Logan Paul Interview & Workout | Mayweather vs. Paul | June 6th on SHOWTIME PPV

Morning Kombat's Brian Campbell takes you behind the scenes at Logan Paul's training camp in Puerto Rico as Paul prepares to fight all-time boxing great Floyd Mayweather. Plus, Campbell sits down for an exclusive interview with Logan.

Mayweather vs. Paul is Sunday, June 6th at 8PM ET/5 PM PT on SHOWTIME PPV.

Order The Fight Now: https://s.sho.com/june6ppv

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100+ comentarios:

Tevin Shaw
Tevin Shaw:
If Floyd loses the memes are gonna be legendary 😭
Gabriel Rodriguez
Gabriel Rodriguez:
Does anyone else just want to see Logan win for the sake of the outrage? The internet would erupt!
Hearing him talk lowkey makes me wanna see what he can do. These two brothers seriously knows how to sell a god damn fight!
Ronan Raw
Ronan Raw:
“Only on showtime ppv”
Streamers: “and I took that personally”
ok nilem
ok nilem:
It's refreshing seeing Logan in his element without mike in the background leeching him dry
logan jubrick
logan jubrick:
Ngl, some of his goofy jokes got me, he's funny I'm surprised
Geralt of Rivia
Geralt of Rivia:
"I'm obviously an angel"

Shit, at least he's humble.
sean the money magnet
sean the money magnet:
"I'm long, strong, im angry" -follows it with a giggle.
Chris j
Chris j:
“If Floyd’s a computer, then Logan’s a calculator” Lol I laughed thinking a computer is a super advanced calculator
"He's a grandad!" It takes a really skilled person to fight a grandpa.
Devasish Behera
Devasish Behera:
"He's not overlooking anything, he can't look over me"
LMAO best part of the interview 😹😹
Lets face it, the “meme-ists” already have content prepared regardless of whoever wins ..
GodsWarrior 1715
GodsWarrior 1715:
Interviewer:“You have more money than Floyd?” Logan: “yeh, yeh yeh yeh” interviewer:”🤔”
I’d rather see him fight his brother.
Kudos to the interviewer. Great questions man
Sameer Vidyarthi
Sameer Vidyarthi:
Even a training camp for Floyd will help Logan so much for the future!
Not going to lie, i'm jelly of his physique.
Matthew Scott
Matthew Scott:
“Self proclaimed TBE” 😂
Crxptow Ez
Crxptow Ez:
5:24 "He hits me with a uppercut" Yeah jake, that explains the black eye.
William Boyer
William Boyer:
Lol BC got them rags in his palms. My man feeling that Puerto Rican heat 😂
Adi Bruh
Adi Bruh:
jake really got a tattoo sayin “gotcha hat?” bruh no wonder kids love this guy, he hasn’t matured at all
Solid Snake
Solid Snake:
floyd knows what he is doing, he gonna whoop big bro first, then whoop the second one and collect more money lol
Dude this dude has come so far, I think I can also make in life now lol
Luis Vargas Yah
Luis Vargas Yah:
Logan: “look who can say they got punched in the face by mayweather”

The victims of domestic violence abuse by Mayweather: “are we a joke to you?”
Holy shit i clicked on this without knowing its my main man BC hell yeah shout out to the big beige one.
Unboxing Elites
Unboxing Elites:
Logan: I wanna be the best surprise fighter in the world.😂18:06
I really want Floyd to lose just for the memes 😭
But I just know it won’t happen.
Tomas Penas
Tomas Penas:
I’m calling Jake vs Logan in 2 or 3 years for sure!
jesse totino
jesse totino:
It’s true win or lose this guy received a huge platform and a huge opportunity! To fight flyod is a goal of success straight up
Perit Chacmu
Perit Chacmu:
it blows my mind that he is 26 years old. like, it just feel like he has been on the spotlight forever.
i actually thought he waslike 30-32
Fritz White
Fritz White:
He looks like he's in excellent shape. I'll bet he's on the sauce
Tonna A Tonna
Tonna A Tonna:
🤣🤣😂 I like this guy!! Love from NIGERIA
Chris Aguilar
Chris Aguilar:
Jake: he doesn’t hit hard
Also jake: got your 😭 hat
I’m not a fan of either Paul brothas but I gotta give Logan props for fighting a professional boxer
parsa rezf
parsa rezf:
Screw this, I wanna see Logan challenge Mike Tyson to a fight 😂 he'd be knocked out before the fight lmao
Tramond Mccoy
Tramond Mccoy:
He killed me when he said he had more money 😂😂
Rigoberto Romero
Rigoberto Romero:
Logan reached a higher consciousness, he finally disconnected from the world 🙌🏽 God Bless
Jake Jimenez
Jake Jimenez:
Floyd’s never stopped training tho he loves training
Kenneth Lundgren
Kenneth Lundgren:
great interview, Mr Campbell. 'Wait, wut -- you have more money than Floyd Mayweather?" -Brian Campbell
frank strasser
frank strasser:
It’s funny the age thing always gets brought up tyson in his 40s although wasnt as fast or in his prime was still decimating people who underestimated his skill and power Logan will see what true talent and experience will gain you
Trevor Lee
Trevor Lee:
You should’ve made Luke do this interview. 😂
Tyler Augustine
Tyler Augustine:
"My millionaire brother stole his hat and he wanted to retaliate, so now im going to get revenge despite the fact that we are in different classes"
Abdullah Hussain
Abdullah Hussain:
even if logan doesnt win he already took the W regardless. he fought Floyd n he finna get the bag
I can already see the meme of Floyd lying down in the forest in Japan 😂
Something about this fight bothers me for Floyd!!!💯💯💯🤨😔
TRC TurtleIsland
TRC TurtleIsland:
Love ❤️ Respect ✊ all warriors
Serhat Tasdelen
Serhat Tasdelen:
“i am angry, hehehehehehe” -logan paul
Isaac Carrero
Isaac Carrero:
I know Logan has a very small chance to win this fight, but i really want him to win it. It would be the very culmination of his personal growth.
Ok Rubbo
Ok Rubbo:
its funny seeing logan talk down on floyd when he lost to a gamer
imagine the memes if floyd lost💀
Jake “hits me with an uppercut” ....throws a hook
Chris Wright
Chris Wright:
As bad as I want Logan to win can you imagine how Floyd will feel if Logan catches him with one good shot!! It’s over , lights out!! Logan will actually break the internet
Porodica Cetiri
Porodica Cetiri:
Thank you Logan for bringing Floyd back in the ring
Money May all mf day
It's a shame Logan can't see that Milton is only sticking around for his own benefit. He needs proper coaches, like Jake.
28_Niraj Sinam
28_Niraj Sinam:
"He didn't get a haircut I"d be pissed too if my head looked like that" lmao
Im the BMF
Im the BMF:
as a floyd fan for decades,i wouldnt mind logan ko him hahaha
Suluv Gadaily
Suluv Gadaily:
Making this fight happen was already a W for him.
Ricky Lal
Ricky Lal:
logan paul :"im mean, im angry", giggles and flips his hair lmaooooo
Great interview Brian !
Brandn Hansen
Brandn Hansen:
When logan wins first words on the mic better be " I got your hat"
'if we beat Floyd it will break the internet' I was thinking more like global meltdown.
Charles Bronson
Charles Bronson:
Love BC, great job mang!
AlphaWolf & 17FED Gaming
AlphaWolf & 17FED Gaming:
"I'm mean..::I'm angry"

He thinks he got more money then Floyd 😂😂
Nicky Q
Nicky Q:
"He's a grand dad" - High pitch voice. lol! Logan is a funny guy. I'm entertained for sure.
Id like to see the memes so logan needs to workon endurance. He needs to wear heavier gloves and box 15 rounds everyday
Devante Randle
Devante Randle:
“The guy doesn’t hit hard....hold on I gotta ice my black eye. Anyways yea I didn’t feel a thing.”
I’m obviously an angel 😭
Logan can sure do it ❤️
“Everyone has a face until they get punched in the plan.”

-Mahatma Gandhi
jack litz
jack litz:
I chuckled when he said “Conor McGregor is an okay UFC fighter”.....
G Davis
G Davis:
Great job BC!
BC doing a great job as always!
Arthur Morgan x
Arthur Morgan x:
“Everyone has a plan until they get punched” - Wayne Gretzky
Damn I didnt know BC was that big/tall lmao
Can't wait for "he ended this mans career" For good.
c a
c a:
"What chance do you give yourself?"

"There is no statistic"

1:7 is the answer from Vegas.
English Only 101
English Only 101:
Why does the interviewer look away almost EVERY time Logan makes eye contact with him lol
nazim interstingly
nazim interstingly:
Once and for ... 'Paul'
Ngl that was kinda good 😂
jessie bracey
jessie bracey:
Mayweather is gonna knock him clean out his socks 😂
Jonathan Ruiz
Jonathan Ruiz:
When ppl talk about going against floyd it's so frustrating it's like watching the same movie over and over and expecting a different ending. I can't wait for this Sunday
So the fight is really on huh... 😂
If floyd loses there's gonna be a whole new category for memes. Maybe even change the name to flemes. 🤣
😂😂 Logan is such a troll
Asap 23
Asap 23:
The way paul speaks already says ''i'm gonna lose, and i don't care''
Great job BC!
Chris j
Chris j:
With such a size difference Logan’s game plan should literally be to turtle up and take everything super slow and try to just land those power shots ( granted Floyd can dodge all of them )
"Does he think I suck?"
Uhhhhh a lot of us do, actually.
Andres Gallegos
Andres Gallegos:
You got this LOGGGANNNN!!!!!💪💪💪🥊🥊
I wanna see if floyd runs in this fight too
If Jake wins Floyd he will be 52 and o lol 😆
Hina Khan
Hina Khan:
Is it just me or was this interviewer super awkward 😂 he wasn’t getting Logan’s sarcasm
Human Activated
Human Activated:
Paul is hardcore . Even the interviewer wants to ‘look into his eyes ‘ . His fans love his body.
Dwight K. Schrute
Dwight K. Schrute:
3 years is not a significant amount of time to someone who’s been doing this since birth
chad Smith
chad Smith:
I'm excited!
Samantha’s loving Light
Samantha’s loving Light:
Jake is a genius!! He just lost this fight for his brother by making it personal with Floyd!! Now Floyd is going to beat Logan’s Ass, then Jake gets to take on Floyd!!! Bravo Jake!!
Myles Z06
Myles Z06:
Im not a hater of you Logan... But please do not ever say Floyd will get desperate in a fight. You dont understand how composed that man is, even if he gets hit in the face, that guy will never lose his composure even for a second. Sure you have power, youth, length, height and the want. But you can not for once take away Mayweathers art hes mastered over his entire career.
Roy Teo
Roy Teo:
Reporter: Do you have more money than Floyd Mayweather
Logan: Yeah yeah I just bought a dinosaur...
Shubham Pathak
Shubham Pathak:
Damn brah never though I would clickbait myself, seriously thought it was Ethan interviewing Logan....just like central intelligence vid 🤣