Los Angeles Lakers vs Phoenix Suns Full GAME 4 Highlights | 2021 NBA Playoffs

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The Suns take down the Lakers 100-92 in Game 4 to even the series at 2-2!
Lakers lose Game 4 to Suns and Anthony Davis to groin injury.

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MLG Highlights
MLG Highlights:
LBJ on how AD's absence impacted tonight's 2nd half and the possible implications for next game
Watch: https://youtu.be/l1wQSAvJ-XI
I hate how Anthony Davis fakes so many injuries that when it truly happens you don't even believe it. He gets injured in so many random ways it's unreal
Luca RS
Luca RS:
Ad should have a “injuries per game” stat on his stat line
Role Sison
Role Sison:
Chris Paul screen midrange is smooth and deadly.
Cameron Floyd
Cameron Floyd:
Is it me or is Ayton been playing like a grown man this series
Emmanuel Mbah
Emmanuel Mbah:
Glad to see CP3 back to his usual self making those mid range jumpers and making nice plays for his teammates.
Emmanuel Mbah
Emmanuel Mbah:
When CP3 got hurt, it was “excuses”. Now I wanna hear this. 😂
Notorious Nate
Notorious Nate:
The Suns defeated the Lakers and the crooked refs in this game. Huge win for Phoenix!
Benn Daniel Vai
Benn Daniel Vai:
Cameron Payne!!!! Those shots he took in bloody nose lane and against LBJ, those are gamechangers. Makes your team believe even more and not defend the lead but be aggressive. Well done kid.
Ryandira Bagus Rahardjo
Ryandira Bagus Rahardjo:
Cp3 delivers the game well. Looking forward to this series where we would see the highest potential of this Phoenix Suns team.
The Suns showed exactly why they're the #2 seed in the West. Impressive victory.
Daniel Tatum
Daniel Tatum:
Ayton is a damn beast he the strongest man on the floor knocking everyone over
Jesse Duarte
Jesse Duarte:
Warriors fan here, Were all Rooting for you suns!
even grytten
even grytten:
Chris Paul is the most underrated superstar. Had NBA been in Europe he would have been ranked much higher due to his team first mentality.
illmatic 826
illmatic 826:
Anytime Lemickey fails, it makes my day 😌
Joshua Agyemang
Joshua Agyemang:
This series is officially NOT over...💯
Nekys Acherontios
Nekys Acherontios:
Game proves two points
!. The Lakers were not relevant until AD got there. And they still are not without him
2 Teams should attack Lebron more, he is not the defender he was, got blown by on several occasions
Javier Martinez
Javier Martinez:
Suns are the Bests!! Fantástic play off!! 👏👏👏🧡
Luigi Gabrielle C. NAVAS
Luigi Gabrielle C. NAVAS:
What happens when a team flops way too much instead of just playing the game? Watch 2nd and 3rd quarter
Merc with a mouth
Merc with a mouth:
I still find it so amazing the fact that CP3's stats on paper are not impressive at all but at the same time he's the reason why the suns are what they are right now while players like Westbrook averaged a triple double for the season and their team still failed.
psued 0
psued 0:
CP3's mid-range fadeaway is mesmerizing
Thomas Cavanaugh
Thomas Cavanaugh:
Suns fan here. I've been following the Suns all year and they are for real. Suns would have won game 2 with a healthy CP3. Series should be 3-1 Suns but it is what it is.
Jonathan Ben Israel
Jonathan Ben Israel:
An AD observation: He can shoot 80% low post face up; 90% on loops; and 50% on 3s. He gets into trouble with finesse plays requiring lots of energy and low percentage due to mishaps and steals; and many times he falls down, taking himself out of fast break the other way. Initially, Embiid had similar problems, but watch him now; found his high percentage game and stays with it; and apparently has also strengthened his legs because he doesn't fall down all the times like he used to. Awesome!!!
Lol I like the fact that the SUNs are undefeated on SUNdays
Omowàle Zaquir
Omowàle Zaquir:
Marc Gasol was the Lakers 2nd leading scorer, and he didn’t have half as many points as LeBron 😞
Would love to see Phoenix and Paul win the title, can you imagine what the hell this would mean for the city and franchise?
G P:
its amazing how suns are always able to put the defenders behind them when driving. goes back to the days of steve nash.
Cameron Floyd
Cameron Floyd:
Got to give Marc Gasol his credit this game
The Thinking Man's Templar
The Thinking Man's Templar:
I really want PHX to win. This series. Love the team , and i love that city .
AitLin Of The Rebellion
AitLin Of The Rebellion:
Great win for the Suns, hope AD will come back after the next game. I don't expect LeBron to take over like he did some years ago. And even with it, playing against CP3 still a hard task. Not talking about Ayton.
I'm convinced AD wakes up from bed 10 mins before tip-off. No stretches no nothing.😐
JunOcs Show
JunOcs Show:
when suns wins game 5 lebron will be in the injured list.
Ayton is the real deal
i like the new improvement showing the Stats at the end of the video.. keep it up.. 👌😊
A. D. M. I. N.
A. D. M. I. N.:
There's nothing more lucrative than investing in crypto, more Especially in this pandemic
Robin L
Robin L:
This is such a good technical series
John Miranda
John Miranda:
Love this!!!....lets go suns!!!
Soul Scrollz
Soul Scrollz:
Beautiful pass from Lebron to himself at 2:50secs. He always gets away with some bullcrap
Having been an NBA fan since the bad boy pistons days, to which I am from (Detroit) I can't help but see today's NBA as a gymnasium pick up game.
AJ's vLog
AJ's vLog:
Cp3 is very effective in Suns gameplay 💪
some random ass mf
some random ass mf:
Drummond really be learning how to flop now
Go to 7:42 slow the speed down to lowest and play. U can actually see that chames travels in between his tribbles. Its so grafty, u need to actually watch it in slow mode
IlIlI IlIlI:
Did you guys saw CP3 trolling with crossovers in last possesion? 😭😭😭😭
Lucas .Lucas
Lucas .Lucas:
Either the refs didn't know the rules or they intentionally let LeBeach got away with a travel. You can't passed the ball then touch it again. Anyone who played this game knows that it was a travel !!
LeBron's elite defense 5:03 9:28
tries to injure CP3's right shoulder 9:09
The Point God saying he's back after hitting that midrange was the highlight for me, get better AD but this a series now
8:27 bro I wanna like Lebron, I wanna appreciate his game, when he do shit like this, falling to the ground to get a call when u can clearly see the defenders weren't even defending at that moment. that's the shit that makes me not like this dude. he the supposed best player in the world he doesn't need to flop
I love how Jeff Van Gundy get salty every time LeBron team is losing.
Christian Santos
Christian Santos:
Avisam eles que o melhor ataque é a defesa
Jonathan Ben Israel
Jonathan Ben Israel:
A Laker observation - they need a premier seasoned point guard and a defensive minded 5. Marc is an excellent backup 5 and can run the floor with his passing skills when LBJ is out; Drummond is not a starting 5, too short and can't jump; Harrell is an excellent backup to AD, he can score the ball. Okay, my 2 cents. Now, let me go and fix the rest of the world...
I hope the Suns win they're a way more fun team.
Sean G
Sean G:
I cannot count how many times James just threw up his hands when defending
Dibs Vincent
Dibs Vincent:
After 18 seasons and at 36 years old, with the highest amount of both season and playoff minutes in the entire league, the haters are finally right that Lebron cannot carry a team without another star. Congrats!!!! You deserve it for the long wait.
Kyrill Bollensen
Kyrill Bollensen:
AD just wanna have some more time for his twitch
Lamoni Mita
Lamoni Mita:
I want CP to come away with a chip. He deserves it big time.
Darth Vader
Darth Vader:
Man this channels gives me the best bits and saves me money on league pass... Love it! Though not quite the sane experience.
AD is as delicate as a butterfly's wings. On the other hand, CP3 is playing with one arm, soldiering on the pain.
we had no energy and no determination I think we lost on purpose - can Gasol even jump? they made us look like we didn't know where the hell we were even at...
Quashona Hardesty
Quashona Hardesty:
This series exposes Leflop for real, it shows CLEARLY that Lebum doesnt have the ability to carry a team all the way in the playoffs WITHOUT extreme star power of another superstar, They win two games with AD in the mix, but when AD went out they got whooped 3 straight games and lose in the first round series...that speaks volumes.
Johnny D Barber
Johnny D Barber:
This game was so hard to watch.
AD made of glass 💯, every time he hits the floor my heart drops. This team clearly has a coaching problem. Huge issues on offence.
We also have Kuzma with the lowest IQ in basketball.
onion vigan
onion vigan:
LBJ is once again showed his excellent defense in this game! 😂😃😂
V H:
The obvious MVP for the Lakers is AD. When he has a bad game or gets injured then they lose.
Funny how Lebron's age is catching up with him whenver the Lakers lose lol Whenever they win, all you hear is how Lebron hasnt lost a step in year 18 lol
calm 104
calm 104:
Lebron can't carry a team but when they win he gets most of the credit!
AD gets injured opening a jar of mayonnaise
Audi for Life
Audi for Life:
Lakers fan gg suns good game see us for the game 5 I hope everyone is healthy
If AD can’t play, we are screwed, and The Suns really played well. Now we are back to their arena. Hopefully AD’s injury is nothing serious.
Without him I don’t think Lakers have a chance, every team especially at The East are all loaded and performing well.
Papa Giorgio
Papa Giorgio:
Phoenix Suns is a real team, CP and his friends deserved to win the 🏆
Mee Tocoolio
Mee Tocoolio:
There's that Davis effect. When he can't contribute 20 points its almost a certain loss
They should've out gasol earlier in the 4th since non of them are consistent his 3s are clutch
Captain Chaos - Have No Fear Him Is Here
Captain Chaos - Have No Fear Him Is Here:
Going Back home 2-2 getting a 3-2 lead and the Lakers are in trouble!!
LeBron looked healthier than ever!
The only team that I really want them to win the NBA playoffs is Phoenix suns just for cp3 he is my favorite player of all time after MJ and I’m really gonna miss him when he retires
James TheSavageSecond
James TheSavageSecond:
I love how nobody wanted to score until it was too late.
Tokloy Music
Tokloy Music:
I really like how the lakers start flopping when the suns make the lead. :D
Smarvy Smarv
Smarvy Smarv:
The exact reason why I miss crowder being in Miami.
Phoenix was moving the ball so well tonight
Juan Plus
Juan Plus:
Props to the Suns!!! No super egos, no problem!
Jeco Jordan
Jeco Jordan:
This Lakers team isnt the same compared last year. Key players like Danny Green, McGee HOF Howard and Rondo were gone. They definitely lost a step this year. I expected them to win this seried 3-1...
Little Benjamin
Little Benjamin:
Without AD LeBronze is nothing 😤
I told y'all it's AD's team ...Lakers ain't even winning the west without AD
Leisure Comments
Leisure Comments:
Lakers blew my Sunday thrills. I have a stomach ache now.
Man, Caruso has some nice moves!
Leflop no help no party, you're not the goat, end of discussion
drywall soluciones
drywall soluciones:
Buen partido
john carlo quitevis
john carlo quitevis:
James spin with single leg lands and dunk was insane...he can only do that...
Laker fans were talking real tough when CP had one arm lmaooooo
John F
John F:
AD went down
Lakers lost

Kendrick Perkins: This is why teams are scared of Lebron.
The west seems so competitive this year, honestly It feels like so many teams can come out
Good game for CP3 and the the suns, credit their defensive plan, good win. I'm a Laker fan, injuries happen no excuses, Lakers were just outplayed and out coached ,as a Laker fan, it was just painful and frustrating to watch. Lakers have enough talent, and defense on that bench to win, again , NO EXCUSES!!They better man up, next game.
I just hope that a team with no championship history will get one this year. Jazz, Phx, Nuggets or Clippers 😁
Healthy Trollmeister
Healthy Trollmeister:
AD the MVP...most volatile player
the best duo right now score 1-10 from 3s , nice
as fan of suns, i think today's best is DA. AD's absent helped ayton well. sorry ad suns gonna be a winner of the round.
i'm afraid of players being tired because of long long long series
Ruel Jay Gaogao
Ruel Jay Gaogao:
And that last seconds play by jae crowder will add that to his turn-over stats😂
Good Deeds
Good Deeds:
Respect for the suns they play fearlessly and they got spirit .
Imagine if Booker dropped another 40+ piece
The key for my Sun's is Crowder hitting those 3's !
isaac debeila
isaac debeila:
can CP3 finally break the curse that has been over his entire career... the coke curse is real and it takes a player playing beyond themselves to break it, like how kyle Lowry did it with the raptors with kawhi
AitLin Of The Rebellion
AitLin Of The Rebellion:
AD looks like that guy who don't want to go to the gym so he's always in pain
King Shark
King Shark:
Nobody on this team can stop Lebron from getting to the basket, BE AGGRESSIVE
Cp3 after fade away shot over drumond said "i'm back" 🔥🔥🔥
Joki Joke
Joki Joke:
LeBron needs his shooters to shoot (well) .. And he has to score more (including FT) !