Los Angeles Lakers vs Phoenix Suns GAME 4 Highlights 2nd Qtr | 2021 NBA Playoffs

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TheRealStandAlone 27
TheRealStandAlone 27:
Love this game
Jonathan Tolentino
Jonathan Tolentino:
Gotta say this years playoffs crazy intense
Robert Allred
Robert Allred:
Anthony Davis isn't in the game to carry you fanboys Goat and what happens.
Even playing from Pacific View Memorial Park, Kobe could have done much better than this Lakers team did today.

Emmanuel Mbah
Emmanuel Mbah:
This series has been so good. All the games have been close to the end.
herman miller
herman miller:
Just watching the ending of the 4th quarter. Certain of the suns appear brain dead by their careless and dumb efforts, almost as if they want to lose the game.
Broccoli Fan
Broccoli Fan:
Suns won by 4 second half.
Suns won by 14 3 mins to 3rd.
Bron Bron needed to sit down.....keke.
Bring out those bronbron pompom cheealeaders from espn and stephen nah....hahaha
Mr. G6
Mr. G6:
@00:15 how is that a violation?? He didn't dribble the ball!!
lebron did like 4 things that can go into an highlight reel
Brendan South Philly
Brendan South Philly:
Great game
7akers couldn't even handle CP3 at 50%. How do they expect to win the championship?
takeru cram
takeru cram:
gael Massart
gael Massart:
Damn..james passes the ball to himself..not called! Suns play against the refs too it seems
Kamelody Music
Kamelody Music:
First was : NBA NOT FINE OR SUSPENDED lebron for Covid-19 protocol violation. But K.P. did got fine, Now is this play at 0:15. THE NBA don't want lebron to be eliminated. SUNS BEAT THE LAKERS AND THE REFEREES. smfh
Jane Jankoski
Jane Jankoski:
0 18 double dribble from Lebron
fröhlich leben - Valentin Fröhlich
fröhlich leben - Valentin Fröhlich:
why is Schröder not playing that much?
LA in 5 😎
ButHer Face
ButHer Face:
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Gary Murphy
Gary Murphy:
While I'm RANTING, the REFEREES in the NBA aren't qualified to ref a HIGH SCHOOL GAME!!!! You used to have to play defense with your hands and feet!!! Why is it not a foul to put your hands on a player with the ball,lean on him, body.him? This is why I hate watching the NBA, it's like watching the WWF, all SCRIPTED!!! I'd rather watch the WOMEN PLAY!!! It's the MORE PURE FORM OF.BASKETBALL!!!
dionysis e
dionysis e:
AD having issues again?
the camera angle make me feel like playing game..make me dizzy lol
Pearson Tran
Pearson Tran:
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Ignacio Altamirano
Ignacio Altamirano:
1:18 don toliver behind d book
Awesome Master
Awesome Master:
Refs def on suns payroll. Booker and CP3 are experts at throwing themselves at their defender and crying to the officials
Lakers in 5ive
Σπυράγγελος Μαρκέτος
Σπυράγγελος Μαρκέτος:
Lakers are TRASH....
basketball became ugly since the refs basically decide who wins the game, players basically throw themselves on defenders to get some free throws
Juice Xu
Juice Xu:
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Ahnset Christian
Ahnset Christian:
This is child abuse 2:18
Killer Joe
Killer Joe:
And SURPRISE SURPRISE!!!... Anthony Davis goes down again.
Colh Beezy
Colh Beezy:
all the people saying suns won because AD was hurt don’t remember game 1 and didn’t watch the game because lakers were down when he got hurt🤡
Beside Championship Rings. Jordan made some All defensive teams. James isn't very good defensively. Also. Jordan was a much better jump shooter. Jordan is The Goat.....
Robin' Your Hood
Robin' Your Hood:
Bruh Lakers vs Refs. I can't watch this shit. Ayton elbows Drummond in the face and no offensive foul, plus he gets and one, then Kuzma scores with some contact and offensive foul??? Really???
AD is having a bad night again 2/9 6pts and the Lakers are down 14 pts..

All the players from the Lakers are playing really poorly

Well serie tied 2 - 2
What if basketball games only allow players to dunk or lay up to finish the offense,Lebrina James must be the best nigga on the court though.....sadly it's not ....😂
E.B Jombo
E.B Jombo:
How the f**k is Booker on the gadamn court after what he pulled the last game?!