LIVE: Tottenham vs Manchester United | Mourinho Faces His Old Team


Jose Mourinho comes up against Manchester United for the first time since he was sacked from the club. Can Mourinho's Tottenham side get one over his former employers?

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Premier League Matchday 30:

Norwich vs Southampton
Tottenham vs Manchester United
Watford vs Leicester
Brighton vs Arsenal
West Ham vs Wolves
Bournemouth vs Crystal Palace
Newcastle vs Sheffield United
Aston Villa vs Chelsea
Everton vs Liverpool
Manchester City vs Burnley


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25 comentarios:

Its Sam YT - LUFC
Its Sam YT - LUFC:
Spurs deserved to concede a pen because of Dier’s trim. Looks like his Mother has done it.
King Zakiyano
King Zakiyano:
Pogba and Bruno are lit 🔥 in midfield they should start together to dominate that field

TT 97
TT 97:
8:48 can't actually remember Son scoring against United, and he definitely played in January 2019 when United won 1-0...Where does Chris get these stats from😂
TT 97
TT 97:
1:58:20 Joe's celebration is a tad underwhelming after previous episodes😂
Just watched two Europa League standard teams duke it out for the title of masters of mediocre!
Bola Habeeb
Bola Habeeb:
From 1:01:00 onwards.. Flether didnt actually struggle to get in that Utd team between 06-09 - So please put the question to Fletch properly - without belittling him.
The Full Energy Channel
The Full Energy Channel:
Not a bad game but the players didn't look match fit Maguire lacks pace he definitely needs to do my workout videos to get that extra yard in pace
Taurai Sibanda
Taurai Sibanda:
Pogba and bruno 👏🔥🔥
kamsi akwara
kamsi akwara:
Next match Bruno and Pogba should start together ,it would be awesome.
Joshua Fernandes
Joshua Fernandes:
Spurs love bottling
Huseyn Hajiyev
Huseyn Hajiyev:
YEEE BOIIIIIIIII (chelsea fan)
TT 97
TT 97:
1:36:41 Whilst Obaseki is obviously head and shoulders above the rest of the FD squad when it comes to footballing ability (obviously not knowledge or FIFA skills😂), this gave me flashbacks to another livestream where he said Messi should have done something different and Joe promptly responding with "you can chat to Young. You're at his level"😂😂😂
Omar Yahya
Omar Yahya:
It was a decent watch as a neutral. United had a slow start to the game but absolutely peppered them in the second half. Spurs should count themselves lucky it ended as a draw
Who is here when it says BBruno
Feysal Ck
Feysal Ck:
guul Manchester United
Scept_yt21 ec0
Scept_yt21 ec0:
Pogba and Bruno should come on at the first place not gonna lie
Daniel Kamau
Daniel Kamau:
Who was the man of the match please
Lucy Woolfod
Lucy Woolfod:
Go on Bruno fernandes
PINE x2:
guy i like your content but ive had to un sub due to spoilers always being in the titles after the game..
Devraj Sood
Devraj Sood:
this is nothing without will fraser or dave jackson here. get atleast 1 of them here please
Just what I said b4 the game when I questioned what United's tactics would be. IF this was at OT they would have piled forward and not worried about Spurs now NORMALLY I understand why you can't do that Away so much after attending matches for 58 years now since 1962 but that is because m primarily, the pressure and intensity caused by a large HOME crowd but there was no crowd !!!!!!!!!!!!!! so United sat back and went 1/0 down and then in the 2nd half pushed everyone up , attacked from all sides and made attacking Substitutions. and got some reward and were well on top. Why did they wait to go behind with no fans present to do that ? Ridiculous!
Eric T
Eric T:
Spur had better game /tactic than mu. Pogpa and Bruno are lit. come on. Pogpa rolling on the ground and Bruno tried again to get the 2nd penalty but that didn’t work. mu need a new manager!
Jimmy Knizzle
Jimmy Knizzle:
Fernandes is just a set piece merchant 😂 stat padding with pens
Reta Sancho
Reta Sancho:
Bruno Fernandes is literally a Portuguese James Ward-Prowse. Set-piece merchants.