Logan Paul - 2020 (Official Music Video)

Directed by Logan Paul and Juliana Accettone
Song Produced by Jake Broido & Jaron Crespi
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I’m a 25 year old living in Los Angeles. This is my life.

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100+ comentarios:

“How tf am I the only one without a scandal yet.” LMFAOOOOOO
Shauna Dingman
Shauna Dingman:
“David dobrick stopped vlogging so I stopped laughing” aged so beautifully. 😂 also the line about Mike. Hahahahaha.
Hannah in the World of Dance
Hannah in the World of Dance:
Can we just appreciate how unproblematic and real he is.
60,000 Subscribers With 0 Videos?
60,000 Subscribers With 0 Videos?:
Not gonna lie, this was quite enjoyable. Good job to Logan.
Miles Glidden
Miles Glidden:
why this actually good compared to all the other. everyone: HE MATURED!!!
Chris Venegas
Chris Venegas:
Damn he really summarized this whole year .. hopefully 2021 is WAY BETTER
Faze Pingu
Faze Pingu:
2017: a stereotypical internet douchebag
2020: a rly cool dude who just sends great vibes
Ethan Loh
Ethan Loh:
logan is so nostalgic, just reminds me of the past few good ol years , when everything was better
Via Grace
Via Grace:
His voice has definitely improved
Uh oh.
Uh oh.:
one day history teachers are going to play this for their 2020 unit in order to review for their test
Hopefully 2020 doesn't reply back with it's own diss track
Benedict Martino
Benedict Martino:
I could listen to this song on repeat for ages. Great song Logan!!!
Larissa Araujo
Larissa Araujo:
He could release a full album, his voice is beautiful♥️
I actually love this song and always find myself singing it😂
David Hany
David Hany:
Musicians when they realise logan paul can play piano and his voice is actually decent
this is the rewind we all needed
Wig _
Wig _:
Why ain't this got more recognition, wasn't expecting it to be catchy 😂
you know, logan really turned his life around. compared to jake he’s a saint
This song deserves more views man.
Grandmaster 5183
Grandmaster 5183:
*Tbh, this song does have some depth to it. The instrumental is catchy, Logan should release more songs*
Spencer Cornelia
Spencer Cornelia:
It's going to be fascinating watching this music video in like 5 years
Jonathon Adams
Jonathon Adams:
Straight up one of the best songs I’ve heard in a while
Ty Morin
Ty Morin:
How does this not have more views it’s the most professional song Logan has made in my opinion
Luis Jasso
Luis Jasso:
who about to come back in 5 years and see where he is then, LP legendary
So, Logans christmas gift to us was summing up 2020. Thx
Simply Luke
Simply Luke:
*”David Dobrik stopped vlogging so I stopped laughing” Damn I felt that...*
Sridhar Vlogs
Sridhar Vlogs:
Is it time for your mother’s birthday? There may be no words to describe to your mother the love you feel for her. She is always there for you and for your needs. No matter what they are. Mothers are angels, they are there for you even when your dad isn’t there. You lean on her for support, she protects you and she guides you through every phase of your life. Her advises are invaluable.
Ahmed Shan
Ahmed Shan:
na this is fire i could imagine this on the radio aint gonna lie
Akansha Basera
Akansha Basera:
I have started to respect this dude
Jack Snow
Jack Snow:
Song legit goes so hard this man is actually good at singing
Jake's Top 10
Jake's Top 10:
You should be proud of this Logan! This is quality on many levels.
Andy Em
Andy Em:
Wtf this was actually good.
Cringe Øfficial
Cringe Øfficial:
“Hell, i got a toilet paper wife” 😂
Shoharta Reaz Chowdhury
Shoharta Reaz Chowdhury:
Every day came and listen to this song. in 2020 I lost many of my family member..
Oskar Takvam
Oskar Takvam:
2:20 "How the fuck am I the only one withouth a scandal yet" Cracked me up so hard
Ain’t gonna lie I didn’t expect this to be so catchy
Honestly what can this dude not do!? He’s so multi talented and entertaining gotta love Logan.
Ari i
Ari i:
This feels way longer than 3 minutes
The thing is, that this isn’t that bad of a song 😂
Paul Gomes
Paul Gomes:
Logans gotta be the most Nostalgic thing on Youtube!
Known fact: Everyone likes Logan more than Jake
Larissa Araujo
Larissa Araujo:
it 's amazing how he has a beautiful voice , he could have a brilliant career as a singer , but now he 's a fighter , ok
Ballet Dreams
Ballet Dreams:
Logan, I grew up LOVING you and Jake... please be kindhearted and humble again, you’ll find more happiness that way I promise you. Peace and God bless you.
alejandro vazquez
alejandro vazquez:
I really love this man, he inspires me alot
Eri N
Eri N:
Logan keep doing music… love listening to your music, it suits you well🥰
Better than any yt rewind!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Daniyal Nasir
Daniyal Nasir:
This was actually amazing! Props to you 💯💯
Maze Ghory77
Maze Ghory77:
This man fought 8 rounds with the best fighter for last 20 years
Dylan Farstveet
Dylan Farstveet:
I respect logan more now because he's way more mature than he used to be
I don’t know why but this is actually good
Lyric Camp
Lyric Camp:
He literally did a YouTube Rewind of 2020🔥
Meipi Mbiripipo
Meipi Mbiripipo:
This song is fire 🔥🔥🔥
CouCou Styles
CouCou Styles:
I love it LP and I am probably one of your oldest fans old enough to be your mom 🤣🤣🤣 brilliant 🤩
thank you so much for your great videos.

ILOVE them.
a loser
a loser:
this man has earned so much respect from me and many others your doing great Logan keep doing what your doing (:
Well done, Sick song did not expect it but already listening on repeat
Hi World
Hi World:
This will bring back memories in a few years from now. They may not be necessarily good memories but they will be memories.
Noran Elshikh
Noran Elshikh:
good old days I'm literally gonna cry
This song is so good I wish I could hit the like more than once
Coco Puffs
Coco Puffs:
I got to say sometimes you can be stupid but when u do music it hits I know it’s 1 year later but still fits the vibe
This was a mix of laughs facts and a vibe, damn Logan
Deadbeat Dolls
Deadbeat Dolls:
When he said "toilet paper life" I shed a tear
this song needs to go virallll!!! seriously this song needs more than 10m views.. Hey Logan if u seeing this I'm your biggest fan.
Laurie Scott
Laurie Scott:
This song is so good tho❤️❤️
Alpha's Gaming
Alpha's Gaming:
Shoutout to everyone who survived "2020"
Not gonna lie, this was actually really good. Who else is sick of 2020 and ready to move on?
Mick loven
Mick loven:
Logan Paul doesn't know what it means to struggle because he has been spoon fead his whole life
Chris Keffer
Chris Keffer:
In love with the song ❤️❤️
Aniket Raj Sinha
Aniket Raj Sinha:
I've been watching Logan's videos for 4 years now... Can't believe I grew up (literally) with him (channel growth)...
I remember his videos and vlogs, the ones where he pretended as if he's gonna transport Dwarf Mamba in a suitcase and the ones where he made funny yet amazing songs like, "Outta my hair" "Logan you are my hero" and "The counting song"...
Watching these videos and growing up to his videos was so amazing.. I'd wait for his vlogs and atleast watch them twice... Oh and also the line, "Heyyo Logang what's poppin'... "
Man I miss those days... I miss those vlogs... I miss that Logan...
jake slap's nate and they say he still sleeping wtf🔥🔥😂😂😂🤣
Well done, that was actually sick wtf!!!!
German Torres
German Torres:
Damn this song hits in many ways 🤔surprising.
stream account
stream account:
he is actually pretty god at singing. the last part with the piano go me singing along. respect
Waseem Khan
Waseem Khan:
That's so refreshing. Love it, thanks Logan <3
Tyrel Donald
Tyrel Donald:
This was actually really good ....only if jake were more like his big bro
Brooooo!! This was incredible. Big Mike’s wink has me all hot and bothered 😉
Why is this man not a full time song maker he’s got great talent
The cyclops guy
The cyclops guy:
3:19 whoa! Looks like Logan wanted to "jazz" up the progression there!
gothards lv
gothards lv:
this literly makes me feel better!
Drama Queen
Drama Queen:
I legit hated him back in the day, now I’m subscribed, honestly awesome music video!
Okay this is great
Creep the Games
Creep the Games:
I am happy that we can see him like that and yeah keep on going bro
gurjot sekhon
gurjot sekhon:
And now david started vlogging again 🔥
Clicked this song with low expectations but turns out this ish dope. Props 😂
Marian Botos
Marian Botos:
This song is fucking fire. Logan is very talented. The lyrics are very good. He actually has a good voice. The clip is fire 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
i hope 2021 is better🙏
Aaron Thirlwell
Aaron Thirlwell:
This song is 🔥
We need Kai to react to this
man made the biggest comeback in a minute nobody finna do it like him
Jellyslogocrainer :D
Jellyslogocrainer :D:
Me just wondering why he isn’t in the top ten best singers
Alexander Straub
Alexander Straub:
How the f was this so god damn good?!
This is low key fire 🔥🔥
شد دي عرعت
شد دي عرعت:
Not gonna lie best song of 2020 it deserves more cred
Kris Not High
Kris Not High:
I used to hate Logan for what he did, but I can tell that he really changed
6ix Ghosts
6ix Ghosts:
"where were you when charlie and dixie hit their first woah" honestly covid where were you
When he said “2020 I don’t like you” i felt that :(
Hector Bravo
Hector Bravo:
Just now found out about this, its dope!
w3!Rd Th1ngS
w3!Rd Th1ngS:
Who would’ve thought the only thing good out of 2020 would come from the most unlikely of sources
he is the paul brother with iq and i respect him. ✊🏽
CouCou Styles
CouCou Styles:
Absolutely brilliant now please do a follow up as 2021 is just a fing bad love ❤️