Liszt, Hungarian Rhapsody No.6, Martha Argerich 1966

A turbulent interpretation of one of Liszt's many rhapsodies. Interesting to note her getting carried away in the final (and maniacal!) octaves nearing the end. Looks like even Martha can get the better of Martha...

Filmed in Munich, 1966.

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If Martha ever got into a fight, she could just play a C major octave scale on someone's face and they'd die.  
ali abrahimi
ali abrahimi:
Liszt composed it, Martha Played it, and I feel happy just listening it. Can anybody tell me how it feels to be able to play or even compose something like that? Let me play that again.
Diego Rovaglia
Diego Rovaglia:
We have recordings of her and she's still alive.... what a time to be alive!!!!
I watched her play in London some years ago and it's the only time I can remember having the feeling that I was in the presence of true greatness.
She plays so easily and naturally, we cannot imagine how much work there is behind. She purely forgets that she is on stage, she plays a wonderful music and finds a great joy in it. I think she is the best pianist of the XX. century.
She was really inspired on this day. All of the videos from this recording are memorable!
Julian Cortalezzi
Julian Cortalezzi:
Shes the best, surreal.. perfect, a clear example who someone that make this world a better place.
Lizzie Wixted
Lizzie Wixted:
those octaves. I'm crying.
Jesse Davis
Jesse Davis:
Martha in no way gets carried away. Rather, her technical prowess carries the music to extraordinary heights of musical excitement. Exactly as Liszt intended! Thanks for sharing this historic video of Argerich in B&W.
She is one of the greatest pianists of the 20th century. A true master.
Steven Ingman-Greer
Steven Ingman-Greer:
Martha is on fire here! The very best kind of music making...I'm sure Liszt would approve...of everything she does!
Frederic Chopin
Frederic Chopin:
I just heard rosseau play this...not disrespect to him but the diference between a youtube pianist and a world class pianist like Martha is HUUGEE
Richard Allen
Richard Allen:
Sheer brilliance. I visited Liszts grave in Bayreuth last year. It's quite mysterious to stand near the remains of him as you ponder his music and influence. He would have loved young Martha.
Frédéric Chopin
Frédéric Chopin:
she learned Gaspard de la Nuit in one week, claiming that she didn’t know it was supposed to be hard 😭😭
jon rene
jon rene:
of all the classical concert pianist s I've heard through my life - she stands up above  them all ; insanely good !
Nick Roosh
Nick Roosh:
It's strange to think that this was recorded at the year when my mother was born, and it still has a better sound quality than many of today's videos out there...
Adyr Sebastião Ferreira
Adyr Sebastião Ferreira:
Bravíssimo, Martha! Que virtuose imensa!
Mariangela Dias
Mariangela Dias:
Ele conversa com as teclas, fala com as notas, respira, busca o ar e despeja a inspiração nos dedos enquanto executa a música. E enche nossa alma!
Robert Hunt
Robert Hunt:
Liszt: I wrote a piece that nearly impossible to play!!
Martha: Hold my beer . . .
Gérard Begni
Gérard Begni:
The accuracy of the fingering is quite notable and allows a great precision in phrasing and eloquence. This is easy to see concidering the angle of viewing of the camera. This makes the document especially interesting.
Wow I am fortunate to have observed this exceptional artist...thank you Rick Beato for your guidance and recommendation! The highest performance!
Partho Roy
Partho Roy:
Unbelievable video of Martha at age ~ 25 🔥 Truly an incredible pianist
Kyle Halliwell
Kyle Halliwell:
He actually never charged for lessons, and the man was no show off. He was simply a genius and felt it his duty to share it. Liszt actually lost many friends due to his lack of ego and constant strive to improve the arts, and people became jealous because he WAS the best so effortlessly. This is what makes Liszt such a unique character. It was Liszt's kingdom and all romantic composers were his followers. And as for how to interpret this piece, it's all a matter of opinion.
Maen M.
Maen M.:
So envious of her talent and hands! 😆 She's simply amazing
Juan Manuel Parada Contreras
Juan Manuel Parada Contreras:
Toda una genial interpretación.
How is Martha Argerich not a household name? Why did it take 50 years to discover her? Thank you Rick Beato for recommending this.
Thank you Mr Liszt for composing such high level music that still delight millions of people worldwide even long after you are gone. You are beyond GENIUS!
Claire O'Donnell
Claire O'Donnell:
Wow, those last two and a half minutes really give you the chills. What a feat. She's amazing.
Absolutely phenomenal performance. Cant stop repeating it again and again...
How can anyone dislike this? I've tried playing that last part and thought my right arm was going to fall off... She's a beast.
Donald Mc Cormack
Donald Mc Cormack:
Thank you ,Martha. It`s vital to know that in these dark days there is still music like this to help us through. Masterpiece. Bless you !!
lotee zkie
lotee zkie:
I love how her fingers moved across the keyboard. Wonderful performance as always.
The best version ever.
thank you Ms. Argerich!!!!

......and Liszt of course :)
Bravissimo !! 👏👏👏👏👏
Erich Michaelis
Erich Michaelis:
Отличное исполнение с исключительным уважением к композитору, что
вызывает исключительное уважение к исполнительнице. Респект!
Привет из Германии!
Paulo Pistola
Paulo Pistola:
I have watched this feat of magic EVERY WEEK for the last 4 years! And I simply can't stop watching!
Dakoit Cave
Dakoit Cave:
A living genius.
This is one crazy performance! She made it her own, her interpretation is inspired!
Ba Cota
Ba Cota:
1966 and such good audio!? Incredible
Debi Cooney
Debi Cooney:
Brilliant!!! She truly is amazing!!
Marc Amengual
Marc Amengual:
She played so well! Great pianist!
Teufel Hunden
Teufel Hunden:
I’ve played this in competition in high school but have never been able to play this clearly. What talent.
Devilishly difficult; yet she plays it with ease.  Great video!   o:-)
Ely Meireles
Ely Meireles:
Espetáculo, esplêndido, fantástico, incrível, nossa...
Não tem adjetivos para definir.
I love it....great performance!!!!
Casey M
Casey M:
Sometimes I don't like how fast she plays things, but here the passion and expression is just too good. Wrong notes and all it's a spectacular performance!
She's amazing! Her playing was glorious!
QuoteToad Jr
QuoteToad Jr:
Martha Argerich: the greatest musician alive today
there is not one single person who can play octaves or octave scales than Martha. she is perfect
And she said that octaves are her weakness!!! I can't believe that she just performed the best edition of this piece! What a prodigy.
jon rene
jon rene:
unique performer - flawless !!!
William Bunter
William Bunter:
To think that this wonderful lady was going to go through three bouts of cancer and still be playing virtuoso piano many years later. I believe she is the greatest pianist in the world.
shane fee
shane fee:
What staggering genius! I was so looking forward to seeing her at the proms but she cancelled :( the greatest pianist of the 20th century.
Beethoven's Baton
Beethoven's Baton:
THOSE OCTAVES! I haven't seen anyone play octaves that flawlessly! I am SO envious!
Sarasi Das
Sarasi Das:
Imagine that this piece was made up from scratch. Lizst truly had the mind of a genius
James Ketcham
James Ketcham:
4:49 - the reason why Franz Liszt is known for being one of the three most difficult and challenging composers in the entire piano repertoire (joined only by Rachmaninoff and Chopin) It's also a fine example of why Argerich is still considered by many to be the greatest pianist in the world.
Ann Dupre
Ann Dupre:
The ineffable beauty of the instrument, the performer and the music itself create a stunning example of divine power! Absolute magic!! Ann D.
Your assertion that she messes the left hand is your own feeling, and the speed she uses to play the final presto is phenomenal.
"Safety last" said Artur Schnable. An empty controled rendition will never be superior to a risky inspired one.
jim davis
jim davis:
perhaps the greatest pianist the world will ever see .
esta interpretación me hace llorar de no poder sentir tanto las ganas de estar viva y darme cuenta de que lo estoy, estoy viva estoy viva estoy viva
Amazing!!! Now, I have to say, my favorite version is Horowitz's on his Homage to Liszt album, acknowledging that, in the spirit of Liszt playfulness and improvisation, Horowitz took some liberties with the music-as-written. But this is an amazing fantastic version. I loved it. Thank you so much for posting this video, mmoynen!! Also, Martha was extremely lovely back in the mid 60's. Yowsa!
This rare video is really a treasure~ Thank you so much for posting this!
Samuele Dell'Oro
Samuele Dell'Oro:
She's the perfection.
Scriabin's Sack
Scriabin's Sack:
One of the best pianists ever. Not gonna say the best because no one is the best in piano
she's so intense! yet technical at the same time passionate
Bravo, both thumbs up for the composer and the performer. Thank you for sharing this beauty.
Stan Obirek
Stan Obirek:
List is crying from happiness... His music could not be played with more heart and passion.
Kathy Fann
Kathy Fann:
Simply wonderful!
tonewall jaxon
tonewall jaxon:
shes a monster and i love every minute of it.....incredible.
Ian Harrison
Ian Harrison:
Excellent . No other way to describe what I just saw . Pure excellence .
Anderson Motta
Anderson Motta:
she is amazing... i´ve been listening to her playing since i was 15... and i still get shocked... fantastic!!!
Michael Carlton
Michael Carlton:
Masterpiece! Both Franz and Martha. I never tire of hearing this.
Laurel Fleger
Laurel Fleger:
I'm glad I heard passages because I wasn't sure how to play them. Excellent. I learned the second movement in a slower mode, like something one hears in church. It's too fast for me. But I enjoyed it overall.
Oh Thomas Music
Oh Thomas Music:
3:26 gives me chills every time <3
antonio c. filho
antonio c. filho:
fantástico parabens
Ilona Kovacs
Ilona Kovacs:
Merci ,vous m'avez donné des frissons, magnifiquement joué par Madame Martiha Argerich dans sa jeunesse👍👏😊
Barra Mundi
Barra Mundi:
In some respects, the most amazing thing I've ever seen in music of any kind. Look at her concentration! It's incredible to see that level of ability.
Student of the Word
Student of the Word:
It is the best version I've ever heard. Murray Perahia performs the #12 fantastically. Does anyone know if Martha Argerich performs the Hungarian Rhapsody # 12?
A few months ago I first watched this, and noticed the description saying "looks like martha can get the better of martha".. I slightly agreed but after listening to this over 50 times id say, that ending is absolutely necessary and caps off the performance perfectly, I wouldnt want it any other way... so I dont think she got the better of herself, i think this recording is as good as it gets, and the ending is not a blemish, but a highlight
Ilona Kovacs
Ilona Kovacs:
Quel incroyable génie! J'étais tellement impatient de l écouter, merci pour ce bijou!! (une des plus grand pianiste du 20ème siècle.

Gene Emerson
Gene Emerson:
My idol, Martha Argerich, performing the beautiful Hungarian Rhapsody No. 6 by Liszt.
Perry B
Perry B:
She’s a has too be the greatest musician of the 20th century and 21st for that matter.
Francisca Baetti
Francisca Baetti:
Qué claridad para tocar todas esas notas, la verdad es una genia bárbara, y ni hablar de su expresión!!!
David Scott
David Scott:
She plays those strings in a box really well. Sounds like music.
Fantastic! I love this sort of piano close up. Super super great.
Alejandro Aquino
Alejandro Aquino:
Majestuoso,,Feliz Cumpleaños Martha!🇦🇷
Future script writer here. We are taught that film is visual and that good scriptwriters evoke emotionalism through manipulation of events that heighten until the climax, and Masters convey archetypal themes in the process which are timeless. Her rendition here is musically tantamount, evoking emotions through manipulation of musical notes on a primarily Audio device in a timeless fashion.
Scott Ross
Scott Ross:
I love this interpretation!
jorge schneider
jorge schneider:
She's perfect!!
Richard Black
Richard Black:
That's pretty extraordinary. Just for amusement: it's generally considered among pianists that if you can play the octaves at the end at metronome mark 120 you have basically arrived, technically speaking. Argerich plays them here at 146. Even Cziffra only goes at about 130.
David Chang
David Chang:
So incredible!!
RMG Wheels & Spokes Lab.
RMG Wheels & Spokes Lab.:
Can´t believe it´s from 1966. Sound quality is just awesome! Wow!
She plays so smooth and graceful, makes the peace seem easy to play
José Maria Couto Moreira
José Maria Couto Moreira:
Mil rapsódias para o bravo povo húngaro !!!
Robert Gift
Robert Gift:
Thank you, MM, for sharing this.
best interpretation of this piece i've ever heard. She is wild and in control at the same time... i've heard wilder (Cziffra) but not better.....
Marilu Leon
Marilu Leon:
SIN PALABRAS. Decir que mi compatriota es brillante, es poco. Un orgullo para los argentinos y un placer su talento para el mundo entero.
Hitagi Senjougahara
Hitagi Senjougahara:
My favourite Hungarian Rhapsody along with my favourite pianist, by far.
Aaron Whitman
Aaron Whitman:
This gave me chills
Joseph Linde
Joseph Linde:
I get the feeling that she’s more focused on producing effects rather than playing notes. I hope I’ll get to see her live after this coronavirus situation. I play the violin, but she’s permanently changed the way I interpret music now. (In the best way possible of course.)