Los Angeles Lakers vs Phoenix Suns Full GAME 5 Highlights | 2021 NBA Playoffs

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The Suns obliterated the Lakers to move one win away from the conference semifinals

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MLG Highlights
MLG Highlights:
LeBron James shares his thoughts after game: https://youtu.be/_9gs0iKcQK0
Joshua Ewing
Joshua Ewing:
Lakers fans are about to be like “lakers in 11” 😂
Andrew Brandenburg
Andrew Brandenburg:
It’s over for LA now. Can’t wait to hear Lebron blame everyone but himself on why his team didn’t do better...
Alexander Margaronis
Alexander Margaronis:
Jordan without pippen wud still b out there putting 50 on suns..everything left on the court.. different shoulders..
So happy for the Suns fans...,Its been a long time coming..
LeBron needs to stop slacking, he's the leader of his team, so if he's being lazy on plays and gives up, his team is gonna match his energy. That being said... Suns in 6
Kyle Lewis
Kyle Lewis:
Can we take a second to appreciate Booker, what a player.
imagine putting lebron in the goat conversation ahahahahahaha. MJ, Kareem, Magic, Kobe and Duncan still ahead of LeBaby
James gets blocked and immediately he looks for a foul call... Smh, it's playoff basketball 🏀
Quentin Thomas
Quentin Thomas:
The biggest trick LBJ has ever pulled was convincing the world he is a KING. 👑👑
This is what separates Lebron against Jordan in Playoffs and Finals.
TJ Morrison
TJ Morrison:
More and more time LeBron getting blocked, remember when people said he only was blocked 8 times in his career 😂
Green Envy
Green Envy:
Update: Lebron James stopped using PED's. Now we see the real Lebron James.
hello jam
hello jam:
I wasn't expecting this blowout and i am a Suns fan. sheesh.
5:00 look at that, you’re supposed to be leader and you don’t even track back...leaving your team
Rotchelyn Descartin
Rotchelyn Descartin:
Lebron fans right now- Lebron carrying his team..
Davis- without me ??
Cancel Cancel
Cancel Cancel:
LeBron: *Pack up, when i say pack up we going to Miami*
Harishan Avinesh
Harishan Avinesh:
It's funny how the comment section changes when LeBron wins/looses a game 🤦‍♂️
Lakers played like absolute garbage but credit to the Suns, they played some phenomenal basketball
lar cat
lar cat:
During press conference
Lebron: i need more nba top 5 guys on my team
Reporter: how many more top 5 guys do you need?
Lebron: maybe six
Andrei Brinces
Andrei Brinces:
the impact of CP3 in every team he has been is whoah
Jòseph Gee Hipolito
Jòseph Gee Hipolito:
Oh the self proclaimed GOAT walking out with 5 minutes remaining haha! Maybe he got to the front office and talks about trading and dispensing their players for some superstars next year so he could brag about his greatness hahahaha!
Rca Kawlni
Rca Kawlni:
I think curry carry his team much more than lebron,they almost beat the lakers also
Ildelbram Mateo
Ildelbram Mateo:
The best thing that happened to the Lakers this season was Schroeder refusing to sign the extension
Filipe Figueira
Filipe Figueira:
LeBron "King" James: Without AD I can't...sorry😂😂
Garland Mathews M8
Garland Mathews M8:
Drummond has an open door policy on defense, he’s sofT.
Hingle McCringleberry
Hingle McCringleberry:
Schroder trying to rebuild the Berlin wall out there with all those bricks...
One Two
One Two:
The way a defending champs playing right now I think the Suns is much more deserving to advance.
yu Marcus
yu Marcus:
Dennis is the best player who scored 0 point in the history. Respect.
Iso Joe
Iso Joe:
The reigning defending champs should never ever be down 35 in the first round smh
Inioluwa Olaleye
Inioluwa Olaleye:
6:03 Crowder sent Lebron back to Akron😭😭
Frenk L
Frenk L:
When Dudley is on court you can already tell what is going on...
Siang Boon
Siang Boon:
THT's shoulder is much reliable than the LBJ...
Solomon Hii
Solomon Hii:
Lebron purposely lose this game so that he could left the game early because, "It's Tuesday somewhere so you know what's that mean, it's TACO TUESDAY!!!! TACO TUESSSSSSDAY, YEAYEAYEAYEAYEAYEAYEAH!!!"
Jason Armenta
Jason Armenta:
Where are the Lakers at?? Was A.D. really the engine that drove this team? If so we legit seeing that Lebron isn't that impactful of a player.
The game LeBron gave up and tarnished his legacy…
I wanna see a Drummond meme impersonating Lebrick 😂
Off-Record beats
Off-Record beats:
They beat the “champs” to me they are the new champions 😂
This is what you get when you trade rondo and howard
Just For Fun
Just For Fun:
3:14 what a nice journey to the earth's core
Christian Peterson
Christian Peterson:
I’m rooting for this suns team to go far!!
This looks like the 2. seed vs the 7. seed
bihina joseph
bihina joseph:
Man o man, Skipp must be on the studios already! Can't wait!
Héctor Saúl Maldonado
Héctor Saúl Maldonado:
LeBron fans after Game 3: Good to see Bron healthy again...
Same fans after game 5: Man, so sad my Bron isn't healthy 😅
Ryan Rivers
Ryan Rivers:
If DA keeps working hard and improving his game, he can the Suns' David Robinson
Metzen Boom
Metzen Boom:
Lakers game would be like my frustrated my career play lol
Malik Smith
Malik Smith:
The suns remind me of the 01-02 pistons squad just more 3-pt shooting
Ahmed Shehatah
Ahmed Shehatah:
This game can be titled "The Greatest Quitter in NBA History - LeBron James"
You Ain’t Black Joe Biden
You Ain’t Black Joe Biden:
Chris Paul showed heart and leadership by continuing to play through that injury for his team. His shot and passing was off, yet he was still out there. Mad respect for what he did today!!!
nikolas bee
nikolas bee:
Now everyone knows. AD was the key in last years finals.
Barak Halla
Barak Halla:
2:44 Caruso attempts intentional injury..
Man.. This sucks
Wish LA would be knocked out game 6
josuapogi turla
josuapogi turla:
3:17 nice 1 kuzma. Hahaha
poch vincent oporto
poch vincent oporto:
Reading leflops fans reasons why they lost this game is so fun.
If you are 30 points ahead and your opponent defeated, would you not have the good sense to take Chris Paul out for the game?
Rachel Jordan
Rachel Jordan:
Investing in Bitcoin is a lucrative way of making money nowadays 💯
The self-proclaim goat cant win without a superteam..
Adam Silver would have been mad after this game. In the next game, you can see a lot of refs' adjustments.
Can’t wait till oprahside see this 😂
Vogel needs to play THT more, he brings more energy to the game!
Kk Y
Kk Y:
kp,cj,schroder work in same team next season
Mik Jagger
Mik Jagger:
chris paul finally found his team. he deserves a ring.
Ryan Daniel Pakpahan
Ryan Daniel Pakpahan:
Lakers just wanted to make a history comeback. Dont @ me
minh tuấn nguyễn
minh tuấn nguyễn:
Schroder was playing 26 minutes and he got NO points for laker :))))
Philipp van Loon-Behr
Philipp van Loon-Behr:
Watch Kuzma at 3:15 travel. How can a ref miss this? Every player from the Suns realized it. Credit to the Suns and Chris Paul..
James Wallace
James Wallace:
5:02 was the fattest travel lmaooo
The thumbnail reminds me of Lebron and Stephenson rivalry😂
Siccontyre de Fiddiutz
Siccontyre de Fiddiutz:
The fact that LeGoat scoring an all-team low of -24 for (+/-) is underrated.
Derf Love
Derf Love:
Beat by 30 in a playoff game wow shows how trash the team has been period mediocrity
Ross Bentley
Ross Bentley:
3:15 how on earth do the supposedly best officials in the country miss such an easy travel call? Like seriously wtf
I miss the defensive presence of Howard & Mcgee
Eric S
Eric S:
When the entire starting lineup(except LBJ) combines for 11 points….🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ throw away the whole team bruh
J_Songz201 IG
J_Songz201 IG:
Kobe and Jordan would have taken over the game that’s why I say lebum ain’t goat
What a poor king without AD😂
Damn atleast try I'm tired of seeing him out there complaining on the floor, take the game over, I love Bron but his leadership on the floor is horrible..
they really had to go after cp3’s injury again huh
Mmm Kkk
Mmm Kkk:
Nice I would like to see some new faces in final.
Sayadd Gaanokadalasangminsan
Sayadd Gaanokadalasangminsan:
it's confirmed!! I've been saying this many times that schroeder is a 🗑️
Ana Macedo
Ana Macedo:
02:40 I just can't deal with this boy lmao
Day_V N.M
Day_V N.M:
1 thing's for sure, new champ this year!
Acshad Magee
Acshad Magee:
Mann I freaking love it, everything is balanced out, competition in the west and east! Let’s go!!
Akira S
Akira S:
So Lillard drops 55 on 12/17 for 3, sending the Blazers to double overtime after being down 22...and Lebron?

...leaves game early.
Limitless Range
Limitless Range:
Game 5 according to data is game 7, i am happy that the suns will most probably win this series
Andrei Gherghe
Andrei Gherghe:
“I want my God damn respect” - LeBron
Isaiah Soquerata
Isaiah Soquerata:
give credit to small guards of phoenix who love penetrating the basket.
Ariel batino
Ariel batino:
thats why lebron called king if he had a super team..
Antonio Venegas
Antonio Venegas:
LeBron’ shoulders carried him to the locker room 5 minutes before the end of the game down 30 points! 😂🤣
James Allen
James Allen:
W J:
Lakers can be Beat It's not like there MJ and the BULLS💯
Aziz Laye
Aziz Laye:
Watching the highlights of Lebron Vs Suns ... 😂😂
Damn I really thought Lakers were gonna take it in 6
A brain
A brain:
Trump called schroder after the game to help him build the wall.
Eric Scott
Eric Scott:
-24 with Lebron on the court 😂
키 3m
키 3m:
피닉스 2라 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Chan -ID
Chan -ID:
ooooh, big game by the suns!
i like it!
Fan since 1995
Jay Allegre
Jay Allegre:
crowder gon be trolling james on this one hahahahahaha
Will D.
Will D.:
would love to see evil Lebron nxt game
Chao Li
Chao Li:
GOAT's game, hahahaha
Socko Jr
Socko Jr:
Damn this is really just another episode of “Okc failed as a franchise again”
Y T:
Did Dennis Schröder really just played 26 minutes with 4 Rebounds, 1 Assist, 0 Point? Should've just taken the $84M contract extension before he got exposed. LMAO 😂