Lily James & Millie Bobby Brown Are Very Superstitious - #LateLateLondon

After James learning Lily James has some superstitious routines preparing for a performance of "All About Eve" in the West End, Millie Bobby Brown shares a quirk of her own involving the pavement. And Reggie has a question for the two.

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100+ comentarios:

Toth Gabi
Toth Gabi:
It's so strange because lily is 30 and millie is 15 and it looks like if there was only 5 year difference between them (or less).
Aldous Kim Agati
Aldous Kim Agati:
its terrifying how lily and millie looks literally the same age lmfao
millie has anxiety you can tell from this video or from her latest interviews but if you watch her 2017 interviews , she was so confident and bubbly... this is what happens when you bully literal child...
Abi Corral
Abi Corral:
Poor Millie... She's only 15 and the amount of hate just got to her:( I just want her to be herself. If she likes to talk a lot then she shouldn't be hated for that
Alliyah Sy
Alliyah Sy:
Millie looks so stressed omg
Claudia Ashe
Claudia Ashe:
Millie’s accent sounds stronger when shes around other Brits
cat grace
cat grace:
millie looks so nervous she’s constantly playing with her fingers 🥺
It's really interesting to see how Lily interacts with Millie. It's like she goes into mom mode, or older sister mode or something. I'm so used to seeing Lily as the young ingenue type, and here she acts/sounds so much older. It's very interesting.
Adevio Egracesia
Adevio Egracesia:
millie: I actually don't understand the question

millie is me on every single question on math
M m
M m:
People need to leave Millie alone. She’s literally 15 and gets an enormous amount of hate daily. Maybe talking a lot and rambling on is just a bad habit of hers. Everyone has bad habits. If you genuinely get annoyed from her just don’t watch her interviews and stuff she posts. The hate actually gets to her and she has anxiety and depression and y’all are bullying a kid.
Aya Sleilaty
Aya Sleilaty:
We just need Tom Holland and this interview is called “ the most British interview with actors “
Aymaan .T
Aymaan .T:
Lily james looks somewhat like Keira Knightley
Sheryl Smallwood
Sheryl Smallwood:
The interaction between Millie and Lily reminds me of when I used to hang out with my older cousins. I wanted to be "one of the girls" so I would wear nicer clothes, listen to her conversations and pitch in whenever I could. People give Millie some crap about not acting her age, but in reality what fifteen year old wouldn't want to wear fancy clothes and act like an adult for maybe thirty minutes on James Corden with cool people like Lily James?
yara ibrahim
yara ibrahim:
I feel like Millie is fidgety and nervous i hope shes fine i love her💔
none of your business
none of your business:
That women is 30 years old? NO way..
Merlinde Hempenius
Merlinde Hempenius:
Millie seems so nervous here, I hope that she knows a lot of people love her and that she inspires a lot of people 😇. The haters have to shut up 😠
Jesse B. Pinkman
Jesse B. Pinkman:
2:14 that game face though. she is ready for that important question coming up
James Corden: Millie Bobby Brown & Lily James are superstitious
Asians: *laughs silently in corner*
Who's here after her rumors with Chris Evans?
CJ's Peaceful Kingdom
CJ's Peaceful Kingdom:
Millie out here rocking those high tops with a Formal dress. Ok QUEEN👑👑
henlo guyz
henlo guyz:
Everybody saying why Millie looks anxious and nervous in this video. Remember those people who made a video considering Millie as an annoying person for being overly confident, that person made compilations of Millie being annoying because "she won't let other stranger things cast talk" during their interviews. I really want to beat the freak out of that person because I felt that Millie saw that video in youtube and felt bad about it.😤💔💔
Sophie Chapman
Sophie Chapman:
OCD, that is what they’re discussing
Nicole Murphy
Nicole Murphy:
Its literally a tight slap on the face of ppl, who says Millie interrupts others. She is growing beautiful inside out. At 15 I didn't even know what was going on in my life. I still don't know.
But it's great to see Millie being so humble, multitalented and well articulated. Millie is a blessing❤
David Zepeda oficial
David Zepeda oficial:
Can't wait to see Stranger things 3 Season ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.
Lil Yara
Lil Yara:
I love Millie Bobby Brown so much!
Jazmin Bonilla
Jazmin Bonilla:
James you should bring Shawn Mendes again😂❤️
Jeanette Pang
Jeanette Pang:
when all three british actress and host in together 🇬🇧!!! cheers 🥂
Kimberly Leisgang
Kimberly Leisgang:
Millie: There's nothing weird about me.
Also Millie: Toast
Aiza Shafique
Aiza Shafique:
Lily is 30????!!!!!!!!! I thought she was like 19 or smth😱😱😱😱😱😱
OCD can be absolute hell BTW. Imagine the kinds of superstitious habits these people are describing, but applied to every single thing you do in life, including everything you look at, everything you touch, every thing you think about or picture in your head, etc. Like every single tiny thing you do has to be done a specific way or else something terrible is going to happen, and you've got this feeling of dread/terror pervading your life, controlling your every thought, your every glance, your every physical movement.
Gazan Lock
Gazan Lock:
Anyone notices Millie’s index finger plus thumb thing she does almost all of the time?
I love how this is a chill British conversation on American television
Lucy Jane
Lucy Jane:
When i see the name: lily james, i keep thinking about lily evans and james potter😂 just me?
Yee Haw
Yee Haw:
Omg I didn’t even realize how cute Millie’s shoes are!!!!
Sarah Zzzz
Sarah Zzzz:
She's all grown up (shed tears) why the cast are growing up too fast
Lisbeth Linton
Lisbeth Linton:
Millie looks soo much like a young Natalie Portman.
Geoffrey Feinberg
Geoffrey Feinberg:
They're hot Brits.
: o
: o:
wow these two are GORGEOUS
Donald Trump With A Small Loan of a Million Subs
Donald Trump With A Small Loan of a Million Subs:
Millie looks somewhat uncomfortable
Jonathan Monaghan
Jonathan Monaghan:
2:37 “ *I just actually don’t understand the question* “
Lily is this generations Keira.
In my opinion, I could be wrong.
Damn Lily James is gorgeous! and I've hardly seen her in anything at all, mainly a tv advert for Sky... She is super pretty! and she has a stammer? she's cute af
Black Flame
Black Flame:
The issue with child actors in this day and age is the sheer amount of inputs and stimuli they have to process. She's prob on social media all the time, travelling, doing press junkets, around adults and all kinds of people... the quintessential idea of a "childhood" gets robbed from them. They then feel like they have to grow up fast and/or try to behave that way.

Also when you're 15, it's a weird age. You're literally growing up biologically and psychologically. You will go through strange emotional phases.
Jennifer Martinez
Jennifer Martinez:
I can relate to the volume thing, it drives me crazy
Ana Robertson Angel’s Whisperer
Ana Robertson Angel’s Whisperer:
The poor girl in the orange dress, seems really uncomfortable 😅
I love that he has the friends characters as teens on his shirt 😂😂🤣🤣
mafer castelo
mafer castelo:
Lily just makes my heart melt 💕
Luiz Claudio
Luiz Claudio:
Millie's hands are making me nervous! hahahahaha
Layla Flasch
Layla Flasch:
millie is so cute omg🥺that orange dress looks so good on her YES BBY💓💞😭
Millie looks really good
Sama 215
Sama 215:
millie's face at 2:30 hahahah. she is like what tf did he just say
Anonyme User
Anonyme User:
*I love it when they're only british people on the talkshow. I just adore they're sense of humor and i notice they talk so much about everything at the same time.* lol
Engle Ville
Engle Ville:
Lily looks like a combo of Pia Wurtzbach and Kendall Jenner!
Chivakak Sreang
Chivakak Sreang:
This are my two favorite actress.
jonine de coninck
jonine de coninck:
That’s ocd lads
Lily is twice her age yet they look the same age.
85% of the comments: "millie looks so nervous omfg I hope she is ok omg stop hating guys"

14% of the comments: "wow I loved the interaction between them two but they look so close in age smh despite the difference"

1%: (me) : "hmm I didn't know James Corden has OCD"
Curious Me
Curious Me:
Is millie nervous.... she kept doing the hand gestures....its a bit weird to see her doing it.....
Shane Javellana
Shane Javellana:
“Superstitious” isn’t the right word. I think they might have OCD, specially James. But hell, who am I to diagnose
kinder Chocolate
kinder Chocolate:
Millie is absolutely stunning holy shit
Maleehah Iqbal
Maleehah Iqbal:
Cinderella and Eleven?
I’m here for it 💯
mikey p
mikey p:
Well there is no American/British Hybrid accent on this interview for Millie :-) -Just British!
They're both super pretty.
Jasmin Baskerville
Jasmin Baskerville:
i love that millie is wearing a dress and converse lol
Luke Dulfo
Luke Dulfo:
There is something different about millie i can feel it anyways she is an amazing actress
kennedy everett
kennedy everett:
"the five things- no that doesn't sound right" i'm dying
It's simple...I see Millie, I click!
Rufaro Asuquo
Rufaro Asuquo:
Lily James and Millie Bobby Brown is awesome together ✅
stranger millie
stranger millie:
Me when I clicked on the video without looking at the titel:"Well this girl next to Millie looks a lot like a teen version of Lily James" and then I saw the title and was like:"Waitttt a minute what?"
Moustafa Youssef
Moustafa Youssef:
The FBI could be at my house any minute, now! cause, i have a crush on millie.... bye
2:37 omg Millie is such a mood I can’t😂
Millie looks so scared and nervous
Lucie Cbt
Lucie Cbt:
Millie look like nervous🤔
Milly is adorable
Sassy Potato
Sassy Potato:
When I see a magpie I saw good morning mister magpie how’s your friends and family. But if there’s 2 magpies that’s good luck and three means someone’s having a girl and 4 means someone’s having a boy.
Bopatsy Harris
Bopatsy Harris:
I’ve waited for Millie to come on the Late Late show
Ayesha Jahangir
Ayesha Jahangir:
I don’t get why yall literally bully an actual fifteen year old girl . Look at how anxious she is and as a fifteen year old myself I too like to talk a lot
Arianator Forever
Arianator Forever:
Cinderella and Eleven what a perfect match
I loved Millie outfit she look's cute
Margo Isabel
Margo Isabel:
Two of my favourite actresses in the world💛
Michael Vu
Michael Vu:
Can't really make up my mind if Millie is a mini version of Natalie Portman or Jessica Chastain
"I'm a little-stitious"
- Michael Scott
Nakul Raj
Nakul Raj:
2:14 Millie giving off her Eleven look
jori 837
jori 837:
did lily james play cinderella?
Rita Resende
Rita Resende:
Millie is so perfect
gabby miy
gabby miy:
Ummmm. EXCUSE MEEEEE... how in the world is Lily James 30?!!?!
Nayops 19
Nayops 19:
Lily’s so talented and stunning like always❗️♥️
yes? ok
yes? ok:
2:14 looks like they both are saying- "bring on the question, we're ready for this"
Puberty hits so hard when your rich omg Millie is literally half Lily's age wtf
People saying they look the same age must be young because they REALLY don't
Jade Gaudreault
Jade Gaudreault:
Millie looks so good in orange 😍
Eliya Fenske
Eliya Fenske:
2:14 Ooohh that eleven stare though! 😂
"Oh no, no; I just take valium"
I fell in love with her on Baby Driver. Who would have known she had that accent. 😍
Daniel Ku
Daniel Ku:
can we get a whole series of that guy asking similar questions to millie and her reacting lol
Wong Kc
Wong Kc:
lily James ....omg... so beautiful, when see her smile/laughing , I feel so sweet from my heart deeply....
Réka Rancsó
Réka Rancsó:
why do you have to comment on her looks? leave her alone she's been heavily bullied already
Holabjjj Hola
Holabjjj Hola:
I don’t know who has the “problem” Millie that looks with more age or lily that looks so young

They are beautiful beyond all