Lorde Covers Britney Spears In An Exclusive Music Video Drop | Vogue

Directed by Alfred Marroquin, the music video for Lorde's cover of "Break the Ice" is stripped-down and borderline cottagecore in its execution, with the 24-year-old singer clad in a bright-red crop top and pants that seem to visually recall Spears's red latex jumpsuit from the "Oops!…I Did It Again" video from 2000. Lorde also sings a version of "Fallen Fruit," from her latest record "Solar Power."

Director: Alfred Marroquín
Executive Producer: Nance Messineo
Executive Producer: Cole Santiago
Line Producer: Sean Gordon-Loebl

Director of Photography: Zoe Simöne-Yi
1st AC: Aaron Snow
2nd AC: Sarah Penson
Steadicam Operator: Franz Brun
Gaffer: Omar Nasr
Key Grip: Gulab Singh
Location Sound Mixer: Patrick Southern
Production Support: Salina Hernandez, Jeremy Berger, Trevor Bukowski, Raimi Fasula-Moore
Hair Stylist: Cameron Reins
Makeup Artist: Amber Dresden
Stylist Assistant: Leslie Padoll

Filmed On Location at New York Botanical Garden, Bronx, NY

VP Of Programming And Development, Vogue: Robert Semmer
Director Of Content, Vogue: Tara Homeri
Entertainment Director, Vogue: Sergio Kletnoy
Supervising Producer, Vogue: Jordin Rocchi
Production Manager, Vogue: Emily Yates
Post Production Supervisor, Vogue: Marco Glinbizzi

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Lorde Covers Britney Spears In An Exclusive Music Video Drop | Vogue

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100+ comentarios:

Pretty Little Liars
Pretty Little Liars:
I’m glad Lorde knows what Britney’s best song is
Gustavo França
Gustavo França:
I love how Lorde chose Break The Ice to transition into a song about the climate crisis.
Alexandra Rubin
Alexandra Rubin:
This fits her voice so well. So glad she’s paying tribute to Britney, she’s such an icon.
Britney is the blueprint ❤️ thank you Lorde for the beautiful cover
Mol ASMR.:
Iconic ✨
Borderline _'Cottagecore':_ no auto-tune, no remixing in the studio, just off the cuff raw vocals... _Lorde_ is such a vibe.
Dani Dos Santos
Dani Dos Santos:
No sabíamos que necesitábamos esto hasta que llegó ❤️😍
Ebby C
Ebby C:
Lorde is on another level. How did she turn merely singing holding a pair of heels in the middle of the forest into a music video.
hannah c
hannah c:
as someone who's never heard the original, this could totally be a pure heroine song
Lorde doesn't realize she's making everybody's day better by this.
ariana grande
ariana grande:
the transition was INSANE and her voice is amazing i hope she's gonna get the success she deserves with this album!!! cause for me this is her best album. at first i didnt like it that much but after a while i became OBSESSED
iqbal wahyu perdana
iqbal wahyu perdana:
Lorde was basically just like us singing a song in the bathroom. Dancing like no one's watching.
Clark Kent
Clark Kent:
The whole album of blackout is so underrated.
38 Siddharth Naagar
38 Siddharth Naagar:
Britney is the greatest pop star of the 21st century and this is such a fitting tribute to the legend
Thalyson Mutz
Thalyson Mutz:
This is one of best songs Britney ever made, I’m shocked with this version, it’s sounds sooo good
Dioney Pintor
Dioney Pintor:
I really hope she put this on Spotify
As a Britney army this is not bad it sounds so different but that’s how cover should be not just copying the og song , good job lord and love the new album a lot
Alejandro Monzón
Alejandro Monzón:
Two different generations of young artists who changed teen pop : Britney and Lorde ❤️
James W
James W:
Break The Ice is such an underrated single
Kiara Soliva
Kiara Soliva:
fallen fruit is a masterpiece. the more you listen to it, the more beautiful it becomes.
Spencer Read
Spencer Read:
No cause the confident and powerful woman Lorde has become makes me so proud.
Selena Gomez Acapella
Selena Gomez Acapella:
That’s right, she better stan one of Britney’s best singles. This was actually really good too.
Haley A
Haley A:
She can sing anything and make it sound like nothing I’ve ever heard before. A true artist!
Joseph Ruiz
Joseph Ruiz:
Only Lorde could transition Break the ice to Fallen Fruit. She’s a genius
Frankie MATH Pipes
Frankie MATH Pipes:
UM OK CAN WE TALK ABOUT THIS TIMING!?!?! Britney's dad filed to end her conservatorship YESTERDAY.
I love Britney. I'm happy that many young artists love Britney.
Luna Taina
Luna Taina:
I’m obsessed with the way she dances. it’s a vibe
Big Gnome
Big Gnome:
If I didn’t know this was a cover I would think this is an original lorde song it sounds like it could fit right on melodrama
Jordan S
Jordan S:
I’m actually obsessed with this arrangement.
Her vibe.

This should be on iTunes & Spotify.
Mim K
Mim K:
Why she so pretty... Her voice makes me cry and fly at the same time.
Lucas Hackmann
Lucas Hackmann:
Lorde is absolutely everything! She knows how to get us impressed every single time. She’s the moment 💘 lots of love
what a GIFT omg
Heli Shah
Heli Shah:
This is the most surprising thing ever but I am not complaining, I am loving it❤
I love how disorientated I felt during this performance. Spin me around and step on my neck why don't you Lorde 😍
Jon Nikos Despabiladeras
Jon Nikos Despabiladeras:
Literally, both Lorde and Britney are my ultimate queens. This is totally made for me!
Rayne Michael
Rayne Michael:
Probably one of the best covers I’ve heard of this song ever. So simple yet captivating.
elena russo
elena russo:
Not to be dramatic or anything but this is the most magical thing I’ve ever seen
Bruno Corrêa
Bruno Corrêa:
That’s right on the point! If anyone don’t get it, Lorde have already said that “Fallen Fruit” is about our planet and how previous generations had left us in a difficult moment of nature balance.
Begun the song with “Break the ice” is not only genius in a pop perspective, because it’s Britney and it’s marvelous, but is the showcase of a planet that it’s getting warmer and warmer.
Jean Patrick Alexander Panganiban Villamor
Jean Patrick Alexander Panganiban Villamor:
She looks more and more healthier everytime we see her...
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt:
The whole album of blackout is so underrated.
Peer Langenheim Music
Peer Langenheim Music:
Incredible mashup! The transition to Fallen Fruit was soooo good!
Alison Hee
Alison Hee:
Britney + Lorde = didn’t know I needed this crossover
I can literally hear britney spears sounding like a proud mom, she raised an entire generation.
Ad Nest Publicidad
Ad Nest Publicidad:
Steven Lawless
Steven Lawless:
Break the Ice is so underrated like a lot of Britney’s songs 🙏💯
Went into this thinking "Wow, I don't think I've ever heard this song by Britney!" & ended up knowing all the lyrics by heart lol
Ready Set
Ready Set:
This so unique and soo unique i cant think of anything else as a huge Britney fan. Lorde Thank You !!!!!
J Hartley
J Hartley:
This vibe is so perplexingly Lorde and Britney simultaneously that it it doing my head in…and I love it 🔥🔥
Ginger Rodriguez
Ginger Rodriguez:
Break the Ice to Fallen Fruit? I feel so lucky to hear such a masterpiece
ADN Persa
ADN Persa:
The best song of Blackout Break The Ice is gold and Britney it’s art 🎉
I loved her when she sang about darkness and helplessness and everything ugly and cynical in the world, but this new happier, brighter, more colourful Lorde is just as lovely - it’s like she recognises the darkness but relishes the hope anyways, and it makes me so happy to see it.
Carlos Asan
Carlos Asan:
OH. MY. LORDE. This is my favorite Britney Spears song!!! This mashup is EVERYTHING 😍😍
Carlos Gonzalez
Carlos Gonzalez:
I love the rawness, seeing her acne scars and recording in terrible lighting. idk makes me love her freaking more🥺💕
Break the ice is absolutely my favourite on blackout and the fact that lorde is covering Britney song is so amazing! 🥺❤️
Wandrei Silva
Wandrei Silva:
Um cover da Britney mas com a originalidade da Lorde, já é especialidade da Lorde essas versões maravilhosas que parecem originais. ❤
She's got a point. She's an icon. She's a legend and she is THE MOMENT
I really didn't expect this, and I love it.
Love how she puts her own vibe to the cover.
Rafael De Lucas
Rafael De Lucas:
Maravilhosaaaaaaaa Break The Ice é uma masterpiece
i feel this on another level, this is what healing sounds like
Gregorio Sánchez Duarte
Gregorio Sánchez Duarte:
I'm so glad she's introducing this super extremely underrated gem to new generations!
Ciar L
Ciar L:
I didn’t know I needed Lorde’s Break The Ice cover until this video. The world needs to hear it in full!!!
Nathalye Solórzano Medrano
Nathalye Solórzano Medrano:
I could feel fresh air on my fingers when I listened these wonderful transtions. It's really magic.
i love that she stayed true to her music and herself all through the years. ❤️
Diego Gerardo
Diego Gerardo:
Her voice match so perfectly with the enviroment. Nature is healing, queen.
Ian Brown
Ian Brown:
This was beautiful. It's nice to see that there is some artistry left in the mainstream music industry.
Chris Marrin
Chris Marrin:
YES! Break the ice is such an underrated masterpiece! Thank you Lorde, beautiful cover.
Donny Winter
Donny Winter:
I literally can't even right now. This is amazing.
Eliška Z
Eliška Z:
It’s totally different, but in a good way. Britney’s songs are BOPs, almost each one of them is iconic… Lorde is unique and gives this song amazing vibe
joe a
joe a:
I just realized how similar Break the Ice and Homemade Dynamite sound… this cover is brilliant btw
Vlad Leiva
Vlad Leiva:
The amount of obsession I have towards this video is already unholy.
Filho De Fish
Filho De Fish:
Ela cantou "Break The Ice" de uma maneira tão linda! 😭❤️ #freebritney
I can't explain what happened to me when the ICONIC transition happened. like ma'am 👏 this is da bestttttt
Joow J
Joow J:
A lorde é maravilhosa, quero essa versão inteira na minha playlist agora
Marius Wolf
Marius Wolf:
It’s literally her best song ever PERIODTTTTTTT
Shannon Adams
Shannon Adams:
Talent recognizes Talent. I hope this gets a studio version 💕
Break The Ice
The ice becomes water and becomes free.
May Britney be free #freebritney
Momotaro .oOMegidoraReincarnatedOo.
Momotaro .oOMegidoraReincarnatedOo.:
She's not afraid to show her flaws by wearing little to nothing make up! Natural beauty and talent! 100% All natural! Perfect fit for the shoot as well!
Fajar Zakri
Fajar Zakri:
If only she had covered Mood Ring and segued it into her own Mood Ring tbh
i'm so happy that this exists and was released on my birthday
Chin Yumi
Chin Yumi:
Que genial siempre sorprendiendo con esa voz que es muy hermosa y pacífica, joder la amo
Damian Damian
Damian Damian:
"Breake The Ice" is so underrated! I love Britney Spears. #FreeBritney
How does she make it seem as though I just finished a long book in 3 minutes. I'm in awe, as usual.
juracy miranda
juracy miranda:
this is a literal masterpiece
Mar Pi
Mar Pi:
The best cover about Break the ice!
v͓̽o͓̽l͓̽p͓̽e͓̽ ͓̽m͓̽a͓̽r͓̽r͓̽o͓̽n͓̽e͓̽ ͓̽v͓̽e͓̽l͓̽o͓̽c͓̽e͓̽
v͓̽o͓̽l͓̽p͓̽e͓̽ ͓̽m͓̽a͓̽r͓̽r͓̽o͓̽n͓̽e͓̽ ͓̽v͓̽e͓̽l͓̽o͓̽c͓̽e͓̽:
i love the irony in her performing 'break the ice', its kinda like a metaphor for her antarctica trip and the melting of the glaciers, which also ties with the 'fallen fruit' concept
also the free britney movement, and i think Britney said once she loves Lorde? so if she sees this she'll be very glad im sure
I need a studio version of her doing Break The Ice!
Nathalie Chang
Nathalie Chang:
Basically she was really high, went to the forest, and decided to sing Britney 😄💓
Edsu Santana
Edsu Santana:
Lorde realmente é a maior que temos mds
ariana grande
ariana grande:
omgg this gave me so much "hard feelings/loveless cover" vibe and im here for it
RobCha Rococo
RobCha Rococo:
Love it. I was obsessed with break the ice this week. Having lorde singing it is amazing!
There are two definitions of body art. 1) tattoos or jewellery ornamenting the body 2) Lorde dancing like no one’s watching
when you come expecting to hear toxic, slave 4 u or baby one more time but it’s break the ice, WE STAN
Pequena Estrela
Pequena Estrela:
Que perfeição, meu Deus 😱
Quero esse mashup no Spotify AGORAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
Sergio Augusto Alderete
Sergio Augusto Alderete:
she is so ethereal
Kirangopal Singh
Kirangopal Singh:
She's an icon, she's a legend and she's the moment.
blankety blank
blankety blank:
Listening to this during a Summer thunderstorm off the South Coast tonight. Perfect.
Dylan Cash
Dylan Cash:
Can we just get an entire Britney cover album sung by Lorde.
Silver Treasure
Silver Treasure:
Break the Ice is my fave. She gives a new vibe to the song 😍