Liverpool v Inter Milan Highlights | 2021-22 | UEFA Champions League

Liverpool host Inter Milan in the second leg of their UEFA Champions League Round of 16 tie.
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100+ comentarios:

Was impressed with Inter for playing as well as they did with 10men for a third of the game, as well as missing Barella. Unfortunate for Sanchez as I really like the guy. Proud of the Liverpool lads though, hopefully we can finish better as the rounds progress 馃敟
The chances that Salah missed is honestly admiring.
Peace of mind
Peace of mind:
Wtf that pass from Mane to Salah
Always love to see that connection between the two
Hoping this to be the scene always between them , the team will benefit a lot
Tim Idstein
Tim Idstein:
So proud of the regazzi. We got a MASSIVE win at Anfield...that is a huge accomplishment. What a great goal from Lautaro - outstanding. Now, let's concentrate on the league and come back next year with a bit more depth and youth!
The first half both teams created not many chances but the second half. Both teams create more. I was impressed with Inter they played very well even they played with ten.
Orgoglioso della mia squadra 馃挋馃枻
Would have been a different story with Barella in the team and better attacking options, but we played some beautiful football and have a lot to build on. Excited to see us in the Champions league next year
Sanchez was unlucky there for the second booking, he won the ball and couldn't really do much. His first challenge was pretty reckless though. Seemed like and entertaining game.
Speaking honestly about the match, one thing was clearly weird.. Liverpool playing defensive right after Lauti's goal, i loved the fear the Reds showed! 馃挋馃枻 Sempre.
Fantastic game and to all the Inter fans we can take a positive from this and that is we stopped Liverpool from getting the record and we beat them after 68 games of being undefeated at anfeild with 10 men we really showed what our team is capable of and i do believe with a few more signings we will have a spectacular and threatening team to anyone. gg Liverpool for the exciting 2 games well played we will meet again soon馃檹
Liverpool Champion
Liverpool Champion:
Inter played very well and so did Liverpool. Inter could have scored more and so could have Liverpool - would have made a good final
Sam Lendrum
Sam Lendrum:
looks like stan have finally hired a new highlights editor - well in
Simon Cooper
Simon Cooper:
Why did Sanchez get a second yellow for winning the ball? Sure bad follow through...but so what? He got the ball. He got the ball. He got his foot to the ball. The game is football. Absolutely ridiculous.
in 7 minutes diaz almost scored, merits of vidal, he risked his life. Diaz is one of the players who makes you 4 or 5 goal plays per game. It is true that he is not having that spark of luck with the goal, but Liverpool changes with him, he gives a lot of depth, he reaches the area easily. It's a matter of time and a lot of support for the player.
Inter is a good team! Good style of playing! 馃憤
hassam saqib lodhi
hassam saqib lodhi:
Great performance by both teams 馃挏馃挏馃挏. Martinez scored Spectacular Goal in winning cause 馃憤馃憤馃憤.
Salvatore Arena
Salvatore Arena:
Orgoglioso della mia squadra forza Inter 馃挭
Michalis Michael
Michalis Michael:
Liverpool fan but that vidal block馃憦馃憦
Aatif Shawkat
Aatif Shawkat:
Inter are excellent with barella. Even though they did not win on aggregate they did really well
Happy with my team's performance and with the "useless" win.
Peter Baxter
Peter Baxter:
Well done inter 馃憦 but really not sure why Jones started instead of Henderson, anyway we got the overall win and move onto the next round YNWA
Dani Altair
Dani Altair:
Best match for this season very nice game
Thomas Shelby
Thomas Shelby:
Would've been interesting if Inter could've levelled it.
Zatoichi Son
Zatoichi Son:
We lost easily and it's very nice that we qualified. This is important. 0-鈿 馃挴%
Redd rapper
Redd rapper:
Unlucky on the red card. S谩nchez barely had a fraction of a second to pull out on the follow through.
Guys , we should recognize that our own method has been opposed to us by Inter : GIGENPRESSING !!! We could not display our way of playing , due to their pressure . But the essential thing has been done .Congrats Reds !!!
Kp singh
Kp singh:
Lautaro goal was 馃挜
Beau Goddard
Beau Goddard:
1:18 If anyone other than Salah missed that they'd be in the headlines.
Sumita Dasgupta
Sumita Dasgupta:
Vidal is a class player even at 35
dark magic
dark magic:
Great job by inter milan . They should have done more in the first leg. They had what it takes to take out Liverpool but unforuntely did not produce this quality until it was too late.
losmi petrovic
losmi petrovic:
what a goal!:)
Deta Rijal
Deta Rijal:
2nd yellow card was harsh on Sanchez. It was on a follow through he caught the liverpool player and didn't intended and not too ugly.
M枚oz Streams
M枚oz Streams:
Salah had really good aim (at the bar). Unlucky
Chris Modeste
Chris Modeste:
God was with that Camara man after Arnold's free kicked 馃檶
Dr. Biscuits
Dr. Biscuits:
Very good Inter side....but the tie was decided in Milan..
Virtual Signals
Virtual Signals:
Sometimes I feel the ball and the posts are magnetised to each other! Glad we scraped through though.
Too bad for Sanchez's red card, the second yellow was way off (he hits the ball then "shrinks" his best to avoid hitting the opponent) but ok.
Nice confrontation Lads, hope in better for us the next time, now go on and win the Cup you deserve it.
Ciao da Milano 馃憤
Harshvardhan Rai
Harshvardhan Rai:
That second yellow to sanchez was wrong. Liverpool was unlucky not to score.
Tobias Lerone
Tobias Lerone:
Alexis Sanchez won the ball for the second yellow? I've seen Van Dijk do that before and not get carded. unlucky for Mo to hit the post twice.
Dr drastic
Dr drastic:
Happy we qualified ,but same time it was alarming that we lost
Single Man
Single Man:
Liverpool team always plays well and deserve to qualify but inter Milan team played well and needs new Coach
Rino Novi
Rino Novi:
Always forza inter 鈿煍!
Matthew Norman
Matthew Norman:
The chances of Stan giving us longer highlights is 0%
MD Khalilur Rahman
MD Khalilur Rahman:
Liverpool didn鈥檛 play bad that night they were unlucky. Salah's 2 shots hitted the post, Diaz miss.
Rudy Lopez
Rudy Lopez:
Stan editing is simply the best. Nice to watch
Isam Syed
Isam Syed:
Salah is really becoming like messi hitting the woodwork
1:42 did you see the ball by chance? 馃枻馃挋馃敐
Disappointed they lost but you learn more from a loss than a win, so onwards to the quarters鈥..
Adriano Banuta
Adriano Banuta:
Bravo Liverpool.
sanchez shouldnt have been sent off
This is the new comeback rise for Italian league
Hasan Tanjung Channel
Hasan Tanjung Channel:
Lautaro "Cebol" Martinez.. Calon Striker terbaik Masa depan 馃憤
Glenn Chua. Hian Beng
Glenn Chua. Hian Beng:
Liverpool's defenders at time a little to causal, we got to be really careful as games are getting tougher now as we are toward almost the end of the season. CL quarter, FA cup quarter, and 11 more PL game.
Bob Cat
Bob Cat:
HAHHAHA that defending from van dijk for lautaros goal is fucken woeful 馃槀馃槀馃槀
Keep your foot down when you go in for a tackle. Anything studs up, even without excessive force, is asking for trouble
Homer Jay
Homer Jay:
I known this is going to sound strange considering how many goals Salah has scored,,,,,,but geez he misses way too many chances.
Bubolo_Love 馃馃幃
Bubolo_Love 馃馃幃:
Anche se siamo fuori orgoglioso di aver battuto il Liverpool 馃挋馃枻馃挋馃枻馃挋馃枻
noman ali
noman ali:
The pole can be good defender if united hire this on the place of Maguire
if diaz wasnt a hog he could of back heeled or tapped it onto mane at the end and would have been goal...
salah was unlucky to hit post twice. up the reds. Good games.
Ben Zhang
Ben Zhang:
What a game!
Broceliande Forest
Broceliande Forest:
Lucky Liverpool....again.
Pedro Fragoso
Pedro Fragoso:
When some people say Van Dyke is much better than Ruben Neves :馃檪
Gustav 脴spina
Gustav 脴spina:
The referee was dreadful, from giving nothing to the give everything, nevertheless, we are in , Cmon Reds, this is not over 馃憡馃挭
Arvind Lohia
Arvind Lohia:
It made me remember Chelsea vs Liverpool but Liverpool was Chelsea here 馃槀馃槀
Liverpool always pay the official on time
Lars T
Lars T:
Il fallo di Sanchez non era da ammonizione ,il difensore e' arrivato in ritardo su un intervento pulito.
Il Liverpool ha preso tre pali clamorosi,la sorte ha restituito all'Inter quello che le aveva tolto a San Siro.
Martinez ha sbagliato clamorosamente un tiro da ottima posizione ,ma ha fatto un gol incredibile.
Alla fine risultato giusto,l'Inter esce ma con onore..
nikad stati
nikad stati:
What did VVD think when Lautaro score the goal ??
Gerry viday
Gerry viday:
Tetep semangat inter
Clint Lowe
Clint Lowe:
Ref saved Liverpool
First loss for Van Dijk ever at anfield?
Mohfawaid Fawaidmoh
Mohfawaid Fawaidmoh:
The stong of inter
Anmol Eastern fire
Anmol Eastern fire:
Sanchez and goal post killed the game...
AllThings Channel
AllThings Channel:
Tidak apa-apa kalah. Itu mengisyaratkan bahwa kita jangan jumawa.
Menang-kalah yang penting lolos dan juara. Hehehe..
Arjun T B
Arjun T B:
VVDs record is broken 馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶
Rishabh Aniket
Rishabh Aniket:
Salah was playing his own hit the post and win a prize competition.
Longei Jesuhu
Longei Jesuhu:
What a screamer from Martinez.
lesley mugochi
lesley mugochi:
Mane to salah pass馃敟馃敟馃敟
Ahmed Shayek
Ahmed Shayek:
Liverpool loose this match but played well and deserve to go round of eight
Hafiz Mohd Fadzli
Hafiz Mohd Fadzli:
Phil Musson
Phil Musson:
Vidal getting berated by Stewart Robson at the end after making a great block, poor bastard 馃ぃ
Ankit Dhali
Ankit Dhali:
Best defender for Inter : The crossbar
Mauricio robson russo
Mauricio robson russo:
Inter milan slender chances of qualifying were squashed by alex sanchez inexplicable send off...any manager in his right mind will not consider this fellow for his roster...
"Quick Liverpool are in trouble, do something"
"We can't keep giving them penalties, people will get suspicious"
"Hold my red card"
Great Move Red
Slavik Aghababyan
Slavik Aghababyan:
,,liverpool,,, mane, salah, ....... Jurgen Klopp 1/4 final bravo
袠褋谢邪屑 袗谢懈械胁
袠褋谢邪屑 袗谢懈械胁:
Arnie D
Arnie D:
I love watching Sanchez when he's at his best, but boy is he a dirty player (such an unnecessary challenge to get a red with the momentum going Inter's way following the goal and even knowing he's on thin ice). Inter needed to take more chances, so much hesitation to take a crack at goal until finally Martinez did. They also really needed to bring on Dzeko for the last 20-30min (too many crosses just falling flat). Liverpool were super unlucky, but that's football.
Deus Ex Magicae
Deus Ex Magicae:
Liverpool 鉂わ笍
How come they used the group stage ball for this?
Liverpool hit the post trice once to bar , the ball just did not have any intention to get inside the net
Not Liverpools night for finishing. Could've been 5 goals
A D:
It's Liverpool v Bayern in the quarter finals!
You saw it here first.
Faros Rohman Gelora Ramadan
Faros Rohman Gelora Ramadan:
Forza Ragazzi Forza Inter
Artur Zaduryan
Artur Zaduryan:
I absolutely do not understand people who are saying the second yellow was correct... What could Alexis do better in that situation to avoid the card? He already retracted his foot after being way earlier on the ball that fabinho. Are you saying that he shouldn't try to play the ball because there is a chance he grazes fabinho? Terrible decision from the ref to me.
Per poco non passiamo senza Barella. Peccato, siamo stati sfortunati all'andata e un pochino ingenui, ma i tre legni di ieri un pochino la fortuna ci ha concesso di vincere. Bello scontro, complimenti al Liverpool. Peccato per l'espulsione di Sanchez...
george pernicano
george pernicano:
Happy for Inter but鈥︹f I believed in a higher being, it appeared it was looking after them, judging by the highlights.
Ilir Mucaj
Ilir Mucaj:
Forza Inter 鈿笍馃數
1:39 he failed
Farouque Kay
Farouque Kay:
I give a credit to inter
袘械泻褌邪褋 袪邪褏屑械褌褍谢谢懈薪
袘械泻褌邪褋 袪邪褏屑械褌褍谢谢懈薪:
Alexis Sanches 馃憤馃憤馃憤