Leeds vs Arsenal watchalong with Mark Goldbridge. Join in our live match watchalong with Mark Goldbridge ?

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Samuel _
Samuel _:
1:49:33 - Goldbridge seems to have short memory because the exact same situation stopped Liverpool 2 years ago (2018/19 season) from winning the league when Stones cleared it off the line, without that clearance, City would lost 2 points, Liverpool would gain 1 for a draw and eventually beat City🙃 so yeah, we know that feeling pretty well
Everyone tuning in to watch liverpool get smashed, when they haven't lost at home for approaching 4 years, and they end up watching the reds stroll to a win, Gold.
All of you tuned in to watch Liverpool lose, you ended up witnessing the second longest home unbeaten streak in English history 😄
The sigh of a United fan , watching Liverpool win again
Danny B
Danny B:
To be fair, it must be hard sometimes. Doing these watchalongs and trying to stay enthused while watching your bitter rivals batter everyone across the park. That being said though, up the Reds.
Jo Daresh
Jo Daresh:
Wait till Liverpool are fully fit 🔥
Solskjær can only dream of having players like that
Everyone tuning in to watch liverpool get smashed, when they haven't lost at home for approaching 4 years, and they end up watching the reds stroll to a win, Gold. 100%!
L.A.P.D !
L.A.P.D !:
Arsenal fans think tierney is the better scottish leftback😂
The reason people dont think Liverpool will win is because 1) they hate them with bias and 2) they dont realize that Liv can win games without the first team players. E.g. Barcelona CL. Liverpool have a belief and philosophy on how to win games.
30 passes leading to that second goal
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty:
Btw mark tries to jinx liverpool by making them favourites evey game 😂😂😂
Paul Hudson
Paul Hudson:
All things Considering, we played well.
Owen Wharton
Owen Wharton:
Liverpool had more shots than vardy had touches
Juggie Singh
Juggie Singh:
30 passes before the goal
L.A.P.D !
L.A.P.D !:
David Coot Btw the guy who refereed the Manc game. Use to work for Man united how is it even fair to have that guy referee a man united man city or a liverpool game. The Bias with him is clear even after 2 games!
Man City
Man City:
Liverpool is the best
Professor Loveforme
Professor Loveforme:
All those who thought Liverpool were vulnerable SSHHHH
Jon Irenicus
Jon Irenicus:
Should not be talking about bad refereeing considering United has bought of 80% of the judges in PL
Joe Williams
Joe Williams:
Are you talking about the handball on matip? Cuz that ain’t a pen. No way he could of reacted to that.
It was interesting to see all the pre match comments in chat. All these football genius' saying Liverpool would get hammered. Well, now you know you're all fkin clueless about real football.
GDG Gini 20
GDG Gini 20:
MS to the haters 🤫
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon:
though, up the Reds.
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy:
though, up the Reds.
abdulrahman alali
abdulrahman alali:
Hey Mark
Shola Onifade
Shola Onifade:
Unlucky mate LOOL
1hr 44 min.. . 😱😱
Colin Nicholas
Colin Nicholas:
Brendan Roger's is not positive enough when playing these big teams. He invites them to attack and they say thank you, and do just that.