Louis Tomlinson - Back to You (Official Video) ft. Bebe Rexha, Digital Farm Animals

Louis Tomlinson's new single 'Back To You' featuring Bebe Rexha & Digital Farm Animals is out NOW. Get it here:

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100+ comentarios:

minahil shahid
minahil shahid:
who’s listening to this in Quarantine?
I love how louis doesn't lose his accent whilst he's singing
Laiba Khan
Laiba Khan:
I have no idea why I'm addicted to this song even in 2020.
Lyrics Videos
Lyrics Videos:
Who’s here watching this after one direction just give us fakehope?
Louis: “Then I forget about the pain”
Payno: am I a joke to you?
Arjuna Putra Nurdianto
Arjuna Putra Nurdianto:
Harry: songs about depressed,Sad,and Death.
Zayn: songs about Love too much to someone.
Liam: Songs about sexy girls hehe.
Nial: Songs about crush.
Louis: songs about cannot move on to somebody.
Deepak Maan
Deepak Maan:
I tell u a secret

Nobody cares which year you are listening this.
I miss u Harry
I miss u Louis
I miss u Zayn
I miss u Niall
I miss u Liam
I miss u One direction
Alyssa P
Alyssa P:
Guys this dude is rlly good he should collab with Harry styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, and Zayn Malik😳
N I:
no one:
louis's hands: ✋🏻👇🏻👉🏻☝🏻👇🏻👉🏻☝🏻✋🏻👇🏻👈🏻☝🏻👉🏻
Hi Fox
Hi Fox:
Louis is so handsome in general, but in this video he’s just.. ah.. I can’t even explain it
Harry Styles
Harry Styles:
after Billie Eilish only louis Tomislinson can look good in baggy clothes
Bloom Carrera
Bloom Carrera:
The part where louis is playing soccer with the little kid is such a referance to louis and harry playing soccer videoooooooo
I love Simping
I love Simping:
Louis was so underrated and I have no clue why. His voice is so pure
this was a HIT and it is still a HIT
Ice Dog
Ice Dog:
Everyone: Watches the music video
Me: Try’s to find a comment from 3 years ago
Voider Kid
Voider Kid:
My fav songs from the 1d members....

Niall: Slow Hands
Zayn: Pillow Talk, DTD, Let Me
Harry: Watermelon Sugar
Liam: Strip That Down
Louis: Back To You <3
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Help me to reach 50K subscribers with no video:
I pray who ever reads this comment becomes successful.
No Control
No Control:
I know you say you know me, know me well
But these days I don't even know myself, no
I always thought I'd be with someone else
I thought I would own the way I felt, yeah
I call you but you never even answer
I tell myself I'm done with wicked games
But then I get so numb with all the laughter
That I forget about the pain
Whoa, you stress me out, you kill me
You drag me down, you fuck me up
We're on the ground, we're screaming
I don't know how to make it stop
I love it, I hate it, and I can't take it
But I keep on coming back to you
I know my friends they give me bad advice
Like move on, get you out my mind
But don't you think I haven't even tried?
You got me cornered and my hands are tied
You got me so addicted to the drama
I tell myself I'm done with wicked games
But then I get so numb with all the laughter
That I forget about the pain
Whoa, you stress me out, you kill me
You drag me down, you fuck me up
We're on the ground, we're screaming
I don't know how to make it stop
I love it, I hate it, and I can't take it
But I keep on coming back to you (back to you)
Oh, no, no, I just keep on coming back to you (back to you)
Oh, no, no, I just keep on coming back to you
And I guess you'll never know
All the bullshit that you put me through
And I guess you'll never know, no
Yeah, so you can cut me up and kiss me harder
You can be the pill to ease the pain
'Cause I know I'm addicted to your drama
Baby, here we go again
Whoa, you stress me out, you kill me
You drag me down, you fuck me up
We're on the ground, we're screaming
I don't know how to make it stop
I love it, I hate it, and I can't take it
But I keep on coming back to you (back to you)
Oh, no, no, I just keep on coming back to you (back to you)
Oh, no, no, I just keep on coming back to you
Back to you
I just keep on coming back to you
Flame Striker
Flame Striker:
My rexha's gang

Every one here is for Louis 😢
fariha khan
fariha khan:
he's just so friiiiicking handsome like god- cant even-
Reagan Burrows
Reagan Burrows:
Omg this guy is pretty good he should collaborate with Harry Styles.... oh yeah Niall Horan, oooh maybe Liam Payne. And if they can Zayn Malik. That would be crazy
Vanitha Thayappan
Vanitha Thayappan:
No one:
Literally no one
Louis: You stress me, you kill me, you drag me down
1D fans: Nobody can drag you down.
IHateMyLife But I love Camren
IHateMyLife But I love Camren:
I hope that one day the comments will say who’s here after the reunion
we took a chonce
we took a chonce:
louis im guessing she likes carrots
Nicole Rendler
Nicole Rendler:
cant believe this song is 3 years old wtf
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1% people who are reading this may you became a millionaire one day.
Nadia Pardede
Nadia Pardede:
There is any other that streaming Niall, Louis, Liam, Zayn, Harry's song? And other song of 1D
fp123 456
fp123 456:
he sounds good. he should collab with Zayn, Harry, liam, and Niall.
Fátima Leal
Fátima Leal:
I’m crying like how- LoUiS cAnT eVeN sInG I MEAN THEN WHAT IS THIS, THIS IS ART 🖼
Even louis sings it just sounds like he talks
His unique voice and
His accent tho.... 😅😅😍😍
Mag Payne
Mag Payne:
i'll be here in:

2020: done

leave a like so i can remember
Yiota Nn
Yiota Nn:
louis is the most underrated guy from 1d..why don't you guys listen to him more? i mean he is so special and authentic..
Arnima Swami
Arnima Swami:
I love that the stadium behind them had written DONCASTER over it.
Ruby Mae
Ruby Mae:
I just love how their doing it in England, like this is what my bloody house looks like compared to these rich houses and cars in other music videos❤️
Hahahaha Hahahaha
Hahahaha Hahahaha:
This man has perfect cheekbones and face and voice and hair and personality and style and everything 😭
Niallsbox _
Niallsbox _:
No one:
Lou: you stress me out, you kill me, you drag me down
"I hate it, but I can't take it, oh I keep on coming back to you" **cries is Larry Stylinson**
Keira Lwtdb
Keira Lwtdb:
Wild fire
Kobe rip
Black life’s matter
Me: hey if we have this angel then we’re ok 👌
Frida Mørch
Frida Mørch:
I love Louis hair in this video!

That’s maybe a bit random but..
Ashley Brown
Ashley Brown:
Am I the only one who has a massive crush on louis
One Direction YT Kaylee
One Direction YT Kaylee:
Imagine Louis Did a Collab with Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik. LIKE THAT WOULD SOUND SO COOL. I would love to see that.

For the people who don't understand i am a Mega Superior Fan of One Direction and I want them to come back.
Potato Cream lol
Potato Cream lol:
2:19 is the best part
Lucy Lawrence
Lucy Lawrence:
everyone that disliked are just still being salty about the band breaking up
Louis in 1D: 'Nobody can drag me down.'
Louis in Back To You: 'You drag me down.'
Katie Jennings
Katie Jennings:
Let's face the facts most of us came back to this song
S O'Brien
S O'Brien:
Louis wearing oversized hoodies with sweater paws is what I live for.
lexy zimmermann
lexy zimmermann:
"Nobody can drag me down" is a total lie
ghitau vibez
ghitau vibez:
I've actually known that he was in one direction through the comments 😂
Sharanya will Yeet her phone to Pluto
Sharanya will Yeet her phone to Pluto:
Louis’s voice is straight fire

Who all agreee
Like 👇🏻
lukii stylik
lukii stylik:
i watched this an unhealthy amount of times.....
Tabitha Findlay
Tabitha Findlay:
this is literally one of the only music videos where the girl isn't sexualised, the guy doesn't have to seem "tough" and they can just... sing!
edit: just saying, i said "one of", and i don't listen to a some people's music or watch music videos too often! i get that people might have got the wrong impression and i'm sorry if you did. i'm just pointing out that in quite a lot of (but definitely NOT all) music videos it is like that.
Ravi Rajput
Ravi Rajput:
All one direction members are most talented because they sing well in there solo albums
I dare u call him babie again 😑😠
are we gonna ignore how FOOKEN hot louis looks?
Samikshya Neupane
Samikshya Neupane:
Imagine how many people come here everyday 😪
Joykrishna Bhuyan
Joykrishna Bhuyan:
this blue eyed smol KITTEN is literally my BABIE I swear
Laiba Khan
Laiba Khan:
oi oii!
Otitna onaicul
Otitna onaicul:
i love his style
i love his eyes
i love his face
i love his voice
i love his accent
i love his music
i love this fookin boy

I love Simping
I love Simping:
Still after all these years I’m still addicted to this song and I have no clue why
Mansi jumde
Mansi jumde:
There are whole lot of accents. Then there's Louis. His whole sassy Doncaster accent.
Explore EXO, Stan EXO
Explore EXO, Stan EXO:
Am I the only one thinks that Bebe looks like Kylie Jenner in this video?
Black Hawk
Black Hawk:
People used to say that Louis cannot sing 😒😒, This song is really good
Padmaja C
Padmaja C:
Kayli B
Kayli B:
I'm in love with every single outfit Louis wore in this video. He literally always looks good!
da_pimp_is_ere_streams _DMD_&_SOML
da_pimp_is_ere_streams _DMD_&_SOML:
“I love it
I hate it”

Me thinking about 1D solo careers
i LOVE the way louis grabs his sweatshirt/shirt/flannel in those multiple scenes it’s so stunning
Réka Rezsabek
Réka Rezsabek:
i'm addicted to this song
Ahmed Hussein
Ahmed Hussein:
Just imagine how many people come here everyday.
bismah faisal
bismah faisal:
The fact that Louis is looking so hot in in the thumbnail and my fingers just can't resist that Lmaooo!
penguin pookizz
penguin pookizz:
Not to be dramatic but I would die just for Lou's eyes
Sharanya Raman
Sharanya Raman:
directioners after listening to this song :

Anushka Rathore
Anushka Rathore:
when louis says 'you drag me down' it kills me
Tisha official
Tisha official:
2017: try not to sing
2020: not memorize the lyrics 😭
Elizabeth C3G2
Elizabeth C3G2:
I cant believe this song was created 3 years ago
Let’s all admit it

This is one of those songs that never gets old.
amandi peñailillo
amandi peñailillo:
I miss Lou with this type of hair, but he looks cute anyways 😍
Ruth Vasquez
Ruth Vasquez:
You and Harry should do songs together because Larry 4 Ever
Md.Faruqul Islam
Md.Faruqul Islam:
Bebe's voice is so satisfying.
Cat Teensy
Cat Teensy:
0:36 imagine being able to play soccer with LOUIS TOMLINSON
Waaahhhh this is the best song everrr.. This never gets old..
iiTropical Honey
iiTropical Honey:
So your telling me louis can make a song with bebe rexa and not with niall, liam, zayn and harry.?
Kay Private
Kay Private:
Keep on coming back to you? Sounds like a relationship that had many break ups and he keeps going back to that person, rather then just one break up and going back. Interesting.
Analeigh Menhenitt
Analeigh Menhenitt:
Wow he should do a collab with Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Liam Payne and Niall Horan It would be great
this user loves hazza
this user loves hazza:
i don’t get how people say louis can’t sing, like-
Another Asian
Another Asian:
anyone here after the 10 year anniversary?
Jennifer Jenn
Jennifer Jenn:
Louis is just being a little fellow doing things himself even he collab with Bebe Rexa it's so adorable
This doesn't feel right too say and I feel like it kinda contradicts with the idea for the video...
but I'm gonna say this anyway...

I'm so sorry. That's just how I feel.
Melany idk
Melany idk:
porfinn eres libre bb uwu 💕
María Urdaneta
María Urdaneta:
not to be dramatic but ain't it crazy how ethereal he looks in this mv
ului kingray
ului kingray:
The thumbnail was a blessing, the contrast of his eyes is just nice.
Bev Baldoza
Bev Baldoza:
Omg this song doesn't get old. 🥰🥰
Luna Inarï
Luna Inarï:
Okey but like there is a part in monster EXO that sounds similar to one of this song’s part
rara amira
rara amira:
I just don't get it!!! Why this song received many dislikes?! 😭
I don’t think I’ve ever heard Louis Tomlinson swear before. It was a bit of a surprise.
toca world
toca world:
11 year old me singing this with my crush 3 years later im dating him❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Swaranjali Shinde
Swaranjali Shinde:
One thing that no one can deny : Louis Tomlinson has the best fashion sense
Fun fact : You are not listening this first time

Edit : the amount of nos...ughh
Ema Garcia
Ema Garcia:
I watch this so many times and can't accept the fact that he is so damn cute 🥺