LOCKED DOWN Official Trailer (2021) Anne Hathaway, Chiwetel Ejiofor Movie HD

LOCKED DOWN Official Trailer (2021) Anne Hathaway, Chiwetel Ejiofor Movie HD
© 2021 - Warner Bros

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Elias J.
Elias J.:
Welcome to the wave of Covid related films
Rebecca Bain
Rebecca Bain:
This trailer took a turn that I was not expecting.
Jonathan Shepard
Jonathan Shepard:
I thought this would be heartwarming moving about the human soul during Covid, but then HBO said fuck you and laughed!
The absolute last thing I want to do during COVID is watch movies or TV about about COVID
Sisira Mohan
Sisira Mohan:
Looks like I saw the full movie in 3 minutes. They really need a class on trailer editing
I don't want to see movies about lockdown or Covid yet. No thank you.
Zach S
Zach S:
Too early HBO... wayy too early........
Ben Intentional
Ben Intentional:
Dad, what do you mean every film WASN’T about COVID?
Well, son, we had superheroes for a hot minute.
Anthony Figueroa
Anthony Figueroa:
Meme: Ain't going to lie they really had us in the first half...
I was like : *Ah yes, they have a movie about the people's life in lockdown*
Then the end... :D
ju sflake
ju sflake:
Our grandkids will ask us if it was really like this, I think I'll throw in a few love stories and aliens when I tell them how was it just to spice it up. ha! :)
Darkest Argentum
Darkest Argentum:
this has to be one of the most ironically timed movie trailer drops ever considering the UK just locked down again LAST NIGHT
Of course a covid movie about the effects of a isolation and job loss being saved by a heist plot 🤦‍♀️
Min Kim
Min Kim:
Hollywood is so hard up for ideas we barely get out of this pandemic and we got a start to movies about lockdown! Lol! Talk about grasping at any new idea they can find to entertain us!
nathan crosbie
nathan crosbie:
The origin on Catwoman, that takes place in present day.
ViciousBane 56
ViciousBane 56:
Finally, I’ve been waiting for the trailer of Locked Down
Nathan Baldwin
Nathan Baldwin:
Hollywood is so out of touch with reality and everyday people. This movie is going to do terrible because people watch movies as an escape from everyday life!
Eli Gonzalez
Eli Gonzalez:
The whiplash I got from the sharp turn this trailer took....
ons ghrairi
ons ghrairi:
This movie looks surprisingly promising
And I'm definitely watching it
PS: they had me at the first half
Frank Lee
Frank Lee:
Man they really don’t give a damn about being subtle anymore. Just right in our faces.
My Name
My Name:
Wow they started to make covid movies quickly
HorrorPrincess 1997
HorrorPrincess 1997:
0:14 yeah, that was pretty much me during lockdown.
Mark Sharman
Mark Sharman:
Ha! Love it. Definitely try to see this one...
Maria s
Maria s:
Bruh, I'm fucking done with these covid movies. WE GET IT!!!!!!!
Jack Raider
Jack Raider:
This is almost reminding me of ocean's 8
Enchek Nzm
Enchek Nzm:
A movie about stealing a diamond during a Covid 19 pandemic. Nice.
Fichannel tv
Fichannel tv:
You find a Diamond to sell during the Lockdown...I don’t want to see movies like this 😫
Jessica Robinson
Jessica Robinson:
So I should rob the establishment... got it
Finally I'm the protagonist
Crystal Z
Crystal Z:
Where is the freaking mask? You do talk about the pandemic without the mask.
why would they even make a movie like this ffs laughing in the faces of the general public
Adriana Falcon
Adriana Falcon:
I knew there would be a dam movie about the quarantine 🙄 how did they hell shoot a movie we are still in quarantine. 🙄🙄
Freddie Maldonado
Freddie Maldonado:
Her moving forward from
Oceans 8
Zulfar 119
Zulfar 119:
Pov you clicked because of the thumbnail 😂
Dorothy Gobby
Dorothy Gobby:
Every couple is mixed race these days. 🤣
José Cavanhaqui
José Cavanhaqui:
This toke an AMAZING twist
Artemida Daki
Artemida Daki:
In less than year, they FILMED, FINNISHED POST PRODUCTION,.. 🤔🤔🤔
And we are dump🙃
M Hollins
M Hollins:
everyone breaks up the end
So rich people that weren’t financially effected by Covid like the rest of us acting like they were effected by Covid and try to steal a diamond for some unknown reason... I’ll pass.
This sh-t is too soon. I just don't have the energy to see a movie about a crisis I'm currently living through that's simply getting worse....but I mean movies are an imitation of life so more power to them. I'm sure it'll be enjoyable to some..
Amir HB
Amir HB:
Stop feeding from people's problems
Superman offer
Superman offer:
hey try Mere Xpression get the app
Aylin Simsek
Aylin Simsek:
God I miss Harrods 🙈
Ariel O.
Ariel O.:
The gentleman's name is Edgar Allan Poe😁
Wooowww.. the virus isn't even done yet... but we already have a movie trailer....👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Melanie Anne Ahern
Melanie Anne Ahern:
Well that took a turn.
Emperor 101
Emperor 101:
At least it's better than the film, Songbird!😁👍🏽
Zur Rock
Zur Rock:
Anne is so gorgeous.. ❤️❤️❤️
Anne Hathaway is who I want to be when I grow up
Rusyan Van Den Berg
Rusyan Van Den Berg:
Covid horror/thriller movies work.
The rest is a waste of money.
jumasi tauna
jumasi tauna:
not once did they mention corona or covid....
Gerard Ligonde
Gerard Ligonde:
The reminiscent david connoly radiate because breath equally open upon a drunk shrimp. second, yummy sweatshirt
Ino Yamanaka
Ino Yamanaka:
Anne: “perfect was in the oceans 8 ik how to do this😈”
Ellie chue
Ellie chue:
This movie gives me so many ocean's 8 vibes.I can't belive Anne Hathaway and Mindy Kaling are in this movie, and also Anne Hathaway riding a bike while wearing a leather jacket that reminds me of Lou Miller(Cate Blanchett) in Ocean's 8
Ярослав Егоров
Ярослав Егоров:
Говно про самоизоляцию. Спасибо, не надо.
Richard Freeman
Richard Freeman:
I'd never accuse you of being happy or normal. Lol! Looks good.
Man this is gonna take some getting used to...
Ashlee Cooks
Ashlee Cooks:
This was a really good movie
Izad Ali
Izad Ali:
This seems fun
Dynamique Unitaire2.0
Dynamique Unitaire2.0:
what was that?
Ana Assis
Ana Assis:
Lol...lockdown causing people to steal diamonds 💎 🤦🏻‍♀️
legend king
legend king:
I wounder how muw much they got paid ??🤔
Keith Huggins
Keith Huggins:
Funny - I was just thinking that I hadn't seen much of Steven Merchant lately, though he's only on for a blip in this trailer. Looks fun.
Leanne Genetia
Leanne Genetia:
donovan goldsborough
donovan goldsborough:
Highest in lockdown Respect
Wonder if a studio will have the balls to show how it has been for real people specially the poor during this fucking pandemic moment.
I was expecting a better covid movie not this
Isa Caldero
Isa Caldero:
I truly don’t know why people are mad at these. If you don’t feel like watching movies that take place during the COVID pandemic then just don’t watch it. But there’s nothing wrong about doing them Jesus 😐
Tonderai Kanyangarara
Tonderai Kanyangarara:
Paul Aguirre
Paul Aguirre:
what started as a nope...is now a probably...at least a maybe...
And here... we... go...
emi oikonomopoulou
emi oikonomopoulou:
Πιστεύει κάποιος ότι θα λειτουργήσουν οι αιθουσες;
Kaizer Sozay
Kaizer Sozay:
Ben Kingsley!!!
Sudeshna 1234
Sudeshna 1234:
Just another good movie after ocean's eight
Omar Williams
Omar Williams:
Thought it was a normal covid pandemic movie. But it's a Covid pandemic Heist Film. I'm in.
Adisa Kola
Adisa Kola:
What month?
jhon aeron sarabosing
jhon aeron sarabosing:
I thought it was a zombie movie because of the title lock down.
Alex Ardron
Alex Ardron:
The fact that they have made a movie about this during a pandemic leads me to believe it is all garbage and not real! This is obviously NOT that bad. Sorry. If I lost both my jobs and have to wear a mask everywhere, you can’t make a movie during all this and make millions. Won’t accept it.
Grande -
Grande -:
Owh mindy caling
yuki grey
yuki grey:
Olga Carmen Forsyth Sanchez
Olga Carmen Forsyth Sanchez:
Get ready 😎
Loraine R
Loraine R:
Should probably not do a covid movie of the rich people problems when covid affected the poor the worst by going homeless, multiple family members dying, jobs just gone, and struggling to eat and like it's still going on right now......

but what do I know? I'm sure this is relatable to some.
Well that was unexpected.
CalJones Gaming
CalJones Gaming:
Looks okay actually hahaha.
Amir HB
Amir HB:
It isn't what you expect
Jacob DLL
Jacob DLL:
Looks incredible can’t wait
Joshua Ratliff
Joshua Ratliff:
Why am I not suprised?
Ruba Khanivore
Ruba Khanivore:
Mo Vo
Mo Vo:
No thanks
Kereshen Naidoo
Kereshen Naidoo:
Hollywood is at the point where they are making a movie about actors in quarantine.....

The world really is coming to an end
Steve-o 316
Steve-o 316:
YAAAAAWWWWWN! Looks boring. They should get Roland Emmerich to direct a sequel to 2012... 2020!
0:14 when I look for the fridge at midnight and find out that there's no food left
What’s that song in the trailer?
Lucila Jean-Paul
Lucila Jean-Paul:
Too soon
Marius, if you see this give a like for City Lit!!!
Daniel Ducati
Daniel Ducati:
Dumbest idea ever because this would never happen in real life.
Robert Kolsin
Robert Kolsin:
Looks like a boring pointless predictable movie