Los Angeles Lakers vs Phoenix Suns Full GAME 2 Highlights 2021 NBA Playoffs

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Anthony Davis and LeBron James led the Lakers to a Game 2 win to tie their series with the Suns

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MLG Highlights
MLG Highlights:
LeBron James on his performance vs the Suns in Game 2: https://youtu.be/syO9Xt2e3CQ
N Milligan
N Milligan:
Shroder was lowkey unstoppable this game
Drummond though with his rebounds. He understood his assignment very very well.
Stephen Curry Archive
Stephen Curry Archive:
Jared Dudley is averaging 49 claps per game, 37 cheers per game, and 91 high fives. Could get into the 50-40-90 club with a little more effort.
Cj iTV
Cj iTV:
And the Clippers continue to avoid the Lakers in the Playoffs.😂😂
Stephen Curry Archive
Stephen Curry Archive:
The Lakers played real lockdown defense during the final 4 minutes of the game. That's how you win a playoff game!
Dee Cal
Dee Cal:
Cam Payne vs Alex Caruso is like Magic vs Bird in the 80’s
KCP doing his best impersonation of Danny Green.
Lebron’s Burner
Lebron’s Burner:
AD kicking crowder’s balls made him shot 1/6 from 3 lmao 😂
The Lakers win 😤 and the Clippers lose again 😂😂 what a night
Poppy Niamh
Poppy Niamh:
There's nothing more lucrative than investing in crypto, more Especially in this pandemic
Prince Kazhila
Prince Kazhila:
Gasol's 3s are the most effortless 3s I have ever seen
Antonio Quebec
Antonio Quebec:
Drummond is gives a big impact for Lakers. He knows his job and does it well. 👏👏👏
Bruce Xu
Bruce Xu:
damn that crowd energy was through the roof
Tony Ngo
Tony Ngo:
mad respect to trezz for sitting out giving gasol some playtime, needed the spacing and the guy was still hyped as a reserve the whole night
KingDom building
KingDom building:
Leborn is a beast to be competing at this level with that many miles on his body age and season played plus he went to the finals 8 years in a role so he played more games then everyone ....hands down the goat
Quashona Hardesty
Quashona Hardesty:
Kobe taught D Booker well...he has that Mamba Mentality running through him. 🐍
Blackisword Perrier
Blackisword Perrier:
They was talking shit after one game now they're nowhere to be found.
“James putting up a normal night of 23/4/9 “ he’s 36 guys..let that sink in
Ejay TV Link
Ejay TV Link:
Lebron's 3pt shooting has been improved.. I have to say they will be tough to beat next game.
Ng Steve
Ng Steve:
Listening to the crowd brings me tears. It's been like what 11 years? I'm so happy for Booker too. It's just one game. Com'on CP3 get healthy and let's go! 🔥
1:21 Lebron still gettin up. Eyes at rim level bruh
joy du toy
joy du toy:
That was lockdown defense by the lakers in the last 4 minutes of the game !!!
Cardi B
Cardi B:
1:21 his head is just below the rim 😳 he can definitely still get up there at 36
Now everyone is afraid of Davis, cos they must to try to protect their crotches.
Hubaldo Torres
Hubaldo Torres:
0:34 Dario Saric with the assist to LBJ on the other end.
Lowkey forgot how good a crowd is for the playoffs
Cilesty GB
Cilesty GB:
Lakers are driving me MADDDD let them have the twos defend THREE at any cost FFS
Yoshiki G
Yoshiki G:
Yes finally tye Lakers players are clicking. I'm loving this series.
jhun apostol
jhun apostol:
I like caruso hustle defense ...and damn that lob on james he still can jump that high... appreciate greatness.. remember his on early 40's
Martin Dumayas
Martin Dumayas:
I still want to see rondo and howard in this team.
lonesome Heroes
lonesome Heroes:
Skip! Suns have no absentee. What’s ur excuse specially when Lebron and AD are hitting clutch shots after clutch and its from downtown!
C J:
Those fadeaways by Bron, remind me of LeBronto Series on the East
Howling Wolf
Howling Wolf:
Anyone else think Bron isn't all the way healthy yet? Like he's playing well but he still seems to be coasting a bit & focusing on facilitating. I think he's trying to rest the ankle unless he needs it.
A H:
Bron Finna do it! He’s gonna be the 3pt shooter this time around !
The Dark Knight Racist
The Dark Knight Racist:
James, you are 36 damnit, at least play like one.
Mr. MeArgi
Mr. MeArgi:
with a fit Chris Paul, the Suns had a chance, look in his face and u know he has a lot of pain. and he didnt play in the last quarter.
Satyajit Keisham
Satyajit Keisham:
meanwhile flippers honouring the lakers by taking another big fat L
Marcus Johnson’s Burner
Marcus Johnson’s Burner:
Lebron has never been down 0-2 in the first round of his career (neither east or west)
ÅlëjånDrø G
ÅlëjånDrø G:
Drummond lest go 💪🏻🔥
Morales Scamming Services
Morales Scamming Services:
Caruso's bounce will never cease to amaze me lol
Uncle DreW
Uncle DreW:
"LeBron James isn't clutch"
LeBron James :
Jason Poritz
Jason Poritz:
I’m so happy 😀 they have to keep playing just like that
Richelle Estavillo
Richelle Estavillo:
Doesn't matter Lakers win or lose,haters always find a way to hate 🤭✌
Hunter T.
Hunter T.:
And the flippers choked again hahahaha
Reo siu
Reo siu:
Waiting on Clark reaction 😂😆😆
Beltner Gon
Beltner Gon:
Suns fans think they can outlast LeBron and Davis in playoffs for winning the game one..😂😂😂
That closing 3 with lebron tells u everything u need to know. Last game was the same result 🤴🏿
Might King
Might King:
9:39 i was looking at anthony davis and then caruso came out of nowhere and did that lebron jame style dunk OUT OF NOWHERE, so insane, bald goat lit everytime
Sapto Seven
Sapto Seven:
9:40 : " He spins and dunk!" .......carusshow rules!!
Good to see Anthony Davis actually doing something!
Trianide Curld
Trianide Curld:
What a game!!!
and maaaan how a miss the Crowd !!!
oliver tayag
oliver tayag:
5:18 look at lebron how fast he run
Don Gadson
Don Gadson:
Yo, that shit had my blood pressure all the way up while watching this.
0:36 on James, they just don't worry about traveling calls
The Thinking Man's Templar
The Thinking Man's Templar:
The turnovers by PHX stood out to me.
AC Medina
AC Medina:
Everyone in this comment section scored the same number of points as KCP did.
Aaron Cruz
Aaron Cruz:
Love the bois confidence especially the goat carushow if there's no one to pass the ball just drive and bam
that dunk from CaruShow!!😍
Francis Ezekiel
Francis Ezekiel:
3:23 sick move by CP3
Lakers are unstoppable if injuries did not came , sadly they're gone now.
Marcus Johnson’s Burner
Marcus Johnson’s Burner:
The crowd came with intensity 🔥🔥
Mango Bums
Mango Bums:
Caruso lowkey is goat . He locked down steph in the play ins, plays amazing defense and can slam the ball
Thony Cortez
Thony Cortez:
That is the Lakers team we'd like to see. Credit to Phoenix for playing hard. You cannot sleep on them.
Rodmar Saula Omar Abonales
Rodmar Saula Omar Abonales:
0:33 nice pass to lebron plus turnover for suns lol
MLG Highlights in the playoffs: STONKS!!!
Alen Zmaj
Alen Zmaj:
LeBron James show again why he MVP... 👍🏽
6:59 😯
Boujee DA GOAT
Boujee DA GOAT:
That's what we needed AD!!!
Genetic Freak
Genetic Freak:
shannon to skip: i told you so! 💪
Qidong John Liang
Qidong John Liang:
9:42 Abosolutely a Top10 play tonight done by Carushowwww
Kawhi Leonard
Kawhi Leonard:
LeBron and AD making the haters cry rn 😂
Sergio Viera
Sergio Viera:
8:30 Crowder: I’m not getting hit in the balls from Gasol...
Carusso dunk at the end was so random hahaha🤣
Leisure Comments
Leisure Comments:
The winning sequence in the last 3 min: (Lakers up 103-102):
1. AD blocked Crowder
2/ LBJ spins and hits 2
3/ AD hits a 3
4/ LBJ comes back w/ a 3
5/ Caruso dunks a 2
.............those 5 sequence had Lakers suddenly up by 10 and they rode it out
Retro gaming a
Retro gaming a:
DAL - LAL for the western finals!! Cant wait!!
Saïbou Tine
Saïbou Tine:
That s the Lakers team we know strong defensively
Steve Sibaja
Steve Sibaja:
LeBron had a Good Game 2 VS The Suns in the first Round of the Playoffs💪💪💪💪💪💪🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀💛💜💛💜💛💜
CyBorG TV:
MLG the real MVP!
1 million subscribers 🥳🥳🔥
Kostas Kannavos
Kostas Kannavos:
LeBron want to be like Kobe, damn so good performance! ❤️
Dreamy Dreamer
Dreamy Dreamer:
Caruso with that play near the end was priceless 😁
Fi T
Fi T:
Rip kobe💛💜
Jock City
Jock City:
lowkey at 1:54 Lebron wanted to kick the ball at Andre Drummond
Kervin Chua
Kervin Chua:
5:51 Isn't this soundtrack from NBA TopShot when you open a base set pack!?!?
Kruti Can
Kruti Can:
1:49 Drummond for DPOY!
Kenton Haynes
Kenton Haynes:
Lebron’s fade away is 🔥🔥🔥
Mike wright
Mike wright:
Davis has little defense. He's so big by the time his brain 🧠 recognizes what to do defensively it looks like his body is in slow motion!!!
B.C 20
B.C 20:
"Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound? God Forbid." Romans 6:2, God bless you all
Prajwal Bhattarai
Prajwal Bhattarai:
Jared Dudley is averaging 55 claps a game 👏👏👏👏👏
Michelle June
Michelle June:
I love you lakers ❤️❤️❤️
Kuzma finally shows up: 2 PTS, 1 REB, 1 AST, 1/4 FG, 0/2 3PT. 🔥🔥🔥
Terry Wong
Terry Wong:
9:07 good steal
Carushow making some impactful plays as always 💪🏼
Teddy bear
Teddy bear:
This was and amazing play they did
Muhannad Al-Kharji
Muhannad Al-Kharji:
Yes this is the king 👑🔥
Mr. Neyetro
Mr. Neyetro:
Damn, this is like fried chicken right out the grease...y'all lightning quick with the upload.
Shirley Brenda
Shirley Brenda:
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Ashely Laura
Ashely Laura:
Game on boys
Speak out
Speak out:
We really missed d crowd