Listeners React As Kanye West Finally Drops DONDA, Need It Or Keep It?

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Trailer Park Art
Trailer Park Art:
This album is amazing. If you are looking for straight bars and beats, this isn’t the album for you. This is real art and an album for his mom, I lost mine 4 years ago and it touched me in a specific way. Y’all too damn much 🤣🤣
Ahmirah Cake
Ahmirah Cake:
I loved the album. My favorite two tracks being Come to Life and No Child Left Behind. I love how everyone on the album had to create according to the subject Kanye was on. Which is all spiritual. It had me in awe and chills to hear some of the hardest acknowledge the Most High and take a knee. I don’t have to like the messenger to receive the message. Whoever is on the fence. Listen again.
The crazy thing is Envy think we don’t think he a clown half the time. Lol
That dude said “he wanna take his time making it , I’ma take my time listening to it”😂😂😂😂😂😂
Koeal Braxton Photography
Koeal Braxton Photography:
This album to me is about a vibes and emotions. Didn’t expect it to be an all out banger. Kanye even told us before his last album he wasn’t making that anymore. I think it’s straight but in a different perspective. We keep holding Kanye to graduation type standards. I like the different vibe. It’s not a great album but it’s coo
Victor Moroka
Victor Moroka:
I think the production is a combination of every Kanye album, Kanye did a good job and as dedication to his mom thats deep and a beautiful peace of artwork #Donda 🔥🔥🔥
eloyd angel
eloyd angel:
😂 yee saying that Envy mad Kanye didn’t send his cars to his car show 😂😂 that got me!
Tuesdays Child
Tuesdays Child:
Honestly, the loss element touched me because of the loss of my mum two years ago. Some songs gave me chills and almost brought me to tears. I didn't feel a therapy element to it and freeing, maybe the gospel in it. There was no cussing, no talk about murdering people or violence against black people. The same thing that they were saying people don't get angry about in music when it comes to black people. Don't understand these people. It was long but it is a good clean album with great music and performances.
TheFutureOfThe NBA
TheFutureOfThe NBA:
Donda isn’t trash, this album is amazing
Awesomely Satisfying
Awesomely Satisfying:
I love his album no profanity at all my kids could listen to an album without all the cursing. #finally
Trailer Park Art
Trailer Park Art:
To the caller that called in and defended Ye, thank you! I lost my mom too and I get it. This album has helped me too as I know it has him also.
May Carpenter
May Carpenter:
I was looking forward to hearing about thoughts on the music. There was another video talking about him as a person. My favorite cuts are 24, Keep my spirt alive featuring Kaycee Pluto, Ok ok 2 with Shenseea, Come to life, and Remote Control. The more I listen, the more songs I like.
Dee M
Dee M:
the album is incredible, one of his best. anyone saying otherwise just doesn’t like Kanye & should just say that.
Kenneth Vance
Kenneth Vance:
Definitely Keep it! This what the culture needed. Music been dry before this hype and heat!
shawn lockland
shawn lockland:
In a world of "same old same", this is an album that is ahead of its time. I don't agree with Kanye's views however, this album is very reflective and simply brilliant! I lost my mother and a brother in the past year, and this album connects.
Life is a journey where growth takes place, not stagnation. Listen to his catalog and you will get it!
Relly Sunshine
Relly Sunshine:
I've been playing the album nonstop. I love every track.
Rod ZiLLA415
Rod ZiLLA415:
I was talking shit about Kanye’s antics the whole time until I truly soaked up this album for 2 days straight and realized it’s a masterpiece!
Album on repeat for me. Loving it. Art.
I love the album. Sounds great in my car. Off The Grid and Come To Life are the 2 songs I keep thinking about.
Ty Mill
Ty Mill:
You have to experience loss to really appreciate this album feel like this was more of a musical therapy session 😂
Clarence Zander
Clarence Zander:
They're doing some hardcore hating. It seems like like screening the calls.JS
Zac Choate
Zac Choate:
If you want any more proof the industry is coming together to tear down Kanye, listen to this shit.
Radio DJs who haven't listened to the music shit on the album. The screeners only let the callers in who haven't heard the album.
Clarity Speaks
Clarity Speaks:
Rome of UPanic'd
Rome of UPanic'd:
I need to hear what happened “behind the scenes” for Envy to double down on calling him a Clown.. Shout to the community Minded Sister who knows “We don’t deal with our brothers like that”
Meno Bueno
Meno Bueno:
I loved the album a lot and hope Kanye keeps making great music!
Google Account
Google Account:
NEED IT! The music has a FEELING that alot music is missing today.
Solid Roc Entertainment SRE
Solid Roc Entertainment SRE:
Also the production and sound scheme is dope, dated? hey I'm glad it had a Kanye vibe I'm familiar with, I love the direction lyrically this album took, he definatley got some stuff off his chest. This is apart of some of his best work
Kanye put his heart and soul in this album
Wesley Robinson
Wesley Robinson:
I think the roll out ye did set the expectations too high for his Donda album. On top of that, it’s just way too long for most people to enjoy. If he makes a updated condensed version it could resonate with people more at this moment in time.

As it currently stands. Donda Isn’t an album you can ride to or put on in the gym, this is a album you have to sit with. It’s one of those things that you gotta be in the right mind frame to enjoy, I would liken it to a self help book. You might read a popular self help book and not really understand or buy into it at first, but once you start gaining more life experience things start to click resonate with you more. That’s how this album is going to be, people will garner a better appreciation for this album over time after all the hype and expectations surrounding it die down.
Jefe AA
Jefe AA:
I have not finished the album because I've kept "Believe What I Say" on repeat. That track is a banger!
nathan joseph
nathan joseph:
“Do you fools listen to music or do you just skim thru it” - Hov
Connie the Pisces
Connie the Pisces:
His album is good. I don’t agree with some things he said and did but no one’s perfect. I lost my father everyone needs a positive outlet to express their pain and grief.
This is some of his best work I think. Legendary. DONDA !!
Reginald D'Haiti
Reginald D'Haiti:
The album is a self ❤️‍🩹 healing reflection where dude was at and where he’s at now not everyone is going to rock 🪨 it but to call it trash 🗑 is confirming you don’t have a good ear for 🎶 period
Melissa Callia
Melissa Callia:
Lost my mother, was crying by the end of the album. This album is beautiful.
Eiuol Tremhog
Eiuol Tremhog:
First thoughts: You can make a long movie that works as long as it doesn't *feel* long to the audience. Conversely, I don't know if the same can be said about a long running album, just because of the nature of how people consume music versus movies. That is especially true of an album that is as long as the average feature-length movie.

IMHO, unless it is a greatest hits album, no traditional LP should be nearly 2 hours long. I think that, especially since Kanye named this project after his mother, he would be much more introspective and concise rather than self-indulgent, long-winded, and cursory. Unfortunately, I felt he was much more the latter than the former. I will give another listen at some point to see if it changes.
First time ever listening to Ye and I enjoyed most of the songs. 💯🔥🔥
People forget this is a Gospel album, it has no cussing in it. Great job Kanye, To God be the Glory.
ab saloj
ab saloj:
The album is a beautiful album 💿.
Shout to his “mom.” DONDA.
it's not an album you listen to one time and give a review. I personally really appreciate this album
𝔇𝔞𝔲𝔮𝔲𝔞𝔫 𝔖𝔪𝔦𝔱𝔥
𝔇𝔞𝔲𝔮𝔲𝔞𝔫 𝔖𝔪𝔦𝔱𝔥:
They really dogging Kanye and that's messed up, especially envy, the most gossip one. But why someone do check envy on his words, he gets quiet and scared, like dude watch who u calling a clown 💯. I honestly like the album 💯. Some people don't like to separate the personal and music. Kanye west is the greatest when it comes to sampling 💯
Alan Sanchez Tirado
Alan Sanchez Tirado:
So if you make this album, it sounds dated, but if you make a experimental album (like yeezus at the time) its too much... you cant win.
V-DUN: Music, Motivation, and Money
V-DUN: Music, Motivation, and Money:
How y'all gon talk about dress code when that has nothing to do with the art? Ye dropped a classic. When you no longer need the money, that's when the music as at its purist. Please stop hating on a young black billionaire.
*Donda For AOTY* 🔥🔥 *People Are Buggin This Is History And I Appreciate it* *People are bashing this man for his past not for his talent* 💔
Kylie Cakes
Kylie Cakes:
Me and my close friends loved the album. And we didn’t base it off of personal feelings from Kanye’s past…..
Isaac Rodriguez
Isaac Rodriguez:
GET EM DJ ENVY!!!!!! I'm with you!
Mista Dubb
Mista Dubb:
I need it! Good vibes all over the album! Grown man shit!
Le'Ron Aka Labrea
Le'Ron Aka Labrea:
People have no ear these days I thought the album was amazing the production was amazing the topics were great brilliant piece of artwork with a great blend of gospel and Hip-Hop
Ufo account
Ufo account:
The breakfast list it’s taste in music. They’re just puppets for the industry. They say what they’re paid to say. DONDA is the #1album of the new decade. He changed the game for listening parties. The guy literally had a Broadway production for his listening part. You guys have no idea how much work was put into that.
JenJen Loves
JenJen Loves:
Kanye’s album is beautiful and beyond epic. Listening to the breakfast club…is what’s wack. 🤦🏾‍♀️
Ricardo Duarte
Ricardo Duarte:
Love the energy, this the old breakfast club 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Marketplace Flowers
Marketplace Flowers:
Thanks DJ Envy for speaking the truth about Kanye. Finally someone has the balls to say what needs to be said.
Anthony Goodwin
Anthony Goodwin:
How are we doing a review on the album already, its 26 songs on their, let it sit with you man, Times are not the same anymore we don't enjoy music the same. its all about the artist and our personal feelings about them. Its no longer about the music its sad.. Kanye is not one of these new artist you have to sit with his work and listen. Listening to three songs and saying its ass not it smh. I miss the old days. Now watch friday....
polo team
polo team:
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Kanye west redeemed his self with this masterpiece 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
patrick gadsden
patrick gadsden:
Off The Grid, Hurricane, Praise God, Jonah, Ok Ok, Junya, Believe What I say, 24, Remote Control, Moon, Jesus Lord... Etc a handful of tracks that are great... People saying that the album is trash are the real clowns...
Kall_Mii_ Kemo
Kall_Mii_ Kemo:
I like this album. Sounds like 808 and before. 28 tracks is good. I listen to a few albums thatswas 9 to 13 tracks. Yall sensitive and he wasnt wrong about some of the stuff he said. Kanye may or may not be a genius idc but his music is dope. Everything aint hot but he's good and music. Not fashion lol his shoes ugly af. I only listened to Donda once but I like at least half last night. And slavery was a choice read as much as possible leading up to the 1100s and you'll see a lot of great info. They tryna bring back slavery and yall not paying attention. Think about the last 10years while yall listen to yezus (w/o headphones) jail 1 got GOLD BARS in it. Listen to Jay-Z closely. Great album Ye #MrKanyeWestForPresident -kendrick lamar
Segun Fayomi
Segun Fayomi:
CMG and Envy has no right to define what an artiste creative process has to be, nor do they both have the right to think Kanye is disrespectful in all aspects.

Kanye's DONDA album is like a piece of art, the image may be heavy, distorted and misunderstood yet beautiful and wanted by many. Art in its purest form is only understood by his creator.

Respect Kanye's art, I don't care about any body's opinions on his person or character.

Daniel Paige
Daniel Paige:
Charlamagne Tha God’s decorative cake joke made me laugh so hard I straight up look like Joaquin Phoenix on the bus in Joker right now
*This just goes to show that a lot of people just like to hate on Ye. As far as the instrumentation of this album it’s very reminiscent of some of his earlier projects that people say are timeless so how tf can you say DONDA is lack luster? Idc what no one says lol, DONDA is another timeless masterpiece. From lyrical substance to orchestral levels this album is almost as beautiful as MBDTF.*
africa standup
africa standup:
I will be damned if comment section agrees with you 🙆🏾‍♂️ It’s the best album ever to me
DONDA is masterpiece
LeTasha Powers
LeTasha Powers:
YESSSS TO THE YOUNG LADY WHO SPOKE ABOUT LOOSING HER MOM, completely agree Dj Envy talking real spicy for someone who has never lost a parent before, there are a lot of artist who disrespects people all the time, and no one has anything to say to them, it’s was a album about his mom period.
This was a smear campaign by Envy. Radio stations screen calls before putting them on hold to speak on radio. Envy is a hater and all them callers joining the hate train and didn’t even listen to the album. I swear my people love to hate.
I'm surprised because I kinda thought he was going to get a lot of support and rebound musically since people don't really care what you do if you putting out hits......I guess for that effect to work the music has to actually be good and he might have missed a chance.
2 SaucedUp Convo
2 SaucedUp Convo:
I listened to Chris Browns album that was 40 songs long for the whole week. Wait until Envy loses people and people criticize every moment of his life, he might understand going through turmoil. He doesn’t have stable live on his side but you don’t understand it because you do
Shadonnay Wine
Shadonnay Wine:
I just love envy and I think he’s sooo right
trey wo
trey wo:
It’s same with every Kanye album. It’s drops: It’s mid. 5 years later: omg it aged so well it was generally paradigm shifting , how did we not see it.
Hear Ye Its King J
Hear Ye Its King J:
Kanye west album is a amazing!
Can't lie, DONDA didn't feel as special when listening to the official release cos I heard most of it in the listening parties.

There's some really good songs, some less polished than others, but there are Kanye verses that are just forgettable.
Jermaine Magee
Jermaine Magee:
I love the album This a classic great music n features
Relly Sunshine
Relly Sunshine:
I'm just here to remind everyone that the Breakfast Club screens in the callers that have the opinion they want conveyed.
True Black Powaa
True Black Powaa:
Need It this album 🔥🔥🔥
Kev Don't Care
Kev Don't Care:
The album is a big improvement from the last one that’s for sure
Jazzy Fae
Jazzy Fae:
Would love to know the 'behind the scenes' stuff happening that they're referring to him about?? The facts when you know them DO influence how music sounds to many, and he's made his personal life front page news for so long that we cant help but pay attention to it🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️
Scaleatin Boneyoho
Scaleatin Boneyoho:
I don't care what any of y'all say, 24 is a sad ass song with some of the most beautifully bittersweet lyrics that Ye has ever recorded. R.I.P. Donda West.
I disagree that it sounds dated. I think some of the production is not my favorite but the tracks that are dope are super dope. The album is too long. And I’m not feeling all this Jesus talk. Overall I think it’s pretty good.
Melli Talks Movies
Melli Talks Movies:
This album is phenomenal. Too long? No. It’s full of great content. People just have no attention span and it’s funny how no matter what Kanye does, they take it personally 😂 Chill.
vexo timmer
vexo timmer:
Personally, I think this is his best album since "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy." It is kinda bloated though, I would've trimmed some songs from it and made it about 18 tracks. But yeah, other than that, i'm satisfied with the album. "Jesus Lord" is my fucking SHIT!
Art Of Kevin
Art Of Kevin:
I think the album is a master piece. Some of the hardest music ever made for God. You guys are absolutely crazy. 🤷🏾‍♂️
I enjoyed the album. I agree with the young lady saying the music 🎶 facilitated the process of facing grief and enduring loss. I felt that sentiment in the music.
We’re taking calls to see what you think about Kanye’s DONDA album.
Caller what did you think?
Caller: I didn’t even listen to it cause…
Juan B
Juan B:
I agree with them for once. It’s was kinda a let down especially during the live stream concert
Corey Williams
Corey Williams:
That album was great definitely the third best album this year after Tyler the creator and j cole
I agree with the last listener 💯
Chaz Salima
Chaz Salima:
I like the album, it’s very cinematic/climactic
Ye' just be putting out anything cause he honestly knows no matter what,some of y'all would say it was fiyah❗ His next album will be 17 tracks of him barking like a dog and whistling and some of y'all would swear on your soul that it's the best album of the year 😂😂😂
w khan
w khan:
At least 6 of these songs are fire and then there are others that are for the ye fans. To say an album is to long isn’t a real critique. There is music in here that is simply for production not for the aspect of being a song. Music is definitely not out dated at all off the grind, and hurricane are just next level songs
Black House TV
Black House TV:
Amazing body of work you have to throw the head phones and kick back and jus enjoy it straight threw he production and songs are great
Xcalibur Da Turntablist
Xcalibur Da Turntablist:
As a DJ your personal opinion should NEVER come into play when deciding what music to play or not! Your job is to play music for the masses! When you apply your personal opinions into your music selection, you leave out many listeners that may like the people you decide not to play. Again, as a DJ you should have a totally unbiased opinion about the music. Everyone should get a chance. Now there are some circumstances that void this. Like the kellz situation. Even in that, I still play some of his music because he has not been convicted of a crime…. Yet(😂😂)
The point is that my personal opinion of what kellz did does not make me change what I play. If the people want to hear it, I will play it! That’s what a DJ does! Make sure their listeners are happy and not just themselves!🙄😒
1 Hunnid
1 Hunnid:
I agree wholeheartedly with DJ Envy and his opinion.
Urban Nuance
Urban Nuance:
Breakfast club is once again totally off base from the culture. The album is 🔥 his best work since Twisted Fantasy.
Kevin Stro
Kevin Stro:
The album sounds great, and people that haven't listened to it sound odd giving Their opinion on it.
Bradley Moyo
Bradley Moyo:
Kanye has really hurt these ppl lmao. I’ve never seen some many ppl call in for music just to admit to never hearing the album and proceeded to attack him
Meka 1991
Meka 1991:
"He took the time to put it out, so I'm gone take my time listening to it"!!! It's only fair
Kofi Daeshaun
Kofi Daeshaun:
Kanye is the best. I LOVE THE ALBUM. I listened at least 4 times already. Get off Ye's ...........
Anjo The Weezky
Anjo The Weezky:
CharlA's laugh is legendary
DJ Ricksta Reaction
DJ Ricksta Reaction:
All I know is “King Disease 2” and “The Course Of The Inevitable” are the two best albums I’ve heard in 2021 so far. But I heard that Boy Kung Fu Kennith coming, so we’ll see…
Melissa Callia
Melissa Callia:
Kanye West's album is beautiful work of art and a true masterpiece. I went to the 1st and 3rd listening party with my son and I thought I'd go just for the experience. I was truly moved by the music and I am in love with the finished album.
Brianna McDermott
Brianna McDermott:
You cant listen to a whole album in one day and really get the message