Liszt, Hungarian Rhapsody No.6, Martha Argerich 1966

A turbulent interpretation of one of Liszt's many rhapsodies. Interesting to note her getting carried away in the final (and maniacal!) octaves nearing the end. Looks like even Martha can get the better of Martha...

Filmed in Munich, 1966.

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If Martha ever got into a fight, she could just play a C major octave scale on someone's face and they'd die.  
Frederic Chopin
Frederic Chopin:
I just heard rosseau play this...not disrespect to him but the diference between a youtube pianist and a world class pianist like Martha is HUUGEE
Lizzie Wixted
Lizzie Wixted:
those octaves. I'm crying.
Jjames Anderson
Jjames Anderson:
Thank you Rick Beato for letting us know.
Robert Hunt
Robert Hunt:
Liszt: I wrote a piece that nearly impossible to play!!
Martha: Hold my beer . . .
ali abrahimi
ali abrahimi:
Liszt composed it, Martha Played it, and I feel happy just listening it. Can anybody tell me how it feels to be able to play or even compose something like that? Let me play that again.
Christian Naydenov
Christian Naydenov:
So Listz, what notes will you use?

Listz: Yes
this is the most un -toxic comment section i have ever seen
Julian Cortalezzi
Julian Cortalezzi:
Shes the best, surreal.. perfect, a clear example who someone that make this world a better place.
Alejandro Aquino
Alejandro Aquino:
Majestuoso,,Feliz Cumpleaños Martha!🇦🇷
Frédéric Chopin
Frédéric Chopin:
she learned Gaspard de la Nuit in one week, claiming that she didn’t know it was supposed to be hard 😭😭
It was fine until the end. That piano's gotta be out of tune after that incredible performance.
She was just 25 there..., phenomenal..."
SGT Report
SGT Report:
Rick B sent me here. God bless ya Rick.
Let there be light.
Diego Rovaglia
Diego Rovaglia:
We have recordings of her and she's still alive.... what a time to be alive!!!!
I watched her play in London some years ago and it's the only time I can remember having the feeling that I was in the presence of true greatness.
Martha, you will never know how much I love you
Richard Allen
Richard Allen:
Sheer brilliance. I visited Liszts grave in Bayreuth last year. It's quite mysterious to stand near the remains of him as you ponder his music and influence. He would have loved young Martha.
Robert Morrison
Robert Morrison:
I can't even play the wrong notes that fast.
Feel that Rousseau will play this one tomorrow...
Roma Page
Roma Page:
I can play between 4:05 and 4:08, but that’s it.
She was really inspired on this day. All of the videos from this recording are memorable!
Randy KInsley
Randy KInsley:
Rick Beato introduced me to this virtuoso. Thanks, Rick.
jorge schneider
jorge schneider:
She's perfect!!
Steven Ingman-Greer
Steven Ingman-Greer:
Martha is on fire here! The very best kind of music making...I'm sure Liszt would approve...of everything she does!
A few months ago I first watched this, and noticed the description saying "looks like martha can get the better of martha".. I slightly agreed but after listening to this over 50 times id say, that ending is absolutely necessary and caps off the performance perfectly, I wouldnt want it any other way... so I dont think she got the better of herself, i think this recording is as good as it gets, and the ending is not a blemish, but a highlight
Gérard Begni
Gérard Begni:
The accuracy of the fingering is quite notable and allows a great precision in phrasing and eloquence. This is easy to see concidering the angle of viewing of the camera. This makes the document especially interesting.
Jesse Davis
Jesse Davis:
Martha in no way gets carried away. Rather, her technical prowess carries the music to extraordinary heights of musical excitement. Exactly as Liszt intended! Thanks for sharing this historic video of Argerich in B&W.
Masah 1
Masah 1:
I can’t believe what I just witnessed
Emiliano Serrano
Emiliano Serrano:
La número 1 tocando al mas virtuoso .GRACIAS POR SER ARGENTINA❤
she's so pretty~
She plays so easily and naturally, we cannot imagine how much work there is behind. She purely forgets that she is on stage, she plays a wonderful music and finds a great joy in it. I think she is the best pianist of the XX. century.
Samuele Dell'Oro
Samuele Dell'Oro:
She's the perfection.
Wednesday morning, I'm laying on my bed, reading Murakami and listen to this. My life is complete.
She is one of the greatest pianists of the 20th century. A true master.
Simon Mountford
Simon Mountford:
She was three when she started playing the piano. 25 here. 10 000 hours + playing.
Aaron Whitman
Aaron Whitman:
This gave me chills
Jenny Writer
Jenny Writer:
"Looks like even Martha can get the better of Martha..." Have no idea what that means. Looks like Martha is performing brilliantly, and that is all.
tonewall jaxon
tonewall jaxon:
shes a monster and i love every minute of it.....incredible.
Joe Stephens
Joe Stephens:
First in line when God passed out the piano chops!
Bryan W.
Bryan W.:
One of the best pianists ever. Not gonna say the best because no one is the best in piano
Mihawk Drakule
Mihawk Drakule:
Neji : 8 trigrams 64 palms
Argerich: hold my octaves
jon rene
jon rene:
of all the classical concert pianist s I've heard through my life - she stands up above  them all ; insanely good !
chris piano
chris piano:
God, I love her.
Yes! That's the way to play a Liszt Rhapsody.
Şükrü ERCAN:
I didn't say you wouldn't be virtuoso, I said you wouldn't be marta argerich 😀
4:10 when shit's about to hit the fan
Nick Roosh
Nick Roosh:
It's strange to think that this was recorded at the year when my mother was born, and it still has a better sound quality than many of today's videos out there...
i was -41 years old when this was recorded
Narasimhan S
Narasimhan S:
Just Gorgeous
she's so intense! yet technical at the same time passionate
jon rene
jon rene:
unique performer - flawless !!!
How is Martha Argerich not a household name? Why did it take 50 years to discover her? Thank you Rick Beato for recommending this.
When I was young, I was all about loud and fast. As I grew older, what I find most appealing is harmnic robustness and note choice, using notes and chords that are not always diatonic, a srnce of the unexpected, rhythmic cleverness, all combined with strong melodic content. Perhaps the most modern music is a mix of jazz and classical as jazz commonly uses non diatonic harmony mixed in -  as well as a since of free swinging tythm and rhythmic displacement - listen to how modern Previn's tango song and dance sounds as an example. One can almost hear the origins and similarities of jazz in Debussy ravel satie stravinsky et al. That and a lot of early 20th c virtuosos often played Gershwin among other jazz pioneers.

I think a recital should include a variety of things, one piece directed to lyricism and making love to every note, another having harmonic depth, interesting changes,  and intense melody, another piece introducing a new fresh or rarely pertformerd work, and usually last something to show off with , show em what you can do, a display of chops, a chance to wow them. For me that's what Liszt Is, something to play at the end leaving em with their mouths open in disbelief and awe. Martha's has certainly done that here but I wouldn't want to hear something like this the entire recital.

It took slot of words to get all of the things I wanted to say about this video but I finally got them all out. Sorry for rambling on so long.
The best version ever.
thank you Ms. Argerich!!!!

......and Liszt of course :)
Mercedes Martínez Rubio
Mercedes Martínez Rubio:
Que maravillosas manos!!
LVBdevine Love
LVBdevine Love:
I have never seen sheer brutality (so graceful and beautiful and effortlessly done
Maen M.
Maen M.:
So envious of her talent and hands! 😆 She's simply amazing
I literally have goosebumps. Holy sh*t
Clifford Depew
Clifford Depew:
Feliz cumpleanos, Martha!
Adyr Sebastião Ferreira
Adyr Sebastião Ferreira:
Bravíssimo, Martha! Que virtuose imensa!
Hitagi Senjougahara
Hitagi Senjougahara:
I'm in love with her since 60s'
Leanne Blum
Leanne Blum:
the ending is so beautiful
Devilishly difficult; yet she plays it with ease.  Great video!   o:-)
Thibo Meurkens
Thibo Meurkens:
You know how that show the good place says that people can be 104% perfect? Id say she is one of those people.
I have watched this feat of magic EVERY WEEK for the last 4 years! And I simply can't stop watching!
This rare video is really a treasure~ Thank you so much for posting this!
Gene Emerson
Gene Emerson:
My idol, Martha Argerich, performing the beautiful Hungarian Rhapsody No. 6 by Liszt.
me vs. the world
me vs. the world:
Best. Better than Rousseau’s
Jacek Połoniński
Jacek Połoniński:
Great pianist, and in these videos looks so cute! :-)
Debi Cooney
Debi Cooney:
Brilliant!!! She truly is amazing!!
John Socrates
John Socrates:
Easy on the ears, easy on the eyes and powerful, lovely hands!
Weldon Percy
Weldon Percy:
And she said that octaves are her weakness!!! I can't believe that she just performed the best edition of this piece! What a prodigy.
Ba Cota
Ba Cota:
1966 and such good audio!? Incredible
Kathy Fann
Kathy Fann:
Simply wonderful!
LVBdevine Love
LVBdevine Love:
my face after watching Martha play: priceless."
Guilherme Schmidt
Guilherme Schmidt:
What impresses me is the combination of smoothness and speed
That is just sexy!
shane fee
shane fee:
What staggering genius! I was so looking forward to seeing her at the proms but she cancelled :( the greatest pianist of the 20th century.
Those fingers! Amazing.
Wow I am fortunate to have observed this exceptional artist...thank you Rick Beato for your guidance and recommendation! The highest performance!
5:41 O_o I think Einstein formulas are needed to accurate describe what is happening here.
Paul Vulcano
Paul Vulcano:
La amo!
Jah Man
Jah Man:
4:10 is when things get interesting.
Michał Staniszewski
Michał Staniszewski:
When i see her playing, my hands are on fire
Julia B.
Julia B.:
You're a genius, Franz
truly one of my favorites by her, love ya martha, always will (even if you lose ur hands)
augusti chem
augusti chem:
That speed😩😩👌
She's amazing! Her playing was glorious!
5:12 is my favorite bit.
Sinisa Beric
Sinisa Beric:
Apart from enjoyng this music again and again, I now see why my son indists the 144Hz display is important. Her hands are fog.
giuseppe viara
giuseppe viara:
happy birthday Martha!
Andork Kuomo
Andork Kuomo:
DAMMIT!! WHY is it that whenever they get to my favorite parts of any piece they go to their face with the camera???!!! Nonetheless, this is about as good a performance of this can ever get, she is outstanding!
Gilbert Pangyarihan
Gilbert Pangyarihan:
Certified Intergalactic!
Vincent Mirap
Vincent Mirap:
Muy buena!. Me gusto demasiado, un abrazo!
Dakoit Cave
Dakoit Cave:
A living genius.
Gyopár Bogdán
Gyopár Bogdán:
Im learning this piece. 😊❤❤❤
Firas Michel Koussa
Firas Michel Koussa:
She makes rousseau look like a silly boy band
I love it....great performance!!!!