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Google Doodle observes Louise "Miss Lou" Bennett-Coverley's 103rd birthday. The Jamaican artist, folklorist, extremist and performer enabled the country to invest wholeheartedly in its language and culture.

Referred to by numerous Jamaicans as "Miss Lou," Bennett's social editorial and funny bone made her a well known character in the country.

Bennett was brought into the world on September 7, 1919 in Kingston, Jamaica. She fostered an energy for writing and Jamaican legends in school and started composing verse.

Entranced by her local language, Bennett wrote in the neighborhood vernacular. Her most memorable public appearance was her presentation of a sonnet in Jamaican patois at a show.

Before long, Bennett was given a week by week segment in The Gleaner, the island's paper at that point, however they initially dismissed Bennett's sonnets. Most of Jamaicans talk patois, yet pundits censured it as a substandard and inappropriate language. Her section, which caught the encounters of Jamaicans in their own language, acquired help the nation over.

In 1942, Bennett distributed her most memorable book of verse, Dialect Verses. It procured her a British Council grant to go to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. As the school's most memorable Black understudy, Bennett worked for the British Broadcasting Commission (BBC) where she facilitated the radio program Caribbean Carnival. Subsequent to finishing her certificate, she facilitated different projects like West Indian Guest Night and acted in venue organizations.

Getting back to Jamaica in 1956, Bennett functioned as a Drama Officer and later Director of the Jamaica Social Welfare Commission. In the interest of the commission, she moved around the country to prepare town teachers and provincial officials with studios like playmaking, impromptu creation and emulate. She gave addresses on Jamaican old stories in the United States and England. Bennett additionally facilitated radio projects like Laugh with Louise and Miss Lou's Views, and Ring Ding, a cherished Saturday morning youngsters' TV show circulating on Jamaica Broadcasting Commission (JBC).

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In 1998, the Jamaican government selected Bennett as the country's Cultural Ambassador at Large. She was likewise drafted into the Order of Merit by Queen Elizabeth II. Bennett was a boss of her nation's language and culture, rousing Jamaicans to invest wholeheartedly in both.

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Izzy Natty Ali Willy Izzy
Izzy Natty Ali Willy Izzy:
This was a great initiative on Google's part. She was a force that brought a lot of change in shaping black pride in Jamaica and more so Jamaica's pride in its own culture.
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