Lionel Messi Vs Bolivia (World Cup Qualifiers) 2021 - HD

Lionel Messi Vs Bolivia (World Cup Qualifiers) 2021 - HD

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100+ comentarios:

Messi really looks like he's enjoying his football. It makes me happy to see that
Alwande Sithole
Alwande Sithole:
Ever since he won the copa America he's been playing with so much confident and less pressure and he's just creating magic , like if you agree
Phan Sỹ Phúc
Phan Sỹ Phúc:
Look at his acceleration, dribbling, agility, control, vision, playmaking, work rate and shooting accuracy. Such an exceptional player. The greatest of all time.
Rudy Lopez
Rudy Lopez:
The whole world would love to see Argentina to lift up the world cup. Asia love team Argentina.. Love from Asia..
David René de Rothschild
David René de Rothschild:
This guy is the best passer, best assist maker, best scorer. He is the God of football
The way he plays and sees the game is unparalleled, he gives magic to fans and to the game, he could of scored 4 and assisted 1. The most complete footballer ever. Yes I know it is against Bolivia and we should judge him against stronger countries yet the things he does he does against any team and player. And what a first goal absolute magic
Tu Pimp A Caterpillar
Tu Pimp A Caterpillar:
It’s like he’s getting even better with time, he has no way , no right and no space to be scoring these goals …and yet he does
Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar:
The vision is love. Just make a run, he’ll find you. Scooped pass, chip, first touch, defense tearing through.
Haythem MHD
Haythem MHD:
Fun fact : Messi has broken Pele record with his right leg that Pele joked about it
حسوني الطيب
حسوني الطيب:
Thank you, thank you, Argentina. Congratulations to you, Argentine, for having you the best player in history. I may not have lived in Diego’s time, but because I am in the time of your legend, Leo. Greetings from Iraq
He is highly confident after winning the. Copa America.... It can be seen in his eyes
Daniel Keorapetse
Daniel Keorapetse:
"If I wasn't paid to be a professional footballer, I would willingly play for nothing.

His words Best player of all the time Goat 🐐🙌❤
Adewunmi Agbato
Adewunmi Agbato:
1:30 - 1:40. The smiles and the look you give when God turns your sorrow to joy. The absolute confidence to raise your head up and look straight into the crown. Success is sweet! Leo...I wish you more happiness. One love!
Ultra Screens
Ultra Screens:
Its not just the hat trick, its the way he absolutely dominated the game and was at the centre of everything also…
Danish Imran
Danish Imran:
It’s ironic that he overtook Pele with his right foot.
Raul Gomez
Raul Gomez:
A los 34 años Zidane, Maradona y Pele no podian ni correr 2 metros sin sacar la lengua, Messi ejemplo de disciplina y perseverancia
Timmy Gamerz
Timmy Gamerz:
Since L. Messi has won the Copa America with his team, I can see the happiest person again! Him and Di Maria are getting their chemistry better. Let go!!!!
Aire Oluwafirekunmi
Aire Oluwafirekunmi:
God is really with Messi!! The way he plays is just so beautiful
Amal Raveendran
Amal Raveendran:
Who told this man is not in his prime... GOAT ❤️
The Best player ever
Real Madrid
Real Madrid:
I’m a Madrid fan but it’s impossible for me to not love him.
U2Ver ParaCreer
U2Ver ParaCreer:
I never get tired of see him make the imposible posible. There is only one man in the history that can score a goal like that first one MAKING IT LOOK SO EASY.
The most amazing thing is he basically playing a middle field position and still scores a hatrick without doubt his the greatest ever
Anu Joseph
Anu Joseph:
The first goal is classic Messi. The incredible dribble in a tight space, a tiny burst to get into the space and wrapping his beautiful left foot around to pick out the top corner!

An artist in the disguise of a footballer. The god of the game❤️🐐
He makes me cry with happiness. Leo I feel honoured to watch you play 🙏 Gracias.
He looks happy playing for Argentina now
Debería de haberse ido de Barcelona desde hace mucho tiempo, realmente somos afortunados de verlo jugar es un jugador cual Nadir volverá a ver otra vez.
Hype Clashing
Hype Clashing:
he is really happy and I am really happy, it's about time he gets big wins for Argentina
a hat-trick and more to come
Nik Farish
Nik Farish:
Claudio Vivar Lopez
Claudio Vivar Lopez:
Soy de Chile un privilegio Dios mio afortunados los argentinos de ser de ellos pero aún así traspasar las nacionalidades eres un fenómeno mundial y los que amamos el fútbol nos rendimos a tu magia el fútbol en toda su esencia encarnado en ti felicitaciones
Etchi Hubert Tabot
Etchi Hubert Tabot:
Is this guy a normal human being?? He makes football seem so simple but it’s very difficult. His name should be the definition of good quality football 🤯🤯👍👏👏
Thembinkosi Kenneth
Thembinkosi Kenneth:
The Goat just wanted to remind everyone who he is, the messiah!
Ju6n Molin6
Ju6n Molin6:
They best playmaker and overall greatest player with the ball at his feet in history, no one, and I mean no one comes close. CR7’s greatest achievement, is being compared to Messi.
Como é incrível ver esse cara jogar, e claramente está feliz.. se o PSG souber tratar o Messi como ele deve ser tratado vai ser campeão de tudo!

Mbappe tem que abaixar a bola e entender que ele está diante do maior jogador da história do futebol, a humildade vai levar o PSG ao tão sonhado titulo da UCL.
carlos adriano
carlos adriano:
Soy colombiano y en Qatar Messi tiene que ser campeón del Mundo.. con argentina votaré lágrimas, apoyando a esa selección.... Vamos argentina a por esa copa, el mundo del fútbol le debe esa copa al mejor de la historia
This Argentine team is just a Wow!
Messi, the greatest of all time. Scored a hattrick, broke Pele's record. Messi just can not be stopped. Next up is the World Cup, surely he will win it.
Jordan95 HD
Jordan95 HD:
Over 1,000,000 views in 13 hours. No surprise there! This was a pure masterclass from the G.O.A.T! 🐐💙🤍 Hat-trick, broke Pele's record, BEAUTIFUL!! 💙🤍
Angel T.
Angel T.:
😃TREMENDO MESSI. ¡Felicitaciones amigos argentinos, tienen un jugadorazo! Desde el Perú, un gran saludo. 🇵🇪
Andres Diego
Andres Diego:
Rolling back the years with this performance
s ramanujam
s ramanujam:
He makes his every goal look effortless, simply scintillating!
Sajad Chess
Sajad Chess:
One of his best performance ever
molwedi seloa
molwedi seloa:
The only man who can assist himself 🙏the Greatest of all times 🔥
Jayjay Kabwau
Jayjay Kabwau:
Thank God I have seen this guy play football because if they told me his story I wouldn’t believe at all ♥️ pulgita !
Simply a genius! It's not only the goals but also the all-round play that he produces at this age is remarkable.
SPFC Racional
SPFC Racional:
Messi é inacreditável..tem a idade das pedras .. o melhor 🇦🇷 y eu sou brasileiro
The way he dribbles is so aesthetically pleasing
U2Ver ParaCreer
U2Ver ParaCreer:
PSG fans must go crazy when they aknowledge this HIGH LEVEL MESSI is gonna play for them 😎
Murder Games
Murder Games:
Luckily argentina has the best players in the world without the need to buy them 😭🙌💖
Daniel Lyapa
Daniel Lyapa:
This is what I call a proper hat trick.
No doubt the Greatest of all time.
Messi finally can play as a FW and Argentina doesn't need him to move the ball through the pitch. This is something new after more than 10 years. Argentina now has better players in every line, so Messi can put all his efforts on the attack. The result is just another hat trick and a new record for him. The best, ever.
አማን ሰላም
አማን ሰላም:
i never seen such a talented player like you leo MESSI....LEGEND
ankit prasad
ankit prasad:
It’s amazing how a fraction of a second can display this much of the talent.
kehassa jacques fangnan
kehassa jacques fangnan:
There is no words anymore to describe him
John Martinez
John Martinez:
🐐🔥 no words describe this guy! Absolutely a joy to watch…
John micheal
John micheal:
See how his team mates respect they love him so much
Arthur Alvarado
Arthur Alvarado:
Que grande Messi el mejor🙌🏻
También gran mérito para Escaloni nadie confiaba en él & lo que logró fue hacer un equipo unido, un equipo que puede competir con cualquier selección👏🏻
The first goal just out of nowhere.. reminds me of the goal scored against Ac milan... 🙌 Bow down 🙌 .. GOAT.
Lionel Nwankwo
Lionel Nwankwo:
No player can be compared to this man if we are truthful enough. I think this guy is not human, he is purely a machine. It is so unreal what he does. Since no player can stop Messi, can FIFA stop him?
Mohamed Orayith
Mohamed Orayith:
The chemistry with Lautaro, Di Maria and Paredes is what makes that attack so lethal 🙏🏼
dinesh thapa
dinesh thapa:
He looked the most energetic player on the field despite his age ⚡
Leo Mustafi
Leo Mustafi:
Enjoying each and every moment of Messi because its a limited edition n 1 day we gonna miss the G.O.A.T
Bahen Phom
Bahen Phom:
The man who can score hat trick without penalties
I love the Tiki taka they did in the 2nd goal.

Damn I miss Tiki-Taka so much. I wish argentina adapt the close passing style cause it looks like they are doing the same thing when they get near goal box.
Hary Pastor
Hary Pastor:
Como diría Dinho: "Messi, siempre Messi". Como te amo pulga 🤍 saludos desde Perú.
evans maige
evans maige:
My happiest football moments is watching Messi dribble and score. He's unstoppable. Much love for the world's football genius from 🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪
Lunga Mralaza
Lunga Mralaza:
I just thank god am alive to witness him , one day I’ll tell my son about him.. the Greatest of all time… I love you Leo ⚽️❤️
diego marin
diego marin:
He looks so happy ever since he joined PSG. Good for him.
J M:
This is literally all Messi highlights. The man was everywhere and did everything in this game.
Copy cat
Copy cat:
Fun fact: Messi broke pele's internation goal scoring record! Truly the G.O.A.T
Yesterday messi totally changed his position, and played everywhere, I enjoyed it so much❤❤❤❤❤☺☺☺☺Love from 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳INDIA
ryo assa
ryo assa:
This Argentinian coach treat messi like Pep.. He knows how to makes messi in Godmode..
Roberto Serrano
Roberto Serrano:
Maximo Goleador de sudamerica
Vamos campeon!
Harry James Potter
Harry James Potter:
That first goal is almost a FIFA goal🔥🔥🔥🔥
Undisputed goat 🐐
Lio: Messiento felíz e inspirado.
Ezequiel Molina
Ezequiel Molina:
Sou brasileiro, mas admito que Messi joga acima da média... WTF 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Emmanuel Boateng
Emmanuel Boateng:
Argentina's love for Messi is now deep. Great!
Stan Vici
Stan Vici:
Best player in history.
Now that's the goal he's been looking for.. this season
Anu Joseph
Anu Joseph:
1:38 this moment is so beautiful 😭❤️
That first goal… incredible how he’s able to shoot that hard with so little space and such a short swing to kick the ball!
I know he’s scored like that before, but still… how?!
If I were to shoot like that, it’d be more like a back pass to the keeper
Best footballer to ever step on a pitch. Period.
Nicolas Novoa V.
Nicolas Novoa V.:
Misael García
Misael García:
Soy soy 100% Messi y este crack no se puede despedir del fútbol sin ganar un mundial! Vamos Messi desde México
Messi el Mejor de la Historia !!!! Reconozcan Argentinos! Este Monstruo paso por lejos a maradona!!!!!!!!
kamlesh devi
kamlesh devi:
The GOAT performence🐐🔥
Aryan Srivastava
Aryan Srivastava:
The greatest of all time to ever grace the game 👏👏
Singh The King
Singh The King:
simply the GOAT or better than even the GOAT. Superb. This man is genius.
Masum mia
Masum mia:
It is one of the best moments in this year for L Messi.
gil javier
gil javier:
I just started to watch messi’s previous games but i was really amazed of his’s perfect, exciting to watch, very talented player..he is the goat in soccer
Himanshu Rajdev
Himanshu Rajdev:
He overtook Pele to be the leading South American goalscorer of all time 🐐.
Susan _
Susan _:
Great highlights for all Messi fans 😀 Thanks so much!
Ivan Bravo
Ivan Bravo:
Amigo te das cuenta que Messi no es nuestro, sino del mundo? es una estrella mundial, un deportista extraordinario, lleva nuestra bandera a todas partes del mundo.
BeaT ShooT
BeaT ShooT:
Man I'm so grateful to be able to witness the greatness of the 🐐. Love you till the end of the world Messi ♥️♥️♥️
Running like a wind at this stage of age is simply displaying he is the best player. Messi.
Messi ahora esta jugando más con la selección y más motivado que cuando tenía 25 años
whenever messi goal, i smile 😌😊
I'm really impressed by Argentina's coach. Offensively they have always been sound but now they're looking like a real team. A unit. And the dependency on Messi now has a difference effect. They're unpredictable and a joy to watch while displaying high levels of teamwork.
Manuel Pierce
Manuel Pierce:
Esta empezando a emerger un patrón y sistema de juego, interesante no es así? trabajo serio y constancia, y este numero 10, la frutilla del postre.. descansa tranquilo Diegote, el legado esta a salvo..