Liza Minnelli - Theme from New York, New York (Live From Radio City Music Hall, 1992)

Music video by Liza Minnelli performing Theme from New York, New York (Live From Radio City Music Hall, 1992). (C) 1992 Columbia Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

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Jhan Carlo Ricalde
Jhan Carlo Ricalde:
Oscar's Awards Night made me search this. No doubt Lady Gaga showed so much respect to Ms. Minnelli. They radiate same passion and energy when they perform. Both of them are true legend. ❤️👏❤️👏❤️👏
Jordi Ustrell
Jordi Ustrell:
I was there at Radio City that night, it was so impressive that i would cry of emotion. During the song all the people was standing up. Today, 28 years later I stll remember it with emotion 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼Liza
Manuel Diggs
Manuel Diggs:
What an incredible, incredible, incredible performance! Still holds up in 2019!!!
Esaim Nájera
Esaim Nájera:
I can't believe she is a real person...
She is incredible!
Basha La Bouche
Basha La Bouche:
In tears every single time!!! Not because I'm sad but because she's so overwhelmingly brilliant and living every single lyric and note played with presence and elation, that you can't help but get sucked into her joy viscerally! Magnificence on a level beyond! Performers that give you their heart 100%, make my own heart race with them .....they're a dime a dozen and this legend makes me sooooo's always like watching her for the very first time! *sigh* fills my soul
Walter King
Walter King:
Knowing the tremendous losses she was suffering from at the time...Halston, Freddie M, Peter Allen,....if she was'nt a legend by this point, which she was, then THIS performance cemented it! She was at this point in her life and career, a force of nature!
chris bean
chris bean:
she's got the talent in her blood cells. she is a phenamenon!
Trash Man
Trash Man:
one woman alone on a blank stage captivating audiences with raw talent, then ends it with a bang. truley amazing and sad to see this type of music no longer being made :c
© 2022 Anna Einstein.
© 2022 Anna Einstein.:
I saw the Cabaret 100 times, it's one of the best musicals ever written and sung!!!
Sue Siino
Sue Siino:
Liza Minnelli is one in a million. God bless you. 🙏❤️
eduardo grey
eduardo grey:
Such a wonderful performance!!!!
Ximena Paz Reyes Tudor
Ximena Paz Reyes Tudor:
Que linda 😊👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏❤
Jose Diaz
Jose Diaz:
It's amazing, I can watch this over and over and over.... and be hypnotized by Liza's performance.
Stephen Filby
Stephen Filby:
Whenever life gets me down, this is the song that gets played.
Ms.Martie Gallego
Ms.Martie Gallego:
I think this is the period in Her career that She was in Her best voice !! So talented !! We just don't have this kind of talent today !! Or it's not being put out there !! Love Ya !! LIZA !!!
Hague Cantinet
Hague Cantinet:
Art, feeling, energy, blow of life and especially femininity. Love LIza forever.
Debbie Leigh
Debbie Leigh:
Such beauty, talent and powerful, awesome energy. ❤
Lori Bollinger
Lori Bollinger:
She embodies the essence of her mother, a truly talented woman such as her dear mother judy.
Mily Alvarez
Mily Alvarez:
The definition of a star!!!
Cori Pevny
Cori Pevny:
I bought the entire concert that this performance was on. It was amazing! I highly recommend it!!!
Arish John Daliva Cayabyab
Arish John Daliva Cayabyab:
She's indeed one of the best performers ever ❤️❤️❤️
Arish John Daliva Cayabyab
Arish John Daliva Cayabyab:
She's indeed one of the best performers ever ❤️❤️❤️
Mark Jones
Mark Jones:
This is a masterclass in how to deliver a performance. I saw this show in New York and London. She was at the peak of her powers. Just phenomenal.
John Lombardo
John Lombardo:
I saw her 30 yrs ago at rcmh.i still get chills watching this.fabulous.
Jero Rosario
Jero Rosario:
I saw her live at the Symphony Hall in Boston many years ago. What an entertainer. Totally fabulous.
Lyn Harrod
Lyn Harrod:
Isn't she just fantastic!! She nails it!! I love her!xx
Vivian Figueroa
Vivian Figueroa:
This is talent at its purest! Thank you Liza !!!
Breier Szabolcs
Breier Szabolcs:
she brings all the joy to that song, the talent is pouring out of that woman
Candy Shop
Candy Shop:
Amazing, overwhellming...there's just not enough words to describe this performance. The definition of a star!!
Zotiroula 1
Zotiroula 1:
She sings very beautifully!
Γιώργος Μίχαλος
Γιώργος Μίχαλος:
Liza was is and will be a phenomenon! ❤️
Guadalupe Maita
Guadalupe Maita:
Absolutely stunning!!!The best entertainer ever!!!
Bonnie Oles
Bonnie Oles:
At the end of this fantastic performance, I am so emotional I'm almost crying. She was so good!!
Ronnie K
Ronnie K:
No one can sing this song like Liza! Love love. :-)
Kit Kat
Kit Kat:
Liza Minnelli put her heart and soul into it, what a voice, what a performer❤
eugene cirillo
eugene cirillo:
Just sheer overwhelming talent!!
K Stephen
K Stephen:
Liza Minnelli, she's ok if you like talent. God bless you, Liza and thank you for sharing your talent with us. The joy you brought to all of us over the years can never be repaid.
Iris Rose
Iris Rose:
Liza always manages to put a smile on my face, despite the sadness and hardships I may be facing.
Walmir Sampaio
Walmir Sampaio:
Liza Minelli interpretando é lindo!!!
Humanus Maximum
Humanus Maximum:
She is a Legend amongst legends. Her version is by far the best.
Elisa Ferrin
Elisa Ferrin:
¡Qué talento Liza! Hermoso escucharla.👏
Joe Trudnak
Joe Trudnak:
What can you say? Just the best, her spirit shines through ❤️
Margret Sims
Margret Sims:
I saw her and it was a standing ovation for so long; she was the most amazing entertainer I have ever seen!
Koala Compartilha
Koala Compartilha:
beletty moreno rocha
beletty moreno rocha:
una gran artista , excelente
Sonia Rute
Sonia Rute:
Liza é show! Amo! 🇧🇷
nadine desjours
nadine desjours:
Je ne me lasserais jamais de cette merveilleuse interprétation !!
Bravo Lisa
Anubis Paulo
Anubis Paulo:
*Bela canção , bela cantora... 04/10/21*
Andres Merigo
Andres Merigo:
The best performer of all times
Susana Company Serrano
Susana Company Serrano:
Nadie la canta como ella.... está expresamente echa para ella😍
Scott Simpson
Scott Simpson:
SO amazing! She's one of a kind!
Marlene Viegas
Marlene Viegas:
Amo essa mulher!!👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💎💎💎💎💎
Liza, além de uma voz incrível é a simpatia em pessoa.
She's so beautiful! I absolutely adore her. Greetings from Brasil to her fans worlwide.
Cristina Tosi
Cristina Tosi:
Simply the best!! Liza forever...❤️❤️❤️❤️
Voilà un vrai talent d’une motivation exceptionnelle.
Merci Liza
Amo essa música !
bomi pardiwalla
bomi pardiwalla:
Absolutely stunning performance 😍
Brendon Collins Gonzales
Brendon Collins Gonzales:
Eu amo tanto uma musica e uma cantora, que não sei nem explicar <3
Eric R
Eric R:
My all time favourite Liza performance!! Amazing!!
Thanks so much for posting!!
Jenny Iedema
Jenny Iedema:
She always gave it her all and boy did she deliver............brilliant perfection!!!!!!!
Adrian Och
Adrian Och:
maria richel
maria richel:
Simplemente maravillosa
Me encantó desde que la ví en los años verdes
I love this concert so much! I think this (on film/DVD) and her New Orleans show are the best! She is in SPECTACULAR voice and form and having an amazing time, that she generously shares with us, her audience! I've seen Liza live over a dozen times, and even after a hip surgery, when she did the whole show sitting down, she still gave it her ALL! Always gives 110%. Thank you, Liza! You are loved!
Lynell Jansen
Lynell Jansen:
Amazing entertainer.
Simply spectacular!!!!!
Conchita Iglesias
Conchita Iglesias:
fué Liza, una artistaza, en Cabaret, estuvo genial
Sandra Paltani
Sandra Paltani:
Bravissima. 👍👏👏👏🙏🙏🙏❤😘🌹
Matias Vega
Matias Vega:
No one has this beautiful theatrical energy as our lovely Liza 💗
Martha Wilborn
Martha Wilborn:
Now that’s what I call talent and class ❤️❤️👏🏾👏🏾
Graciela J Cáceres
Graciela J Cáceres:
Una genia!!! Maravillosa!! me emociona escucharla!!😍👏👏👏👏
Luis Gerado Ramos
Luis Gerado Ramos:
Simplemente maravillosa, Liza Minelli...forever 💖
Russell Y
Russell Y:
I am not a New Yorker but a native San Franciscan but I love this song. It fills me with the that vibrant New York energy each time I visit the Big Apple. The song New York New York was made for Liza. No one else can sing it with the pizazz and belt out the lyrics like Liza can. Happy belated 75th Birthday Liza!
Khưu Bạch Thy
Khưu Bạch Thy:
She has a briliant voice
fidel contreras
fidel contreras:
Increible ya no existen artistas asi, solo talento, bueja voz, buena orquesta, excelente show
Programming Chicago
Programming Chicago:
I love Liza! She has always been an inspiration!
Hajar Shamsudin
Hajar Shamsudin:
Beyond sensational! So so good!
Mario Duque
Mario Duque:
Un espectáculo de hermosura y sensualidad de esta gran estrella
Jossianne 19130
Jossianne 19130:
little_lolli's weird_uncle
little_lolli's weird_uncle:
legendary. what an icon!
Мария Крюкова
Мария Крюкова:
Великая, непревзойденная певица и актриса!!! Браво👏👏👏👏👏
Alain Keller
Alain Keller:
It is always a pleasure to hear Ms. Minnelli.
Rosana Gonzalez
Rosana Gonzalez:
Fantastica Como Siempre! Una Artista!
She puts all her soul and energy into each song. She's one of a kind, along with her mom
Marina Curitiba - Brazil
Marina Curitiba - Brazil:
© 2022 Anna Einstein.
© 2022 Anna Einstein.:
I really think you're one of the greatest voices ever¡
Ronalo Ronald
Ronalo Ronald:
Sou fã por muitos anos dessa genial da música e perfeita beleza!!
Susan Sokoloski
Susan Sokoloski:
Saw her perform this live twice in the 90's and as wonderful and probably even better than this in Providence,RI. She was just fantastic in her the 90's comeback.
Nathan Claudio
Nathan Claudio:
This version of "New York, New York" is untouchable. Liza Minnelli is untouchable.
Orlando Soler SR.
Orlando Soler SR.:
She is a magnificent singer and actress
Simplesmente incrível! I love Liza..
I love Liza...and she has sure worked hard to earn her own name and place....but when she sounds like her mom....I get a little choked up....she is special for sure. Real talent
facson brecho
facson brecho:
A segunda melhor cantora e atriz americana .
Erika Warren
Erika Warren:
This has to be her best performance of this iconic song.
Luk Monteiro
Luk Monteiro:
👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Belíssima!! Grato 🌹 💯👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🌼
Bill Lasselle
Bill Lasselle:
Absolutely the best. She is so fabulous!
Rita Carvalho
Rita Carvalho:
Liza é uma Diva!!!
Lucia Rodríguez
Lucia Rodríguez:
Es tan maravillosa 😻
Ana Paula Barboza da Silva
Ana Paula Barboza da Silva:
Sensacional !
Liza you definitely made your mama so proud . i'm so glad she left us with you to follow in her footsteps for generations to come after her passing .