Los Angeles Lakers vs Phoenix Suns Full GAME 2 Highlights 2021 NBA Playoffs

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Anthony Davis and LeBron James led the Lakers to a Game 2 win to tie their series with the Suns

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MLG Highlights
MLG Highlights:
LeBron James on his performance vs the Suns in Game 2: https://youtu.be/syO9Xt2e3CQ
Stephen Curry Archive
Stephen Curry Archive:
The Lakers played real lockdown defense during the final 4 minutes of the game. That's how you win a playoff game!
Tony Ngo
Tony Ngo:
mad respect to trezz for sitting out giving gasol some playtime, needed the spacing and the guy was still hyped as a reserve the whole night
N Milligan
N Milligan:
Shroder was lowkey unstoppable this game
Drummond though with his rebounds. He understood his assignment very very well.
Stephen Curry Archive
Stephen Curry Archive:
Jared Dudley is averaging 49 claps per game, 37 cheers per game, and 91 high fives. Could get into the 50-40-90 club with a little more effort.
KingDom building
KingDom building:
Leborn is a beast to be competing at this level with that many miles on his body age and season played plus he went to the finals 8 years in a role so he played more games then everyone ....hands down the goat
Cj iTV
Cj iTV:
And the Clippers continue to avoid the Lakers in the Playoffs.😂😂
Antonio Quebec
Antonio Quebec:
Drummond is gives a big impact for Lakers. He knows his job and does it well. 👏👏👏
Ng Steve
Ng Steve:
Listening to the crowd brings me tears. It's been like what 11 years? I'm so happy for Booker too. It's just one game. Com'on CP3 get healthy and let's go! 🔥
KCP doing his best impersonation of Danny Green.
Prince Kazhila
Prince Kazhila:
Gasol's 3s are the most effortless 3s I have ever seen
The Lakers win 😤 and the Clippers lose again 😂😂 what a night
Bruce Xu
Bruce Xu:
damn that crowd energy was through the roof
Dee Cal
Dee Cal:
Cam Payne vs Alex Caruso is like Magic vs Bird in the 80’s
As a Lakers fan, best part of this game was the crowd. Makes me want to shed a tear : ' )
jhun apostol
jhun apostol:
I like caruso hustle defense ...and damn that lob on james he still can jump that high... appreciate greatness.. remember his on early 40's
Lebron’s Burner
Lebron’s Burner:
AD kicking crowder’s balls made him shot 1/6 from 3 lmao 😂
G R:
Ayton tava o bicho ontem, infelizmente o time desapareceu no último quarto... Confio no Monty Careca Maravilhoso pra trazer a próxima win! Lets Gooo Sunss 👋👋🥇
Golden Lion
Golden Lion:
Anyone else think Bron isn't all the way healthy yet? Like he's playing well but he still seems to be coasting a bit & focusing on facilitating. I think he's trying to rest the ankle unless he needs it.
Carushow making some impactful plays as always 💪🏼
Yustinus Halim
Yustinus Halim:
MLG, congrats for having 1M subs. Thank you for always providing us quick uploaded highlights. I will always appreciate what you have done here. Keep those highlights coming MLG.
Get Trolled
Get Trolled:
The crowd came with intensity 🔥🔥
Lowkey forgot how good a crowd is for the playoffs
jhaydhi menggay
jhaydhi menggay:
Suns basketball is beautiful to watch, their passing inside and out are amazing especially when CP3 handles the ball. This game could've went either way.
Im a Lakers fan.
Young A
Young A:
Ay mane congratulations on your 1 million subs! Keep grinding 💪🏽
David Flores Montañés
David Flores Montañés:
Vamos Phoenix Suns a desempatar.
La eliminatoria. Muy buen partido.
Man, is so good to hear the arena with full crowd again, u can hear they were so hyped
joy du toy
joy du toy:
That was lockdown defense by the lakers in the last 4 minutes of the game !!!
Ejay TV Link
Ejay TV Link:
Lebron's 3pt shooting has been improved.. I have to say they will be tough to beat next game.
AC Medina
AC Medina:
Everyone in this comment section scored the same number of points as KCP did.
Yoshiki G
Yoshiki G:
Yes finally tye Lakers players are clicking. I'm loving this series.
Morales Corner
Morales Corner:
Caruso's bounce will never cease to amaze me lol
we all loving the series, hope to watch til game 7
Abayomi Olusanya
Abayomi Olusanya:
Defence is the key. LBJ my man,Lakers my team..back 2 back pips
Josh Highlights
Josh Highlights:
Lakers just start to play very well. For the next practice they going to adjust more things. Even the pick and roll. Lebron with he’s 3 point shoot is amazing
Ruixiong Wang
Ruixiong Wang:
Ayton played well in his first two play-off games, the 1st 3rd 5th picks of 2018 played well this year.
Jason Poritz
Jason Poritz:
I’m so happy 😀 they have to keep playing just like that
You can tell the Suns needed Chris Paul during the last two minutes of the game. Hopefully CP3 can play in game 3
Babatunde Ogundare
Babatunde Ogundare:
Looking back at these highlights just showed what could have been if this team was healthy
Martin Dumayas
Martin Dumayas:
I still want to see rondo and howard in this team.
Dreamy Dreamer
Dreamy Dreamer:
Caruso with that play near the end was priceless 😁
Mr. Neyetro
Mr. Neyetro:
Damn, this is like fried chicken right out the grease...y'all lightning quick with the upload.
Qidong John Liang
Qidong John Liang:
9:42 Abosolutely a Top10 play tonight done by Carushowwww
Nice to see fans in the arena, fans makes the atmosphere!
The Gumbo Network
The Gumbo Network:
We all thought Jason Kidd would replace Frank Vogul quickly but FV is a great coach. The adjustment after suns took the lead was great to see if you noticed it.
Bang Kao
Bang Kao:
Andre Drummond finally knows how to defend high pick and roll. He played well today keep it up big 🐧.
Daniel Lomo
Daniel Lomo:
Awesome defense by the Lakers!!!
Andrew Coolington
Andrew Coolington:
Lakers played pretty decently tonight on the road. Their a Gritty team that will be challenged this year for a title. What's scary is their not rally not playing well offensivy, and beat the 2nd best team in the NBA on the road.. in the playoffs. 👏 Another factor is Mr. James , can't be denied... he is really a very good basketball player. Amazing to be in the league this long and playing at still a very high level with the Elite players that are on another level as well. Good game !
Good to see Anthony Davis actually doing something!
Richelle Estavillo
Richelle Estavillo:
Doesn't matter Lakers win or lose,haters always find a way to hate 🤭✌
K8 YT:
Love the bois confidence especially the goat carushow if there's no one to pass the ball just drive and bam
Vinicius Silva
Vinicius Silva:
Jogão... vai ser uma varrida do Phoenix pra cima dos Lakers!!!!
Uncle DreW
Uncle DreW:
"LeBron James isn't clutch"
LeBron James :
ankles looking mighty strong to me. As long as Bron Bron don't suffer another setback health wise, this series will be a done deal
Adrian Ruiz
Adrian Ruiz:
Shootout to both teams for playing with all they got, but never doubt the KING and AD, Carushow showed up and im glad he is playing really good this series.
I feel so bad for CP3, the man can never catch a break
Chris Tzevelekakis
Chris Tzevelekakis:
Those fadeaways by Bron, remind me of LeBronto Series on the East
Don Mk7
Don Mk7:
Quick question! Just as the Nets have 3 big ballers in Harden, Irving and Durant, who should the Lakers sign/trade to get the third big baller with Lebron and Ad?
JaVale McGee
JaVale McGee:
Bron and Ad in the last 4 mins is exactly what you need from your Superstars
MYthic Gamer
MYthic Gamer:
this series bout to get good I think it could go 6 or 7 games
Jalen Farley
Jalen Farley:
Nice three's and nice dunks!!!
Leisure Comments
Leisure Comments:
The winning sequence in the last 3 min: (Lakers up 103-102):
1. AD blocked Crowder
2/ LBJ spins and hits 2
3/ AD hits a 3
4/ LBJ comes back w/ a 3
5/ Caruso dunks a 2
.............those 5 sequence had Lakers suddenly up by 10 and they rode it out
Thomas Martin
Thomas Martin:
Brooklyn shot 44% from 3 tonight and Dallas shot 52% from 3. Good win for the Lakers, but 30% from the 3 isn't going to cut it this postseason and we need to dial that in if we're going to move on.
Omarr Phillips
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A H:
Bron Finna do it! He’s gonna be the 3pt shooter this time around !
2E Tor
2E Tor:
Great.. great.. really enjoyable match to watch
Mango Bums
Mango Bums:
Caruso lowkey is goat . He locked down steph in the play ins, plays amazing defense and can slam the ball
Mone Pampilon
Mone Pampilon:
I remember Cam Payne back in okc. The dude's just a hype man to wesbrook doing this dancing and doing this crazy pre game ritual now he's the real deal a threat 💪🔥🔥💯
Franky Aranda
Franky Aranda:
Bro honestly nobody in the comments is saying it but GOOD ass work with this upload. The game probably finished less then a hour ago and this shit is up 100% highlights from the game with edits. respect bro <3
Armani aka hops 90,s jumpman Texas
Armani aka hops 90,s jumpman Texas:
LeBron went straight mj mode in this game I was blown away by his incredible performance.
Gabor Kiss
Gabor Kiss:
Finally someone told Vogel it’s Gasol time. He fits with this team so much better than Drummond or Harrell.
Prajwal Bhattarai
Prajwal Bhattarai:
Jared Dudley is averaging 55 claps a game 👏👏👏👏👏
chandler whalen
chandler whalen:
Amount of contested shots was impressive. Ayton is a beast, suns in 7... please God, Suns in 7.
Gabriele Melina
Gabriele Melina:
The Lakers came to play, no doubt. Great encouraging win
Cancel Cancel
Cancel Cancel:
People really thought the Lakers could beat DeGoat Booker in the first round 🤣🤣
Get Trolled
Get Trolled:
Lebron has never been down 0-2 in the first round of his career (neither east or west)
Marlon Amos
Marlon Amos:
Damn good game the Lakers got off to a GD start an just went from there,Davis had 34pts,Drummond had like 14 pts 13rebounds,Schroeder had 24pts,James had 23pts,pope didn't score also kuzma been cool last few games,game #3 at Staples center!!!!!!!!
Quashona Hardesty
Quashona Hardesty:
Kobe taught D Booker well...he has that Mamba Mentality running through him. 🐍
“James putting up a normal night of 23/4/9 “ he’s 36 guys..let that sink in
Mohammed Ali Khan
Mohammed Ali Khan:
Shoutout to Cam Payne and Johnson who did a remarkable job in guarding Lebron and AD. Also hit some brilliant daggers to keep them in the game.
_ Thomas
_ Thomas:
That dunk by Caruso tho @9:40🤯🙌
alfredo ferrer
alfredo ferrer:
Tube la fe desde el principio de que mis angeles lakers y van a ganar y también el campeonato Dios mediante
King Josh
King Josh:
7:23 Devin booker walked hard as hell at the end of the third 😂😂😂
rohith rohi
rohith rohi:
Lakers win
Clippers lost
Perfectly as things should be
Kevin Andreas
Kevin Andreas:
Tough night for KCP. Feel sorry for him. Wondering what was Lebron said in the 4th q when he passed open 3, his confidence is gone at the moment. Hope he could return to his best
Emma Nuel
Emma Nuel:
I melted as suns took that lead in the 4th. Be thinking we were about to follow the slippers road. Like the way lakers smoked that pressure in the last 4mins and did their thing. Experience!!
Man, as an all time Lakers fan i never expected to say this, but Bron is fckin CLUCH. It seems like in the past three years we never get a big win without him hitting huge shots at the end. You get us this ring Bron, you my second favorite player ever behind Kob.
I'm lowkey impressed with the suns defense holding the Lakers to "only" 109 points
Dimp Tooth TV
Dimp Tooth TV:
What a game! 🤩
Reo siu
Reo siu:
Waiting on Clark reaction 😂😆😆
Phoenix had one of their best seasons in ages. To bad they’ll be eliminated in the first round of the playoffs.
Kemzi Dieye
Kemzi Dieye:
Force à Lakers 🔥🔥
Cardi B
Cardi B:
1:21 his head is just below the rim 😳 he can definitely still get up there at 36
love that aggressive AD. offense and defense. big men play like big men. no reason phoenix win another game.
that dunk from CaruShow!!😍
Kai Chan
Kai Chan:
Everybody in the Lakers contributed. There were plays specifically designed for players other than LBJ and AD. Secondly LBJ was making multiple extremely difficult fade aways that he usually wouldn't made. Now is time to see can the young Sun response. Everything is easy when winning.
Kuzma finally shows up: 2 PTS, 1 REB, 1 AST, 1/4 FG, 0/2 3PT. 🔥🔥🔥
1:21 Lebron still gettin up. Eyes at rim level bruh