoever read this ;)
my kettle
my kettle:
I haven't seen anyone comment on the hilarious product placement. Am I the only one who noticed?!
Fruit Roll Up God
Fruit Roll Up God:
sounds like a normal conversation with my friends
susan haydon
susan haydon:
Love her
I love your disco song
Fede fuentes
Fede fuentes:
I love how she keeps the British accent, the song wouldn't be the same with the American one
Becca Plenderleith
Becca Plenderleith:
The amount of people that don't understand the satire in this video is incredibly worrying. 
Isabella Mondini
Isabella Mondini:
vim pela Maíra, agr to achando a Lily mais foda do q eu achava
spring diaries
spring diaries:
She’s a genius
Freaking awesome song, a powerful way to criticize the machism in the music, loved the critic to robin thicke (or whatever his lastname is)..... Love lily allen's music.
alma de luna
alma de luna:
this is probably one of the best songs ive heard in a while