Lionel Messi All 68 Goals For Argentina 2006-2019

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Lionel messi all 68 goals with argentina

Stats :
Apps 136 , Goals 68 , Assists 44

?Music : Breno _ Chris Barnhart feat. Tress - Never Let Go

?Outro music : Jim Yosef - Moonlight
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Messi Class
Messi Class:
Amazing video, Messi deserve a trophy with Argentina
El sin nombre xd
El sin nombre xd:
goal 69
Argentina vs Brazil
goal 70
Argentina vs Uruguay
goal 71
Argentina vs Ecuador
soul alliance
soul alliance:
VAR costs us this tournament 😡
King leo Messi
King leo Messi:
Really hope that they don't suspend messi for 2 year with arg that means end of messi with argentina 😟😞
Meme bf
Meme bf:
Leo Messi the one & only goat🐐
Graet work my friend
Shivanshu Roy
Shivanshu Roy:
Marcelo Pedrosa
Marcelo Pedrosa:
1:25 Que paulada!!! Ow loko!
Forhadur Rahman Chy
Forhadur Rahman Chy:
Veselin Radev
Veselin Radev:
he is amazing, goal machine !
Gaby Peitti
Gaby Peitti:
Gracias por ser Argentino Lío...🇦🇷❤️
Lionel Messi tiene un palmarés extraordinario en lo personal y grupal. Sólo le faltaría ganar la Copa América y la Copa Mundial . Y si no lo logra igualmente estaría entre los mejores de la historia.🏆⚽
Argentinian children in the future will watch this video and be amazed at how a player can score a 8/10 or better goal every single time!
Mahesh Kottaram
Mahesh Kottaram:
good job.. great video.. surely I will support you. Keep it up..
Amazing video bro its really 🔥 just subbed keep up 👍
Jonathan black
Jonathan black:
Awesome job for updating this video yo 🤗
cuong đ.v
cuong đ.v:
wow, good song + Messi goals = good video, keep it up :)
Lava 60
Lava 60:
I want to see all assist for Argentina
Marwane Faraji
Marwane Faraji:
Amazing video + 1like keep it up is beautiful!
+1sub and the Bell and you
Flame Flower
Flame Flower:
keep up the great work!
Sudipta Das
Sudipta Das:
Outstanding performance.I love you Lionel Messi.
weldon bett
weldon bett:
absolute genious
Anas Anchu
Anas Anchu:
Sagor Ahmed Sanee
Sagor Ahmed Sanee:
Anamul Haque
Anamul Haque:
Tell me what song is it?
Leonilsom De Sousa Meneses
Leonilsom De Sousa Meneses:
MESSI 👏👏😎😎⚽✔.
melhor do q penaldo 😂😂😂😂
Antor Md
Antor Md:
i love
zackacaca v:
zackacaca v::
Lije si eres de argentina :3
Willian Guimaraes
Willian Guimaraes:
o messi pelo genio que é não merecia uma seleção dessa
Donavon Hollar
Donavon Hollar:
Nice bro
8:35 similar to Götze WC Final goal
CR7 is the best
CR7 is the best:
Great video mate legend 👏
lio rony 10
lio rony 10:
Anamul Haque
Anamul Haque:
What is the song?
burak lionel
burak lionel:
now 70
alonso10 Diaz Gonzalez
alonso10 Diaz Gonzalez:
Messi ės el mejor jugador actual❤❤❤❤
patrizia berzioli
patrizia berzioli:
All the trophies of Lionel messi with Argentina: I want this video by you
Daniel Rojas
Daniel Rojas:
Name song?
Praseesh Prabhakar
Praseesh Prabhakar:
Messis Goals are so beautiful and eye soothing
35 goles oficiales
Hype Dreams Records
Hype Dreams Records:
EpM GaMeR:
1Goal missed penalty against Brazil🇧🇷
Fytbol. KZT
Fytbol. KZT:
Daniel Wirasandi
Daniel Wirasandi:
nice video
willkiir walaceei
willkiir walaceei:
Great vid
vamos argentina
vamos argentina:
ഞമ്മള ചെക്കനെ
Messi 😍😍😍😍😍
Melão do fim do mundo
Melão do fim do mundo:
Uruguay 4
França 1
Espanha 2
Brasil 4
Portugal 1
Alemanha 1
F_22 00
F_22 00:
firman agustian
firman agustian:
And also finishing in penalty area
Mohammed babu babu
Mohammed babu babu:
Beiti full
Andrea Colombo
Andrea Colombo:
joshua chauke
joshua chauke:
the disrespect of goal 31.
Asadi Asadi aden
Asadi Asadi aden:
Hahaha how many cr7 for portugal pless like n coment
Farhiya Mohamud
Farhiya Mohamud:
This really fire but I’m a Ronaldo fan still fire👌👌👌👌👌🔥🔥🔥
Jenny B
Jenny B:
Cool vid
Sujata Mohanty
Sujata Mohanty:
3rd most active international goal scorer
All News
All News:
messi scores lot of long distance goal in national team.....
Vito Petrillo
Vito Petrillo:
Hfghh Fhgfg
Hfghh Fhgfg:
kick off S
kick off S:
Messi uyir
M.i. Lisan
M.i. Lisan:
the 3rd goal vs Brazil in 2012 is the best
M Ridwan Mansyah
M Ridwan Mansyah:
Messi debut argentina 2005 , first goal 2006
jovaughn thompson
jovaughn thompson:
How does the "GOAT" go to 4 major international finals and win not one?
Guimê Alves
Guimê Alves:
Faltou mais gols ai...Messi fez mais gols , faltou principalmente aquele no Alisso no amistoso internacional...
Mr. Easy
Mr. Easy:
No messi scored 70
Αλεχ Παπαδημα
Αλεχ Παπαδημα:
Now 2 thropiess
Sohan Pal
Sohan Pal:
but cant understand comments
Rodri Santi Facu Condori
Rodri Santi Facu Condori:
cuantos golasos
Goal 69 vs Brazil
Goal 70 vs Uruguay
esteb garret
esteb garret:
31 golen en amistosos
เคีน เคีน
เคีน เคีน:
FC Messi
Bishnu Brata Hati
Bishnu Brata Hati:
Greatest of all time Messi the football god
VBI Concepts
VBI Concepts:
Man, Paraguay just can't stop conceding pens when they play Argentina, haha.
Klone Graf
Klone Graf:
El mejor de todos los tiempos Lionel Messi
please don't compare him to any human!!!!!
Ziphozonke gift
Ziphozonke gift:
Messi must do it for Maradona in the 2022 FIFA World Cup and win the cup and for the world too cup🏆⚽
Maxi Moreno
Maxi Moreno:
Maximo goleador de la seleccion argentina
una lastima q en argentina puteen a este semejante jugador, tristeza
Ionut Stoichescu
Ionut Stoichescu:
Number 10 messi/maradona încredible 🙏🙏🙏
Ra F
Ra F:
Arjanteena ande messi "30" yerse football histeri .totteli waste . Messi totteli waste player in arjenteena.. Waste messi goal
E ainda existe pessoas com coragem de dizer que ele não joga bem na seleção. Espero vê-lo levantando um troféu na Argentina!
MD Sohel
MD Sohel:
Oishit Chandra
Oishit Chandra:
তোমার মতো এমন দুর্ভাগা মানুষগুলোর জন্য মন কাঁদে। তোমার এই অপু্র্নতা সারা জীবন মনে থাকবে।
alae zouitni
alae zouitni:
messi is the best player in the world
Priyank Srikanth
Priyank Srikanth:
Argentinian people should respect him he is their highest all time scorer took them to world cup final Copa America final he literally carried that team they don't deserve him
Juli Motmon
Juli Motmon:
Al día de la fecha, Messi convirtio 70 goles con la selección Argentina, estas son las selecciones a las que le convirtio y su cantidad.

As of the date, Messi scored 70 goals with the Argentina team, these are the teams he converted to and their number.

🇧🇷 Brasil (x5)
🇺🇾 Uruguay (x5)
🇵🇾 Paraguay (x5)
🇪🇨 Ecuador (x4)
🇻🇪 Venezuela (x4)
🇧🇴 Bolivia (x3)
🇨🇱 Chile (x3)
🇨🇴 Colombia (x3)
🇬🇹 Guatemala (x3)
🇭🇰 Hong Kong (x3)
🇳🇬 Nigeria (x3)
🇲🇽 México (x3)
🇵🇦 Panamá (x3)
🇨🇭 Suiza (x3)
🇩🇿 Algeria (x2)
🇭🇷 Croacia (x2)
🇪🇸 España (x2)
🇭🇹 Haití (x2)
🇳🇮 Nicaragua (x2)
🇦🇱 Albania (x1)
🇩🇪 Alemania (x1)
🇧🇦 Bosnia y Herzegovina (x1)
Eslovenia (x1) *1
🇺🇸 Estados Unidos (x1)
🇫🇷 Francia (x1)
🇮🇷 Irán (x1)
🇵🇪 Perú (x1)
🇵🇹 Portugal (x1)
🇷🇸🇲🇪 Serbia y Montenegro (x1) *2

1* El emoji de la bandera de Eslovenia no esta disponible.

1* The Slovenia flag emoji is not available.

2* Actualmente Serbia y Montenegro son dos países diferentes.

2* Currently Serbia and Montenegro are two different countries.
jaime soccer
jaime soccer:
And yet he is still without an international trophy 😔
Sujan Pradhan
Sujan Pradhan:
Haha most of the international goals he scored in friendly matches lolll
Julian Roldán
Julian Roldán:
The king of goals in friendlies
Nor Eryanna
Nor Eryanna:
Ronaldo 99🤣🤣🤣🤣
How many of these are friendly Match ??
Asadi Asadi aden
Asadi Asadi aden:
Cr7 99 goal bro..messi 68 hahaahAhaha
Daryl Dixon Rick Grimes
Daryl Dixon Rick Grimes:
They don't see this they only see lose
Sooraj Dinesh
Sooraj Dinesh:
Still Argentina without a trophy. He can only do magic in Barca and nowhere else. Poor adaptability
PK Studio
PK Studio:
Lionel Messi.মেসিকে নিয়ে অসাধারণ একটি শর্ট ফিল্ম
Messi 68 gol for argentina 😂
King Cristiano The best
falta el gol de la final en el 2014, .....cierto que camino la cancha ese dia....
Miguel Cortez Jr.
Miguel Cortez Jr.:
Messi deserves a world cup